• Textile
    Projected Population(2050) Thousands   With a median age of around 20 years, Pakistan is also a “young” country. It is estimated that there are  currently approximately 104 million Pakistanis below the age of 30 years. Total working age population  is 121.01 million, with the size of the employed labour force estimated at 52...
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  • megatrends
    workplace. WORK WORKFORCE Our focus on work includes what work is and where, when and how work takes place, as well as trends and changes in skills and job needs, changing career patterns, global mobility, technological developments and new ways of working. Our focus on the workforce includes ...
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  • Recession
    making LESS funds available to the consumers and companies, fuelling the risk of recession in the UAE – and stopping the real estate market. This reaction is hurting the market a lot.  When a bank sees a loan as high risk, they increase the Interest rate. When Banks can see low risk, they have lower Interest...
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  • Japanese Management Systems
    ese managementJournal of the Japanese and International Economies 15, 489–514 (2001) doi:10.1006/jjie.2001.0493, available online at http://www.idealibrary.com on The End of Lifetime Employment in Japan?: Evidence from National Surveys and Field Research Takao Kato1 Department of Economics, Colgate...
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  • The Well-Paid Receptionist
    salary on the year-end printout. A hurried call to payroll confirmed it. Yes, his receptionist had been paid $127,614.21 for her services last year. As he sat in stunned silence, he had the sudden realization that, since his firm was doing so well this year, she would earn at least 10 to 15 percent more...
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  • The Crisis of the Car Industry
 With dramatic social & economic consequences Thousands of jobs threatened : already 800,000 car-related jobs lost in 2008 High risk of bankruptcy : The Big Three The Causes Ma ture market •  A
 •  Mistakes
 –  Logic

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  • Economics - Nedbanks sharepmarket
    bank owning 52% of the group. Nedbank is a business that operates in an oligopoly market. The banking industry is controlled by the 4 to 5 large banks in South Africa. An oligopoly refers to a market in which a market or industry is dominated by a small number of seller’s. Oligopolies can result from...
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  • Case Analysis of Apple
    Analysis of Apple Incorporation Executive Summary Apple Computers started the movement into the personal computing arena in 1977 but through changes in management and differences of opinion together with missed opportunities it lost its competitive advantage to companies like Microsoft, Dell...
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  • Computer Associates
    Computer Associates (CA) is involved in probably the most domineering market in American history, the computer software market, and has weathered management adversity and a virtual abolishment of stockholder confidence within the last 10 years. In this paper I hope to offer much of what caused adversity within...
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  • Tourism Situation Analysis United Kingdom
    Tourism The UK saw a boom year In its tourism industry during 2013 spurred on by the Queen’s Jubilee along with the 2012 Olympics And Paralympics. Due to tourism spending increased by 6.0% with an increase of 173.000 jobs contrary to the cuts put in place by government and...
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  • Strategic Marketing at Burberry
    ever since, Burberry is one of the first names that springs in mind when it comes to fashion and luxury.[4] The company went through many-years history of change and development. However, the core Burberry product still remains the trench coat made out of the brand weatherproof but breathable Gabardine...
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  • The Well Paid Receptionist
    salary on the year-end printout. A hurried call to payroll confirmed it. Yes, his receptionist had been paid $127 614.21 for her services last year. As he sat in stunned silence, he had the sudden realization that since his firm was doing so well this year, she would earn at least 10 to 15 percent more...
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  • Cmi Case Study
    the first to market with this superior product and it represented a relatively new product category, they were posed with an opportunity to capitalize in their market segment. Based on successful testing of the new pads, CMI wants to launch this new product to the eagerly awaiting market. The main challenge...
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  • Acc 329 Exam I Fall 2010
    if there is a change in the level of the cost driver then A. fixed and variable costs per unit will change. B. fixed and variable costs per unit will remain the same. C. fixed costs per unit will remain the same and variable costs per unit will change. D. ...
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  • Project
    lesser risk of becoming unemployed when separated from the firm. The lesser frequency of job turnover of more educated workers, which creates fewer episodes of unemployment, is in large part attributable to more on-the-job training. In explaining the lesser conditional unemployment of educated workers and...
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  • Natural Rate of Unemployment
    The Natural Rate of Unemployment I. INTRODUCTION • In our last lecture, we discussed some basic definitions and numbers about unemployment. We learned that an unemployed person is someone who does not have a job but is trying to find one. We also learned that the unemployment rate is the ratio of the...
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  • Manager
    industry continues to experience dynamic change—changes that go across national borders. In order for them to succeed, auto manufactures must manage large and complex supply chains, spanning many geographic regions, and seek opportunities in diverse national markets. National policies play an important...
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  • Viet Nam Employment Trends
    ............................ The need for labour market information and analysis in Vietnam.................................................... 1.1.1 The role of labour market information analysis for growth and National Centre for Labour Market Forecast and Information, Bureau of Employment Vietnam...
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  • Spanish integration
    factors to implement the reforms required to stimulate the change in the growth model. Furthermore, the permanent mismatch of the most abundant university cohorts (those who graduated around the mid-90s), also constitutes a brake on change, given the drastic decline in new graduates in the near future...
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  • Manufacturing Sector
    Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida INTRODUCTION India has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world over the last two decades, undoubtedly aided in this performance by economic reforms. The striking aspect of India’s recent growth has been the dynamism of the...
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