• Case Study: Let It Pour
    Case Study: Let It Pour Introduction Faith Community Hospital is known throughout the community for its religious heritage and commitment to the public. This commitment to the public and Faith's value of religion among their staff has currently brought several issues to the Board of Directors att
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  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Case Study
    OBJECTIVES At the end of this Nursing Case Study, the student-nurse will be able to: General Objective:  Present the condition called Systematic Lupus Erythematosus in relation to the patient's clinical manifestations, treatment and general health status Specific Objectives: &#6
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  • Sms Case Study
    In the journal of Focus On Autism And Other Developmental Disabilities, volume 21, number 3, fall 2006; I found an interesting case study: A Case Study of Early Development in Smith-Magenis Syndrome( pp. 130-137), written by Authors: Deborah J. Fidler; Amy D. Philofsky; and Susan L. Hepburn. This ca
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  • Bipolar Disorder with Manic Depression
    Bipolar Disorder with Manic Depression Case Study 4 Latresa Jackson Abnormal Psychology-SS440 Charitie Fuller December 12, 2007 Bipolar Disorder with Manic Depression What is bipolar disorder; also know as manic-depressive, an illness involving episodes of serious manic and depression with
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  • Diagnostic Case Study
    DIAGNOSTIC CASE STUDY: Diagnoses considered: • ADHD – had been previously diagnosed • Bipolar Disorder • Bipolar II Disorder • Intermittent Explosive Disorder • Major Depressive Disorder • Schizophrenia • Schizoaffective disorder Consideration of the above referenced dia
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  • Bipolar Disorder
    Bipolar Disorder Travis Tackett English 122 Alicia Levi December 6, 2008 Bipolar Disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a category of mood disorders defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood clinically referred to as mania, or if milder hy
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  • Explain Juvenile Delinquency in Terms of Hirschi”S Social Bonding Theory, with Special Reference to the Case Study
    TITLE: EXPLAIN JUVENILE DELINQUENCY IN TERMS OF HIRSCHI”S SOCIAL BONDING THEORY, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE CASE STUDY Table of Contents Content Introduction Overview of Travis Hirschi's Social Bond Theory Applying Hirschi’s Social Bonding Theory to the Case of Susan Fr
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  • Final Paper - Bipolar Disorder
    Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disorder also known as manic depression. It is described as a category of mood disorders. Mood disorders are defined by the presence of one or more episodes known as mania and hypomania. Bipolar disorder affects about five million Americans, about
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  • Psychosis - a Case Study
    Summative Assessment One: Case Study There are several key issues apparent for Belinda, one of which is social isolation. Belinda has withdrawn from her family and no longer spends time with her friends. In becoming socially isolated, Belinda is at risk of disruption to her social development lea
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  • Case Study: Anxiety
    Instructions: Read the following case study about a woman, Allison, who is suffering from anxiety. After you have read the case study, diagnose Allison and present some methods of treatment by answering the questions. Presenting Complaint Allison, a 33-year-old white woman, knew that it was f
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  • Case Study
    Abstract The focus of this clinical case study paper is to illustrate Katrina’s presenting problem, diagnosis, case formulation based on her epidemiology, and treatment planning process. I will also briefly examine transference as well as counter transference issues that relate to Katina’s case
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  • Case Study on School Safety
    Case Study on School Safety Melissa Rookard EDD 520 January 24, 2010 Leslie Faught It is evident that schools' policies, programs, practices, physical structure, and teachers are factors internal to the school that determine school safety. These are the only factors that are int
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  • Diabetes Case Study
    Case Study Diabetes 1 Diabetes Case Study Patricia Yearout BSN14/NUR427 May 19, 2010 Case Study Diabetes 2 The focus of this paper will be to discuss an overview of the incidence of diabetes in the United States. What the typical presenting signs of diabetes are, the long term potenti
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  • Behavioral Cognitive Case Study
    Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Case Study William Bradshaw University of Minnesota Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy: An International Journal, 12, (1) 13-25, 1998 Abstract Cognitive-behavioural treatment (CBT) has rarely been applied as the primary treatment for the multip
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  • Case Study of Elvis Presley
    The Case Study of Elvis Presley Kelly Cobban University of Phoenix The Case Study of Elvis Presley Elvis Aaron Presley was a wildly known performer from the 19th century. With this fame comes the public display of every aspect of his personal life, the good as well as the bad. Anyone who has k
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  • Case Study
    Case study: Mental Illness According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (A metal disorder or mental illness is a psychological or behavioral pattern associated with distress or disability that occurs in an individual.) Mental illness or disorder can also be defined as a condition or a disease
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  • Hr Week 2 Case Study.Docx
    Week 2 Case Study Question 1 I looked up employee rights and found an interesting term, Wrongful termination. “Wrongful termination is the most common term used. But an unfair employment discharge is also referred to as:” * Wrongful discharge * Wrongful firing * Wrongful dis
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  • Case Study Addison, Sandra
    Running head: CASE STUDY PROJECT Case Study Project Thomas Sheldon White Capella University Dr. M. Loos 12/11/09 Table of Contents Abstract 3 Case History 4 Annotated bibliography…………………………………………………….. ………………. 9 Barriers to Treatme
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  • Diabetes Case Study
    Abstract Charles D., a 45-year-old male, is a busy CEO for a major technology company. He was recently divorced from his wife of 25 years, and is currently living on his own in a new home. He notices that he has lost weight, is excessively thirsty, and frequently has to urinate more often. With his
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  • Bipolar Disorder
    Bipolar disorder Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by highs and lows; one who has the condition can experience the lows of depression to the highs of mania. Such mood shifts may only occur only a few times a year, but in some cases, they can happen as often as several times per
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