"Charm Strike The Sight But Merit Wins The Soul" Essays and Research Papers

Charm Strike The Sight But Merit Wins The Soul

eyes,the merit he came upto was not measured on the bases of physiognomy, creed, color, caste, or race. Piety was merit; he came up to it. Similarly while carrying on discussion, in context of "Charms Strikes The Sight But Merit Wins The Soul",on the current scenario of women status in society,fair complexion,ideal height,slim figure and unveiling are considered to be merit for marriage.Rather than faith,character and integrity of delicate creature. The dead ends due to charming strikes are obvious...

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The Soul

The Soul: According to Plato, Aristotle, and Augustine The soul can be defined as a perennial enigma that one may never understand. But many people rose to the challenge of effectively explaining just what the soul is about, along with outlining its desires. Three of these people are Plato, Aristotle, and Augustine. Even though all three had distinctive views, the similarities between their views are strikingly vivid. The soul indeed is an enigma to mankind and the only rational explanation of...

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There is no soul

‘There is no soul…’ 35 Marks The issues focused on whether a soul exists or not; I personally think that we do have a soul therefore, I disagree with this statement ‘there is no soul’. The main reason to that is because I believe that our soul is our identity and without our soul we are left with nothing but our body which then leaves us the same as every other human on this earth however, the only thing that can actually differ us from other human beings in order to make such a creative world...

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even middle aged, you’ll start donating your vital organs” (Ishiguro 81). The clones are destined to be donors for the rest of their living lives. The question is do clones have souls? Many people have their view on the soul. They say that they don’t have souls or that they are born with it. Others say that our soul grows with them. Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go parallels Plato's Allegory of the Cave from an Aristotlean perspective where the soul's essence precedes existence. In Plato’s...

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Paradise Lost and Rape of the Lock

remains but well our Pow'r to use, And keep good Humour still whate'er we lose? And trust me, dear! good Humour can prevail, When Airs, and Flights, and Screams, and Scolding fail. Beauties in vain their pretty Eyes may roll; Charms strike the Sight, but Merit wins the Soul. (V:25-34) Here, Clarissa tries to persuade Belinda to change her attitude and be reasonable toward the incident of the Baron’s cutting Belinda’s hair lock. Even though Clarissa was the one who gave the Baron the scissors,...

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The Soul

SOUL The question of the truth and knowledge of soul and its peculiarity in form is a highly debated issue in philosophy. Does the soul exist? How can one find their souls? Since the soul is not physical, can we connect with it? Numerous theories of nature and existence of the soul have come up as an attack on the belief in its existence after death. In his Republic, Plato argues that the soul consists of three basic energies which animate human beings: Reason, Emotion, and Appetite. Reason is...

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want?' and his mind says, 'You feel so unhappy.' And as soon as he asks, 'For what?' his mind answers that he cannot have that, which he seeks. It is in this way that all through his life a man runs after things which are not the real desire of his soul. Sometimes he thinks it is his bodily appetites and passions which demand satisfaction, sometimes that it is his intellectual powers; but even if they were satisfied he would still find himself unhappy. 'Perhaps,' he thinks, 'it is wealth, position...

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Charms and Omens

Charms are the trinkets that are worn, believing that these particular things will do good or avert evil from the people who wear these. Kabbalah The Kabbalah red string bracelet is worn to ward off all evils and negative energy. Kabbalists are of the belief that if someone is jealous of you, they look at you with the "evil eye" and thus, negative energy enters your life, which can harm you in many ways. Kabbalists wear a red string bracelet, at all times, as according to their religion, it...

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Win Win

Win Win is a comedy-drama film written and directed by Thomas McCarthy. The main characters in the film are Mike Flatherty who is a lawyer and part-time high school wrestling coach, and his wife, Jackie, and their two young girls, Abby and Stella. Early in the film, Leo Poplar is introduced, who is suffering from early dementia and has no relatives. Mike is facing some financial problems, so when a paid opportunity to be the guardian of Leo comes, Mike steps into the role only to make some extra...

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7 Days of Prayers for the Souls in Purgatory

7 Days of Prayers for the Souls in Purgatory Prayers for Each Day PREPARATORY PRAYER My Jesus, by the sorrows You suffered in Your agony in the Garden, in Your scourging and crowning with thorns, in Your journey to Calvary, in Your crucifixion and death, have mercy on the souls in purgatory, and especially on those that are most forsaken; deliver them from the torments they endure; call them and admit them to Your most sweet embrace in paradise, where You live with the Father and the...

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Speech Sample

instead of merit. کون کہتا ہے جنگل کا قانون ختم ہو گیا، ابھی میرے دیس کے لیڈر زندہ ہیں، ابھی میرے دیس کی سیاست باقی ہے. Dear Audience: Alexander Pope said that charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul: ابھی تک پائوں سے چمٹی ہیں زنجیریں غلامی کی، دن آجاتا ہے آزادی کا، آزادی نہیں آتی. اس شہر میں مزدور جیسا در بدر کوئی نہیں، جس نے سب کے گھر بنائے اُس کا کوئی گھر نہیں. Merit will change our country, merit will eradicate common people problems, merit will provide justice and merit will develop...

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The Soul and Ethics

The Soul And Ethics The philosophies of Plato and Aristotle differ on many issues. The most important thing is the examination of their differing views on ethical theory, and how the soul is connected. We could find many conflictions between the ethical theories of Plato and Aristotle. But, the most important points are their differing views on the human souls function and its role in ethics. Each philosophy contradicts eachother and provides a variety of arguments to which we will explore. The...

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Socrates and the Soul

important task, in life, was to care for ones soul. Socrates argues that the soul is immortal and that we must rise above our physical nature in order to gain true knowledge. He believed the soul was our very essence, and our bodies the instrument utilized in dealing with the physical world. Socrates seemed confidant that human beings survive physical death, therefore possessing an immortal soul. He felt a philosophers concern was not with the body but with the soul and the body played no part in the attainment...

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View of the Soul

Agnew Phil 101 Hicks 3-8-13 Aristotle vs. Plato: Views on the Soul The happening which took place in the sixth and fifth centuries in how the Greeks thought and spoke of the soul resulted in a very complicated notion that comes out as one as outstanding close to conceptions of the soul that we find in philosophical theories, especially Plato’s and Aristotle’s theories. In doing so they changed the ways that we look at the soul, and how we view philosophy. But when looking at their views, are...

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Writers Strike

Running head: THE WRITERS STRIKE 2007-2008 THE WRITERS STRIKE 2007-2008 Richard J. Moson Full Sail University The Writers Strike 2007-2008 The Writers Guild of America is a labor union that represents the thousands of professionals who write what we see and hear on our televisions, in movies, and. The guild combines the efforts of two different US labors; those east of the Mississippi are included in the Writers Guild of America, East. Those members in Hollywood and southern...

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Soul and Reincarnation

reincarnation is possible. However, the bodies one passes in and out of need not be human. One may have been a Doberman in a past life, and one may be a mite or a carrot in a future life. Some tribes avoid eating certain animals because they believe that the souls of their ancestors dwell in those animals. A man could even become his own daughter by dying before she is born and then entering her body at birth. (skeptic.com). From what I understand, reincarnation is a universal concept. Every religion makes...

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Mock-heroic features of Pope's "The Rape of the Lock"

hand, Baron is the spokesman of gnomes like Milton's 'Satan'. Pope's The Rape of the Lock, a tribute to friend Caryll, is a superlative piece of mock-epic that delivers charms at first glance with its inherent intellectual tricks at its fullest, as Pope describes in his own way-"Charms strike the sight, But merit wins the soul" (in "The Rape of the Lock"). BIBLIOGRAPHY Main text: Page-56, "An Anthology: Poems, Plays and Prose" by Board Of Editors. The University Of Burdwan, Burdwan, June2013 ...

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Tripartite Soul

Socrates tries to define justice by comparing justice in a city to justice in the human soul. He believes that the idea will be clearer when he presents it on a larger scale. He argues that the model of the ideal city contains three parts: the money-making, the auxiliary, and the deliberative. He argues that these parts mirror the three parts of the human soul: the one that seeks pleasure, the one that reasons, and the spirited part. Because of this parallel, Socrates believes that the ability to...

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dimensions of win win habit

The first foundation is character, and everything else builds on this foundation. The three character traits essential to the win/win paradigm are integrity, maturity, and a mentality of abundance. Integrity allows me to know what constitutes a true win. Maturity helps me find a balance between courage and consideration. The abundance mentality helps me keep in mind at all times that there is enough for both of us to be happy. These character traits then lead in to relationships, the second dimension...

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What Is a Soul?

What is a soul? Is it part of our body? Does it even hold any significant importance? These are all great questions that nobody can be quite sure about. Through this essay, I’m going to dissect the powerful theories on the soul from Plato’s Phaedo and offer insight on how the soul may hold the ultimate key to happiness. In Plato’s Phaedo, Plato speaks on his theories on the existence of the soul through the voice of Socrates. In this dialogue, Socrates has been sentenced to death and talks...

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Sight in Oedipus the King

Once blind, but Now he Sees: Sight in Oedipus the King Sophocles was a phenomenal writer that captivated his audience with a distinct charm still not yet duplicated by even the best of play-writers today. In Oedipus the King, a tale of dynamic proportions regarding a leader who falls from the throne of a city to the dark depths of is fate, Sophocles demonstrates great genius in that his writings require a substantial amount of intellectual involvement from his audience. (Helmbold) One of the...

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Negosiasi Win Win

Variable Independent untuk Negosiasi ‘Win-Win’ Pengantar Kondisi ‘win-win’ merupakan kondisi ideal yang diinginkan oleh semua negosiator. Meskipun banyak nara sumber yang mengajarkan taktik maupun strategi untuk menghasilkan kondisi ‘win-win’, pada kenyataannya tidak semua negosiasi dapat berakhir dengan ‘win-win’. Pada kesempatan ini saya lebih tertarik untuk menganalisa faktor yang mempengaruhi kondisi “win-win” daripada taktiknya. Setelah menganalisa text book Negotiation Roy, Bruce dan...

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Win-win strategy

Win-win strategy report Nowadays, climate change is one of the biggest problems facing mankind and is considered one of the main reasons for the excess of CO2 in the atmosphere (CO2 emissions fall, 1999). It is a well-known fact that human activities, especially activities of big companies, have a negative impact on climate change. EDF Energy is one of the leaders in the European energy market and the utility sector is one of the main to blame for climate change and the excessive production of CO2...

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A Critique on the Movie “The Soul Surfer” By: Joed Maghinay 2-a1 Submitted to: Prof. Jovilyn Zaplan- Galindez I. Summary “The Soul Surfer” In 2003, teenager Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb) lives in Kauai, Hawaii with her parents Tom (Dennis Quaid) and Cheri (Helen Hunt), and two brothers, Noah (Ross Thomas) and Timmy (Chris Brochu). All are surfers, but she and her best friend Alana Blanchard (Lorraine Nicholson) have grown up with a passion for the...

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The Global Soul

Confinement: How Strong National Identities Isolate Groups from One Another Where do you belong? This is a question that Pico Iyer attempts to answer for himself in his book The Global Soul. Iyer travels around the world because he feels like a “global soul.” He experiences the life of other people and observes how they feel about their country and cultural group. National identities create a sense of belonging for a group and Iyer doesn’t feel that safety like many other people and groups do...

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Students Strikes

STUDENTS STRIKES The purpose of this study was to investigate the management of secondary school students' unrest and the responses of school managers in the light of the causes of students' strikes in Machakos District. . This study sought to find out the causes of strikes and the response of the school managers, and their effect on the management of secondary schools in Machakos District. Three main objectives guided the study thus; to establish the causes of students' strikes in Machakos District...

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Win-Win Situation

LOOKING FOR A WIN-WIN SITUATION This past weekend marks the largest contract signing in Major League Baseball history. On the 12th of February 2000, Ken Griffey Jr. (formerly of the Seattle Mariners), signed a nine-year $116.5 million contract with his hometown Cincinnati Reds. The city's fans were ecstatic to bring Griffey back, and considering he turned down an eight-year $148 million deal to re-sign with Seattle, they feel that the acquisition was a real bargain. It really is amazing when...

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Refer to Poem 327 "Before I got my eye put out". How far and in what ways does Emily Dickinson make the experience of sight seem powerful and important?

Dickinson is able to so effectively present the importance of sight because in 1864, she spent seven months in Boston undergoing eye treatment. In Poem 327, she appears to be reflecting on this experience, as well as exploring further possibilities, hence the use of the conditional tense. This is undoubtedly a poem of praise for vision, yet this is balanced by the solitary nature of the poem which creates a sense of pathos. Whilst traditionally women's poetry was considered to be more polite, this...

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Merit pay

Running Head: Merit Pay for Performance How Does Merit Pay Affect Performance? Running Head: Merit based Pay Merit Pay is a compensation strategy that is used to motivate employees with pay increases based on positive performance. This increase revolves around the company obtaining the bottom line that was set forth by the board members and stockholders. The increase in pay also can be based on seniority and other equitable criteria...

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 Strike [Sec. 2 (q)]: Strike means "a cessation of work by a body of persons employed in any industry acting in combination or a concerted refusal under a common understanding of any number of persons who are or have been so employed, to continue to work or to accept employment". Mere stoppage of work does not come within the meaning of strike unless it can be shown that such stoppage of work was a concerted action for the enforcement of an industrial demand.  Procedure of Strikes  According to...

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Teacher Merit Pay

Running Head: TEACHER PERFORMANCE AND MERIT PAY 1 That’s Not Fair: Teacher’s Performance Based on Pay TEACHER PERFORMANCE AND MERIT PAY 2 Abstract There has been a huge debate on whether or not teacher pay or performance pay is a positive thing because there are no real guidelines. Many good points are brought into this debate as there are bad points...

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Knowledge Worker's Strike Case

In the “The Knowledge Workers’ Strike” case, the main topic of discussion is a negotiation between the Software Engineers Guild (SEG), a workers union for programmers in the gaming industry, and Detonation, a large virtual game producing company. The SEG is nearly half of Detonation’s employees and they are trying to rally together to get better pay and benefits (regarding revenue sharing, etc). On the other hand, Detonation is trying to shift its workers to profit sharing, rather than revenue...

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Types of Strike

Strikes and lockouts constitutional or official strikes unofficial strikes general strikes lockouts rotating or revolving strikes sit-ins tool-down or pen-down strike The data supplied to the ILO do not include statistics on sympathetic or political strikes or on gheraos (harassment of employers, etc. by workers preventing them from leaving the premises until their claims are granted) which result in work stoppages. The statistics for these types of action are collected and published separately...

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Three Strikes

The Washington State Three-Strikes Law It is difficult to determine whether the three-strikes law in Washington is an effective form of legislation. In 1993, Washington was the first state in the nation to adopt three-strikes legislation which imposed a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole for persons convicted for a third specific violent felony. The action was fueled by the highly publicized death of Diane Ballasiotes, who was raped and murdered by a convicted rapist who...

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Three Strikes Law

Three Strikes Law-Criminology Paper Cost Comparisons of the Three-Strikes Law Over the past several years, considerable debate has been centered on the well-publicized “three strikes and you’re out” policy. This law was put into place in the hopes of striking fear into the hearts of criminals by mandating harsher penalties. If these criminals are found guilty, they will be expected to serve a mandatory prison term of 25-years to life. Proponents (Mike’s Corner, 2006; Methvin 1997), of the...

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What Is Merit?

The word Merit can be defined as "the state or quality of being deserving or worthy of, to earn by service, (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)." Before you can understand the magnitude of the merit system, you have to know systems in which the merit system extended from and how they came about. If looking at the merit system now you would be able to read and see that, the Merit system is designed to provide a fair and equitable personnel management system, which recruits, develop and classify employees...

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The Sight of Science

The Sight of Science It is a truth universally acknowledged that he whose mind is ahead of his time and above that of his peers may not be understood by his fellow people and be subject to critisizm and persecution. Galilei Galileo, Francis Bacon, and Rene Descartes were among the first to break away from the conventional views of their times to find a place for science in a society and propose the way it should be practiced. All three authors agree on some points but differe markedly on others...

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Thomas Aquinas's Views on the Soul

The soul has been a very controversial and intriguing subject for multiple generations of philosophers, countless theories have been thought up in an attempt to explain its intellectual operation. Thomas Aquinas, a medieval philosopher and theologian, tackles the topic of subsistence (i.e existence) of the human soul by looking into its power of cognition and scrutinizing its nature; more specifically, he studies the processes through which the soul can cognize the world that surrounds us and itself...

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Merit Pay for Teachers

Draft April 5,2014 Teacher’s Salaries Based on Their Performance in Class The idea of merit pay originated in the year 1950 (Turner, 2010). Other industries are often using performance based pay in order to reward their employees, and one field that uses these methods is professional athletes. There are very few fields where employees can work “as they wish” (Solmon & Podgursky, 2000). Originally, using merit pay in the teaching field failed due to the lack of buy-ins from districts and also due...

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Asuu Strike

ASUU STRIKE : THE REAL CAUSE OF ASUU JULY STRIKE The Nigerian Educational Logjam The Crisis at RSUST Re-engaged University of Ilorin Lecturers The Seemingly Intractable University of Abuja Crisis IMF/World Bank and Nigeria’s Economic Development 2009 FGN/ASUU Agreement You will recall that ASUU declared a total, indefinite and comprehensive strike on 4th December 2011 in order to prevail on government to sincerely and judiciously implement the 2009 Agreement it freely entered into with our...

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Hidden Language of the Soul

REFLECTION: POETRY THEME: Dance- The Hidden Language of the Soul EXPOSITORY TOPIC: How can dance be considered as a communicable form of non-verbal language? PREFACE The purpose of the poem under theme “The Hidden Language of the Soul” is to evoke an emotional response in the reader and to cause him to ponder about dance as a language but to also inform them on the difficulties of speaking that language. The poem shows the definitions of verbal language in dance and how emotional an...

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A strike is a form of protest whereby a group of employees withhold labour in order to pressure employers into granting a particular demand. (Cambridge Dictionairies) Causes and effects of strikes in South Africa: Causes - Lack of transformation, mutual respect, trust, and socio-economic equity (SABC, 2014). - Dissatisfaction with pay or working and living conditions. Effects - Companies: financial losses, reduced productivity, profitability and market share, and delayed service delivery. Employees:...

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Soul Food flim analysis

English 102­61  13 February 2014         Critic Frank Ochieng mentioned, “Soul Food is an appetizing dish...an ethnic dramedy  served with spicy attitude” (Ochieng). It is a warm­hearted, stupendous, touching, and  sensational family film. ​ Soul Food ​ tells a story from the point of view of an eleven year old boy  named Ahmad acted by Brandon Hammond. The film is about an African­American family,  which has eaten soul food dinner as a family every Sunday for over forty years. Throughout this ...

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The Teacher's Strike

TURZAR, ALMA F. BSE-B12 THE TEACHER’S STRIKE It was April of 1990 when the teacher’s strike began and ended at the end of May of the same year. The teachers’ strike at our Boystown/ Girlstown in Manila where I studied High School was classified as one of the major crises in the life of the Sisters and our Founder, Msgr. Aloysius Schwartz. At first, Fr. Al misjudged the situation and treated it as nothing...

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Marketing of Lucky Charms

General Mills Goes Ceriously Retro Target is running a 1-month exclusive with General Mills showcasing retro packaging around Cocoa Puffs, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Trix, Kix and other brands within their cereal portfolio. A collectable t-shirt is promoted on the new retro-themed packaging, offering consumers the chance to get a vintage-styled tee of their favorite morning munch. Overall, its a smart play. Target gains exclusivity, consumers feel rewarded with a limited piece of throwback merch...

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Merit pay

Cons of Merit Pay What is merit based pay and does it improve education? Merit base pay is based on your performance, it provides bonuses for workers who perform their jobs effectively, according to measurable criteria. In merit pay an effective way to bolster student achievement and create more effective teachers? While the federal push fur teachers merit pay has only just now found its footing, Louisiana schools started implanting merit pay programs as early as 2003, under TAP, the Teacher...

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The Myth of the Soul

 The Myth of the Soul Plato’s Phaedrus centers around the concept of the soul and its division. Plato uses the soul to describe physiological thinking and justification of all aspects of philosophy as the most noble of all ventures because of its relationship to the soul. The first speeches are on love and how best to love. The central arguments are whether or not it is best in a Paederastic to be in a relationship with someone who does or does not love you. Initially, Socrates seemed fairly...

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Conflict Resolution: Can There Be Win-Win?

Conflict Resolution, Can there be a win-win? As in some of the great books and movies of our time, conflict is at the forefront of every story. Whether it would be a fictitious story or a true to life event, everything revolves around conflict and how it is resolved. Without conflict, stories would be boring and no one would care, but in life, conflicts exist all around us, personally and professionally. Every conflict involves at the least two people, or many people from two different vantage...

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The Effect of the Writers Strike on the Economy

Writers Guild of America strike (WGA) is having a vast effect on the economy. The strike is between the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) and the WGA which is looking for a new contract. Not only are the writers and actors being affected by the strike other people are also being affected. It is a wide spread problem that is having a trickle down effect. The WGA strike is a complex problem including the history, separate sides, the cost of the strike and the effect on the entertainment...

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The Right to Strike

| | |The Right to Strike | |Mini Case 3 | Seven of the employer’s 11 concrete truck drivers...

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Soul Searching

The human soul has been sought after, debated, and speculated about for over 4000 years. Widely differing views of the soul are the cause of great dispute over issues such as abortion, the right to die, organ donation, stem cell research, genetic engineering, and cloning. What exactly is, if anything, is the soul? Where is it located? Where does it come from? What happens to it when we die? Scientists, theologians, and philosophers have pursued the answers to these questions throughout time...

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Platos Tripartite Soul

(2) Critically evaluate Plato’s theory of the tripartite soul, in Republic. Plato’s espousal of a tripartite conception of thesoul’ as displayed in The Republic, offers an interesting and valuable account of the human psyche, and for the motivational factors that can influence individual conduct. By virtue of searching for why a man should follow courses of action that are seen to be ‘just’, Plato compliments his ethical answers by establishing a psychological structure that shows that conflict...

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Aristotle View on the Soul Is Stronger Than Platos

Aristotle’s view on the soul Aristotle was pre-eminent both as a scientist and Ancient Greek Philosopher. The radical chance of view on the nature of the soul, and more particularly on the relation of the soul to the body, which Aristotle now underwent, arises naturally from his research into plant and animal life. Indeed, fro Aristotle, life, or the residence of the soul within the body, had been equated with a sickness of the soul, a sickness for which death was the only cure. In a predictably...

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Merit pay

The most consistent data points to the impact of high-quality teachers in the classroom. This along with the Race to the Top fund has opened the door again for merit pay or performance pay. Merit pay ties pay increases to school test performance, evaluation of the teacher’s in-class performance and professional efforts (Goldhaber 2008). Merit pay is a solution drawn from the business world, and is based on the belief that rewarding effective teachers and encouraging them to work harder will increase...

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Ups Strike

UPS Strike In early August of 1997 the United Parcel Service (UPS) had a predicament on its hands, a teamsters strike. UPS, the world's largest package distribution company was coming off a year [1996] in which they reported sales of $22.4 billion. UPS Employed 75,000 management and non-union employees compared with 185,000 teamsters who are part of the AFL-CIO that were going on strike. The teamsters rejected a contract extension offer from the company leaving the fate of millions of packages...

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Lucky Charms

Information: Lucky Charms, Inc. (“LC”) manufactures a line of hand-crafted decorative silver amulets featuring a variety of designs. The amulets are mainly sold to retailers who then sell the amulets to consumers in their shops or at outdoor, street and weekend markets. LC’s business is somewhat seasonal in that most sales occur in the spring (in anticipation of the summer outdoor market season) with significantly fewer sales in the fall and winter. For the past couple of years LC has experienced...

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Secret of the Soul

The Secret of the Soul How does one comprehend [with] the vast wonder life has to offer? Or how does one able to understand the meaning of trials in life? There are a [lot of ways] number of ways in which one can manifest the grandeur of life, the complexity of its meaning, and the severity of its tragedies. But in order to achieve such, one must be totally submissive to an eternal Being, who is omnipotent enough to see us through, powerful enough that our knees shake, lovable enough that our...

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Soul Food

Griffin Hooper English 1A 30 October 2008 Soul Food A ritual done over a specific length of time can become tradition, rooting itself into one’s culture and lifestyle. George Gmelch in the essay “Baseball Magic” describes rituals as being irrational and unemotional behaviors linked to an outcome. He finds when a baseball player has a good performance his rituals grow and are continued. Gmelch’s findings reflect that rituals fulfill one’s need for control over one’s environment. Similar...

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care of souls

CARE OF SOULS A new form of counselling technique is emerging within Christian circles. It is called “soul care”. The term, itself, is an old concept which has been around for centuries, but its nature has evolved poorly having been buried under man’s interpretation of theology and science and, as a result, has lost its lustre. It is “new” because David Benner, PhD., in his book Care of Souls, resurrects the old, dusting off the residues of man’s attempt to turn this wonderful form of care...

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Body and Soul

The Dying Generation The body is a material thing. Over time it becomes incapable to continue in the physical world. The soul is trapped within the body, and when the body can no longer continue in the physical world the soul wants to transcend to an otherworldly plane. In William Butler Yeats’s poem “Sailing to Byzantium” the speaker describes the journey to release the soul from his ageing body. The poet uses imagery of life such as birds, trees, salmon, and mackerel crowded seas. These images...

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