• English Poetry During Chaucer's Age
    CHAUCER Chaucer the father of English poetry, lived in the Middle English period. It is convenient to divide chaucer’s literary output into 3 stages. The French period: in the first phase as a writer, Chaucer leaned heavily on French sources and French forms. This is evident in “ The Book of
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  • Chaucer
    Geoffrey Chaucer (born 1340/44, died 1400) is remembered as the author of The Canterbury Tales, which ranks as one of the greatest epic works of world literature. Chaucer made a crucial contribution to English literature in using English at a time when much court poetry was still written in Anglo-No
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  • An Introduction to Chaucer
    An Introduction to Chaucer Chaucer’s Biography Geoffrey Chaucer was born sometime in the early 1340s, the son of John Chaucer, a vintner (wine-merchant), in London. Although no records of his education survive, he may well have been a pupil at the almonry school of St Paul’s Cathedral. In 13
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  • Medieval Literature and Poetry Illuminated Manuscripts
    Medieval Literature and Poetry/ Illuminated Manuscripts The Middle Ages was a period of about one thousand years, between the collapse of the Roman Empire during the fifth century AD and the revival of classical art and learning known as the Renaissance around the fifteenth century. During th
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  • English Lit
    Unit 1 The Anglo-Saxon Period I. Historical Background II. Anglo-Saxon Poetry III. Anglo-Saxon Prose I. Historical Background The English people are a complicated race. The first inhabitants of the island were commonly known as the Celts (or Kelts). 55 BC saw the invasion of the island h
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  • The History of English Literature
    [pic] The History of English Literature 外国语学院 英国文学精品课程小组 2006.7 Content Part One The Old English Period …………….………………………………………………………1 Chapter One The Early
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  • The Middle English
    Middle English describes dialects of English in the history of the English language between the High and Late Middle Ages, or roughly during the three centuries between the late 12th and the late 15th century. * In 1066 the Normans invaded England, and the French of Normandy, together with
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  • English Summary
    《英美概况》试题 I. Multiple Choices: Choose one right answer from the four choices: 1. The highest mountain in Britain is ____. A. Scafell B. Ben Nevis C. the Cotswolds D. the Forth 2. The longest river in Britain is _____. A. the Clyde B. the Mersey C. the Seve
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  • Father Mother
    ------------------------------------------------- Natural sciences[edit source | editbeta] Biology[edit source | editbeta] Subject | Father/mother of … | Reason | Bacteriology | Robert Koch, Ferdinand Cohn, Louis Pasteur[1] (founders) Antonie van Leeuwenhoek[2] | For their studies an
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  • Chaucer
    Mary Preavy The Canterbury Tales Essay Mrs. Vance 29 November, 2011 The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer was the greatest English poet of his time period. Geoffrey Chaucer was the greatest English poet of his time period because he was extremely intelligent and he had a wide knowledge of
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    Geoffrey Chaucer Geoffrey Chaucer was born in London sometime around 1343, though the precise date and location of his birth remain unknown. His father and grandfather were both London vintners; several previous generations had been merchants in Ipswich. (His family name derives from...
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  • English litterature
    I. From the Origins to the Middle Ages (Beginnings – 1485 AD) 1. Historical and social background a) Britain from earliest times to 1066 Iberians: little is known about them. They are also called ‘Britons’. They left behind them the barrows (ex: Stonehenge) Celts: Between 2000 and...
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  • english lit history
    A Short History of English Literature Chapter I. The Anglo-Saxon Period (the earliest time---1066) 1. Social background: the making of England; the invasion of Roman Empire in 4th AD ; the attacks of Danish Vikings, etc 2. Literature: Beowulf , the earliest literature, the national epic...
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  • A Brief History of English and American Literature Chapter I. from the Conquest to Chaucer.
    A BRIEF HISTORY OF ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LITERATURE CHAPTER I. FROM THE CONQUEST TO CHAUCER. 1066−1400. The Norman conquest of England, in the 11th century, made a break in the natural growth of the English language and literature. The old English or Anglo−Saxon had been a purely Germanic
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  • The English Renaissance- Its Philosophy, Literature and Art, the European Context, Major Characteristics and Representatives
    The English Renaissance- its philosophy, literature and art, the European context, major characteristics and representatives Periods of English Renaissance 1500-1660 The Renaissance While the English Renaissnace began with the ascent of the House of Tudor to the English throne in 1485, the
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  • English Literature
    1. Chapter One The Anglo-Saxon Period (450 —— 1066) 1. Historical background The Celts ?〉the Brythons. The Iron Age. The ceremonies of May Day and the cult of mistletoe.   From 55 BC to 407 AD, the Roman Empire, a slave society. London was founded. Little i
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  • English Literature
    English literature From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia English literature is the literature written in the English language, including literature composed in English by writers not necessarily from England; Robert Burns was Scottish, James Joyce was Irish, Joseph Conrad was born in Poland, Dyl
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  • A History of English Literature
    Chapter I: literature of the middle ages A. ANGLO- Saxon period (5th - 10th centuries) During the first five centuries of our era and long before that, Britain was inhabited by a people called Kelts, who lived in tribes. Britain’s history is considered to begin in the 5th century, when it was i
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  • Age of Chaucer
    Romaunt of the Rose: It’s a lengthy allegorical poem written in octosyllabic couplets and based upon Le Romaunt de la Rose of Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meung. According to critics, not the entire poem, but the first part of it may be written by Chaucer. In this dream poem the narrator ente
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  • History of English Lit
    Medieval and Renaissance: The literary history of the period from the Norman Conquest (1066) to the Restoration (1660). Medieval Romances - The main concerns of romance are adventure and love. Writers did not care to recreate a true picture of life but aimed to create idealized heroes with exciti
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