• Caste System
    Caste System:- India is a classical land of the caste. We find more than 2800 castes and sub-castes with all their peculiarities. Inequality is at the core of the caste system. The feeling of inferiority and superiority arose with this system. These caste prejudices still plague our society and eve
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  • Caste System – Ambedkar and Annihilation of Caste
    Caste System – Ambedkar and Annihilation of Caste Over the last couple of days I have been looking to see if there are/were any social movements to abolish the caste system. I started surfing the net and came accross a very interesting document and that is Ambedkar’s Annihilation Of Caste (AOC)
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  • India's Caste System
    Intolerance within India’s caste system The Indian caste system is harsh and oppressive, yet it has not always been that way, and policies have been implemented to end this intolerance. The caste system within India is a set of classes that is used to place people into occupational groups. It i
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  • caste system
    Berkeley Journal of Social Sciences Vol.1, No.1, Jan 2011 Social system influences Political System A comparative study of sub-continent Mughees Ahmed∗ Fozia Naseem∗∗ Abstract: The study of the culture of the Sub-Continent in the political context is the main object of this...
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  • Caste System in India
    THE CASTE SYSTEM IN INDIA Caste is an institution of great complexity. It has its roots deep in history. It is probably understood as the division of society it a fivefold hierarchy with the Brahmins at the head, followed in order by Kshatriyas, Vaishyas or traders, Shudras or servants...
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  • Understanding the Evolution and Meaning of the Caste System in India
    Understanding the Evolution and Meaning of the Caste System in India  10000 BC. the first known human settlement starts in Jericho with hunter-gatherers putting up a few huts. By 9600 BC Jericho has a wall and an astonishing tower with 22 stone steps. This is the pre-pottery age. Jericho...
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  • Role of caste system in Mesoamerica and medieval Europe comparative essay
    The idea of a caste system originated in India and has become popular in regions around the world over the course of history. Two of these areas include the Mesoamerican/Andes cultures in present day South America and Europe during the middle ages. The actual classes, or estates,...
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  • caste system
    The Caste System of India Many people have heard of the caste system in India, but few understand its complexity. This system has kept India's Hindu people locked into a rigid social climate for centuries, and is still a controlling factor among the Hindu people. The caste...
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  • How did the development of human rights affect the caste system in India
    How did the development of human rights affect the caste system in India?             The caste system in India is a powerful foundation consisting of many different classes and influences resulting in social segregation which has shaped Indian society for thousands of years. In India...
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  • Caste System
    A Day in Life: Case system Narrative My feet, burning walking through the villages while the higher caste people just stare at us, as if we are animals that have no home. My son is screaming as he is sick from the polluted water we have to drink from. The higher caste people...
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  • The origins and functions of the Hindu Caste System
     The origins and functions of the Hindu Caste System: A Sense of Duty That Stands The Test of Time Abstract This essay explores the origins and functions of the Hindu caste system, its correlation to the Hindu religion, and its impact on the Hindu society and...
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  • Caste system in India
    At present caste system is discouraged in India, its root was very strong in ancient India. The ancient Aryans started the system. They divided the society into four castes such as Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Shudra. This division was made on the basis of the work which the Aryans did....
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  • Caste System: Confinement of the Indian People under a Glass Ceiling
    Introduction India’s Caste System, a system of social stratification, began with the idea of keeping peace and order throughout India. Though as time passed, it has created a pernicious effect that restricted the growth and potentiality of a person. As such, the caste system is a barrier...
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  • Indian Caste System Research Paper
    Discrimination India, the seventh largest country by area with over 1.2 billion people, has one of the most diverse religious life and traditions in the entire world. It is the birthplace of four of the world’s major religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. (1) The Tribal...
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  • Caste and Class System in Hinduism
    The caste system in Hinduism was created around 1200 BC, during the Vedic period, and has been a continual tradition in Hindu society even after being outlawed in the Indian Constitution in 1950 which was a major change for Hindu society. This tradition, which is so deeply embedded into Hinduism, is
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  • Education System in Pakistan
    EDUCATION IN PAKISTAN: A SURVEY Introduction Every year the government of Pakistan publishes some report or the other about education. If not specifically about education, at least the Economic Survey of Pakistan, carries a chapter on education. These reports confess that the literacy rate is
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  • electoral system
    Electoral System Design: The New International IDEA Handbook Electoral System Design: The New International IDEA Handbook Andrew Reynolds Ben Reilly and Andrew Ellis With José Antonio Cheibub Karen Cox Dong Lisheng Jørgen Elklit Michael Gallagher Allen Hicken Carlos...
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  • Caste
    In the United States the caste system is usually interpreted negatively. Yet, in South Asia, it provides an important measure of identity and social cohesion. Explain. Although the United States frowns upon the caste system, the culture of the South Asian people uses this system as a way of surv
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  • ‘Afghanomics’- Etisalat in Afghanistan?
    Case 2.1: ‘Afghanomics’- Etisalat in Afghanistan? Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country, which consist of a large number of ethnic groups (Pashtuns, Tajiks and Hazaras being the three biggest of them). It was founded as a large independent state in the middle of the 18th century. During the 19t
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  • Legalizing the Drug Trade in Afghanistan
    PROPOSAL Endorse the legalization of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan for the production of legal opiates in conjunction with ongoing reconstruction efforts. BACKGROUND Afghanistan was ground zero in the War on Terrorism and remains one of the primary focal points for United States foreign policy
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