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Can War Solve Problems

So, we used to solve big problems. On July 21st, 1969, Buzz Aldrin climbed out of Apollo 11's lunar module and descended onto the Sea of Tranquility. Armstrong and Aldrin were alone, but their presence on the moon's gray surface was the culmination of a convulsive, collective effort. The Apollo program was the greatest peacetime mobilization in the history of the United States. To get to the moon, NASA spent around 180 billion dollars in today's money, or four percent of the federal budget. Apollo...

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Solve a Problem

Solve a Problem Paper Laura Cuda University of Phoenix PHL458 Creative Minds and Critical Thinking Jansen Buckner August 07, 2013 Solve a Problem Paper The concept of creativity in processing a strategic plan was not implemented in a professional scenario of consolidating two warehouses together; a consolidation that creates a centralized operation to maintain transparency for customer satisfaction. The creative process has two broad applications to open the thought process of being creative:...

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Can War Be Justified?

Can war be justified? Since September 11th, American news has been filled with stories and photographs of violent war. We were attacked mercilessly on our on soil, so most would say that the war on Afghanistan and Iraq are justified. But looking further into the matter, what are we really accomplishing with war? Are we proving that they shouldn't bother us anymore? Or are we just getting revenge? Neither are justifications for war. We should in the first place keep the best relations possible...

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[CU747] Solve business problems

[CU747] Solve business problems [747.1] Understand business problems and their causes 1.1 Describe ways of recognising when a business problem exists In most organizations recognition of a business problem typically relies on measures and management reporting of measures against expectations. Usually each performance area measures quality, cost, and speed of service - plus possibly customer satisfaction. If one of these measures starts to vary from expectations then management should investigate...

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Solve a Problem Essay

SOLVE A PROBLEM PAPER Beth A Roberson University of Phoenix PHL458 How to solve a problem in procrastination. My essay talks about procrastination and how to overcome it. This means that you need to work on the things that need to be accomplished. There have been times in my life where I have felt like I would never achieve my goals in life. I have described below on the different ways that I believe I can achieve my goals and the different steps that I will use. There are four stages in...

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Solve a Problem paper

 Solve a Problem PHL/458 March 29, 2014 Daryl Korinek Solve a Problem To solve a problem it takes a creative way to solve that problem. There is a process to solving any problem in a creative manner and the creative process has four stages: 1) searching for the challenge, 2) expressing the problem, 3) investigating the problem, and 4) producing the idea (Ruggiero, 2009). The first stage in the creative process is to search for a possible challenge and this entails either an obvious...

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Responsibility to Solve Problem

It is critical that people take responsibility for solving problems that affect their community so that everyone will have a better world to live in. It is lucid through several examples from literature such as 1984 and historical figures such as Rosa Parks and Peter Benenson that people must take responsibility to solve problems in their communities. In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, the main character, Winston, takes the responsibility of fighting against the oppressive government under which...

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How to Solve Traffic Problems

HOW TO SOLVE TRAFFIC PROBLEMS INTRODUCTION: The physical use of roads by vehicles, when traffic demand is great enough that the interaction between vehicles slows the speed of the traffic stream, this results in some congestion. When vehicles are fully stopped for periods of time, this is colloquially known as a traffic jam or traffic snarl-up. Traffic congestion has a number of negative effects, wasting time of motorists and passenger’s congestion reduces regional economic health. Delays, which...

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How to Solve a Problem

Solve a Problem Paper After reading up on the “Art of Thinking” e-book, chapter 5 explains the 4 stages of the critical thinking process. The first stage of critical thinking is to search for challenges. It explains that not all challenges are obvious and on how you should make it a habit to look out for challenges that comes your way. The second stage of critical thinking is expressing the problem or issue. The e-book explains in more detail the difference between a problem and an issue. The third...

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Can War Ever Be Justified

Can war ever be justified? War is an inevitable part of the history of humankind. Unlike natural happenings, war is an action of people inflicted of other people. This issue has raised ethical problems, which are still problematic till today. War is by common sense evil, but can it ever be less evil? There are a number of varying options when discussing the issue of a ‘justifiable war’. Some people argue that war is always justifiable while others argue that it can never be. Some maintain that...

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How Social Entrepreneurship Can Solve the Problems in New Zealand

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP CAN SOLVE THE PROBLEMS IN NEW ZEALAND Social Entrepreneurship means identifying or recognizing a social problem and using entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a social venture to achieve a desired social change. It combines the passion with an image of business-like discipline, innovation, and determination. Social entrepreneurship reflects a growing sense today that many of the most promising solutions to global problems don’t necessarily depend...

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Solve a Problem Paper

Solve a Problem Paper Eric Drew Creative Minds and Critical Thinking /PHL/458 August 19, 2013 Tiffany Faison r References: The stages of the creative process are: search for challenges, express the problem or issue, investigate the problem or issue and produce ideas. In the first stage – the essence of creativity is meeting challenges in an imaginative, original, and effective way (Ruggeri, 2009, p105). The objective of the second stage is to find the best expression of the problem...

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Every problem can be solved peacefully?

“Every problem can be resolved peacefully.” Do you agree? Many think every problem can be resolved peacefully. Hindus especially think that every problem can be resolved peacefully because in Hinduism they believe in Ahisma. Ahisma is the respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others. Their belief in Ahisma makes them regard violence and war as a last option. Problems cannot be solved through war; war brings destruction which cannot be compensated for many years. No...

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war can never be justified, discuss

War can never be justified. Discuss War. One of the most destructive and futile thing on our planet, yet the ambition of war is usually to find peace is it not? Battle tends to start over the love of power; William Gladstone once said "We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace." So therefore is it not correctly speaking by saying that war is needed in order to destroy the love of power that creates such emotions...

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Will Border Fence Solve the Problem

these advantages having a border fence, there is also a negative effect towards the country like the cost of money that goes to the fence and employ border patrols. To solve theses it would be good to keep the border fence and should not be taken down. It helps Americans to protect their country from entering or reducing problems. “The Border Fence is already making a difference”, says Chris Simcox (2012). Local reports indicate that drug trafficking has already been reduced. He said that there...

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Solve a Problem Paper

Solve a Problem Paper The creative process uses four steps to solve a problem. They are searching for challenges, identifying the problem, investigating it and finding solutions for the problem. My personal challenge has been with the wiring harness for the glow plug system and starting system on my GM diesel truck. I had to wonder why GM routed the wire harnesses in such a way as to be exposed to the most heat which will eventually destroy the wires and their protective covering. Since I am in...

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Is the War on Terror a war that can be won

Is the war on terror a war that can be won? ‘Less than 12 hours after the 9/11 attacks, George W. Bush pro- claimed the start of a global war on terror. Ever since, there has been a vigorous debate about how to win it.’1 However more than 12 years on there is still no indication of how close it is to being won and whether it can actually be won. In fact, many such as Jonathan Steele (journalist and international affairs author) suggests it is ‘A war that can never be won.’2 However, before we...

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War in Syria

 Austin Comesanas Dr. Guy Martin War 09/08/13 War In Syria The war in Syria has become a worldwide focus point on other countries intervening with central problems within such societies. This Civil War has created plenty of attention to an abundant of countries and has some wanting to level out this problem of conflict for good. In early January 2011 the conflict began as a civil uprising in response to the Assad Government and its corruption and human rights abuse. Nearing the...

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Wicked Problem

“Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them.” --Laurence J. Peter In my understanding, a wicked problem is one for which every attempt to create a solution changes our perspective of the problem. Thus, these problems cannot be solved with ‘the thinking, tools and methods’ we use to solve simpler problems. To solve such wicked problems we need a systematic approach that includes creative brainstorming. Using the ‘Design...

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African problems

African Problems 2 As it is known, human history began in Africa from appearance of first human dated to 3.000.000 years. Nowadays humanity has made a huge progress in social, technical, scientific spheres. But unfortunately, human society has digressed in some cases of social development and there are lots of poor examples. For 3.000.000 year history, a human being still has many problems beginning from physical solution of many problems such as fights, murders, wars ending by many types of discriminations...

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effects of war

study is to find out the effects of war on a soldier financial decision making process. Militarism has countless costs, from lives lost in armed conflict to environmental degradation to damage to the physical mental and emotional of the troops involved. The study focuses on the challenges faced by soldiers during their financial decision process. This is particularly after war and what can be the possible solution to this problem. According to the international law, war is an armed conflict between two...

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‘’ How Organizational Behaviour Can Help Managers Solve Problems at Individual Level of Analysis’’

Organizational Behaviour helps to reduce Turnover 3 OB and Motivation 3 Problems at Individual level of analysis 4 Conclusion 4 Reference 5 In the following project I’m going to explain how Organizational Behaviour helps the manager to solve practical problems at the individual level of analysis. To explain it we have to explain what Organizational Behaviour is. We will also have a look at Individual Level of Analysis and its problems. What Organizational Behaviour is? Organizational Behaviour (also...

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Universal Truths: “If Knowledge Can Create Problems, It Is Not Through Ignorance That We Can Solve Them.”

Through one of his profound quotes: “If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them”, Isaac Asimov shows his perception for knowledge and ignorance as well as to what they lead. Based on his thought, the expansion of knowledge leads to expansion of problems while ignorance responds to smaller number of troubles and struggles. More knowledge causes more uncertainties and harder life whereas ignorance simplifies people’s way of living to such extent that there...

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How to Solve the Problem of Global Warming

attacked the U.S.A, more and more people consider the environmental problems as the most serious problem which human beings have to face in the twenty-first century. If humans keep standing by from protecting nature, then global warming will be the natural consequence of their inaction. Accordingly, people must try to find some suitable ways to prevent this situation. Currently, the three most efficient solutions of this problem are a moratorium of deforestation, a universal carbon tax and international...

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Can war be made more humane?

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse- Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death- rode together during the 20th century to bring war, disease, and starvation to the world. It is estimated that around 88 million people perished as a result of the two world wars, with over half of the dead of WWII being civilians. The war machine residing over the world was anything but humane. It is interesting then that just a few decades later there is growing debate about how war can be made humane, with many proponents of the...

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When can problem solving be aided by analogical reasoning

already known ‘thing’.” From this definition ‘analogical reasoning’ can be described as, reasoning where decisions about a presentedproblem’ are made depending on comparisons and similarities between that ‘problem’ and a known situation. In order to determine when problem solving can be aided by analogical reasoning it is first necessary to look more closely at the concepts of ‘problems’ and ‘problem solving’. A ‘problemcan basically be defined as, a situation where a particular ‘goal’ needs...

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How to Solve the Problem of Bus Bunching

How to solve the problem of bus bunching This story was first published in The Straits Times on March 22, 2013   By Alexander Erath For The Straits Times THE recent announcements by the Ministry of Transport bode well for the public transport system in Singapore - especially for bus services. Adding more bus lanes and enlarging bus bays will go a long way in improving service reliability. More importantly, the new bus quality incentive framework will spur the operators to run their buses...

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Can War Be Justified?

For those who spend their lives working to prevent and end wars, whether and how war itself can be justified must be an urgent question. Of course, war’s justification is an ancient tradition. Bizarrely, Just War theory was formulated within the Christian church, whose founder chose a donkey instead of a war horse and taught his followers to overcome evil with good. Not only is the theory still mainstream among churches but, as Dan Smith, head of an important NGO working for conflict transformation...

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Non-Cognitive Language Causes More Problems Than It Solves. Discuss

“NON COGNITIVE LANGUAGE CAUSES MORE PROBLEMS THAN IT SOLVES” DISCUSS. The statement in the title is suggesting that non-cognitive language, or non-factual language, is inefficient at attempting to solve the relevant and evident issues with religious language. In this essay I will argue that although there are several innate flaws with non-cognitive language, I, on occasion, actually find it more helpful than cognitive language. This is because when using cognitive language it is often that people...

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The Rockefeller Drug Laws: America's War on Drugs: a War We Are Causing, a War We Can Solve

drug offenses face the same penalties as those convicted of murder, and harsher penalties that those convicted of rape. (Sullum, 1) Though the laws were first enacted to curb the late-1960s-early-1970s psychedelic drug epidemic, New York's drug problem in fact worsened in the 1980s with the use of stimulants, and thus the laws were reformed to be less lenient. These unforgiving laws, which place enormous minimum sentences for drug-sale convictions, prove to be ineffective and expensive and have...

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The Necessity of War

Relations Is War Necessary for Peace? As society progresses, humans have started to question whether or not war is necessary or can ever be justified. The view held by most people post-World War II seems to be that war is needed and morally justifiable when it is waged as a response to injustice and as an attempt to bring peace to an area. This way of thinking suggests that the ends justify the means. However, this raises the question of whether we can have peace without having to resort to war or if...

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What are the main problems experienced by young people? How can these problems be solved?

students roam the streets, appearing energetic and radiant. However, this is only part of the picture. In Singapore, many problems arise among teenagers. Yearly, figures of depression rates among teenagers escalate and we cannot help but wonder what is becoming of this new generation of young people. Life for many youths of this new day and age involves a painful tug-of-war consisting of mixed messages, unanswerable questions, of emotions and incompatible demands from parents, teachers, friends...

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Causes of the Civil War

Causes of the Civil War The bloodiest war America has ever fought was the Civil War. The Civil War was fought between North and South America. This war was many years in the making. With every new tax, tariff, law, or new state entry the North and South disagreed. The Missouri Compromise, Manifest Destiny, Popular Sovereignty, Bleeding Kansas, the entry of new states, newspapers and books, the Dred Scott Case, Immigration, and the Compromise of 1850 were just a few of the reasons that caused...

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Problem Solving and Technology

Essay : Technology creates more problems than it solves and may threaten or damage the quality of life Technology is the use of machines to solve problems which in most cases couldn’t be solved manually. The machines were used to make our lives easier and on most occasions it has succeeded. Development of ‘wheel’, ‘telephone’, ‘first-generation computer’ and ‘atom-bomb’ had been the most useful developments for the mankind over the last few centuries. The last century experienced humongous developments...

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Essay on War

wonderful, great and inspiring and do you really think that after countless poets, songs and even films on the damage war does to people that war is still glorious? Posters, advertisements and even books show war to be heroic, amazing and in some ways a holiday. I mean if you were homeless and got told you could be covered for the rest of your life in both health and riches you’d go to war, however let me ask you this. Is it worth watching your friends, family members going through the pain of losing...

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Solution to War on drugs

A solution to the war on drugs Name: Institution: Date: Abstract The War on Drugs is extensively regarded as a requirement in the present society that has been laden with the burden of drug abuse, addiction, rehabilitation and increased crime rates due to drug abuse. War on Drugs has remained a deep rooted contentious campaign that has been debated over and over for several years in the search of a liable solution that can solve the problem permanently. The war on drugs affects every...

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To What Extent Was World War Ii Hitler`S War?

To what extent was World War II Hitler`s war? The second World War can be considered “Hitler`s war” due to Adolf Hitlers responsibility and actions that caused the war. He had an enormous impact and role on many events such as secretly increasing the size fo the army,which made World War 2 possible. On the other hand, the failure of the League of Nations and defects in the Treaty of Versailles also triggered the outbreak of the war. It gave Hitler many oppurtunities to support his ambitions and...

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Using Decision Trees to Solve Complex Problems: An Example

Using Decision Trees to Solve Complex Problems: An Example Consider the following problem The Disney Corporation is thinking about taking its hit Broadway musical, The Lion King on tour. It has made the following calculations ▪ The tour would cost $12 million ▪ There is a .50 chance that it will earn $20 million and a .5 chance it will earn $10 Draw the decision tree for this problem using the following conventions. (Let a box indicate a decision node and a circle indicate a chance...

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PHL 458 Week 2 Individual Solve a Problem Paper

PHL 458 Week 2 Individual Solve a Problem Paper has solutions of the following question: Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you use the creative process to solve a problem with which you have experience. Include the following: • Describe each stage in the creative process using Ch. 5 of your text. • Search for a personal challenge. Explain how you used the techniques to develop curiosity in your search (see Ch. 6). • Express the problem created by this personal...

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Essay on Wars – Destructive for Humanity. War is, without argument the worst collective experience of humanity. It has created new nations on the rubbles of destroyed cities and humans dead. It involves mass killing without humane feelings even if short and swift. Our recent experience with Kargil, which was not even not even a full-fledged war, reopened the sordidness of military action. Wars, when prolonged like the World Wars, result in human brutality, mass extermination of races and...

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rh bill can solved population problem

that is very usual word we can hear and unfortunately a problem that our country is facing right now. One of the causes of poverty is the large number of our population. Now the world is too small for us. There will be a least opportunity of jobs, a crowded place, a traffic road and a polluted area. Is there any chance to solve this population problem that one of the cause of poverty? That each of one is affected. We are still lucky that there are now proposed bill that can possibly solved our suffrage...

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War in the world

War (Attracting the reader)Do you think there is a” just war” in the history of world? Do you think it is the only way to solve problem by war? (Providing background) Different people have different opinion. Herbert hover, who is the 31st President of the United States have ever said:” Whether you have to fight for justice or not, war is a crime! “In his opinion, whether the war is just or unjust, it is cruel, and the death is inevitable. Marxist thought, making clear the nature of war is the necessary...

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The Effects of Media Violence and the Debate of How to Solve the Problem

Casey The Effects of Media Violence and the Debate of how to Solve the Problem Violent and aggressive behavior show up everywhere from popular video games, movies, to television shows, all of which young children have access to watch. People are also able to interact with these violent types of media as video games take center stage. Video game players are able to mutilate, kill and destroy items, ranging from buildings to streets with bombs, and use of guns and other weaponries throughout...

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Nile River Water Problem

NILE RIVER WATER RIGHT PROBLEM Introduction: Water is our source of life. We can't imagine live without water, but this source of life may become the source of death. Many experts think that all wars in the future will be over water. One of this expected water war is a war for Nile River water. The water of the Nile River was shared by ten African countries which are Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt. The allocation of the Nile water depends...

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World War I causes

World War I. In this essay we are going to talk about World War I and its causes. World War I —also known as “the war to end all the wars”— was a war that started in 1914 and ended in 1919. It began in Europe, giving as result the blood of thousands of innocents and people implied in the war. Besides the many human losses, there was little loss or win of land, which doesn’t matter much compared to all the damages given by it. This war began with the assassination of the archduke of Austria, Franz...

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The Wars

The Wars by Timothy Findley “Prior to the writing of The Wars, it was unheard of for any writer who had not experienced it first hand to write about "The War to End All Wars". However, Findley, with his direct and shocking style, was able to surpass this barrier and create one of the most acclaimed novels about World War I.” (Acadia) “The Wars remains Findley’s most-discussed book. Based partly on the wartime correspondence of his uncle, Thomas Irving Findley, and on family photos, he wrote...

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How Environmental Problems Can Affect Health Problems in Thai Society

Pongsakorn Prohdeengam #5480995 Section 4 How Environmental Problems Can Affect Health Problems in Thai Society Many people say that the environmental issues in Thailand are chronic problems. According to Ping (2012), irregular environmental catastrophes have occurred more frequently than ever recently. Due to inadequate responsibility, people keep ignoring the environment that absolutely causes climate change and the severe pollution. In October 2011, the catastrophic flood hit the central...

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War on ISIS

The War on ISIS and How We Can Solve It Prepared For Professor Garcia Keiser University Writing for Managers Port St Lucie, FL 34952 Prepare By Matthew R. King Keiser University Writing for Managers Port St Lucie, FL 34952 September 24, 2014 Matthew King 348 Whisper Ridge Dr. St. Augustine FL, 32092 September 24, 2014 Professor Garcia Keiser University Writing for Managers Port St Lucie, FL 34952 Dear Professor Garcia Enclosed in the report you requested due on 24 September...

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Usa Iraq War

Following the military achievement of the US in Afghanistan, the US focused its attention on Iraq in order to topple Saddam Hussein. The Iraq War was a conflict that took place with the invasion of Iraq by the US on 20 March 2003. The American government offered two significant reasons for waging war against Iraq in 2003 (Klare, The Coming War with Iraq, page 3). First of all, the US claimed that Iraq have weapons of mass destruction that could be captured and used by terrorists organizations and...

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World War 1 as a Total War

In what ways can the First World War be seen as a Total War Total war is defined as the organisation of entire societies for war, using all its economic, military and human resources to aim for complete victory. In addition there is less differentiation between combatants and civilians than in conventional warfare; civilians were affected as deliberate targets of war in their own right. It can be argued that the government of the involved countries focused the economy on the war effort which in...

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The Problem of Evil

Studies in the Philosophy of Religion THE PROBLEM OF EVIL "God is the omnipotent and wholly good creator of all things" "There is evil in the world" a) EXPLAIN THESE TWO STATEMENTS AND SHOW WHY THEY ARE SAID TO BE CONTRADICTORY (20) The problem of evil is usually seen as the problem of how the existence of God can be reconciled with the existence of evil in the world. It's regarded as a logical problem, because it is based on the apparent contradiction involved in holding onto three incompatible...

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War and Morality

the history of mankind we have been involved in many violent conflicts. War is considered one of the most violent of those. There are many debates on whether war is right or wrong but obviously in the world we live in it has been inevitable. There are many factors that may determine whether or whether not war is justified. Three reasons that somewhat justify war are: diplomacy must have taken place to try and solve the problem, it is in self defense, or the ones you are going to attack are a threatening...

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Would Banning Firearms Solve The Crime Problems in America?

 Would Banning Firearms Solve The Crime Problems in America? By Christopher Wolcik Mr. James Scott English 155 Would Banning Firearms Solve the Crime Problems in America? Firearms should not be banned because it is not the presence of the firearm that provokes the murder or suicide but it is murderous technology that is available everywhere to you wherever you may go. It is the will to use that technology that is culturally coded and that this is...

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A Social Problem

Good morning to judges and panels. First of all we want to look at the statistic. What the statistic about? So you all know right this statistic about social problem in our country. What is the social problem? Panels do you all know about it? A social problem also called a social issue or a social ill and is an issue that relates to society's perception of people's personal lives. Different societies have different perceptions and what may be "normal" behavior in one society may be a significant...

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War- Moral Issue

War is a current moral issue because violence is regarded as wrong. Instead of war there should be negotiation and arbitration. War is violent conflict between human beings. There have been many conflicts and wars in history but it is known that humans have also thought about morals and ethics during that time. Although during war many lives are lost and damaged almost all human beings know and have been taught from religion and culture that taking away one’s life is morally wrong. Blood is shed...

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To What Extent Can the Problem of Urbanization Be Met by a Policy of Sustainable Development?

that these movements are causing over population. This over population causes other problems as Traffic congestion and poor quality urban space. These challenges are the main factors which need specific attention and improvement in order to achieve sustainability, for lead the urbanization problems to sustainable developments require fresh and thoughtful approaches. So approaches that can solve urban housing problem are that cities provide high-rise flats, self-helped house and prevent unlawful house...

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Philosophy of War

War is an extremely controversial topic, especially amongst philosophers. It raises many ethical and political questions, the most important, perhaps, being the circumstances under which going to war are justifiable. Views on the law of war vary greatly. Some believe non-violence is the only acceptable approach, while others believe preventive war is justified. In this paper, we will examine and discuss several philosophers and their ideologies pertaining to war. We will begin with St. Thomas...

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Drug War: Failure or Success?

Drug War: Failure or Success? Many people would claim that President Richard Nixon started the war on drugs. Although it is less well-known today that the Nixon Administration also repealed the federal 2–10-year mandatory minimum sentences for possession of marijuana and started federal demand for reduction programs. He also endorsed drug-treatment programs, and that Nixon only made an effort of continuation towards the states original acts of prohibition dating back to 1905-1914. Even with these...

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Culture War in the Us

Culture War Government and Politics is an ideal that shapes and influences many different aspects of an individual and/or the nation, however, Government and Politics itself can be shaped by another general idea that identifies nations around the globe, which is culture. Culture is no doubt, an important fundamental topic that should be understood and used as an advantage to satisfy many different groups in a country. However, it may also lead to a country’s own downfall or unfortunate event....

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Effect of War on Civilians and Soldiers

Abstract War is an ever present, controversial part of human society. With its pros and cons, pro-war and anti-war can both easily be debated. This report will examine the positive and negative effects to get a more open view of war. This topic is relevant with the current civil conflict occurring in Syria. The question that will be answered is whether war is more beneficial or detrimental. Through research, it is difficult to conclude whether war was a positive aspect of society...

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