• Herbal Medicine
    Herbal medicine is the extraction of herbs or plants which have a medicinal value in treating illnesses and diseases (Brody 1). A herb is known as a plant that does not have a woody stem and usually dies back at the end of each growing season. It is also known as a "natural" drug because they are
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  • Debate Speech/Essay, Pro Medicine, Aspirin
    Chemistry Debate Constructive Speech Pro Medicine What would life be like without a fast-acting medicine that takes away the pain in a safe and positive way? Aspirin and Acetaminophen are drugs that can relieve the pain of everyday bruises and headaches to relieving the pain of disease
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  • History of Medicine
    SCRIPT READER: NICA ANCHETA 1st READING HISTORY OF MEDICINE • Medicine is both a science and art. • Science is knowledge of facts, phenomena, law, proximate causes gained and verified by exact observation. • About by organized experiments and correct thinking. 2nd READING
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  • Toxicology: Toxicology (from the Greek Words Τοξικός - Toxicos "Poisonous" and Logos) Is a Branch of Biology, Chemistry, and Medicine Concerned with the Study of the Adverse Effects of Chemicals on Living Organisms. in
    Toxicology: Toxicology (from the Greek words τοξικός - toxicos "poisonous" and logos) is a branch of biology, chemistry, and medicine concerned with the study of the adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms. In order to research and assess the effects of chemicals, toxicologists per
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  • Chinese Medicine and Religion
    Eleanor Van Slyke Dr. James Horton Hist 38 May 11, 2000 Chinese Medicine and Religion As with all things we know little about there is quite a bit of mystery surrounding acupuncture. The part people see the most is a person with needles sticking out of their flesh. Understandably being wary
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  • Alternative Medicine: Try Something New
    Alternative Medicine: Try Something New Today more then ever alternative medicine is becoming more accepted and widely used as regular medicine. Alternative medicine is considered the use of any medicine out of the normal of what is considered conventional. "Alternative medicine was once consi
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  • Alternative Medicine Essay 11
    Alternative Medicine Throughout recorded history, people of various cultures have relied on what Western medical practitioners today call alternative medicine. The term alternative medicine covers a broad range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies. It ge
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  • Alternative Medicine Essay 10
    Alternative or Complimentary medicine comes from China. This medicine was developed several thousand years ago. Shen Nong, the Fire Emperor, said to have lived from 2698 to 2598 BC is considered the founder of herbal medicine Chinese medicine is based on the text written by Huang Di, The Yello
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  • Alternative and Complimentary Medicine
    ALTERNATIVE and COMPLIMETARY MEDICINE In the United States there are about 125 million people who suffer from a chronic illness of some kind. A chronic illness is a long-term condition for which there seems to be no cure such as arthritis, allergies, high blood pressure, digestive problems and ba
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  • Is Alternative Medicine, an Alternative?
    ECLT 103 – 17 Research Paper Final Draft December 19th, 2004 Is Alternative Medicine, an Alternative? Are people ready to apply new concepts of medicine even if they might seem strange to them? Can they abandon conventional medicine and use alternative medicine? Homeopathy, which is the mo
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  • Chemicals in Medicines
    Chemicals in medicines Rakesh Mohan Hallen The words ‘medicine' and 'drug' are often used in our country to mean the same substances: any substance, manufactured artificially, which can help recovery from sickness, relieve symptoms or modify a natural process in the body. A medicine is often a
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  • Maggot Therapy in Medicine
    maggot therapy mechanisms of action Medicinal maggots have at least two confirmed beneficial effects on wounds that can be supported by laboratory investigations. They are debridement, or elimination of necrotic tissue, and removal of pathogenic bacteria. There is moreover, evidence from recent stu
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  • Alternative Medicine Is on the Rise
    ENG120 Advanced Composition February 28, 2008 Alternative Medicine is on the Rise If you knew my mother, you might think that she was a little crazy. She is always swallowing an assortment of pills or dropping some type of solution under her tongue. All I know is this alternative
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  • Naturopathic Medicine
    Naturopathic Medicine In this essay I will give you my personal opinion and thoughts on naturopathic medicine but before I begin I would like to first give you the definition of naturopathic medicine according to the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia : “Naturopathic medicine (also known as n
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  • Evidence Based Medicine
     Evidenced Based Medicine Abstract The evidence, does not make a decision for you, but it can help support the patient care process. Constructing a well-built clinical question can lead directly to a well-built s
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  • Food as Medicine
    Food as Medicine HEADACHE? EAT FISH! Eat plenty of fish -- fish oil helps prevent headaches. So does ginger, which reduces inflammation and pain. HAY FEVER? EAT YOGURT! Eat lots of yogurt before pollen season. Also-eat honey from your area (local region) daily. TO PREVENT STROKE DRINK T
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  • Nanotechnology: Medicine and Technology
    How nanomedicine can reshape the future of medicine and technology Abstract: Nanomedicine has been a very important concept since technology was first introduced into medicine. For years physicians have been in the search of a technique involving a three dimensional controlling machine which operat
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  • Marijuana and Medicine
    I decided upon the question “Should Marijuana be Medicine?” because I wanted to confirm my strong beliefs of an anti-drug policy, but after research, my attitude towards medical marijuana changed because it seems the benefits far out-weigh the risks. Of the 60 some chemicals unique to the mariju
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  • Holistic Medicine Better Than Conventianal Medicine?
    Is Holistic Medicine better than Conventianal Medicine? Topic: Holistic Medicine is better for health over Conventianal Medicine. Purpose: To prove that Holistic Medicine offers better treatment for different aliments versus Popping pills to treat a symptom. Thesis: Holistic Medicine has treatm
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  • Medicine
    The over-the-counter (OTC) herbal remedies business is reported to be well over $1.5 billion in current sales with an estimated annual growth rate of 15%. In 1994, $813.8 million of the health food store's $4.815 billion in sales (17%) was from herbal remedies. Herbal product vendors benefit from so
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