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Carroll S Four Part Model

different models of public relations that organisation adopt to reach mutual understandings between their publics or to demonstrate its organisational desire to its publics. Grunig and Hunt (1984) define the communication theory as a fundamental tool of enhancing and maintaining the relationship between an organisation and its publics, which can assist an organisation to address different issues efficiently and effectively. Grunig and Hunt have developed four theoretical communication models of public...

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Four Theoretical Models of Child Abuse

Four Theoretical Models of Child Abuse Report I have been asked to write a report describing the four theoretical models of child abuse to include: Medical, Psychological, Sociological and Feminist approaches which I will start off by describing each. Next I will compare and contrast the different theoretical models of abuse then conclude by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the four. MEDICAL MODEL The medical model was created by Kempe in 1968. He was an American paediatrician and suggested...

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M&S Business Models

QUESTION 1: LIST THE BUSINESS MODELS USED BY M & S Product/ Service Customization Model M & S moderately or diligently aligns its products and ideas based on the dynamic or ever transforming market trends and fashion needs. According to the case study, M & S is highly concentrated in the fashion industry and its ever-growing demand for its exclusive garments and customized accessories. Hands-on approach is mostly utilised by modelling agencies to fulfil the industry’s standards, and in the process...

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Four Boxes Business Model

Four Boxes Business Model Amazon in 2007 (T2) Customer Value Proposition (promised customer value) - Presenting the Kindle, CEO Jeff Bezos announced, “This isn’t a device, it’s a service.” - Complete experience for the customer: an expansive library of books and the ability to download the book instantly using Amazon’s wireless network - The customer enjoyed a cheaper ($9.99 or less instead of $25 for a hardcover), and some would say better, reading experience without sacrificing breadth of...

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Teaching Factoring While Utalizing the Four Families of Teaching Models

Factoring With the Four Families of Teaching Models EDUC 6570 Dr. Karen Riley Lisa S. McDaniel November 2008 One of the major topics covered in any Algebra class is that of factoring. Most mathematics educators have experienced the numerous problems associated with this particular concept. Students rarely completely understand the ideas presented during this section of Algebra. However, it is a concept that cannot be removed from the course. Any reputable Algebra course must require...

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Theoretical Models

Running head: Theoretical Models Theoretical Models Jennifer Finehirsh Grand Canyon University RDG 525 July 6, 2010 Abstract The following paper will address four different instructional approaches, as well as the theories, which influenced each of them. It will them have a rational for way these four where chosen and how they affect the school setting. Theoretical Models There are many ways to teach new concepts to students. The four ways that you will read about today is the direct...

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Atomic Models

Models of the Atom: a Historical Perspective John Dalton Early Greek Theories • 400 B.C. - Democritus thought matter could not be divided indefinitely. • This led to the idea of atoms in a void. fire Democritus • 1800 -Dalton proposed a modern atomic model based on experimentation not on pure reason. All matter is made of atoms. Atoms of an element are identical. Each element has different atoms. Atoms of different elements combine in constant ratios to form compounds. • Atoms are rearranged...

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Pcs Model

approach is used with minors, including school and residential facilities. The 1980's saw this approach often used with involuntary clients; those referred by legal circumstances. Systems Theory Systems theory covers a broad range of theoretical and methodological practices across many disciplines. Generally, systems theory is concerned with the structure of complex systems, with a special emphasis about how parts relate to each other and to the whole system. In the social sciences, this usually...

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Kantor’s Four-Player Model: A Framework for Healthy Teams

The 4-Player Model: A Framework for Healthy Teams Teams are increasingly important to the success of organizations; they're charged with everything from creating innovative new products to starting new global businesses. Nevertheless, current research on teams tends to focus on dysfunction. Deborah Ancona, the Seley Distinguished Professor of Management at MIT's Sloan School of Management and faculty director of the MIT Leadership Center, and William Isaacs, President of Dialogos and senior lecturer...

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Why Has Corporate Social Responsibility Become Such a Prominent Part of the Business World Today?

Why has Corporate Social Responsibility become such a prominent part of the business world today? It is widely believed that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the most important tasks in the twenty century. Some people may consider that companies have always been the profit organizations, and social affairs are in charge by the government, which is a common sense that there are no directly relationships between each other. However, CSR is considered one of the key elements to sustain...

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Capital Asset Pricing Model

of finance. For asset pricing, the concepts of risk and return, and state prices will be introduced as a stepping stone towards the discussions of more advanced topics including the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), the Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT), and other more recent asset pricing models. Other topics in finance such as options and behavior finance may also be covered on an optional basis. Besides the theoretical frameworks, recent developments in empirical asset pricing and empirical finance...

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BOHR’S MODEL OF ATOM MADE BY:-GROUP-1{CHEMISTRY} About The Scientist…….    HE was a Danish physicist  who made foundational contributions to understanding  atomic structure and  quantum theory, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. Bohr was also a philosopher and a promoter of scientific research. He was born in Copenhagen on 7 October 1885. He wrote many books like the theory of spectra and atomic constitution, atomic theory and the description of nature. NEILS BOHR...

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business model

Business Model Assignment Part 1 Had been very busy lately finishing up on all the marking and a host of other stuff. Why is it that everything has to come together at the same time? Now I have to advise my students on completing their Business Model Assignment. My advise to them: "Do a little bit every day. Don't wait until the week of submission and then try to cramp everything in one week. You will go haywire if you do that." There are four parts to the business model as required in the coursework...

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The Relevance of Henri Fayol's Four Management Functions

Emirates and Saudi Arabia (Mugg & Bean: About Us, 2013) Henri Fayol came up with five management functions which are known today as the four management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling, and suggested that managers’ work is made up of these functions(Robbins,S et al, 2012; Lamond, 2003). Is management really just made up of these four functions or is there more to it? For Fayol, to manage is to forecast and plan, to organise, to command, to coordinate and to control. To...

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GCU EDA 561 Four Circle Model FINAL

 Four Circle Model Fabienne Dominique Grand Canyon University EDA-661 June 10, 2015 Four Circle Model In education schools are always looking for way to improve. One of the ways they try to improve is to keep up with new practices and strategies that are supported by research. By using research to help guide schools progress, hopefully that will strengthen the school’s weaknesses. . The Four Circle Model is a foundational approach that helps a school identify what a school believes...

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Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll is one of the most well known Nonsense Writers. Though using nonsense in poetry has been dismissed as simply "for entertainment purposes", most nonsensical poetry acts as an allegory, has deep symbolism and leaves the door wide open for varying interpretations. Lewis Carroll has utilized this sense with nonsense through his poems and prose found in his novels Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass . Through Carroll's interactions with his close friends and family, and...

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Biomedical Model

"biomedical model of health" (no hyphen) is sort of open to interpretation and not always defined the same way. And generally speaking a biopsychosocial model is almost universally used.  But when I think of a biomedical model is it practicing medicine to "fix" things with the view that medical problems are organic (physical) without considering anything else. Some times it is referred (in an insulting way) to as the biomechanical model. To some extent that is true since a biomedical model tends to...

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Circular Flow Model

Circular Flow of Economic Activity (Four Sector Model) Introduction To analyze an economy as a whole economists developed different models. The significance of these economic models enable us to understand the economic activities more vividly. For this purpose an economy can be classified in to four major sector. Which includes households, firms, government and foreign sector or external sector. There is a simple model which constitute two sectors, that is households and firms. Its working can be...

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Lewin; S Model Organizational Change

What are the steps of Lewin's three step model of organizational change? Kurt Lewin, a noted social psychologist, developed the three step model of organizational change.  The three steps are Unfreezing, Changing, and Refreezing.  Unfreezing involves melting resistance to change by dealing with people's fears and anxieties so  they can be more open to the change.  People are given new information that makes them aware that the status quo is unacceptable and that some type of change is required...

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Disability Models

based models of disability. There are four main models of disability, these are; the charity model, the medical model, the social model and the rights based model. The rights based model and the social model of disability are both closely related. The main point of view within the charity and medical models is that the problem is viewed as being the disabled individual whereas within the social and rights based model the problem is viewed as being the disabling society. The Charity model tends...

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Marketing Plan on Smsung Galaxy-S

Marketing Plan For SAMSUNG Smartphone “GALAXY-S”. Prepared for: Md. Kamal Uddin Ph.D (Osaka University) Associate Professor, Dept. of International Business, University of Dhaka Prepared by: Md. Asif Jamal ID: 80903059 Date of submission: 05/08/2010 Executive Summary SAMSUNG is preparing to launch a new multimedia Smartphone- SAMSUNG GALAXY-S in a maturing market. Despite the Smartphone leaders i-Phone, HTC, O-2, NOKIA and others “GALAXY-S” can compete because this product offers a unique...

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Personal Model of Leadership Part 1

three top terminal values that I picked for my individual model of leadership are: “salvation”, “health” and “family security”. My top three instrumental values that I chose for my individual model are: “obedient”, “responsible” and “logical”. When I think of my individual values I first think of my spiritual well-being, which for me is ultimately salvation. I didn’t think of my physical and mental well-being, which is my overall health. As part of my individual values I include family security, since...

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S&S Air International

name] | Case Study Four | S&S Air International? | | | 5/7/2011 | The business world is highly competitive, changes quickly and is filled with risks and rewards. The international business world is no different! Things can change on the international stage in the time it takes to get a cup of tea! S&S Air has been in discussions with a dealer in Europe to sell the company’s model known as “The Eagle”. The dealer, Amalie Diefenbaker, has told S&S Air that she will pay...

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Gibb s and Kolb s Reflective model

Gibb’s and Kolb’s Reflective model In this report I am going to evaluate the difference between Gibbs (1988) and Kolb (1984), drawing primarily on Gibbs’s reflective model. The Kolb cycle 1984 was published before Gibbs 1988, David A. Kolb published his conception after an experimental test on a book “Experience as the Source of learning and development” while Gibbs published his theory by developing on the existing Kolb cycle (ehow[07/10/2014]). Kolb’s theory is based on 4 cycles. It starts...

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Dunlopã¢Â‚¬Â„¢S Model & Tripartite Gum Model Used in Singapore

Topic: What is Dunlop’s model & Tripartite Gum model used in Singapore? Dunlop’s Model • An analytical framework for studying employment relations which comprises of three participants: o Government and its Agencies o Management and its Representatives o Workers and their Union • This tripartite relation also depends on the environment which includes: o Technology advancement o Market condition (including budget constraints) o Distribution of power in society ...

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Leadership Models

Leadership Models Leadership Models The dynamics of leadership-follower relationships has grown in the last two decades because of a growing discussion in leadership literature (Popper & Mayseless, 2002) as cited in Avolio. Many companies, which were small 20 years ago have emerged as leaders in the market, overtaking their once larger competitors. These firms internally have revamped the way they do business. They have focused on making changes to their managerial process, thereby creating...

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Limitations of the S-Curve

Assignment 2 Limitations of the S-Curve 1. Companies use the technology S-curve analysis as a tool in planning a technology strategy for the organization. It has been observed that technology develops in an S-curve pattern. In the beginning progress for any new technology is slow. As an expertise in the technology builds up, progress moves at a rapid pace. After a while, however, the technology matures and progress slows (Shane, 2009). S-curve analysis is not only used to plot the development...

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Compare and Contrast of: Four Stage Team Performance Model & the Drexxler/Sibbet Team Preformance Model

The Four-Stage Team Performance Model & The Drexler/Sibbet High Performance Model BA 285 11/25/07 Table of Contents Introduction 3 FOUR STAGES MODEL 3 TEAM PERFORMANCE MODEL 4 Similarities 6 Differences 7 Conclusion 7 APPENDIX 8 WORK CITED 8 Introduction The exploration of two models will show an interesting relationship when compared and contrasted. Both can increase competency levels in team building. The models are the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance model (Human...

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change models

Read More A Simple Method to Split a Wordpress Post into Multiple Pages One of the most effective ways to increase the number of page views and decrease the bounce rate of your site is by splitting your long posts into several pages. In the first part of the article, you will learn in 2 steps how to split a post in Wordpress using the codex function wp_link_pages() and the  tag. In the second ... Read More Boosting Your Wordpress Site's Performance By Enabling GZIP Compression Ever heard of...

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Satire in Swift`S a Model Proposal

Cuibuș Amalia Dania Ro-En Anul I Satire in Jonathan Swift`s writing Jonathan Swift is an Irish writer from the 18th century and was known as a satirist, essayist and a political pamphleteer. He is the author of Gulliver`s Travels, A Journal to Stella, Drapier`s Letters, The Battle of the Books, An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity, A Tale of a Tub and A Modest Proposal. His last work, A Modest Proposal is an occasional essay in which he gives a response to an economical problem...

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Marketing Planning Models

Assess the practical value of strategic marketing planning models to today’s marketing managers. The four P’s are essential for any company wanting to implement the marketing concept, unfortunately these tools only concern the operational side of an organisation (they identify the wants and needs of a customer and then present them as a product). If a company wants to succeed and survive in the future they must focus on marketing planning, this concept concentrates on where the company currently...

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animal cell model project

 ANIMAL CELL MODEL PROJECT THIS IS AN INDIVIDUAL PROJECT. You will construct a 3D model of an animal cell. Your model may be edible or made from craft materials. Please do not spend a lot of money on your project. If you can’t find craft supplies in 324/325 then you will have to purchase those supplies. For those who will be using Styrofoam, I don’t have any of the large Styrofoam balls so you definitely will have to purchase those. Go to a dollar store first; Dollar Tree does have a craft...

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Theories, Models, and Decision Making

Theories, Models, and Decision Making There are many theories, models, and principles in describing the ways that people make decisions. The expected utility theory is based on a normative theory of behavior. It describes how people would behave if they followed certain requirement of rational decision making (Plous, 1993, p. 80). Further studies showed that paradoxes such as framing effects violated the principles of expected utility theory which made researches turn to alternative models of decision...

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Betty Neuman's Systems Model

Betty Neuman’s Systems Model A Look into Nursing Theories Syreeta Watkins, RN; Kim Thompson, RN; Devah Mateen, RN Winston-Salem State University Nursing 2312 Prof Faye Mauldin, RN, MSN April 26, 2011 Nursing can be described as a combination of both an art and a science because not only does it include natural and human sciences such as biology and psychology, but it also has the ability to morally guide nursing practice and form trusting relationships. With both aspects of art and science...

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The Roy Adaptation Model

The Roy Adaptation Model Ella Linden POINT LOMA UNIVERSITY The Roy Adaptation Model Sister Callista Roy proposed the Roy Adaptation Model. The person or group responds to stimuli from internal or external environment through control processes or coping mechanisms identified as the regulator and cognator (stabilizer and innovator for the group) subsystems. The regulator processes are essentially automatic, while the cognator processes involve perception, learning, judgment, and emotion. The...

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Bio Ecological Model of Human Development

Bio ecological Model of Human Development Mary Cowles SOC 312 Child, Family & Society Steven Peters 12/16/2011 Bio ecological Model of Human Development      The bio ecological model of human development has four basic systems. The four basic systems are macrosystems, exosystems, microsystems, and mesosystems. I will summarize the four systems and how the influences have on a child's development. I will describe how the four systems in the model differ from oneother. I will provide examples...

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Mathematical Models

Mathematical Models Contents Definition of Mathematical Model Types of Variables The Mathematical Modeling Cycle Classification of Models 2 Definitions of Mathematical Model Mathematical modeling is the process of creating a mathematical representation of some phenomenon in order to gain a better understanding of that phenomenon. It is a process that attempts to match observation with symbolic statement. A mathematical model uses mathematical language to describe a system. Building a model involves...

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Milan Family Model

Milan Family Model Theoretical Intervention Milan Family Model Yolanda Massey Shaw University-Prof. Reed Abstract The Milan Model was formed in Milan, Italy in 1979 this model was used to change behaviors within families who had members that opposed counseling into a positive ideology based on the strengths represented with in the family. This approach has been revised several times resulting in several different techniques and interventions established within the confines of the initial...

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Erikson S Psychosocial Development Model

Erikson's Psychosocial Development Model BY: MARY NGUYEN, FRANCISCO ANTONIO, AND RAVEN REED History about the Psychosocial Stages…..  Erikson’s ideas were greatly influence by Freud. Erickson glanced at Freud’s psychosexual stages and used the concepts to come up with the psychosocial stages. What he did was extend on Freudian thoughts by focusing on the adaptive and creative characteristic of the ego, and expanding the notion of the stages of personality development to include the entire lifespan...

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economic model of crime

election and evaluate their likely impact on crime. Base your arguments on the economic model of crime. In this essay I will examine how government polices since the last general election have impacted crime levels. The economic model of crime pioneered by Gary S. Becker in 1968 describes how criminals weigh up the costs and benefits of criminal activity against the legal alternatives. The model has four main aspects in it, which are: the utility derived from legal work (U (W)), the likelihood...

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Athletes as Role Models

Athletes as Role Models Athlets have been lookd up to as role models for as long as sports have exsted. There is just something attractive about the thought of being in good physical condition and being talented in sports. But, are athlets the kind of people that children should be looking up to for direction and guidance? Many children often look up to the professional athletes as role models. In fact, in 1995 Sports Illustrated for Kids did a survey for kids who were ages 7 through 12 about...

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Communication Models

to discuss Denis McQuail’s four concepts of communication in contemporary Western culture. It will be discussed in this essay how each media form exhibits a communication model and to what extent that it does so. It will also be discussed whether each of these models are independent or correlated. For each communication model, a different media form will be used to explain how it is being manifested. Television broadcasting will be used to explain the transmission model, magazine advertisements will...

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Exam Paper Model Answers S

heading that the article is about water and the concerns that are related to it .This article is also compering the South and the North of England .It says that the South gets less water and is not affected that much by flooding issues as Northern part does. «Things are only going to get worse» .This quote makes me scared and worried about what is going on and then the article gives me statistics about the global warming which makes me worried even more! Various government initiatives have...

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Rational Decision Making Model

paid to do, and is an integral part of their day's duties. The affects of decisions can range from minor in consequence to life or career threatening. Regardless of the consequences, it is important to understand when a decision needs to be made and the best way to make it. This paper will focus on the Rational Model for decision-making. The first section will describe the Rational Model for decision-making. It will identify all the steps of the Rational Model and what they entail. The second...

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Business Model And Strategic Plan Part

 SWOT Analysis Paper The SWOT analysis is strategic planning tool used by businesses and organizations to ensure that there are clear objectives defined and that all factors, both positive and negative, are identified and addressed. There are four factors to be considered in accomplishing a SWOT analysis; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths are characteristics within the company that are considered to be important to the execution and success of the project. Strengths...

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The Quantum Mechanical Model of the Atom

The Quantum Mechanical Model of the Atom Energy Is Quantized After Max Planck determined that energy is released and absorbed by atoms in certain fixed amounts known as quanta, Albert Einstein took his work a step further, determining that radiant energy is also quantized—he called the discrete energy packets photons. Einstein’s theory was that electromagnetic radiation (light, for example) has characteristics of both a wave and a stream of particles. The Bohr Model of the Atom In 1913, Niels...

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E-Commerce Maturity Model (Compariosn of Four Models)

Contents Introduction 2 Wrycza et al.'s Research (2007) 3 Rao et al.'s research (2003) 5 Prananto et al.'s research (2004) 7 Alonso Mendo and Fitzgerald's research (2005) 9 The usefulness of using E-Commerce Maturity Model (ECMM) 11 Conclusion 14 Reference 14 Introduction In today's economy, organisations try to gain strategic and operational advantages over other competitors in their industry because of the rapid advance of technology and globalisation. Companies...

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Macro Economics - Two of the Four Dragons - Hong Kong and Singapore

Two of the Four Dragons Mary Carroll ECON224-1101A-14 March 13, 2011 Two of the Four Dragons Hong Kong has a unique history as they were occupied by the United Kingdom (UK) for approximately 99 years beginning in 1841. An agreement was reached in 1984 between China and the UK where Hong Kong would go back under Chinese rule with some unique exceptions. Hong Kong would operate under China’s “one country, two systems” formula for the next 50 years. Ultimately this meant China’s socialist...

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Four basic models of the BGS relationship

would be a summarized view of CSR activities of Dutch-Bangla Bank. 1. INTRODUCTION Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. CSR policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms. The term "corporate social responsibility" came in...

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Change Management Models

Change Management Models McKinsey 7-S Model There are many different change management models. We will be discussing three today and choosing which is the best fit a company needing many changes. I will be discussing both the strengths and weaknesses of these  three change management models: McKinsey 7-S Model, Lewin's Change Management Model, and Kotter's Eight Step Change Model. There are many differences to each of these models that can be seen once we discuss them further. There are...

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Models of Disability

Models of Disability Disability is a human reality that has been perceived differently by diverse cultures and historical periods.  For most of the 20th century, disability was defined according to a medical model. In the medical model, disability is assumed to be a way to characterize a particular set of largely static, functional limitations. This led to stereotyping and defining people by condition or limitations.  World Health Organization (WHO) – New definition of Disability In 2001, the...

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Four Star Industries

Four Star Industries: Problems faced by the firm Four star Industries private Limited is a mattress manufacturing company in Singapore specialized in Pocketed spring mattresses. Competition in Mattresses industry stirred up multiple problems to Four Star. To sustain the competitive pressure and match customer’s demand, company increased mattress models from 13 to 230 within few years. This remedial measure to withstand competition aggravated the problems by slowing down the production process...

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Four-Stroke Engine

The Four-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the history of the four-stroke engine, how it works and some brief information to other types of engines. Thesis Statement: Internal combustion engines are very important to today's society, the four stroke engine is the most popular and important due to it long history of achievement and durability. I. Introduction 1. Attention getter- Imagine life without the engine, to be more specific the four-stroke...

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The Linear Model of Innovation

Linear Model of Innovation is an early model of innovation that suggests technical change and the development process happen in a linear fashion from Invention to Innovation to Diffusion. The model is also known as the Traditional Phase Gate Model/ It is one of the fist conceptual frameworks that have ever been developed in order to enhance a better understanding of the relationship(s) between science (and technology) and economic development. According to www.wikipedia.org, the original model of three...

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Coaching And Mentoring Assignment Part A

workplace and I will then critically reflect on my mentoring skills as a student mentor within the 14-16 Education system, I will then go on to clarify how the theories behind learning can be employed in conjunction with specific mentoring and coaching models. Over the last century there have been various theories of learning published, some of which can be directly linked to mentoring (Jarvis 2006).Rice (2007) explains that, 'Mentors use adult learning theories although the extent varies within the case...

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Business Models for the Enhancement of Telemedicine Implementation Projects in the Rural Parts of South Africa

Business models for the enhancement of telemedicine implementation projects in the rural parts of South Africa Overall aim and research objectives The overall aim of this project is to enhance the success rate of telemedicine implementation projects in rural parts of South Africa in order to contribute to the sustainable efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of public healthcare services and education within a rural context. The objectives of this study is firstly to determine why certain...

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Personal Model of Helping

Personal Model of Helping Change is an experience based on my own personal model of helping; it is an arrangement of behavioral theories that poses the framework to help others. Different sections in the textbook allowed me to form my point of view. Model of helping helps people to identify the relationships of thinking, feeling, and behaving. A person with behavioral problems has a hard time recognizing where there values come from and how to facilitate change. Freud’s theory of helping...

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Florence Nightingale s Conceptual Model

the lives of all patients.  Florence Nightingale’s Environmental theory helped facilitate the birth of physical therapists and other healthcare professionals that work in unison with the nurses of today.  -The Environmental theory or Conceptual Model of Nursing address the patient’s need for light, variety and healthy diet.  -Dieticians provide education and resources so that the patient can make informed choices that can improve health.  -Physical therapists manipulate the environment of...

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Nadler and Tushman's Congruence Model of Change

evaluate Nadler and Tushman’s congruence model of change. Answer: Informal Organization INPUT Strategy Resources Environment OUTPUT Individual, team, & Organizational performance Formal Organization Work People Managing Change – transformation process Nadler and Tushman’s congruence model of change depicts the organisation has a system that draws inputs from internal and external sources and transforms them into outputs through four components or sub systems which are dependent...

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Use of Models

definition for a model According to Wilson’s definition a model is the explicit interpretation of one’s understanding of a situation, or simply of one’s idea about that situation. It can be expressed in mathematics, symbols or words. But it is essentially a description of entities, process or attributes and the relationships between them. It may be prescriptive or illustrative, but about all, it must be useful. Describe the purpose and uses of models There are various use of models; here I am...

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