• Changing Face of Indian Advertising Mascots
    Changing face of Indian advertising mascots Air India’s Maharaja which came into existence in the year 1946 and the Amul girl in 1967 are the mascots which captured the hearts of one and all in India. These mascots caught the attention of the consumers as they were charming and connected well w
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  • Changing Face of Indian Villages
    THE CHANGING FACE OF INDIAN VILLAGES                 Serenity, tranquility, quietude and innocence lace the village life in India. With nameless- endless vast green fields, flowing rivers, chirping birds, the swaying emerald trees... whispering the ballads of love and languishment to
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  • Changing Face of Indian Advertisements
    THE CHANGING FACE OF ADVERTISEMENTS IN INDIA ASHIMA JAIN LEATHER DESIGN SEMESTER-7 NATIONAL INSTITUE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY NEW DELHI ABSTRACT This study is to examine how a consumer connects with promotional techniques used by advertising industry in India. The advertising industry in India
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  • Strategies for Marketing of Indian Village Industries
    Strategies for Marketing of Indian Village Industries Shashi Prakash Mishra Rural Craft & Engg Section
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  • Changing Face of Advertising with Special Reference to Audio-Video Media in Pune City
    “Changing face of advertising with special reference to audio-video media in Pune city” Researchers: Ms,Preeti Mayee, ZEAL Instit
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  • The Changing Face of Management Education: Challenges for Tomorrow
    The Changing Face of Management Education : Challenges for Tomorrow - Dr. V.L.Bhangdia Principal Smt. Kesharbai Lahoti Mv. Amravati ABSTRACT Higher
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  • “Changing Face of Professional Education in India with Institute – Industry Partnership”
    “Changing Face of Professional Education in India With Institute – Industry Partnership” Prof. Giri Y.L. Jayawantrao Sawant College of Engg. Hadapsar, Pune. E-mail:-giri.yog@gmail.com Abstract Education in India has a very long history. As knowledge is a very import
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  • The Changing Face of Psychiatry Nursing
    The Changing Face of Psychiatric Nursing – Care or Control? The Changing Face of Psychiatric Nursing – Care or Control? ePsychNurse.Net – Towards Improved Quality – Improving Nurses’ Continuing Vocational Training in Psychiatric Hospitals and Inpatient Units Välimäki M, Scott A, L
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  • Changing Face of Industrial Marketing in India Post Liberalizationcement Industry
    MBA 2011-13 [CHANGING FACE OF INDUSTRIAL MARKETING IN INDIA POST LIBERALIZATIONCEMENT INDUSTRY] Submitted By: Abhendu Chandra Saha Adnan Ahmad Sasmita Guru Amarjeet Kumar Niharika Gupta Group 1 11202162 11202170 11202158 11202181 11202194 Section C Abstract This paper speaks about the
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  • Technology Changing Face of Education
    The Changing face of Indian Education With encouragement of committed private players, permission to adopt maverick approaches to funding, and a thrust on knowledge creation, India will be all set to become an education super power within the coming decade. Says prominent educationist Sunil Karve.
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  • The Evolution of Sales Models in the Indian Pharma Industry
    The Evolution of Sales Models in the Indian Pharma Industry By AmArdeep Udeshi, engAgement mAnAger, ims ConsUlting groUp And mohit BAhri, ConsUltAnt, ims ConsUlting groUp Dear colleagues, We are proud to present to you the outcome of a unique initiative jointly undertaken by OPPI and IMS Con
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  • Changing Attitude of Indian Stakeholders in E-Ticketing (Case Study of Traveling Industry)
    Research Scholar -Seema Tomar Sai Nath University Research Supervisor- Dr. Seema Dhawan Title of the Research Paper- CHANGING ATTITUDE OF INDIAN STAKEHOLDERS IN E-TICKETING (Case Study of Traveling Industry) INTRODUCTION As technology making inroads in every sphere of life. With the innovation o
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  • The Changing Faith
    ?The Changing Faith? The story, ?Young Goodman Brown?, by Nathaniel Hawthorne was in fact a very mysterious and pleasurable story to read. The main character, Goodman Brown, is faced to deal with the true colors of the town?s people and his own family as the devil described and showed to him. He
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  • Stranger in the Village
    "Stranger in the Village" In the essay "Stranger in the Village" the author tells about his experience in a small Swiss mountain village where he visited from America. In this very small secluded town populated by all white people the author is the only black person that the people of the villag
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  • Indian Retail Sector
    THE INDIAN RETAIL SECTOR BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT TOPIC Pg. No. 1. Introduction 2 2. Legal / Political / Economic Env. & Government’s role 3 3. Demographic env. & Customers 5 4. Technological env. 8 5. Social / Cultural env. 9 6. Global env. & Globalisation 10 7. Competition 11 8.
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  • Indian Automobile Industry
    Acknowledgement The skeleton of this project was in the mind based on the study of various publications but it gained this shape by the proper and timely guidance of our teacher and colleagues. We feel great pleasure to express my sense of gratitude to Ms. Meghna Sharma for the available guida
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  • Indian Retail Industry
    Indian Retail Sector Liberalization of the Indian economy and rationalisation of business procedures have already ensured a high economic growth with a rapidly expanding base for the manufacturing and hi-end services sectors. Fresh avenues for gainful employment to a predominantly young and talente
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  • Indian Personal Care Market
    Rough Market Indian Teens the New Focus for Marketing Skin Care By: Priyanka Bhattacharya Posted: May 4, 2010, from the May 2010 issue of GCI Magazine. With tremendous media exposure to international beauty standards, Indian teenagers are becoming more and more conscious of how they look. The
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  • The Great Indian Retail Story
    CONSUMER PRODUCTS The Great Indian Retail Story RETAIL 2 Foreword India is ready Over the last few years, retail has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian economy. Organized retail is expected to grow to 8-9% of the Indian retail industry in the next 5 years and FDI
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  • Indian Economy
    INDIAN ECONOMY & INDUSTRY MONITORS November - 2009 Plot No.: 13/17, Ground Floor, Laxmi Towers, Nagarjuna Hills, Panjagutta, Hyderabad, India – 500082 Phone: 040-23430203-05; Fax: 040-23430201 E-mail: info@cygnusindia.com; Internet site: http://www.cygnusindia.com CONTENTS 1. 2. 3. 4
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