• Harmonize Indonesia Law of Contract
    THE HARMONY OF INDONESIA CONTRACT LAW WITH COMMON LAW SYSTEM CONTRACT LAW by SAMUEL HUTABARAT (Faculty of Law Atma Jaya Catholic University Indonesia, Jakarta) Email : samuel.hutabarat@atmajaya.ac.id/ Samuelhut@yahoo.com Abstract At the last time there are two things gives i
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  • Law of Tort and Law of Contract Essay Needed
    Tort Law Reading Notes Week 1 Mon Sep 8 Damages pp697-729 - aim of damages: restore plaintiff to position he would have been had the wrong not occurred o as this is impossible in cases of personal injury, monetary compensation is used o total amount is the amount that w
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  • Law of Contract
    ------------------------------------------------- Contract: The law of contract is the most important part of commercial law because every commercial transaction starts from an agreement between two or more persons. Section 2(h) of the Indian contract act provides that, “An agreement enforce
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  • Law of Contract
    Clause: Quantar Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to personal belongings or injury suffered by any player during the Laser War Game. All customers who are taking part in laser war games are responsible for their personal belongings and therefore Quantar Ltd will not take any
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  • Law of Contract
    1. Introduction – What is a Contract? 1.1 Definitions Not all agreements will be contract enforceable in law - social arrangements, for example, or contracts which offend against public decency and public policy and those which involve criminal activity. ‘A contract is an agreement giving
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  • Law of Contract - Offer
    LAW3201 Foundations of Business Law Topic 2: LAW OF CONTRACT (Offer) Readings: Lee Mei Ping, General Principles of Malaysian Law, 5th Edition, 2005, Oxford Fajar Sdn Bhd Abdul Majid, Krishnan Arjunan, Business Law in Malaysia, 2005, Lexis Nexis Malayan Law Journal Beatrix Vohrah, Wu Min
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  • Law of Contract
    * 1. CAPACITY TO CONTRACT An agreement becomes a contract if it is entered into between the parties who are competent to contract (Sec. 10). Everyone is competent (i) who is of the age of majority; (ii) who is of sound mind; and (iii) who is not disqualified from contracting by any law. * 2. Con
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  • Law of Contract
    LAW OF CONTRACT PART -1 NOTES MODULE -1 Nature of Contract Definition of Contract • According to Sec 2 (h)- “an agreement enforceable by law”. • Two basic elements of contract are:- 1. Agreement 2.Enforceable by law Agreement • Agreement- defined under sec 2 (
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  • Contract Law Case Study
    E-Business Contract Law Case Study Analysis I. My first gut was to say that this was a contract. The website made an offer to send free software to anyone who sent his/her email address. Upon further review, I have decided that this example does not meet the essential elements of a contract as de
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  • Business Law Case Study
    Case Summary: -Bob owns a Jewelry store -Sam operates electronic security equipment store -Bob and Sam are friends -Monday, Bob held a casual conversation with Sam about fitting his store with "closed circuit television and the best available electronic locks" -Tuesday, Sam sent Bob a Quotati
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  • Business Law Donoghue V Stevenson Case Study
    Section A Question 1) a) In the case of Donohue v Stevenson[1], Donohue won the case. The ratio decidendi in the case was that the liability of negligence did not depend on the contractual relationship and that Stevenson owed the duty of care to Donohue as a manufacturer, not to cause foresee
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  • Criminal Law Case Doctrines
    CASE DOCTRINES AND ADDITIONAL NOTES CRIMINAL LAW II (Culled from Florenz Regalado’s Conspectus and Ortega’s Notes) Article 114. TREASON ➢ “The details of the testimony on the acts testified by witnesses need not be identical” (People vs. Abad) ➢ “The two-witness rule
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  • Law Case Study
    COURT FILE NO.: CV-09-381186 DATE: 20090724 SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE ) ) ) BELL CANADA Plaintiff ) ) ) ) - and ) ) ) ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. and ) ) ROGERS CABLE COMMUNICATIONS ) INC. Defendants ) ) ) B E T W E E N: Peter J. Lukasiewicz, James Camp and Deborah Templer for the Plaintiff
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  • Case of Cif Law
    Commercial and International trade law 1. Introduction Carter plc. agreed to carry Scrutton plc.’s goods on board Carter’s ship from Portsmouth to Santander in Spain. And then sold it to Todd, but in the voyage, there are accidents, the goods were lost and damaged. The problems arose in
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  • Business Law Case
    Q1 state the issue This issue is deal with the offer and acceptance part of contract law of business law. The rule regarding to buying goods from others about is whether it is an offer or invitation to treat (ITT), whether an acceptance exist or not. state the law and source of this law A cont
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  • Criminal Law Case Digests
    LAW 109 : CRIMINAL LAW 1 DIGESTS SECRETARY OF JUSTICE v. LANTION [322 SCRA 160 (2000)] Nature: Petition for review of a decision of the Manila RTC Facts: On June 18, 1999 the Department of Justice received from the Department of Foreign Affairs a request for the extradition of private respondent Mar
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  • Law Essey Example
    w Citation (See Thomas O'Malley, Sources Of Irish Law, 2nd ed., Dublin: Roundhall Sweet & Maxwell, 2001, pp. 25 - 47.) Citing Cases (a) Names • The name of a case is almost always places in italics and the remainder of the citation is in ordinary type, e.g The State (Healy) v Donoghue [1
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  • Case Based on Company Law
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  • Discuss the Extent to Which a Person May Be Liable for an Omission to Act. Refer to Case Law and Academic Opinion in Your Answer.
    In the English legal system there is generally no liability for an omission to act, the English legal system does not have a ‘good Samaritan rule’ neither is there ‘no duty of easy rescue’. Fitzjames Stephen gave a classical example of ‘A seeing B drowning and is able to save him by holdin
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  • With Reference to Company Legislation and Case Law, Critically Assess the View That in the 21st Century the Cost of Corporate Limited Liability Is Greater Openness, Transparency, Accountability and Regulation.
    Company Law Assignment Title With reference to company legislation and case law, critically assess the view that in the 21st century the cost of corporate limited liability is greater openness, transparency, accountability and regulation. Executive Summary This paper debates the cos
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