• Eradication of Beggars
    Eradication of Beggars India, with a billion plus population has a booming economy, more than half of its population feature in the world's richest list. But still poverty remains the biggest menace today and each of us can help eradicate poverty from our society. Beggars are found in public place
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  • Domestic Violence in India: Causes, Consequences and Remedies
    Domestic Violence in India: Causes, Consequences and Remedies Introduction “Bride tortured to death for dowry”, “School going kid succumbs to his injuries after beaten by father”, “A seventy year old man killed over property dispute”, “Harassment of men in Chandigarh…” All the
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  • The History of Australia Exemplifies a Debate over Whether the Causes of Poverty Lie in the Structural Conditions of Society or Individual Failings. Evaluate.
    The Henderson poverty line was developed in the early 1970’s by Professor Ronald Henderson. It is the common measure of poverty in Australia. There are two kinds of poverty, absolute and relative. Absolute is where one is completely unable to provide for his/her basic necessities. These include fo
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  • French Revolution Major Causes
    Starting from the beginning of the 17th century, people all over Europe have been questioning the traditional forms of government. One by one, countries all over the world convert from absolute monarchy to different, more radical forms of government. The start of the overthrow of monarchy, which eve
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  • Aids and Its Causes
    AIDS and Its Causes 1.INTRODUCTION In June 1981, the centers for The Disease Control of the United States reported that five young homosexual men in the Los Angels area had contracted Pneumocystis Carinii pneumonia( a kind of pneumonia that is particularly found in AIDS patient). 2 of the patien
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  • Cancer: the Costs, Causes, and Cures
    Cancer: The Costs, Causes, and Cures Cancer is a major killer of people all around the globe. We do not have a definite cure, but the amount of research done on this one disease costs on the average of $1.2 billion dollars annually, and $20 billion annually in care of cancer patients. What is Can
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  • Alcoholism: Symptoms, Causes, and Effects
    Alcoholism: Symptoms, Causes, and Effects Composition I April 1, 1997 Alcoholism is a disease that affects many people in the United States today. It not only affects the alcoholic, but also their family, friends, co- workers, and eventually total strangers. The symptoms are many, as are the c
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  • Linda Mcquaig's Shooting the Hippo: Causes and Results of Debt
    Linda McQuaig's Shooting The Hippo: Causes and Results of Debt Linda McQuaig's most recent book, "Shooting the Hippo" is about the causes and results of the debt. It is a look at both the factual causes and the arguments which are merely presented to us through the various elements of the media. Mc
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  • Causes of Civil War
    Causes Of Civil War As members of the Futurist of America Association, we have been assigned to look specifically at the cause of the American Civil #War. There are five aspects that could of led to the Civil War and they are Westward Movement, Social Change, Froeign Policy Development, Go
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  • Restore the Emperor Expel the Barbarians: the Causes of the Showa Rest
    Restore the Emperor Expel the Barbarians: The Causes of the Showa Restoration Sonno joi, "Restore the Emperor and expel the Barbarians," was the battle cry that ushered in the Showa Restoration in Japan during the 1930's.Footnote1 The Showa Restoration was a combination of Japanese nationa
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  • Pedophilia: Causes and Typologies
    Pedophilia: Causes and Typologies Perhaps no single act causes such strong emotions as the act of child sexual abuse. Child molesters can not even find refuge in prisons where rapists and murderers are commonplace. These offenders are shunned in every aspect of our society, yet there is no con
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  • Alfarabi and Aristotle: the Four Causes and the Four Stages of the Doc
    Alfarabi and Aristotle: The Four Causes and The Four Stages of The Doctrine of The Intelligence Alfarabi was raised as a young boy in Baghdad. His early life was spent studying the art of linguistics, philosophy, and logic. His teachers were Syrian Christians experts in Greek philosophy. He stu
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  • Mother Theresa Intentions Are Honorable, but She Also Causes Evil
    Mother Theresa Intentions Are Honorable, But She Also Causes Evil Some of the most fathomless evils in the world go unknown to people. These evils present themselves disguised as good, and may do much good, but simultaneously do evil. Ideas, things, and people may all advance evil, even if this
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  • Causes and Effects of World Wa
    Causes and Effects of World War I What were the causes and effects of World War I? The answer to this seemingly simple question is not elementary. There was more to the onset of the war then the event of an Austrian prince being murdered in Serbia, as is what most people c
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  • Causes of the American Civil W
    April 30, 1998 Essay: Causes of the American Civil War The American Civil War was a military conflict between the United States of America (the Union), and 11 secessionist Southern states, organized as the Confederate States of America (the Confederacy). It was the culmination of four decade
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  • Causes of the Cold War
    Causes of the Cold War The Cold War occurred during a time of rebuilding for Europe. It characterized international relations and dominated the foreign policies of Europe. It affected all of Europe and determined lasting alliances. The Cold War was caused by the social climate and tension
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  • Causes of the Pelopenesian War
    The Causes of the Peloponessian War Ancient Greece during the 4th century B.C. was home to the city-states of Sparta and Athens. These two communities were the superpowers of the region during that time. The peloponnesian war between these two states evolved out of a string of events that wo
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  • Causes of World War 1
    The Causes of World War I If you were to look back at WWI, you would see that there were direct and indirect causes to the war. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was an immediate cause. Gavrilo Princip, working with a Serbian anti-Austrian secret society called "The Black Hand" shot Arch
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  • Causes and Effects of the Amer
    Causes and Effects of the American Civil War Introduction- The American Civil War began on April 12, 1861 when General Pierre Beauregard opened fire with 50 cannons on Fort Sumter. This marked the beginning of one of the longest and bloodiest wars in American history. It was also the
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  • Causes of the American Civil W
    Sectional tension increased during the mid 19th century bringing America into a civil war. There were a few important factors that helped to increase tensions in both the North and the South. Some of these factors were the Anti-Slavery movement, Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Fugitive Slave Law, John Br
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