• Ryanair Case Study
    Ryanair case study 06/04/2009 Ryanair case study Executive Summary The purpose of this case study was to evaluate the performance, management functions and future perspectives for Ryanair, which strive to become the leader in the budget airline industry in Europe. Looking at the case study
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  • Wal-Mart Case Study
    Abstract Wal-Mart (WM) has evolved as one of the most successful corporations, providing low prices to its consumers. Loyal consumers flock to WM each week all over the world. This success has created millions of jobs and unique incentives for its employees. The cost of this success is most evid
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  • Nike Case Study
    Introduction: This paper is a case study of Nike Inc. I will give a brief overview of the history, products, company goals, company challenges, financial report and sourcing strategies. My main sources of information are internet databases, company annual reports, and financial articles. C
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  • Nike Case Study
    : Nike Case Study Abstract Nike in its creative way has moved athletic shoes from utilitarian necessities into glamorous accessories and in the process is constantly reinventing all parts of the shoe including the heel (Heizer, J. and Render, B. 2010). At first, Nike didn't pay attention to the
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  • Theory Nike Case Study
    AN OBJECTIVE CASE STUDY FOR NIKE COMPANY Present to The Faculty of the Department of Commerce Raffles International College Ho Chi Minh City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For Management Theory and Application By Vu Nhat Nam (Kelvin) Ho Thanh Chung (Andy) CASE STUDY 1
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  • Nike Case Study Version2
    Case Study Analysis of Nike Sustainability Goals SUS 500 Principles of Sustainability Liana Harriot October 15, 2011 ABSTRACT Nike, a company that is over 40 years old, is the largest seller of athletic footwear and apparel in the world and the leader in its field. After negative reac
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  • Generalist Model on a Case Study
    Implementation of the Generalist Model and the Ecosystems Perspective on a Helping Situation Pentaris (Notis) Pentaris Hawaii Pacific University Helping Situation (Case Study) Katie is a 17 year old adolescence diagnosed with cancer since she was 3 years old. The doctor told her parents, back
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  • Gsk Case Study
    GlaxoSmithKline Public Relations Plan & Case Study GlaxoSmithKline Healthcare Reform & Accessibility to Medicines: Public Relations Plan & Case Study by Jill Leigh Bullock Leigh Publishing Publicist & WVU Graduate Student To Learn More About Leigh Publishing Contact jill@leighpublishing
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  • Hp Case Study
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Recently, there have been tremendous inquiries about environmental regulations and their impacts on the global supply chain that propagated by activist and NGOs all around the world. In the electronics industry, this has been hooked to a series of new regulations that address th
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  • Social Responsibility Unilver Company
    Abstract: The research project is undertaken as a part of the master program in which corporate social responsibility is studied with the means of the Unilever Company and its activities in the field of the corporate social responsibility. Many findings are established in terms of the corporate s
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  • Case Study - Wal Mart: the Main Street Merchant of Doom (Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study)
    Introduction Since its establishment in 1962, Wal-Mart has grown to be one of the biggest conglomerates in the world. Inevitably, with the expansion of the company, the weight and number of social and ethical issues facing the company has increased. The key issues discussed in this particular
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  • Case Study on Corporate Social Responsibility
    Pfizer Limited |   | Pfizer’s Health Awareness Programme is a series of initiatives on important health issues such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, which aims to help people take responsibility for their health and ultimately lead longer and healthier lives. The company Pfi
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  • Social Responsibility of Business: a Case Study of Grameen Phone in Bangladesh
    SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF BUSINESS: A CASE STUDY OF GRAMEEN PHONE IN BANGLADESH NIMALATHASAN, B.* Abstract The social responsibility of business organisations is getting increased attention in recent years, and a strong perception has developed among the business managers worldwide and that organ
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  • Reflection on a Journal Article; “Healthy Eating and the Uk’s Major Food Retailers: a Case Study in Corporate Social Responsibility”
    As part of your job for a major international company you have been asked to write a 1000 word synopsis of an article from an academic journal This paper provides a synopsis for the journal article “Healthy eating and the UK’s major food retailers: a case study in corporate social responsibil
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility - the Case of de Beers
    ABSTRACT Corporate Social Responsibility, a theory that has evolved since the 1990s, seeks to see businesses be responsible for their actions socially and environmentally. There is an increasing trend by businesses to adopt Corporate Social Responsibility Practices. This paper attempts to defin
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  • Living Responsibility – a Case Study of Deutsch Post Dhl
    Living responsibility – a case study of Deutsch Post DHL Nguyen Thi Van Ha, PhD, TU Darmstadt, Germany Abstract: In recent years, there has been a growing concern in sustainable development, social responsibility due to the increasing attention to environmental problems. Companies in the wor
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Smes: Exploratory Study on Motivations from a Malaysian Perspective
    Corporate social responsibility and SMEs: exploratory study on motivations from a Malaysian perspective Mehran Nejati and Azlan Amran Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a worldwide demand. Globalization and social development appeal to all corporations, large or small
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  • A Study of Corporate Social Responsibility
    Term Paper On A study of Corporate Social Responsibility of Oil India Limited Submitted by Rupali Pathak Roll No.22 Economics Department Introduction: The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) describes CSR as “business’ commitment to contribute to
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility on the Runway a Study of the Legitimacy and Reputation of the Danish Fashion Industry
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  • Social Marketing an Intro with a Case Study Brief
    SOCIAL MARKETING – AN INTRODUCTION Social marketing is the systematic application of marketing, along with other concepts and techniques, to achieve specific behavioral goals for a social good.  Social marketing can be applied to promote merit goods, or to make a society avoid demerit goods
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