• Language Use and the Media
    Shona Ethnoaesthetics: Beauty and the Shona Proverb by Kudzai Matereke Lecturer, Great Zimbabwe University; Ph.D. Candidate, University of New South Wales, Australia kudzaimatereke@yahoo.co.uk & Jacob Mapara Lecturer, Great Zimbabwe University; Ph.D. Candidate, University of South Africa j
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  • Communicative Language
    Gandhi On education Given Gandhi’s values and his vision of what constituted a truly civilized and free India, it was not surprising that he developed firm views on education. Education not only moulds the new generation, but reflects a society’s fundamental assumptions about itself and the ind
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  • Language of Advertising
    The Peculiarities of Advertising Language
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  • Child Abuse
    Child abuse has existed and flourished throughout history, in all cultures and ethnic backgrounds, in all its forms. Historically, two rights are at the core of violence against children:     »  the right to own property, and     »  the right to own children. | Throughout histo
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  • The Montessori Method Scientific Pedagogy as Applied to Child Education in "The Children's Houses"
    The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Translated by Anne Everett George (1882-). New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1912. [Frontispiece] DR. MONTESSORI GIVING A LESSON IN TOUCHING GEOMETRICAL INSETS [Title Page] THE MONTESSORI METHOD SCIENTIFIC PEDAGOGY AS APPLIED
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  • Bangladesh Labour Act
    Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006 Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006 (XLII of 2006) Section Content CHAPTER 1 Page PRELIMINARY 1. Short title, commencement and application 2. Definitions: (i) Retirement (ia) Partial disablement (ii) Manufacturing process (iii) Officer (iv) hours of week (v) Working
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  • Women in Labour Markets
    Women in Labour Markets Mabel Agee Business Research methods Liberty Online university ABSTRACT The participation of women in the labour market has for many years been misunderstood, especially in under developed countries. This paper will di
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  • Child Care Models
    Child Care and Its Impact on Young Children (2-5) LIESELOTTE AHNERT, PhD MICHAEL E. LAMB, PhD Free University, GERMANY National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, USA (Published online February 5, 2004) Topic Child care (0-5 years) Introduction Through the ages and across cultures
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  • Is There Discrimination in Wage and Employment Opportunities Against Migrants in the Australian Labour Force?
    INTRODUCTION The following report investigates the presence of discrimination in the Australian labour market, with particular focus on differentiations in wage and employment opportunities for migrants as compared with native born Australians. Discrimination can be define as “any distinction, ex
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  • What Are the Major Issues That Cause Inner City Youth to Join Gangs and Become Delinquent? Discuss Whether the New Labour Government’s Policies Have Been Effective in Solving These Issues?
    SOCIAL POLICY PROJECT MODULE: SS3P02N Question: What are the major issues that cause inner city youth to join gangs and become delinquent? Discuss whether the New Labour Government’s policies have been effective in solving these issues? 2010 Project by: Alice Mutumba Student No: 05038460
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  • Understand Child and Young Persons Development 0-19
    MARCIA MCKENZIE Unit – 506 Level 5 CYP | Units Criteria | ‘’We are moulded by and re-moulded by those who have loved us; and though the love may pass, we are nevertheless their work for good or ill’’ ( Francois Mairlac) 1. Explain the sequence of development
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  • The Child by the Tiger
    Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift is a publication of the Pennsylvania State University. This Portable Document file is furnished free and without any charge of any kind. Any person using this document file, for any purpose, and in any way does so at his or her own risk. Neither the Pennsyl
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  • Prefixation Inthe English Language and Its Role in Enriching the English
    CONTENTS Introduction……………………………………………………….3 Chapter I. Word-formation and its basic peculiarities……….……5 1.1. Affixation in the English language……………………..…….7 1.2. Degree of derivation…….…………………
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  • The Language of Poetry
    The Language of Poetry This accessible satellite textbook in the Routledge INTERTEXT series is unique in offering students hands-on practical experience of textual analysis focused on poetry. Written in a clear, user-friendly style by an experienced writer and practising teacher, it links pract
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  • Proper Language
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  • Labour
    Discussion papers DP/105/1999 Labour and Society Programme P.O. Box 6 CH-1211 Geneva 22 Tel.004122/7998496 Fax. 004122/7998542 E-mail: INST@ilo.org Organized labour and economic liberalization India: Past, present and future Debashish Bhattacherjee Indian Institute of Management, Ca
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  • The History of English Language
    CONTENTS INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1. LINGUISTIC SITUATION IN OLD ENGLISH AND MIDDLE ENGLISH PERIOD 1.1 The development of Futhark 1.1.1 The runic alphabet as an Old Germanic writing tradition 1.1.2 Old English literature in the period of Anglo-Saxon ethnic extension 1.2 Linguistic situation in
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  • Absenteeism & on Site Child Care
    THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ABSENTEEISM AND ON - SITE EMPLOYER SPONSORED CHILDCARE INDUSTRIAL AND ORGANISATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Acknowledgements I hereby express my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the following persons for their respective contributions: My supervisor, Dr Dirk Geldenhuys, fo
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  • Mg 261 - Child Labor Laws
    Child Labor Laws Tracy Roth Park University Outline Part I: Introduction Part II: Background History The Coal Mines Factory Workers The Law Part III: Responsibilities US Factories Overseas
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  • Child Care Policy in Australia
    Introduction Childcare is an Integral Part of Balancing Work and Family 1. More and more families with young children are trying to balance parenting and work. The provision of accessible and affordable childcare is an integral part of meeting this balance. As debates are held over paid maternity
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