• 1984: War Is Peace
    "The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth." In the novel "1984" by George Orwell, Winston undergoes a metamorphosis of character, which changes his life forever. At first Winston is just like everyone else, a dull drone of the party. Then he changes his ideals and bec
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  • War and Peace
    War and Peace "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves." (William Pitt, 1783) This powerful statement brings into reality the depth of feeling that can bring a nation or a people to war. As we study wars of th
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  • War and Peace
    Balancing War and Peace The most controversial topic is, arguably, war. Every person has an opinion on whether his country, or even other countries, should wage a war. Talk shows devote a large amount of discussion to this debate. Should Israel declare war on the Palestinians is the current hot to
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  • Why the Versailles Treaty Failed to Bring Peace and Stability
    Why the Versailles Treaty failed to bring peace and stability On June 28th 1919, the “Big Three”, Georges Clemenceau, Woodrow Wilson, and David Lloyd George, on behalf of Great Britain, the United States, and France, had formulated a peace treaty called Versailles Treaty to end the four-year-lo
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  • War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength
    1984 For as long as governments have existed, the people they ruled feared them. This fear and the desire to improve these governments have let to countless different attempts to perfect government. From the most liberal democracy to the most crushing dictatorship, governments have all face
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  • War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
    Then novel War and Peace was written by a famous Russian author Leo Tolstoy in 1865. The novel describes the war with Napoleon in which many countries were involved such as Russia, Austrian, Prussia, Spain, Sweden, and Britain. The novel mainly focuses on Russia. It reflects the different views and
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  • War and Peace
    The book "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy is a story about the lives of the Russian royal family from 1805 to 1815. This book describes things and events that happened during the war. The story begins at a cocktail party being held at the home of Anna Pavolvna in St. Petersburg. Most of the action,
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  • War and Peace
    Leo Tolstoy's novel, War and Peace, contains three kinds of material, a historical account of the Napoleonic wars, the biographies of fictional characters, and a set of essays about the philosophy of history. Critics from the 1860s to the present have wondered how these three parts cohere, and many
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  • War Is Peace Freedom Is Slavery Ignorance Is Strength
    Summary On a cold day in April of 1984, a man named Winston Smith returns to his home, a dilapidated apartment building called Victory Mansions. Thin, frail, and thirty-nine years old, it is painful for him to trudge up the stairs because he has a varicose ulcer above his right ankle. The eleva
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  • War and Peace in the Samurais Garden
    Gail Tsukiyama's The Samurai's Garden is set in 1930s Japan, the theme of war and peace is developed through Character interaction. Characters in the story have very different reactions to the same circumstances. Through the character of Stephen, one can conclude that outside forces do not control
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  • War and Peace
    War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy Gremlin In this novel, Tolstoy shows important qualities like loyalty and unity, used in in time of struggle. He writes about Russian society and how it faces the French invasion led by Napoleon. Napoleon is short in height but does big damage. He attacks Russia, con
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  • The Social Realism in War and Peace
    The Social Realism in War and Peace It is hard to truly understand the unbelievable detail and descriptions of Tolstoy’s writings without actually having read some of his work. Leo Tolstoy was a unique man with a different perspective on life and everything around us than anyone else. Influe
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  • Humans Have a Tremendous Capacity for Compassion and Hatred, Peace and War, Harmony and Conflict
    Introduction: The plasticity of human is endlessly tremendous as a mystery. General speaking that human beings are filled with compassion but sometimes regard things with hatred; some people fire to each other whereas they declare that they are loyal believers for peace; and possibly humans are m
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  • Cold War vs. United States
    Cold War vs. United States The Cold War ended in 1991 after the Soviet Union fell apart. Since then, Russia's economy paralyzed, and the United States is three trillion dollars in debt, and both counties were weakened by the Cold War because of military spending. To have world peace does n
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  • Wartime Propaganda: World War I
    <b>The Drift Towards War</b><br>"Lead this people into war, and they'll forget there was ever such a thing as tolerance. To fight, you must be brutal and ruthless, and the spirit of ruthless brutality will enter into the very fiber of national life, infecting the Congress, the courts, the policeman
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  • Christianity and the Just War Theory
    Does the Just War Theory provide sufficient moral justification for Christians' involvement in war? <br> <br>The Just War Theory is a set of criteria that are used to judge whether a war is morally justifiable. It was St Augustine in the third century that formulated the Just War theory, and was for
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  • Development of Peace Idea
    THE HISTORIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE PEACE IDEA 1 PEACE is not only a fundamental doctrine of Christianity; it is equally a fundamental doctrine of humanity in its essential constitution. Hence peace, both as an idea and as a social attainment, has had a natural historic development, in which other f
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  • The War on Terrorisms
    The war on terrorisms The war on terrorisms has had many lost souls, this war has been the most expensive war is history and not a lot of countries are in favor of it. Because of the terror attacks on September 11, the president of the United States George W Bush and his government has spent
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  • It's Not Just Another War
    "It is well that war is so terrible, lest we should grow too fond of it," said the famous American general, Robert E. Lee during the American Civil War. The United States has found herself in war once again, and the nation is torn on whether or not to support President George W. Bush in his unilater
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  • Gettysburg: Turning Point of the War
    Gettysburg: The Turning Point of the War On July 1, 1863, the Union Army of the Potomac engaged the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia which had advance into the north. This would be the battle of all battles; it would be the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Three days of warfare resulted
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