• Causal Argument Essay
    Causal Argument: Will Lowering the Drinking Age Solve the Problem of Binge Drinking among College Students? Research has supported the observation that young people in America consume alcohol regularly; this prevalence of use increases rapidly during adolescence, as well as a few years...
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  • Descarte's causal argument
    Outline and discuss the causal argument. Descartes casts everything into doubt in the first meditation, including God Himself. He then comes to this disproval of this theory therefore concluding that God exists. This is brought about through the causal argument. Desartes begins this...
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  • Causal Argument
    Alexa Smith ENC1101 Karen Britten 21 Oct 2013 How Social Media Impacts Social Interaction Each day millions of people log on to their phones or computers and communicate with each other through chat rooms and text messages. Social media has gotten rid of the need to communicate by...
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  • Apologetical causation argument
    Apologetical Causation Argument Since the dawn of life, man has pondered the meaning of his existence. Where did he come from? How did he get here? How was the universe formed? With respect to the previous questions, there are two primary sides taken in the age-old debate. There are the cre
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  • Casual argument
    Causal Argument: Video games may make children fat. Children have been gaining weight excessively over the last 20 years. In 1980 6.5% of the children aged 6 to 11 were obese, but by 1994 that number had climbed to 11.3%. Currently over 30% of children are overweight, while 17% are considered
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  • Causal essay assignment
    Causal Argument Essay Assignment (200pts) Instructor: Laura Brown Rough Draft due (in class) November 18, 2011 Final Draft due December 9, 2011 Due 10-28-11: To be submitted through SafeAssign on Blackboard. You will find the assignment component in the Content section. Essays are to be submit
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  • Casual argument
    John Doe 11/25/12 Causal Argument “I can purchase that now and pay for it later?”- (The rising effects of credit cards causing more and more student debt) The cycle always seem to begin when you are least expecting it, I know that’s how it started for me. I was browsing in my favorit
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  • Argument of dualism
    Arguments of Dualism Dualism is the theory that mind and matter are two distinct things. The main argument for dualism is that facts about the objective external world of particles and fields of force, as revealed by modern physical science, are not facts about how things appear from any particul
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  • Video games and violence: both sides of the argument
    Background Does playing a video game make you prone to commit real-life violence? This question has been an issue since the very early 90's when violent games like Doom and Wolfenstein were released, but only in the last half a decade or so (mainly since the incident at Columbine, Colorado, 1999 Â
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  • Behind mackie's argument for atheism
    Mackie in his paper Evil and Omnipotence, constructs an argument against the idea of the possibility of a God existing that has the characteristics laid out by the main religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. These characteristics include that God is omnipotent, or He is capable of stopping ev
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  • A hollow argument
    A Hollow Argument Southern Nationalism, Myth or Reality Introduction The American Civil War, until halfway through the Vietnam War, was bloodier then all other American wars combined. Nearly one million soldiers were killed during its four years. From its ruins, a ne
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  • Teleological argument
    If we look into the mind of most theists, some of their most basic assumptions rest on the fact that God created the universe, the earth, animals and humans. If someone took away the existence of God, the existence of everything else would also logically be lost. This in itself is only the teleologi
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  • Frank jackson's knowledge argument
    The knowledge argument is an argument against physicalism that was first formulated by Frank Jackson in 1982. While Jackson no longer endorses it, it is still regarded as one of the most important arguments in the philosophy of mind. Physicalism is the metaphysical thesis that, basically, everythin
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  • Argument essay
    • Ad Hominem (Argument To The Man): attacking the person instead of attacking his argument. For example, "Von Daniken's books about ancient astronauts are worthless because he is a convicted forger and embezzler." (Which is true, but that's not why they're worthless.) Another example
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  • Argument for the existence of god
    An Argument for the Existence of God and Why this Being is Necessary The question of the existence of God is one that has been tossed around for many years and still confuses many people in today’s society. The idea has also been brought up in the works of many great philosophers, some ending up
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  • Descartes' first argument of god's existence in third mediation
    In this paper, I would like to critically discuss paragraph 24 in Descartes’ third meditation. First of all, I would like to give an explanation of the proposal that Descartes’ criticizes in this paragraph. Secondly, I will evaluate Descartes’ response to this proposal. Finally, I will give co
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  • Enlightenment in buddhism and its success: correlation or causal?
    Enlightenment in Buddhism And Its Success: Correlation or Causal? Jonathan Ng Jun Kiat A0073385 Tutorial Group D2 Submitted: 13 September Submitted to: Ms. Wang Ya Qian (Tutor’s Name) South Asia: People, Culture, Development SN 1101 E Buddhism originated in the religious milieu of si
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  • Success of aquinas’s cosmological argument
    Thomas Aquinas’s cosmological argument is a posteriori argument that Aquinas uses to prove the existence of God. Aquinas argues that, “Nothing can move itself, so whatever is in motion must be put in motion by another, and that by another again. But this causal loop cannot go on to infinity, so
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  • Marijuana as a gateway drug: the causal fallacy
    Marijuana as a Gateway Drug: The Causal Fallacy The marijuana plant, perhaps the most widely-used illicit drug in the world, was once demonized by authorities and the media. In the 1936 film Marijuana: Weed with Roots in Hell, director Dwain Esper portrayed teens smoking marijuana and then engagi
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  • Causal & proposal
    Tim ____ Enc 1101.B03 Mr. _____ ____ July 30, 2012 Word Count: 588 Essay #3: Causal & Proposal Throughout my middle school and high school career, I attended a fierce military college preparatory school. Inspection in the morning kept my peers and I in suit, and the homework policy left us wi
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