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Case The Farm Bank

The Farm Bank The Farm Bank has asked for the advice of your company. They recently installed a new MIS system which, as of yet, has not resulted in the expected increase in efficiency. The president, Mr. Swain, wants to find out why. Your supervisor recently requested an internal analysis of the onsite consultant’s work, who has already written a case summary document. You begin your assignment by reading this document. The Farm Bank The Farm Bank is an old and solid banking institution...

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Modern Agricultural Farm case analysis

Analysis for Modern Agricultural Farm Modern Agricultural Farm (MAF) is a farm which is located in Pakistan. In order to make MAF stand out from the crowd, we need to analyze and figure out the opportunities as well as the challenges MAF is facing currently. Macroeconomic: Economic Pakistan is located in the South Asia, bounded by India on the east and by Arabian Sea on the south. 70% of the livelihoods of the population in Pakistan are either directly or indirectly linked to agriculture (N...

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Bank of Nova Scotia Case

Management Studies International Law Case # 2 Mair v. Bank of Nova Scotia Prepared for: Mr. Urem Prepared by: Monica Kuijt Rumayor 08058733 Leron Mardenborough 08084157 Farah Dara Carriza 08059365 Njoek-sien Baptist 09073728 Dennis Kreeft 08079684 Kaylee Hu 09088091 Class: 3 IBMS B September 29, 2010 Summary of the case This case is titled: “Mair v. Bank of Nova Scotia” The main focus of the case is on the Bill of Exchange act. The definition...

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Cooperative Bank Case

Title of the Report: Case Analysis of ‘The Cooperative Bank’ The Purpose: The purpose of the report is to submit the analysis of The Cooperative Bank based on the Activity Based Costing methodology To whom it is submitted (Name of the instructor): Prof. Sandhya Bhatia, Professor, Managerial Accounting, Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur Name of the Author: Abhishek Sengupta Anubhav Nigam Ravindran Damodaran Saurabh Srivastava Date of Submission: 24 February 2013 ...

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Leadership CAse: Coastal bank

Leadership Challenges at Coastal Bank Written by What-are-good-leadership-skills.com Coastal Bank is a large bank in a southeastern city. As a part of a comprehensive internal management study, senior vice president, Harris Meade, examined the turnover, absenteeism, and productivity figures of all work groups in the organization. The results Meade obtained contained no real surprises except in the case of the check-sorting and data-processing departments. In general the departments displaying...

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The ‘State Bank’ Case Analysis

The ‘State BankCase Analysis 1. Executive Summary State Bank is a profitable, family-run business conveniently located at downtown Hillsborough – the countryseat. Its President is Mack McNeill and its newly appointed Director of Marketing is his son Phil McNeill. It not only serves the Hillsborough populace of 15000, but also the suburbanites and farmers as far away as 20 miles. This is a full-service bank underlining the friendly, small-town service approach, while maintaining conservative...

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Bank of America: Case and Swot

Graig Wallerstein MKT 175 Case #1 Introduction: Bank of America is an organization that serves clients in more than 150 countries with operations based in 40 countries, providing services ranging from investment and corporate banking to investing and equity execution services. Bank of America plans to become the world’s finest financial services company. Currently the company is faced with a tough decision in regards to the Mobile Market. They have questions regarding...

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Case Analysis for Alpen Bank

11/6/12 Case Analy sis f or Alpen Bank Case Analysis: Alpen Bank The main issue that Alpen bank is facing is whether or not they should launch the credit card business in the Romania market and which group of target audience they should select while applying the launching strategy. Moreover, specifically to Carle, he needs to come up with a program from which, Alpen bank can generate at least €5 million in profit within 2 years. Moreover, clarified positioning strategy and customer segmentation...

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Wellfleet Bank Case Study

 WELLFLEET BANK CASE SOLUTION Group C Que 1. Given its strategy, what kinds of risks does Wellfleet Bank face? Ans1. Wellfleet Bank was founded in London in the year 1847. The Strategy of the Bank was to pursue transformational deals through its corporate Banking segment. The group had a decision making forum consisting of three members namely the group chief credit officer, deputy group chief risk officer...

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Pilgrim Bank Case Study

Pilgrim Bank Case September 26, 2013 How much do profits vary across customers? Provide statistical support for your answer. Out of a sample of 31,634 Pilgrim Bank customers, from a population of 5 million total, and zero missing values, profits vary widely. The average customer profitability is $111.50. The minimum value of this data set is -$221 and the maximum is $2071. This describes that there is a very wide range. The median customer profitability is $9 and the standard deviation is $272...

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Alpen Bank Case - Paper

Case Analysis Alpen Bank: Launching the Credit Card in Romania                                                                Case Overview: In this case Alpen bank’s country manager Carle has to make a crucial decision whether or not they should go for the credit card business in Romania. The bank has to come up with a solid market strategy that can generate at least €5 million in profit within 2 years. Before bringing this business to the market the Bank has to analyze whether an opportunity...

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Baring Bank Case

CHAPTER 9 CASE: The Fall of Barings Bank The story of Barings Bank shows how overconfidence, coupled with poor internal control, can even bring down an historic financial institution. Below we provide a few teaching points. Nick Leeson seemed to have all the characteristics of an overconfident trader. As described in the chapter, excessive trading, lack of diversification, and too much risk were obviously present. Self-attribution bias seemed to play a major role. One commentator notes...

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equity bank case study

Name Professor Course Date due Equity Bank Group Equity bank group is a financial institution based in Kenya, East Africa, offering a variety of financial services. This company was founded in 1984 as a minor institution, specializing in mortgage financing, which targeted the low income earners. Based on the fact that Kenya is a developing country characterized by majority of citizens earning less than adequate income, the target population acted as strength and thus contributed to the company’s...

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Bank of America Case Analysis

Bank of America – Case Analysis Prepared By Kesha S Mitchell April 30, 2013 AMBA 650-1134 Marketing Management and Innovation Professor Philemon Oyewole In 2007, Bank of America (BofA) Corporation launched the largest secure mobile banking service in the United States and has over four million mobile banking customers. BofA mobile banking service gives the customers access to their checking accounts for balance, transfers funds and to pay bills through a mobile application (app)...

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Johnson Family Farm Case

Johnson Family Farm Case Carine Frank Johnson, who owns the Johnson Family Farm, was considering whether or not to hedge his corn crop prior to the planting season for the upcoming year. He had three choices: first, not hedging at all; second, hedging using traded future contracts; third, hedging using Cargill’s Pacer product. If Frank chose to not hedge, the total cost of this choice is the elevator operator’s profit and the transportation costs (which totally Frank set the basis as 0.15). And...

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Natureview Farm Case

Natureview Farm Case Natureview Farm is a small yogurt manufacturer with annual revenues of $13 million. It produces three different size cups – 8 oz. cup, 32 oz. and 4 oz. cup multipack. However, Natureview’s goal is to increase its annual revenue to $20 million in two years. With a solid relationship with its current, successful strategy in the natural foods channel it is considering expanding into the supermarket channel. Conversely, it does not want to hurt the company brand it has created as...

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Case Analysis Of Bank Of America

Case Analysis of Bank Of America : Mobile Banking Q.What benefits does mobile banking have for consumers? Why haven’t consumers adopted mobile banking? The following are the benefits of Mobile banking for consumers: The different kinds of applications of mobile banking help the consumers to locate bank branches and ATMs through GPS, thus making the process of going to the bank easier for them It also helps the customers to check their account balances without the need to go to the bank.It also...

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Central Bank Case

Nick I, Herbert A, Zachary C 10/8/14 Financial Markets and Institutions Central Bank Case 1) The federal funds rate is the term coined to describe the interest rate at which depository institutions lend and borrow overnight funds, which are maintained at the Federal Reserve, to one another. The official website of the Fed states that “By trading government securities, the New York Fed affects the federal funds rate, which is the interest rate at which depository institutions lend balances to...

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Case Study: Bank of America

Running Head: BANK OF AMERICA Assignment 1: Bank of America Case Study Sylvia Armstrong Dr. Marie-Line Germain HRM 532 – Talent Management January 22, 2012 1. Outline the talent management program that led to success for the company. Bank of America has always been a leader in the financial services industry. Its philosophy of talent management and development is driven by seven guiding principles that create a mindset that...

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Alpen Bank Case Analyses

6. One of main problems was that the vast majority of cards in circulation were debit cards (transactors). Romanian “transactors” used their debit cards primarily for cash withdrawls. 7. Competitors of Alpen bank offered tiered offerings for credit card segment Market Analyses Alpen bank can benefit from each person from : Middle Class 60.63 euro in average Aflluent Class 123.38 Most Affluent 209.75 RATIOS Between Middle Aflluent and Most affluent Affluent VS Middle ...

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Alpen Bank Case

Summary of the Case: Alpen bank needs to launch credit card in Romania which is a matter driven by market dynamics, customer demographics, usage behavior and changing macroeconomic conditions. Formulation of an effective marketing strategy is inevitable for the introduction of the credit card in such an environment. 1. How should Alpen position its card, if it intends to launch it? Positioning is identifying a set of possible competitive advantages to build a position in the minds of the consumers...

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Wellfleet Bank Case

 Case Analysis –The Wellfleet Bank risk management Case This essay have be divided into four parts in order to answer the case study question, which explained the risk Wellfleet bank are facing of its strategy, the anticipated additional risk when Wellfleet’s recruitment of relationship managers from investment banks for large corporate deals, calculator the economic revenue, economic profit and expected loss , then analysis the issues in risk management process and give my own...

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Bank of America Case Study

In 2012, Bank of America’s management made the choice to take on a new beast, the customer. Bank of America has decided to charge a monthly fee for the privilege of shopping with their debit cards on either debit or credit during the check out process. At this time, there have been no plans to alter the ATM fees for customer needing to get cash out. Throughout this study, I have five main points to exam. These are: What caused Bank of America to invoke the fee? What was the cost of customer...

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Discussion Case: Mountain Bank

Discussion Case: Mountain Bank Strayer University Strategic Human Resource Management – HRM 530 April 24, 2011 Grade Received: 220/240 Discuss the strategies that Mountain Bank should implement to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. At first glance, one would wonder why Mountain bank currently has fifty percent of Retail accounts within the market which are the less profitable accounts in the banking industry. Secondly one would also ask or wonder why Mountain Bank has...

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Chemical Bank case

Case 1: Chemical Bank: Implementing the Balanced Scorecard see page 233-252 Questions for the case: 1. What does Mike Hegarty want to accomplish with the BSC ? 2. Comment on the BSC implementation at Chemical’s Retail Bank ? 3. What pitfalls need to be avoided for a successful BSC project? Balanced Scorecard Implementation Pitfalls to Avoid There are many Balanced Scorecard implementations where companies don't seem to get all the benefits described above. Research and experience have...

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Case for Repositioning a Bank

The Case for Repositioning a Bank Introduction/Facts of the Case ANZ bank is over 170 years old providing a range of banking and financial products and services to more than 5.7 million retail customers on a global scale (case). . Offering 817 branches and 2600 automated teller machines (ATMs) all over Australia, ANZ is ranked in the top 4 banks in Australia along with Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank Ltd (NAB) and Westpac Banking Corporation. This report will identify...

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Commerce Bank Case Study

Retailtainment is a term rarely used in banking. Banks do not usually target the experience of the customer in a specific branch as a main objective, more so almost every bank is pushing to drive customers to use electronic resources for their day to day transactions such as deposit and withdrawals. In this case, Commerce Bank is a bank willing to go to the extremes just to make the customers experience worthwhile, as one of the most well-known Commerce Bank employee trainer stated “we’re not here to satisfy...

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Closing Case: Barrett Farm Foods

Closing Case: Barrett Farm Foods Case Questions: 1. Philip Austin’s plan for European expansion is very simplified and will rely mostly on the foreign intermediary to complete export and complete sales transactions. I believe that this is the main problem of this expansion plan; there is too much liability in someone outside of the company that possibly doesn’t share the same goals and objectives of the company and sometimes is not completed committed with the process. ...

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Umqua Bank Case Study

of an organization, think, feel and act within the framework of that organization.” (Christensen, 2006) In the case of Umpqua Bank, the organizational culture is so unique that both employees and customers embrace it. Umpqua is not just a bank, it’s a way of life and the experience you feel at this organization should surpass any banking experience you’ve had. In reviewing this case study, it’s interesting to see how culture is embraced at all levels of the banking experience. Since culture is...

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Bank of America- Case Study

Case Study Brief Introduction: The Bank of America was formed in 1998 after the merger of California based Bank of America and the Nations Bank of North Carolina. At the end of the 20th century the bank stood as the second largest bank in the American market with close to 4500 branches operating in 21 states. Most of these branches were located in high growth markets of the south and west coast. Globally, it employed 1, 40,000 employees across 190 nations, over $8 billon in revenues, $360...

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Case Study-Memton Bank

CASE STUDIES—MENTON BANK Study Questions 1. Identify the steps taken by Menton Bank to develop a stronger customer orientation in its retail branches. 2. Compare and contrast the jobs of CAR and CSR. How important is each (a) to bank operations and (b) to customer satisfaction? 3. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Karen Mitchell and other candidates for head CSR. 4. What action do you recommend for filling the head CSR position? ...

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Natureview Farms Case Study

NATUREVIEW FARMS Introduction Go big, or go home! This is a saying that is heard in all different fields. Its meaning is far more than the five words it contains. Go big, as in everything you do, do it to the best of your ability. Go home, means that you are throwing in the towel when things get tough, more or less, just giving up. My dad said those words to me when I was too afraid to get on stage at my first ballet recital, and he would say those same words to the management team at...

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Dakota Bank Case

Great Dakota Bank Case Assignment Questions 1. What is the value proposition for online banking? Explain. How should Great Dakota Bank communicate this value to its customers? The value proposition for online banking is to ensure customers how valuable and useful online banking can be for them. Customers who engage in online banking are able to constantly keep track of their spending, pay bills online, transfer money between accounts, and know where their money is going out and...

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Case Study Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank was established in 1967 after merging four Danish banks operating in Jutland. Jyske Bank had been considered as a typical Danish bank, which is prudent, conservative, well managed and undifferentiated till the late 1990s. However, with the new strategy, the bank developed to guide differentiation from the mid of 1990s among great amount of Danish banking customer satisfaction. Q1. What is Jyske Bank’s new positioning or competitive differentiation strategy? Base on the case, Jyske...

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Kwangju bank case study

change that took place in Kwangju bank in Korea, and how this has impacted their business. The goal of competing in the global market In 1989, Kwangju bank had been losing money, partly due to foreign exchange fraud, possibly partly due to computer problems (Kang, para.1). As a response to the problems that the bank was experiencing, the board of directors brought in a new chairman, Mr. Song Byungsoon. One of his objectives for the new business of the bank was to be able to compete in the...

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The Case of Chase Manhattan Bank

The case of Chase Manhattan Bank Scope of the project The scope of reengineering includes process improvement, process reengineering, business reengineering and transformation. The case of Chase Manhattan Bank belongs to the process reengineering, not process improvement or quick hits. In Chase Manhattan Bank, reengineering requires not only the rethinking of the business process but a concurrent examination and redesign of the information technologies and organization that support these processes...

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Bank One Case

going down and is hurting their core growth strategy of acquisitions. Compared with the financial results of the country’s largest 25 bank holding companies, Banc One has been very successful during the decade since 1982. It has the highest and most consistent ROA, ROE and EPS. Its EPS has been consistently growing for the last 24 years which none of the other banks have been able to imitate. The reason behind the success of Banc One has been a three pronged approach: * retail and middle market...

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The American International Bank Case

THE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK CASE * Summary of the Situation Tamara Long sat in her office reflecting on the tough past 6 weeks. She was the head of the international department at the American International Bank (AIB). Six weeks ago, the Chairman of the bank had called Tamara into his office. A bulletin had just come over the bank's wire indicating that a military coup had taken place in Portugal. The bulletin also reported that the new military dictator had frozen all foreign assets in...

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Case 5 Shinsei Bank

history. When its original incarnation, the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, failed in 1998, it set in motion a series of paradigm shifts for the bank. First, the bank was sold to a US private equity group, Ripplewood. This was controversial as, per the case material, “corporate Japan loathed private equity groups, and the government was reluctant to allow a foreign group to control a major local bank.” Thus, right from the start, Shinsei Bank had an uphill climb ahead of it in terms of public acceptance...

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Case Study-food bank

Case Study (Food Bank Task Force) In this case, I will play a role of facilitator to promote the work of a new committee to develop realistic options to raise the necessary funds. “As a facilitator, he or she is active in both planning and executing the session.” (p. 7). In the process of preparing this committee meeting, I have to lead other my four volunteers that have different backgrounds and personality to present a series of good approaches. Thus, we begin to set up the necessary preparatory...

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Shinsei Bank Case Study

just some of the problems that arise when a company tries to figure out how to handle their legacy systems. Jay Dvivedi came across some of these problems when he was charged with overhauling the IT infrastructure of the newly conceived Shinsei Bank. Dvivedi quickly realized that the old legacy systems were almost entirely useless to the new business model Shinsei was attempting to implement. However, legacy systems are not so easily discarded. He had to ask himself questions such as how will...

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Case Study on Barclays Bank

Case Study on Barclays Bank Introduction This case study paper will analyze the economics of Barclays, one of the largest financial providers in the UK and in the world. It will also use Barclay’s example to illustrate the peculiarities of banking industry functioning. Overview of the Business Barclays is an international financial services provider operating in more than 50 countries and serving more than 42 million customers worldwide. It engages in commercial banking, investment banking, wealth...

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Case 3: Bill Thurmond Pig Farm

Case 3 Bill Thurmond Pig Farm Problem: The pig farm that has been doing well for years is now incurring losses with low prices at market. What needs to be done to keep cash flowing so that the farm can keep open until market prices get better? Situation: Strengths- * From 1995 – current 1998 expenses have gone down drastically giving them less overhead. * Generations of farming experience * They are in a cooperative that pays them to farm. * They have timber and real estate...

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Royal Bank of Canada: Case Study

The Royal Bank of Canada experienced some fundamental managerial errors in May 2003. It was reported as a major “glitch” that had been caused by wrong configuration during the installation process. A simple problem had severely affected the lives of millions of people. In this essay I will discuss the security and control problems such as the simultaneous upgrade of both the main and back-up systems. This will lead into the strategies management could have used to prevent these problems happening...

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Deutsche Bank Case

Deutsche Bank and the Road to Basel III Deutsche Bank made its entrance into the world in 1870 and it was one of the first banks to adopt universal banking as it promoted and facilitated trade relations between Germany and other overseas markets. Deutsche Bank acquired smaller banks in Germany in order to be the most prominent bank in their home base in addition to having a global reach. Following World War I, inflation took over Germany causing many borrowers to default on their loans forcing...

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Commerce Bank Case

Executive Summary Commerce Bank has been a pioneer in the banking industry by returning to customer service. This has driven customers to the bank, but in order to stay ahead on the curve they want to move away from the model that has worked for them. An analysis was performed regarding whether their new concept of “retailtainment”, entertaining customers throughout the banking service process, would be beneficial or not. After thorough consideration, it was determined that “retailtainment”...

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Sample Case Study on Bank of America

Bank of America Using Six Sigma in Banking Bank of America is a large, complex organization with high goals to be #1 in customer satisfaction, the world’s most admired company and the world’s largest bank. To achieve these goals, the Bank recognized the need for an enterprise-wide quality system that focused on customer needs and key business strategies. To execute its quality system, Bank of America favored rapid deployment across the company for complete enculturation. Bank of America’s...

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Alpen Bank Case

card customer across all marketing channels can be found in the column “costs per customer”. On top of this, an extra column with the number of customers in proportion to the prospects reached is added. Based on these calculations, we recommend Alpen Bank to use Direct Sales and Branch Cross-Selling on the affluent and most affluent segments to acquire new credit card customers. Both Direct Sales and Brach Cross-Selling have, by far, the lowest costs per customer (respectively €3,92 and €2,61). On...

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Chemical Bank Case

Chemical Banks – Allocation of Profits Question 1. How will you resolve the due bill controversy? Due Bill Controversy: Metro Division’s service to sell the Due Bill for the Treasury division is not recognized by the Treasury department. While Metro acted like a cost center, Treasury acted as profit center. When Metro Bank division reviewed the profit loss statement for the Due Bills, it was found that Metro division was incurring loss of $26.50 for each transaction. Consequences of Due...

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Bank of America case study

 Problem Statement Can Bank of America initiate, renew or terminate different sponsorship opportunities. Which of the different sponsorships will have the biggest ability to help the bank’s business segments accomplish there business objectives, and which ones could damage them. Background Bank of America was operating in 29 states, District of Colombia and 43 foreign countries, serving individual customers, small to middle market businesses and large corporations. They provided a diversified...

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Aurik Bank Case Study

to a group of investors three weeks ago. And our bank as a result of unsuccessful investments lost 1.5billion pounds. During the major review of our bank operations, main office has found out a lot of problems. Agne, maybe you can introduce to us the conclusions. Agne: As you know main office has concluded that: 1. Customers believe Auric Bank charging too much for its services 2. Also Auric Bank no longer has the image of a ‘caring’ bank, which is close to its customers and understands...

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Case Study on Icici Bank

  Bank Profile Established in 1994, ICICI Bank is today the second largest bank in India and among the top 150 in the world. In less than a decade, the bank has become a universal bank offering a well diversified portfolio of financial services. It currently has assets of over US$ 79 billion and a market capitalization of US$ 9 billion and services over 14 million customers through a network of about 950 branches, 3300 ATM's and a 3200 seat call center (as of 2007). The hallmark of this exponential...

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Menton Bank Case Study

Running Head: MENTON BANK Menton Bank Step 1 Menton Bank had historically focused on corporate businesses, an its share of the retail consumer banking business ha declined in the face of a aggressive competition from other financial institutions. Menton Bank’s new focus is on customer service, trying developing a stronger consumer orientation at the retail level. The goal is to seize the initiative in marketing the ever increasing array of financial services now available to retail customers...

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Jyske Bank Case Answer

Danish bank that is owned and operated as a business. The company attaches great importance to treating their three groups of stakeholders- shareholders, customers and employees – with equal respect. If the balance shifts in favor of one or two of the groups, this will be to the long-term detriment of all groups (Zeithmal, Bitner and Gremler 1996). The bank's core values are its fundamental cornerstone. In the eyes of both clients and employees, the following traits are what make Jyske bank unique: ...

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Natureview Farm Case Study

Founded in 1989, Natureview Farm, Inc. is a small yogurt manufacturer. The current management team consists of, Barry Landers, CEO, Jim Wagner, CFO, Christine Walker, VP of marketing, Walter Bellini, VP of sales, Jack Gottlieb, VP of operations, and Kelly Riley, assistant marketing director. In 1997, Natureview received equity from a venture capital firm to help fund strategic investments. With proper management and necessary strategic investments, Natureview was able to grow its revenue from...

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Capital City Bank Case Analysis

CAPITAL CITY BANK Capital City Bank (CCB) was a medium sized commercial bank owned by a small group of shareholders. Its total employee force numbered nearly 1,000 personnel. Because of the company's poor performance in recent years, the owners decided to sell their equity to a group of new investors who felt that CCB could be turned around with more aggressive management. The transfer of ownership of the bank was followed by basic changes in bank strategy as well as changes in many key personnel...

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Natureview Farm Case – Executive Summary

Natureview Farm Case – Executive Summary Objectives 1. Grow Natureview’s revenue to $20M by calendar year end 2001. 2. Position Natureview for acquisition and / or find a new investor. Our Solution With opportunities such as the one presented in the Natureview Farm case, executives and corporate leaders have a tendency to focus exclusively on the stated revenue objective. We believe that doing so is short sighted and will not best position Natureview for acquisition or additional...

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Case Analysis of First National Bank

First National Bank | A Case Study “If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living.” -Gail Sheehy | Amil, Paula BiancaIsidoro, Joanna MarieRojas, RobertSampang, Makrene LaraSeptember 17, 2010Prof. Aliza Racelis | ------------------------------------------------- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ------------------------------------------------- Point of View: Sammy Viray, New FNB President ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ...

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Citizen Bank Case

The merger of U.S. Citizen Bank and Louisiana Purchase Bank (LPB) in 1998 resulted in a formation of a financial powerhouse possessing core competencies in commercial lending and innovation. Upon recognizing the much needed annuity-driven market potential existing within the U.S. college population, the LPB pioneered the student credit card program in 1989. Indeed, the student credit card program proved to be more profitable with net income margin around 6 percent compared to that of 4 percent for...

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Natureview Farm Case Study Report

Natureview Farm Case Study Report Background Natureview Farm, a Vermont-based organic yogurt manufacturer with annual revenues of 13 mln. USD and 24% of market share, is a major brand in the natural foods channel. Company’s leadership in this channel was achieved through its emphasis on natural ingredients, strong reputation for quality and great taste, creative marketing techniques and established relationships with leading natural foods retailers. Company now faces financial pressure to grow...

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