• Why Do Filipino Students Hate Math
    Why do Filipino students hate math? by jhay on June 16, 2009 X Welcome Googler! If you find this page useful, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Yesterday, I expected the first meeting of my statistics class to be the start of a boring and tormented semester
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  • Reasons and Causes of Fourth Year Students Performance in School
    ------------------------------------------------- REASONS AND CAUSES OF FOURTH YEAR STUDENTS ------------------------------------------------- PERFORMANCE IN SCHOOL ------------------------------------------------- To be submitted to Mrs. Lea L. Lusanta ------------------------------------
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  • Causes of Failure in College
      Are there noticeable trends to why students fail or succeed in college? Who is responsible for those failures and successes? Dr. Robert Pitcher of the Educational Development Center at the University of Alabama has developed what he believes are the 10 primary causes of failure of students in
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  • Causes of Student Failure
    Misook Teri Kim Professor M. Zimmerman June 20, 2013 Causes of Student Failure Failure is always an unpleasant word. Failure in student’s life is defined as subpar achievement of his/her physical or literary capabilities.When students do not study for their final exam or practice his/her spor
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  • Influence of High School Math Experiences to the Adaptability on College Mathematics of Freshman Engineering Students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Maragondon Campus, A.Y. 2011-2012.
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Every person has his own unique experiences. According to Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, students organize what they learn from their experiences. They gradually construct an overall view of how world operates. We can appl
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  • Need Analysis on the Effect of Math Anxiety Among Secondary School Children in Nigeira
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  • A Qualitative Investigation of Black Middle School Students’ Experiences of the Role of Teachers in Learning and Achievement
    A QUALITATIVE INVESTIGATION OF BLACK MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS’ EXPERIENCES OF THE ROLE OF TEACHERS IN LEARNING AND ACHIEVEMENT Zebedee Talley Jr. Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the d
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  • Articles in Math
    Factors Affecting Your Educational Success By A.M. David, eHow Contributor *   *   *   * Print this article Related Searches: * School of Students * Students 1. * Having success at school goes beyond intelligence. A student can have potential to earn go
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  • Causes of Absenteeism
    Hb1 Causes of absenteeism Although patterns of chronic absenteeism vary, the most common pattern is for a student to miss a few days of school each week. The student's excuses may or may not have to do with an illness. An absentee problem should be considered chronic when it is not always related
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  • Teacher Action Research Paper on Reading Deficiencies in 2nd Grade Students
    NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY MATL Action Research Project VERIFICATION COVER SHEET MATL Student Name and NSU ID ARP School Site Where Project was Implemented: ___________________ Elementary School Dates of Implementation: AUGUST 2008 – JANUARY 2009 School Site Address and Phone: ARP
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  • Attitude of Students
    A Survey of Student Attitudes, Experiences and Expectations on selected vocational courses at the University of Northumbria April 2005 Anna Round Student Retention Project, University of Northumbria Part One: Background Section One: Introduction 1:1 Background 1
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  • Factors Affecting English Achievement of First Year Students of Compra National High School
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE Introduction The problem of low achievement from the elementary to the tertiary level of our educational system has led the educators and planners to embark programs to raise the quality of education. Observers from all sectors commented that schools ar
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  • Article About Failure.
    Raquel Gonzalez Professor Usher ENF2 1/16/13 Summary/Response Summary In today’s schools almost all seniors will be graduating or in other words will be receiving a certificate that simply will remind them of all the t
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  • Causes of College Dropout
    Reasons for College Students Dropping Out There are two main purposes of studying: gaining knowledge and getting a job. We need knowledge to fulfill our curiosities and we need jobs for living. Most students struggle to merge the road to knowledge and the road to the right jobs, the careers studen
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  • Factors Affecting Why Are the Students Late in Going to the School in Colegio de Las Hijas de Jesus
    Factors affecting why are the Students Late In going to the school in Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus An Action Research Presented to the Science Department of Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus Iloilo City In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements in Research II Chapter 1 Introd
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  • Emphasizing Cultural Attributes: Identifying Special Education Students by Their Cultural Qualities
    Emphasizing Cultural Attributes: Identifying Special Education Students by their Cultural Qualities Lynne Anderson National University Abstract Students identified for special education programs, e
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  • Correlates of Profile to Performance in Mathematics and Science of the Selected Students in Cavite State University
    Correlates of Profile to Performance in Math and Science of Selected Students In CAVITE STATE UNIVERSITY Leslie Ann B. Atis Mae Ann B. Balbalosa A correlational research presented to the faculty of Department of Social Sciences and Humanities (DSSH), College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Ca
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  • Reasons Students Gets Poor Grades
    Trend and causes of Female Students Dropout Wudu M. & Getahun F 1 ORIGINAL ARTICLE TREND AND CAUSES OF FEMALE STUDENTS DROPOUT FROM TEACHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS OF ETHIOPIA: THE CASE OF JIMMA UNIVERSITY Wudu Melese* & Getahun Fenta** Abstract This article examines the state of female studentsâ
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  • This Study Aimed to Determine the Predictive Variables of the Mathematics Performance of the Freshmen Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines Santa Maria
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction The need to understand and use a variety of mathematical strategies in multiple contextual situations has never been greater. Utilization of mathematics continues to increase in all aspects of everyday life, as a part of cultural heritage, in
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  • College Students’ Ways on How to Handle Mathematics Within One Term
    Introduction According to Thoreau (1893), the most distinct and beautiful statement of any truth (as of music) must take at least the mathematical form. He was basically implying that every person in this world use the concept of Mathematics, thus having a little background of it is necessary becau
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