• Outdoor Recreation and Park Management
    In order for a national park to protect their natural and cultural values, it is crucial for managers to effectively and actively administer protocols and regulations to safeguard the ecological integrity of the park and to provide to visitors the service they desire. While managers attempt to resol
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  • Outdoor Recreation in England
    OUTDOOR RECREATION IN ENGLAND Outdoor Recreation NAME: TRUDY BURKE INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: MURRAY NOVEMBER 06, 2012 The impact analysis work identified seven underlying themes which sit at the heart of the overall “system” of outdoor recreation in England.
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  • Outdoor Recreation Summary
    CHAPTER 10: OUTDOOR RECREATION * Participating in outdoor recreation activities is often seen as an escape to the outdoors and an opportunity to ‘re-create’ oneself. * Increasingly, more and more Australians are living and working in urban communities, most often in ‘safe’, indoor en
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  • Outdoor Recreation
    Outdoor Recreation The Great Aussie Bush Camp Environment The Great Aussie Bush Camp facility is located in the area of Tea Garden and Hawks Nest (2 hours 40 minute travel from Liverpool). It is located in the midst of a truly unique and authentic Australian environment. The camp is located near
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  • Definitions of Outdoor Recreation
    OUTDOOR RECREATION DEFINITIONS TEAMWORK DICATATORSHIP A dictatorship is when a team is led by only one person who tells everyone what to do. It is highly efficient but doesn’t give everyone a fair say. Skill Level: [][][] Efficiency: [][][][][] Group Harmony: [][] DEMOCRACY Everyone has eq
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  • Sustainability Reporting in the Outdoor Industry
    Sustainability Reporting in the Outdoor Industry June 11, 2007 Prepared by: Kellie Fox Ryan Keenan Beth Littlehales EXECUTIVE SUMMARY KEEN would like to implement an effective cause-related marketing strategy to communicate its dedication to responsible business practices, community investmen
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  • Influence of Recreation
    INTRODUCTION Background of the study A key objective of human resource management is to contribute towards the achievement of high level of employee and organization performance (Armstrong, 2005). Hutchinson, Kinnie, Purcell and Boxall (2003) contend that intangible assets such as culture, ski
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  • Cultural issues in Outdoor Education
    Philosophical and Cultural Perspectives on Outdoor Education Outdoor Education- A site of Cultural struggle Introduction This paper tries to identify some of the cultural issues affecting the lives of young people and children and their access to outside natural environments. It looks...
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  • recreation center
    I. Introduction Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. People have always traveled, whether it is to conquer worlds, discover new places, for business or for pleasure. This need of man has consequently led to the development of different attractions whether...
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  • Examining the Role of Perceived Service Quality in Predicting User Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions in a Campus Recreation Setting
    Recreational Sports Journal, 2006, 30, 20-29 © 2006 NIRSA Foundation Examining the Role of Perceived Service Quality in Predicting User Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions in a Campus Recreation Setting Robert W. Osman, Shu Tian Cole, and C. Randal Vessell Since participant...
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  • Outdoor Development Training
    1.1 Main research interest and rationale Springett (quoted in Everard, 1991) concluded that ¡®development training, as its proponents claim, has an important part to play in the building of a positive and effective workforce¡¯. Actually, the ¡®academic research¡¯ literature of outdoor dev
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  • A Business Plan for and Adventure Recreation Company
    Adventure IS our Name! A Business Plan For Unlimited Adventure Expeditions Table of Contents 1.0 UAE 1.1Objectives
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  • The Effects of Outdoor Advertisements on Consumers: a Case Study
    Studies in Business and Economics THE EFFECTS OF OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENTS ON CONSUMERS: A CASE STUDY GULMEZ Mustafa KARACA Sukran KITAPCI Olgun Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the influence ratio of outdoor advertisements on survey participants (consumers) who are living in
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  • History of Recreation Notes
    Association for Outdoor Recreation Education (AORE) • Provide opportunities for professionals and students in the field of outdoor recreation and education to exchange information, promote the preservation and conservation of the natural environment • Address issues common to college, universi
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  • Outdoor Hassles or Leisure
    Running head: OUTDOOR HASSLES OR LEISURE Summaries of Stress: Outdoor recreational experiences versus Outdoor park-based leisure For Psychology The Issue These are studies about whether outdoor experiences have a negative or positive influence on stress
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  • Outdoor Receration
    Outdoor recreation notes Reasons to participate: * For stress and relaxation reasons e.g. urbanisation which is the trend towards people living to the cities * For enjoyment or a challenge: * Social interaction with friends, family or other peers * For the appreciation of the envi
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  • Outdoor Ed. Activity Assigment
    OUTDOOR EDUCATION ACTIVITIES FOR K-12 EDUCATORS   By   Gerald L. Piche, Jr   Acknowledgements              I would like to thank Dr. Randy Showerman for all of his help and friendship since I began my career as an Agriscience teacher. I would also like to thank all of the sup
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  • Rei Sustainability Strategy and Innovation in the Outdoor Gear and Apparel Industry
    REI Sustainability Strategy and Innovation in the Outdoor Gear and Apparel Industry 1. What does "sustainability" mean at REI? When we think of sustainability, we tend to gravitate towards the environment and our preservation of it. Even though that is/was one of REI’s main priorities, sustai
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  • Outdoor Ed
    Assessment Task Outline | Student Name | | School Name | | Teacher Name | | Qualification | SIS20210 Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation | Unit of Competency being Assessed | SISOCYT202A Demonstrate basic cycling skills | Employability Skills | Self-management | Initiative and en
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  • Customer Satisfaction on Extreme Outdoor Activities in Davao City
    CUSTOMER’S SATISFACTION ON EXTREME OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES IN DAVAO CITY A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Hotel and Restaurant Management College of Business Administration University of Mindanao Davao City In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements For the Degree of...
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