• A Separate Peace; Chapter Summaries
    A Separate Peace; Chapter Summaries Chapter 1: The narrator (Gene) returns to the Devon School in New Hampshire, that he graduated from 15 years earlier. He goes to a certain tree and switches back to the past. Phineas dares everyone to jump from a branch in the tree into the river. Phineas, and Ge
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  • I'M Not Scared – Chapter Summaries
    I'm Not Scared – CHAPTER SUMMARIES CHAPTER 1: Main characters have a race, Maria hurts her leg. Barbara forced to complete a forfeit, Michele does it instead. Michele completes forfeit. Most of the main characters are talked about. Papa brings them a present of a model Gondola; Acqua Traverse i
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  • Scarlet Letter Chapter Summaries
    Scarlet Letter Chapter Summaries Chapter 1: The Prison Door The first chapter pretty much sets the scene for the rest of the book. It describes a door, the door to the prison in seventeenth century Boston. The door is studded with iron spikes and is surrounded with overgrown weeds and one roseb
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  • Economics Text Book Chapter Summaries
    The following chapter summaries are mostly based on the McConnell & Brue text “Economics- 16th Ed.” Details available at http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072819359/information_center_view0/ note .. arrow means “leads to,” “results in,” “causes” Chapter 1 – The Nature
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  • Deadly Unna Chapter Summaries
    Chapter Summaries. Chapter 1. - Gary is telling the story. - Gary calls the coach "arks" because he can’t say ask. - Gary's team is called the goonyas. - Gary lives on the coast of S.A. in a country town. - Carol Cockatoo is 1st Ruck and Gary is 2nd Ruck. - Gary was becoming very popular in
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  • To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1 Chapter Summaries
    Harper Lee; To Kill A Mockingbird CHAPTER SUMMARIES Part 1 Chapter 1 The story is narrated by a young girl named Jean Louise Finch, who is almost always called by her nickname, Scout. Scout describes her family's history and her town, Maycomb. She and her brother, Jem, are also introduced to
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  • Chapter Summaries of "Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? "
    Will you please be quiet, please? Raymond Carver Chapter Summaries “Fat” A waitress serves a fat man and is moved by the experience. “Neighbors” A couple house-sitting for neighbors are gradually taking over their neighbors’ lives. They begin to enjoy the feeling of voyeurism and beg
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  • To Kill a Mocking Bird Chapter Summaries
    To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee Honors English Summer Homework Chapter 1-11 Summaries Chapter 1 Scout, the main character, starts the story off by thinking back to the summer where her brother, Jem, had broken his arm. She looks back to all the things and events that lead up to this misha
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  • Great Expectations - Chapter Summaries
    Great Expectations Notes Chapter 1 Setting: early in the 1800s; Churchyard in tiny village east of London  Joe Gargey and her husband in the Marshes.  His parents died Pip- Phillip Pirrap- main character- 7 years old- Lives w/ sister Mrs. when he was younger  One time while v
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  • Cry the Beloved Country Chapter Summaries
    Summary — Chapter 1 In the hilly South African province of Natal, a lovely road winds its way up from the village of Ixopo to Carisbrooke, a journey of seven miles. This misty vantage point looks out over one of the fairest valleys of Africa, where the native birds sing and the grass is dense and
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  • The Greek Way Chapter Summaries
    Chapter 1 – East and West In Chapter 1, the author assesses the unique and eternal achievements of 5th century BCE Athenian culture. She introduces several basic dichotomies that define her understanding of the writers and events of the period in the later chapters. One of the basic themes
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  • Beak of the Finch Chapter Summaries
    Eliel Pepito 8/1/10 The Beak of the Finch Summary The Beak of the Finch by Jonathan Weiner explores evolution through the most famous examples in history—the finches of the Galápagos Islands. Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection and the process of evolution are applied directly
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  • Chapter Summaries for Lord of the Flies
    Chapter I World War II, a plane was bombed and crashed into a sea. Ralph and Piggy, boys no more of twelve, are trapped on a deserted island. They fear that they are alone. However, at first Ralph is excited. There are no adults! He quickly slips off his clothes and finds a clear, warm lagoon. B
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  • Chapter Summaries
    Chapter 1 Summary Nyna Kent The business environment has changed over the years and organizations find there is increasing competition to be better and to stand out from the pack while continuing to improve. Several management approaches have been developed to assist organizations in meet
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  • Scarlet Letter Summaries
    Chapter Summaries Chapter 1 This chapter briefly introduces seventeenth-century Boston, where a group of Puritans stand in front of a somber prison or a black flower of civilized society, which seems older that its age. The area around the prison is gray and gloomy. Decay and ugliness are apparen
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  • Bridge to Terabithia Summaries
    Chapter summaries In chapter fiveMay Belle's dad gives her some Twinkies. On the bus Janice Avery (the school bully) hears May Belle telling Billy Jean (May Belle's best friend) about the Twinkies. At recess time May Belle comes to Jess saying that Janice stole them. May Belle says, "Kill h
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  • Chapter Summary
    Chapter Summaries Children of the Sea: 1) Two narrators in which they do not say their names in the book are in love and write to each other. 2) The female narrator in the book is mad because his father opposes her love for the man. 3) She finds out that he father gave up all his posses
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  • Random Passage Summaries
    Chapter Summaries Prologue In the Prologue of this book by Bernice Morgan the reader is introduced to the hardships and uncertainties of survival. Bernice Morgan uses the native hunt to illustrate the uncertainty of having food to eat. Toma, a native child, asks his mother when they will eat. The
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  • Scarlet Letter Chapter by Chapter
    Nathaniel Hawthorne – The Scarlet Letter a. Vocabulary i. Haughty – Proud; scornful ii. Ignominy – Shameful iii. Phantasmagoric – Supernatural iv. Preternaturally – Supernatural v. Remonstrance – Protest vi. Heterogeneous – Dissimilar groups vii. Sagacity – Wisdom viii. Exh
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  • Road to Serfdom Chpater Summaries
    The Road to Serfdom Chapter Summaries Chapter 1 The first chapter begins by explaining the relevance of the economic stand points that people are unaware of. F.A. Hayek points out a key aspect that relates to society sharing a Totalitarianism view; which is simply one person or a government being
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