• Caribbean Studies Ia
    Wolmer’s Trust High School for Girls Caribbean studies Internal assessment Summarily, the internal assessment is a research paper, that is, a systematic process of collecting and analyzing primary data in order to answer a question about the social world. It is much more than library
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  • Caribbean Studies Ia Guide Cape
    CARIBBEAN STUDIES Instructions for Preparation of School Based Assessment The School Based Assessment section of Caribbean Studies accounts for 40% of the final grade. This section of the paper is internally assessed and externally moderated. This section of the examination gives candidates th
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  • Caribbean Studies Ia
    Titles Pages
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  • caribbean studies IA
    INTRODUCTION For much too long Trinidad has been a home to appalling murder rates, gang violence and mass illicit drug and weapon trading. These unlawful activities were starting to take a toll on the country’s economy, international reputation and law abiding citizens. During mid August...
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  • Caribbean Studies Ia
    Introduction In the Caribbean and specifically in Jamaica, the most accepted language for communication is that language left to us by our European colonisers. The pidgin that developed from the contact of the African slaves and European masters later developed into their own individual languag
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  • Caribbean Studies IA Guildlines
    INTERNAL ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST The following is a brief guideline of what the Internal Assessment should entail. Ensure the sections of the I.A. are presented in the same order (as the bold-print words) below. USE THE SYLLABUS TO GUIDE YOU AS WELL. 1. Theme is clearly typed on the first...
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  • Povery Ia for Caribbean Studies
    Caribbean Studies Internal Assessment (Poverty within the Caribbean) Title page Candidate Name: Akizar Bascombe Name of School: Speyside Secondary School Centre Number: 16055 Candidate Number: 160550049 Subject: Caribbean Studies Name of Teacher: Mr Augustine
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  • Caribbean Studies Paper
    CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL REPORT ON CANDIDATES’ WORK IN THE ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION MAY/JUNE 2010 CARIBBEAN STUDIES Copyright © 2010 Caribbean Examinations Council St Michael, Barbados All rights reserved. 2 GENERAL COMMENTS The Caribbean Studies examination comprise
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  • Caribbean Studies Notes
    Caribbean studies Assignment #2 As a developing region there are many challenges that we face as a people, be it political or socio-economical. Caribbean studies is a subject offered with the aim of allowing students to better understand the challenges we, as Caribbean people, face in our pursui
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  • Caribbean Studies Internal Assesment
    Table of Contents Page 1. Cover Page Page 2. Table of Contents Page 3. Introduction Page 7. Literature Reviews Page 11. Data Collection Sources Page 13. Presentation of Findings Page 23. Explanation of Findings Page 25. Interpre
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  • Caribbean Studies Syllabus
    MODULE 1: CARIBBEAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE OVERVIEW Module 1 introduces students to the role played by geography in shaping the society and culture of the Caribbean region as well as the historical evolution of Caribbean society, the cultural characteristics of the Caribbean people, and the ways in wh
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  • Caribbean Studies
    CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination ® CAPE® CARIBBEAN STUDIES SYLLABUS Effective for examinations from May–June 2013 CXC A1/U1/12 Published by the Caribbean Examinations Council ©2013, Caribbean Examinations Council All rights...
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  • Caribbean Studies Sba
    Teenage Awareness of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Barbados Caribbean Studies Contents Acknowledgments.................. 1 Intro
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  • What Is Caribbean Studies and Why Is It Important to Study It?
    Caribbean studies is a very fascinating subject for anyone to study but in order for one to know what exactly Caribbean Studies entails, we must know what is the basis of its existence, the Caribbean. The Caribbean is a region consisting of the Caribbean Sea, the islands (most of which enclose the s
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  • Caribbean Studies Notes
    CARIBBEAN STUDIES UNIT ONE TERRITORIAL UNITS IN THE CARIBBEAN • WHAT IS THE CARIBBEAN Greenwood and Hamber (2003) defines the Caribbean as, “all the countries in and around the Caribbean sea that lie within an area that stretches from Grand Bahama Island in the north to Curacao in the south a
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  • Caribbean Studies Stages/Steps in the Research Process
    CARIBBEAN STUDIES Stages/Steps in the Research Process 1. Identifying a problem  In identifying a research problem, one should keep in mind the following: - Is it important to Caribbean Development and can I justify it as a significant piece of research? - Can I obtain information on
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  • Caribbean Studies
    Unit 3: Caribbean cultural expressions/ identity The term culture has been defined in many ways. It is often used by social scientists to include all areas of life and therefore every human society has a culture. Culture includes a society’s arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, inventions,
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  • Caribbean Studies Essay
    Account for the changing role that Race, Colour and Ethnic affiliation play in Caribbean Society and Culture Subject: C
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  • Caribbean Studies Identity
    CAPE CARIBBEAN STUDIES CARIBBEAN IDENTITY: Myth or Reality We realize that as with defining the Caribbean and the myriad problems it posed, thus, leading us to a definition consistent with that of the emerging concept of a "Wider Caribbean" - which serves a socio-economic and political agenda
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  • Caribbean Studies
    CARIBBEAN STUDIES QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS: CAPE 2005 MODULE ONE: CARIBBEAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE 1. Identify the geographical sub-region to which St Lucia, Grenada and Antigua belong. (1 mark) - The Lesser Antilles 2. Name the chain of islands in the Caribbean which is located entirel
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