• Good Governance and Sustainable Human Development
    GOOD GOVERNANCE AND SUSTAINABLE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been at the forefront of the growing international consensus that good governance and sustainable human development are indivisible. And we believe that developing the capacity for good governanc
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  • Good Governance
    Good Governance Governance Governance is defined here; as the dynamic interaction between people, structures, processes and traditions that support the exercise of legitimate authority in provision of sound leadership, direction, oversight, and control of an entity in order to ensure that its purpo
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  • Good Governance in Pakistan
    Good Governance in Pakistan ‘Governance’ is the exercise of power or authority – political, economic, administrative or otherwise –to manage a country's resources and affairs. It comprises the mechanisms, processes and institutions through which citizens and groups articulate their interest
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  • Good Governance
    Good governance Good governance is an indeterminate term used in development literature to describe how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources in order to guarantee the realization of human rights.[1] Governance describes "the process of decision-making and the pro
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  • Good Governance
    Abstract: The paper explores the impact of good governance on human development in India during the last two decades. Using panel data analysis, it finds the evidence that good governance and past human development determines present human development in India. That means good governance can be cons
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  • Good Governance
    Good Governance Columnist ALI ASHRAF KHAN writes about the importance of good governance Caliph Omar ( R.A.) declared that if a dog dies of hunger at the bank of Tigress, he is answerable to God. Was he a dictator or was he a democrat? The requirement of the country and the nation is to say the le
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  • Good Governance in Pakistan
    “Public Administration in Pakistan “ Topic: Good governance in Pakistan Submitted to: Sir M. Saleem SIiddiqi Prepared By: MUHAMMAD EJAZ MPA-IV date: 13-09-2-11 2010-2012 Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad WHAT   IS   GOOD   GOVERNANCE? Recently the terms "governance" and "good g
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  • Good Governance
    Governance / Good Governance [1] Though they are not new concepts, the terms “governance” and “good governance” have recently come to occupy an important place in development literature, and in the concerns and considerations of major international donors. Indeed, more and more importance
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  • Good Governance and Role of Public Servant
    GOOD GOVERANCE AND ROLE OF PUBLIC SERVANT Outlines: 1. Introduction 2. Definition of Good Governance 3. Characteristics of Good Governance 4. Importance of Good Governance 5. Good Governance in Pakistan 6. Public Servant and its role for Good Governance 7. Conclusion Go
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  • Good Governance, Human Right & It
    Good Governance, Human Rights and Role of Information Technology – A concept Note Introduction Recently the terms "governance" and "good governance" are being increasingly used in development literature. The concept of "governance" is not new. It is as old as human civilization. Simply p
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  • Democracy in Crisis (Good Governance & Islam)
    Democracy in Crisis How the Islamic Political System ensures Good Governance A pamphlet by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain 22nd Jumada-1 1431/6th May 2010 Democracy in both America and Britain is coming under scrutiny these days. Quite apart from the antics of MPs and congressmen, it is said to be slid
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  • Good Governance
    Polity and Governance 1. Constitution • The Preamble • Fundamental Rights and Duties • Directive Principles • Amendment procedures • Parliamentary System • Basic Structure doctrine. • Judicial Review • Salient features and value premis
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  • Democracy and Good Governance: Nigeria's Dilemma
    DEMOCRACY AND GOOD GOVERNANCE: NIGERIA’S DILEMMA Ilufoye Sarafa Ogundiya Department of Political Science Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria E-mail: oisarafa@yahoo.com, elegantlv@aol.co.uk Abstract Despite its enormous resources and huge potentialities, Nigeria remains grossly
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  • Good Governance and Pr
    GOOD GOVERNANCE AND PUBLIC RELATIONS According to Hamdan Adnan (2004), as the expert in communication and relationship building, the government public relations practitioner’s role in the development and maintenance of good governance has become increasingly crucial. Governments are expecte
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  • Good Governance
    GOOD GOVERNANCE By: Ana Ileto “ Our government rests in public opinion. Whoever can change public opinion, can change the government, practically just so much.” Abraham Lincoln-December 10, 1856 Speech at Chicago The term governance represents a concept that refers to the process of dec
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  • Good Governance
    THE PLACE OF DEEMED HOMELESS IN GOOD GOVERNANCE AND INCLUSIVE GROWTH OF INDIA TITLE: GOOD GOVERNANCE AND URBAN POVERTY PROGRAMS Author 1: Priyanka Bhattacharya, 1st Year, BBA.LLB(Hons) Author 2: Bharat Aseri, 2nd Year, BBA.LLB (Hons) ABOUT THE AUTHOR A girl from a metropolitan city of India
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  • The Relevance of Royalty in Good Governance
    A monarchy consists a leader called a king or a queen. In which the person who is in charge to lead the people belongs to a royal family. It is basically a form of government characterized by one-man rule, which is also called a monarchia in Greek. The institution of chieftanship expressed the monar
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  • A Good Governance
    In order to for good governance to exist, there are three guiding principles; practicing meritocracy, having honest and capable leaders and the principle of being forward- looking. Having honest and capable leaders is the most essential factor among the three to good governance. Having honest an
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  • Link Between Federalism and Good Governance
    TOPIC. THE NEXUS/RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FEDERALISM AND GOOD GOVERNANCE? The underlisted are some definitions of federalism, types, reasons for, features, merit and demerit and problems associated with the concept. Types of Federalism Dual federalism, also known as "layer cake federalism"
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  • Tqm-an Approach Toward Good Governance
    Total Quality Management An Approach towards Good Governance By *Uzma Akbar **Akbar S. Awan *FOUNDATION University Institute of Management and Computer Sciences Newlalazar, Rawalpindi. Pakistan **Principle WAH Engineering College, University of WAH WAH Cantt, Pakistan 1. Intr
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