• Boer War
    The Boer War was a conflict that lasted from 1899 to 1902 in southern Africa between Great Britain and their allies, Transvaal (South African Republic) and Orange Free State, in what is now South Africa. Throughout the 19th century, after Great Britain conquered the Cape of Good Hope in 1814 and ex
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  • Economics, Winning Bolivias Drug War
    Economics 200 November 20, 2001 Economics is Winning Bolivia's Drug War A 1998 article from the New York Times reported that Bolivia was winning its war against drugs as a result of two factors that influence the market for coca, which is used to make cocaine. First, Bolivian soldiers raided
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  • War from Myceneans to Rome
    7 July 2002 WAR FROM MYCENEANS TO ROME The modern day soldier did not arrive at the current level of training methods overnight. Throughout history warfare techniques and strategies have evolved from the earliest primitive battles to the latest technologies. The only way to learn about war
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  • Justifying War
    When a person sees all the grisly images of war on the television set they cannot help but think, "This has got to stop". But what reasons can this person justify their decision on? There are many people in the world who can only argue their opinion through what they see on TV, which of course is
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  • Cost of War
    The total cost of the war in Iraq is now above 161 billion dollars and is still rising. That is an incredible amount of money that is being put forth to fight an ongoing war against insurgents in Iraq. This money could potentially be put toward finding a solution to some of America's more personal i
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  • Was the American Civil War Inevitable?
    Was the American civil war inevitable? The civil war was inevitable, only however, after one key event; the cotton gin made the civil war inevitable. The invention of the cotton gin in 1793 was the key element which enabled the south to have sufficient vested interest in their traditional lifesty
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  • Lebanon and Its Main Problems
    Lebanon Lebanon is a Middle Eastern country that is delimitated to the west by the Mediterranean and to the east by the Syro-African Depression. Lebanon borders Syria to the north and to the east, and Israel in the south. Lebanon's climate is "Mediterra
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  • Civil War Reconstruction
    AP American History 1/13/2005 The President versus Congress The President and congress both had different reconstruction plans for the south. These different arguments were based on different beliefs and different self interests. The President firmly believed on a soft-on-south reconstruction pla
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  • O'Brien: How to Tell a True War Story
    How to Tell a True War Story – The Irony of Truth in Tim O'Brien's "How to Tell a True War Story" "This is true." (O'Brien, 420) – with this simple statement which also represents a first, three-word introductory paragraph to Tim O'Brien's short story, "How to Tell a True War Story", the author
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  • European Society Post World War I Era
    15. Assessment of the European society¡¯s social, economic and political as well as philosophical tendency of the post world war I era. For Europe and the European world the years 1871 to 1914 were marked by hitherto unparalleled material and industrial growth, international peace, domestic st
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  • War!!!
    WAR!!! Medal of Honor Rising Sun Medal of Honor Rising Sun is a fast paced first person shooter that gives the player an in depth feeling of what it was like to be in WWII, and shows them the hardships and pain endured for a great country to go to war after the unforgettab
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  • War and Terrorism
    WAR AND TERRORISM WAR: A contention by force or the art of paralysing the forces of the enemy. It is either public or private. Public war is either civil or national. Civil war is that which is waged between two parties, citizens or members of the same state or nation. National war is a contest b
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  • Civial War
    Reconstruction of the Union The Civil War was considered one of histories most famous wars. But after a War, a country is always left wounded. In desperate need to bring the country back together, the government tried to pass the Reconstruction Act in order to reunite America after the war. Th
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  • The War of Worlad
    Date: January 10, 2006 The War of the World Final Essay H.G Wells was a scientific thinker and social mystic. One of the most widely read writers of his times; he explored the area science fiction, fought for a new social order, and made about 44 novels. Steven Allan Spielberg is an film director
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  • Causes of World War One
    The long-term origins to World War One start back in 1870 with the Franco-Prussian War. In the Franco-Prussian war France lost to Germany which lead to the two countries never being in an alliance with one another. Once the war was over it lead to the forming of the triple Alliance which was one of
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  • War Lessons
    War: Then and Now By: The most dramatic lesson learned in Vietnam was not over seas, it was right here in the United States. That lesson was that people have the right to challenge the government's right to go to war. The Vietnam was the first t
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  • War on Drugs
    War on Drugs: A Waste of Tax Dollars Illicit drug usage is a serious problem facing the U.S.; so far the government has been unsuccessful in finding an effective solution to this national crisis. As of now, the vast majority of governmental funding to solve the issue is going towards military o
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  • Urban Problems
    Urban Problems This year has been an exciting and always educational experience in Social Problems. Although I did not know at first what I was fully getting into I did know the course description drew me in. Cover a variety of topics in such a small amount of time I feel that by presenting we re
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  • Sociological Problems
    Search | Directories | Reference Tools UW Home > UWIN > Student Guide Glossary Search Course Descriptions UW Bothell Course Descriptions UW Tacoma Course Descriptions COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCES SOCIOLOGY Detailed course offerings (Time Schedule) are available for Summer Quarter 2006
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  • The Rise of the Cold War 1945-1953
    The Monroe Doctrine has been described as a "hands off" warning to Europe. How did the U.S interpret the doctrine in practice? On December second, 1823, President Monroe declared to the public his concerns on domestic and foreign affairs in his annual speech. In his words one could find ideas t
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