"Can Psychology And Christian Counseling Really Be Integrated" Essays and Research Papers

Can Psychology And Christian Counseling Really Be Integrated

Running head: PSYCHOLOGY, THEOLOGY, AND SPIRITUALITY 4 MAT Review: Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Liberty University Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Abstract In this book published in 1996 by Tyndale House Publishers, McMinn (1996) talks about integrating psychology, theology, and spirituality. The first two chapters talk about history and using religion in the counseling sessions, as well...

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Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling In the book Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling (2011), Mark McMinn grasps attention of the readers to the role of the Christian faith in counseling practice. The author explains through the practical examples how psychology, theology, and spirituality have an effect on the mental health of people. He considers the Christian faith as a reliable means to achieve trust and understanding in patients while practicing cognitive therapy. According to McMinn...

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Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by Mark McMinn

Rivers Liberty University Abstract In the book, “Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling”, author Mark McMinn gives the reader information on how these three entities can work together in Christian counseling. McMinn offers several ways in which this can be done including the use of prayer, Scripture, confession, forgiveness, the effects of sin, and redemption in counseling sessions. Through narration of counseling vignettes displaying different results, from different...

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Christian Psychology

Within the Christian community there is a wide variety of opinions concerning and validating psychology. The word psychology is defined as the scientific study of behavior and mental process (King, 2010). The root word psych means “mind” or some might say “soul,” and if you look at it in that perspective psychology could be seen as religious in nature and involves the study of the soul. However, because psychology is scientific study is does not mean to make any religious statements about the human...

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Christian Counseling: 4-MATT Review of McMinn

A 4-MAT Review: Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Melyssa P. Warden Liberty University A 4-MAT Review: Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Abstract McMinn, M. R. (1996). Psychology, theology, and spirituality in Christian counseling. Christian counseling integrates the fundamental specialties of psychology, theology, and spirituality into the counseling relationship. McMinn (1996) delivers this insightful guide into the profuse approaches...

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Personal Counseling Theory

Personal Counseling Theory Liberty University Danielle Phillips Coun 507 Abstract In developing a theory of counseling, keeping theology, spirituality and psychology as the foundation is the key. I have had the opportunity to study many different counseling theories, and upon reflection, feel they have valid concepts and techniques that would aide me in my search for a working counseling theory of my own. This model will utilize theories based on secular psychology as...

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4-Mat Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

4-MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Liberty University McMinn, Ph.D., Mark R. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (1996) 4 MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Abstract Christian counseling is all about integrating psychology, theology and spirituality into counselor and clients lives. Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling gives insight into how these three perspectives can be used to help individuals...

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Psychology, Theology in Chrisitian Counseling

Madry Integration of Psychology and Theology COUN 506 Wayne Wilson Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality In Christian Counseling Mark R. McMinn SUMMARY The book begins with at brief selection as it addresses the importance of the counselor utilizing the Christian faith in counseling in addition to focusing on the relationship between psychology and theology. It addresses the issues and concerns that religion may bring into counseling sessions and how the...

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Goal of Christian Counseling

 Anthony A Frank CCOU 201 Liberty University The goal of Christian Counseling in Discipleship November 25, 2013 The Goal of Christian Counseling in discipleship Summary: The ultimate goal of Christian counseling is to bring forth maturity in Christ. Maturity in Christ is being like Christ or the BELIKECHRIST submitted to God and His standards in all areas. Maturing believers will always be characterized by behaviors and attitudes which are in accordance with Biblical...

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Psychology and Theology

4-MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Freda Taylor Liberty University 4-MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling McMinn, M. (1996). Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. ISBN: 0-8423-5252-X). Summary The Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling is the thought provoking book of McMinn which was published in...

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The Preference and Need for Prayer in Counseling

in Counseling Liberty University GRST500_D02_201030 Abstract Spirituality is an important component in counseling because it also contributes to the social, physical and emotional well-being of the client. This survey illustrates the preference that it has of incorporating prayer and scripture into counseling practice. It provides a basic overview and describes the essential desire for prayer among Christian therapists...

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Psychology and D. N. Entwistle

the requirements for the course PACO 506 Integration of Psychology and Theology By Gail F. Gardner July 6, 2012 Entwistle, D.N. (2004). Integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity: an introduction to worldview issues, philosophical foundations, and models of integration. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers. Summary Researcher David Entwistle builds a case to support the integration of Christian faith and psychology by first making the point by asking the question what has...

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Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity by Charles Anthony Dawson: Book Analysis

System : Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Charles Anthony Dawson Liberty University Abstract The author, David N. Entwistle and his book Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity (2004), brings about several questions to the reader when you look at psychology and Christianity. When you take two disciplines psychology and theology and define both you can walk away with mixed emotions from both perspectives. Psychology is defined as “the study of the mind...

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Curb Comparison Paper 1- Effective Biblical Counseling

SEMINARY Comparison Paper 1: Effective Biblical Counseling by Larry Crabb Submitted to Dr. Jaeduk Kim, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of the course 201520 Spring 2015 PACO 507-D02 LUO Theology and Spirituality in Counseling By Shonda M. Curb March 26, 2015 Comparison Paper 1 In Effective Biblical Counseling the author, Larry Crabb (1977), develops a biblical counseling model designed to assist the Christian counselor. The purpose of this comparison paper...

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Clinical Versus Counseling Psychology

Clinical Versus Counseling Psychology: What's the Diff? by John C. Norcross - University of Scranton, Fields of Psychology Graduate School The majority of psychology students applying to graduate school are interested in clinical work, and approximately half of all graduate degrees in psychology are awarded in the subfields of clinical and counseling psychology (Mayne, Norcross, & Sayette, 2000). But deciding on a health care specialization in psychology gets complicated. The urgent question facing...

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Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity

Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Liberty University COUN 506 Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration by David N. Entwistle. Summary In his book, Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, Dr. David N. Entwistle (2010) provides his readers with a great tool and look into Christian Counseling. He opens the book by challenging the reader by introducing...

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Biblical Integration and Counseling Practices

 Biblical Integration and Counseling Practices Abstract The integration of biblical practices and counseling has been discussed for decades. There is an increased interest in spiritual and emotional health, among Christian counselors and with secular therapists as well. Understanding the differences between implicit and explicit integration practices in therapy help a therapist to decide which techniques should be used appropriately in therapy. There are critics who claim there...

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Clinical vs Counseling Psychology

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the primary goals of a clinical psychologist and a counseling psychologist, explain perspectives on treatment similar and how are they different, and discuss the educational requirements for each. This paper will also discuss what type of setting are we likely to find each, identify which professional association each would be affiliated with as well as which Code of Ethics regulates each professional and explain the advantages and disadvantages...

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Religion and Christian Counselor

Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Liberty University Shelita Williams, Behavioral Science, Student Cohort BHS44, Liberty University. This is a student paper submitted on August 12, 2012, to fulfill course requirement for Integration of Psychology and Theology (COUN 506), Week 7, 4MAT. Correspondence concerning this paper should be addressed to Shelita Williams, Charlottesville, VA. E-mail: swilliams322@liberty.edu Summary When reading...

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Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity

4-MAT Review Anita Cox Liberty University COUN 506 Integration of Psychology and Theology September 7, 2012   Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity David N. Entwistle Cascade Books, 2010 Summary Just as the title describes, Entwistle explains within the book the attempts and varied approaches of integrating both psychology and Christianity, two entities which seem to have been at odds with each other since the time of Galileo. By explaining key historical conflicts, such...

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Prayer in Counseling

Christian Clients’ Preferences Regarding Prayer as a Counseling Intervention Journal Article Review Liberty University April 19, 2012 Summary In Eriksen and Weld’s journal article, the writers contend that spirituality and prayer is being utilized more and more by mental health practitioners and counselors. The concept of prayer within the counseling session is something that was considered for a long time but the actual use of spirituality practices is more frequently being used today...

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In the book of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity

book of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration, by David N. Entwistle focus on the aspect of integrating Christian faith with psychology .The importance of the book is a gain a “more complete view of humans nature and weaving together perspectives from with either perspective alone” ( Entwistle, 2010, p. 3). His purpose raised questions on whether psychology and Christianity are different from...

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Ethical Counseling Report

Individual Counseling Krishunna Pearson Liberty University Abstract Within the pages of this research paper, there will be an examination of several aspects of ethical issues that may arise within group counseling. The paper will compare common ethical concerns during group and individual counseling. It will also examine ethical standards that should be upheld by a counselor in group counseling. The research paper will also examine the use of Christian disciplines within counseling sessions...

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Adams vs.Backus and Chapian: A Comparative Study of Christian Beliefs

 Adams With Backus And Chapian Pam Thibeaux Liberty University Concise Summary of Theory Christian counseling is usually rooted in both Biblical truths and in psychological research. In Telling Yourself the Truth and How to Help People Change, the authors discuss how to counsel from within a Christian theoretical perspective. Although these two books have different areas of focus, their core messages are the same: change is to be instigated by God and sustained in the light of...

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Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity

Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity David N. Entwistle Wipf and Stock Publishers 2010 Liberty University Vernessa Ducre Abstract This book Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity by David Entwistle (2010), talks about the incorporation of Christianity, and psychology. He stated, “Primarily psychology and Christianity are perceived by many people to be in opposition.” The two of them address general questions relating to human experiences and life from different...

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Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

Integration of Psychology and Theology March 31, 2013 Abstract In his conceptual book, Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling (1996), McMinn offers s a presentation of a counselor multitasking but has developed his own Who has developed approach I in the counseling world? Most New age Christian counselors have begun to develop synchronized...

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Psychology and Counselor

System: Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Liberty University Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Summary In the book entitled Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling written by Mark R. McMinn, PHD., (1995) the author focused on how various techniques that can be used to help the clients during counseling session by using integration of psychology, theology...

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Fields of psychology

FIELDS OF PSYCHOLOGY​ 7 ​When it comes to psychology there are many different components within the field that one needs to explore before choosing which field of study they want to be in. Psychology in itself is an art as well as a science. Depending on what you want to do in life there are courses available to you to pursue a bachelors of art or a bachelors of science. The different focal points of either bachelor’s degree have to do with the field of psychology one wants to go into. ​The...

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Self Exploration in Counseling Psychology

due to my own personal life experiences, world views, relationships, and interaction with others. We are all culture-bound to some extent, and it takes an effort to be always aware to monitor our biases so that they do not affect the formation of counseling relationships. In addition, greater differences could exist within the same cultural group than between different cultural groups. I will not only to be sensitive to other cultures, but to my own as well. The biggest challenge I foresee in forming...

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Counseling and Psychology

between these two. 4. The ideal self is the view of one that one wishes to be 5. Sometimes there are discrepancies or incongruence between the ideal self and the self concept 6. The person may or may not have awareness. It can be: a. It may be denied or it may be ignored b. Or it can be accurately symbolized and freely admitted to the selfstructure c. Or it may be distorted How does one become a person? 1. The individual must make contact with another person 2. The individual develops a need to be loved...

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Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality

1 Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality Liberty University Abstract McMinn, M. (1996). Psychology, Theology, and Spiritual in Christian Counseling: Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers. McMinn (1996) presents a comprehensive model on counseling process and techniques, as well as problems counselor faces in interdisciplinary integration within counseling, while maintaining a profession and personal...

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Counseling Suffering Clients

Counseling suffering clients, especially through an integrative approach to Christian Counseling, may be more in-depth than I once thought. Here are five concepts that I found particularly, insightful, unique, or I had not thought about before. 1. Personal Worldview behind the practice Our own personal worldview is inescapable, and each of us holds a worldview or the way that we see our understanding of the world and our place within it (Entwistle, 2010, pg. 67). In order to counsel others,...

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The Counseling Models of Ron Hawkins and Larry Crabb

The Counseling Models of Ron Hawkins and Larry Crabb A Critique Lynetric Rivers Liberty University COUN 507 B01 Summer 2010 Term Deadline: 5/30/10 Instructor’s Name: Diane Powell The Counseling Models of Ron Hawkins and Larry Crabb: A Critique The Crabb Model In “Effective Biblical Counseling,” Dr. Larry Crabb attempts to provide a concrete biblically based view of counseling and how it can best be applied. Dr. Crabb gives his interpretation on the different styles of integration...

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Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: Book Analysis

completely. Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity was a great read. Entwistle did an amazing job on putting together a great read with some different aspects to things. The author’s thoughts are trying to explain the truth of God’s word and show the insights it has on psychology. Integration which there were several different theories and approaches to the two, is what this book revolved around. The argumentation of integration and psychology are still a question with no right or...

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4 MAT Review of McMinns Psychology

 4- MAT Review of McMinn’s Psychology, Theology and Spiritually in Christian Counseling Quinta Anderson Liberty University Summary The opening of the book that was written by Dr. Mark McMinn takes the reader on a journey from start to finish. McMinn gives a description of how Christianity is related to psychology. The author teaches about the different translations that the Bible has and how one can relate it to their everyday life ( McMinn, 2011). The translations from the Bible...

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Marriage and Counseling

 Research Paper Research Paper for Marriage Family and Counseling Jordan Reid Golson Southwestern Assemblies of God University COU/SWK 4413.70 Abstract The structural family therapist goes about helping the entire family instead of singling out the specific person with the issues. When families have good relationships with each other it is mainly when each family member has their specified role and fulfills that role to its entirety...

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Psychology Example

Faith Integration General Psychology 29 March 2012 Growing up church was always a priority for my family. To this day its value has not changed for us. My mom always encouraged me to challenge my beliefs so that my faith could be stronger in those things I truly believed in. Since then my faith has grown exponentially as I have become confident in the promises of God’s word. Through reading the bible and being in church it becomes more and more evident to me that everything in the bible...

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Psychology and Christianity Integration Paper

 Psychology and Christianity: Initial Integration Paper Azusa Pacific University Psychology and Christianity: Initial Integration Paper Psychology and Christianity: two subjects that have seem to become almost impossible to talk about hand in hand. Psychology has become one completely different subject than Christianity (theology) and both have lost all contact with the other. Psychology is strictly a science and Christianity is solely based on...

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Biblical Counseling Essay

Biblical Counseling vs. Secular Counseling CCOU 201-D11 LOU: Introduction to Christian Counseling Xxxxx X. XXXXXXX L33333333 Liberty University 24 April 2013 There is a need for effective biblical counseling now more than ever. As the world progresses to the stages prophesized anarchy God’s people as well as lost souls need the appropriate direction in life. Crabb clearly states in his introduction that the purpose his book, Effective Biblical Counseling, is to incorporate the principles...

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Mcminn 4mat

Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Sondra Rule Liberty University Summary The author of this book Mark McMinn explains how psychology, theology, and spirituality can all be integrated into Christian counseling. He discusses the difference between the three overlapping principles. He wrote this book especially for Christian counselors, pastors, as well as students so that they may clearly understand the meaning of the three principles...

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 Subspecialities of Forensic Psychology: Legal Psychology and Correctional Psychology Antonella Zavala MISSOURI VALLEY COLLEGE CJ240 ABSTRACT Forensic psychology is the science that studies the individuals offender’s behavior. Forensic Science has other sciences that coordinates its goal such as Legal Psychology which will decide whether an offender is on conditions to go or not to court and correctional psychology that will follow the behavior and rehab on an...

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Review of Psychology and Christianity 5 Views

Assessment 1 Assessment 1 What does psychology have to do with the Christian faith? In Psychology and Christianity: Five Views, by Myers, Jones, Roberts, Watson, Coe, Hall, and Powlison (2010) is an introductory textbook for Christian psychology that provides sound arguments for an array of positions on psychology and faith. Each author contributed an essay and in return the other essayist respond by either agreeing or disagreeing by pointing out faults and explaining why. The first position...

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Christian Counseling Notes

1. The Core Personality? 2. Discovering Who We Are in Christ? 3. The Desires? B. What Do We Change People Into? C. By What Authority? 1. The Scriptures: 2. The Goal: Maturity; Christ-likeness As Christian counselors, we are under the authority to encourage people to change or conform to the pattern (the behaviors and desires) of Jesus Christ. III. The Barriers to Change A. Apathy – Lacking Motivation (Elijah) Elijah’s lack of motivation...

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Personal Theory Integrated Counseling

Personal Integrated Theory Kana Crumby COUN 507-B01: Spring 2011 Liberty University Kana Crumby March 13, 2011 Abstract It is important to develop a biblically based theory of Christian counseling that integrates psychology, spirituality, and theology. This model must be flexible enough to incorporate non-believers, while attempting to gently facilitate a personal relationship with God in both believers and non-believers alike. It is the author’s intent to develop an integrative theory...

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Family Counseling

Family Counseling Approach Research Paper COUN 601 Daphane Moore Abstract A family counseling approach is a counseling theory that includes a combination of a variety of techniques, interventions, and tenets are used to address the needs of family members. Psychoanalysis is a form of therapy developed by Sigmond Freud. He was the first therapist to explore talk therapy as a viable means for treating psychological disorders. Psychotherapy serves as an umbrella concept for psychotherapeutic...

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Effective Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling, A Model for Helping Caring Christians Become Capable Counselors By Ron Barefoot L24791078 Presented to Dr. Mark Myers In partial fulfillment of the requirements of Theology and Spirituality in Counseling PACO 507 SUMMARY The book entitled Effective Biblical Counseling by Dr. Larry Crabb is a guide for ministers, counselors, and lay leaders in the church. It is a vital resource to use when counseling people about...

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PSYCHOLOGY Eva Evangelio- Pacayra Faculty Centro Escolar University School of Science and Technology Department of Psychology PSYCHOLOGY • • is derived from the Greek word “psyche” which means MIND/SOUL and “logos” which means STUDY/KNOWLEDGE is the SCIENTIFIC study of HUMAN BEHAVIOR and MENTAL PROCESSES. The Roots of Psychology • • • • • • • John Locke- blank slate “Tabula Rasa” Wilhelm Wundt- Structuralism (uncovering the fundamental mental components) William James- Functionalism...

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Competent Christian Counseling

Competent Christian Counseling Juliet Wiseman Liberty University 507 Dr. Diane Powell July 28, 2013 Abstract The emotional pain that leads many to anger, depression, loneliness, anxiety, and conflict is prevalent in our society. Those whose lives have been changed through the Cross know that God is the everlasting Spring of peace and comfort; however, some wounds are so deep that even Christians find themselves in desperate need of counseling. Counseling and counseling theories come in...

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Christian Worldview

 The Impact of the Christian Worldview Theology 104 Rossie Weste November 25, 2013 Having a Christian Worldview is very important in my career field. Substance Abuse Counseling requires that you uphold a high standard of moral integrity and demonstrate a true image of God at all times. There are certain situations in our lives that people who have never heard of God or the message of God may need us to be a Bible to them. As Christians it is our job to shine the image of our creator...

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METAMORPH: Integrated Christian Counseling Grid

 METAMORPH Integrative Christian Counseling Grid Dr. Guy R. Brewer (All Scripture references are based on New International Version translation of the Bible.) METAMORPH Integrative Christian Counseling Grid Key Domains/Issues in Integrative Christian Counseling Major Tenets/Counseling Theory Biblical References Spiritual Formation Principles Techniques and/or Strategies MIND Related areas: Cognition Thinking Reasoning/analytical skills Imagination Presuppositions...

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4 Mat Review of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity 2nd Ed.

MAT Review of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity 2nd Ed. COUN 506 Sherrita L. Hedgepeth Liberty University July 14, 2012 Summary David Entwistle's (2010) Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity appears to be a text with a primary audience which appears to be conservative evangelical Christians. The basic ‘meat’ of the book is the premise that "weaving together perspectives from psychology and Christian theology can help us understand and appreciate humanity...

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The Field of Psychology

The Field of Psychology The field of psychology has always been a vastly helpful field in which we always find a use for in everyday society. The possibilities that one person could do with a major doctorate are nearly endless and greatly beneficial. With a degree, you can work in many business settings, clinical settings, and even your own psychiatric environment where you are able to talk one on one with your patients. They also Conduct scientific studies to study behavior and brain function...

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Psychoanalytic, Jungian, and Individual Psychology Theories

Psychoanalytic, Jungian, and Individual Psychology Theories When the word classical is used, images of things developed long ago with their traditional styles and ideas come to mind. They are perceived today as outdated and not as effective. Classical models of psychotherapy although deemed outdated, still have relevance in today’s practice of understanding human behavior. Psychotherapy is a science and art that was established back in the 1800’s with its own style and ideas. Classical models...

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God's Way or Man's Way: Christ-Centered v. Self-Centered Counseling

God’s Way or Man’s Way: Christ-Centered v. Self-Centered Counseling Elizabeth Raver Liberty University The objective of personal counseling is to set goals and to move towards them in a positive manner, while gaining valuable knowledge and coping skills along the way. There are numerous counseling methods in practical use today. This comparative will focus on biblical-counseling methods versus established alternative methods, such as Cognitive-behavior...

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Functions of Scientific Psychology

Functions of Scientific Psychology/Psychologist Allen Rawlins Indiana Wesleyan University Scientific Psychologist and other social scientist study the mind and propose explanations for human behaviors. In more simplistic terms, these professionals make judgments about the intentions, behaviors, objectives, and actions of others on a daily basis. While the decisions or judgments we make about others are subjective or based on here say, Psychologist use the science of psychology and its methods in...

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Biblical and Secular Models of Counseling

Models of Counseling Sara Hall Liberty University Biblical and Secular Models of Counseling Deciding how to model your counseling practice is one of the fundamental issues needing to be addressed when a counselor is choosing to begin a successful career as a licensed counselor. There are many different theories, strategies and methods to choose from when developing the foundation of your models, but all must adhere to the ethical standard of behavior set forth by the American Counseling Association...

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Multicultural Psychology

Multicultural Psychology Anthony Stamatouras University of Phoenix May 3, 2010 Multicultural Psychology Multicultural psychology is something that is relevant in this day and age. Today, with a vast number of people of different minority attachments living together, the idea of multicultural psychology is a good thing. Multicultural psychology is a discipline that is closely related to cross-cultural psychology and in fact is difficult to make that distinction ( Weiner, Freedheim,...

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Prayer in Counseling

Prayer in Counseling Prayer is communicating, worshiping, and sincerely seeking God's face, knowing that He hears us, loves us and will always respond. Prayer is a big part of many of people’s lives these days. People use prayers everywhere and everything they do so using prayer in counseling is only natural. The counseling field cannot get away from praying in their sessions. But counselors have to be careful how they use prayer in treatment because they need to not instill their own viewpoints...

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Discipleship Counseling within the Helps MInistry

 Discipleship Counseling Within The Helps Ministry Violet L. Modiri Liberty University Abstract This paper will discuss and explore the Biblical basis for a helps ministry and build a general framework for understanding the basis for discipleship counseling. In addition, the paper will establish an order of importance pertaining to the vital need of discipleship counseling within a helps ministry. The helping ministry gives special attention to the needs of...

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Psychology Psychology is an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. A lot of persons mix psychology with psychiatry. Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders. So, the difference between these two is that psychology is nothing about medicine. It involves some science, yes, but just for research. The definition of the name: Like a lot of words from our vocabulary...

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