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Can Computer Replace Books

think most of us know the fact that a chess-playing computer Deep Blue developed by IBM defeated the world chess champion in 1997. Then a lot of queries come to our mind and scientists concern more about that. Can computer have intelligence and think like human beings? Will computer be superior to us and replace us in the future? On hearing these questions, many people may think that it’s impossible that computer will be superior to human. Computer is made by us; it’s only a machine, a tool. It cannot...

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Computer Can Replace Teacher

There are some innovation and technology enthusiasts who claim that computer-based learning will soon replace teachers. Just take a look at some recent op-eds by Andy Kessler and Richard Galant. They point to the accessibility of information via the Internet and the recent advances in online instruction and adaptive learning as harbingers of teacher obsolescence. These assertions are alarming to those who advocate the importance of teachers, like Diane Ravitch and Wendy Kopp. They point to a strong...

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Can Computer Replace Human Beings

Can computers replace Human Beings?” What we think computer is ? Many of us think that computers are many times faster, more powerful and more capable when compared to humans simply because they can perform calculations thousands of time faster, workout logical computations without error and store memory at incredible speeds with flawless accuracy. Human Brain: We can only estimate the processing power of the average human brain as there is no way to measure it quantitatively as of yet...

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Computers Can Replace Books

Computers are now seen in each and every house. Compare books with computers; computers are a high-technology which one can access to internet to find information and so on, while books are something written by an author to pass on knowledge or facts and so on. In this essay I am going to discuss about the beneficial of computers and books, and is computers really a replacement for books? And we shall find out. Indeed computers are convenience to carry around nowadays but does it mean books will...

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Why Internet Can Never Replace Books

Why the Internet will Never Replace Books The Internet is very much like television in that it takes time away from other pursuits, provides entertainment and information, but in no way can compare with the warm, personal experience of reading a good book. This is not the only reason why the Internet will never replace books, for books provide the in-depth knowledge of a subject that sitting in front of a computer monitor cannot provide. We can download text from an Internet source, but the...

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Book or Computer

happen to books? Will they disappear? If yes what will appear instead of books? To be a success at school an ordinary student has to do a lot of things: find information about something or somebody; find the word definitions; read different maps; read classics for literature lessons, etc. A few years ago people should go to the library and work with encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, books. They did a tremendous work Now we can surf the Internet and without leaving our homes we can find information...

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computer will soon replace the book

Briefly explain Strassen’s matrix multiplication. Obtain its (12 Marks) complexity. Apply the algorithm to multiply the given 2 matrices. 1 2 5 6 3 4 X 7 8 b) Differentiate between DFS and BFS tree traversals. Explain how DFS algorithm can be used to obtain the topological sorting with an example. (08 Marks) PART -B 5. a) Write and explain the Heap sort algorithm using top-down approach. Sort the elements {M,O,R,N,I,N,G} in alphabetical order. (10 Marks) b) Explain...

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Will computers replace books in the future?

Will computers replace books in the future?Computers have changed the face of the world. Now reading has even become a big deal on the Internet and e-books are now available all over the web. Then here comes the question—will computers replace books in the future? Let’s have a look. It’s green. No trees have to be cut down to print an e-book. It’s all done electronically and through devices that most people own. Saving thousands of trees is a great thing. Possible lower cost. If people begin...

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Computers Will Soon Replace Books

Computers will soon replace books There has been a lot of talk lately concerning the possibility of computers replacing the position of books in our life. I believe it is truly possible. Many years ago, people used books for everything related to education. In fact, the human’s best source of knowledge and education was the book. But computers have gained popularity in a very short amount of time and everyone at least has one somewhere around their house. We have the need to use computers for...

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Will the Computer Replace the Mind

| Will the Computer Replace the Mind?by Rav B. Horovitz An adaptation based upon articles by Rav S. D. Sassoon and Rav Arye Kaplan. Science and advanced technology appear to have brought us to the pinnacle of the Biblical mandate to subdue the world (Genesis 1:28).  Not only has man conquered the world of outer space, he is achieving domination in the inner space of the nucleus.  He is unravelling the mysteries of genetic codes and is engineering new life forms.  The computer, and the technology...

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Books vs Computers

Books VS Computers Article 1 by Angletetra (Forum Name)  Sep 4, 2007, 10:22am Today,computer is the most important invention since fire was invented. Most people use computer instead of book. According to school research,students choose computer to do their homework. Some people believe that books are more useful than computers. However, this research indicate that children and teenagers benefit from computer more than book. Therefore, schools should purchase computers rather than...

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Why Computers Not Replace Teachers?

professionals. Although a writing major, I also have a working knowledge of computer programming, and will write instructions for my company’s internal software. My fate illustrates the American culture’s devotion to what Neil Postman, chairman of the Department of Culture and Communications at New York University, calls the “god of Technology” in his essay “Virtual Students, Digital Classroom” (140). The explosive growth of computer technology and the Internet over the past decade has deluded many Americans...

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Reading Books and Using Computers

Chapter I Introduction Reading books can take us to any places and time. Just read and let your imagination explore. It also can give us further knowledge to the things that surrounds us. And it help us in our comprehension, practices our fluency, and many others. It can also tour us to the Egypt, Greece, Spain and many place here on earth without wasting money, and energy. It also takes us beyond the outer space, galaxies, meteors, stars and throughout the universe with no needing of rocket....

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Should the Internet Replace the Book As the Chief Tool of Learning?

mainstream. Some people believe that the Internet and other electronic technology can replace all kind of jobs that humans do, including teaching students with screens and keyboards instead of books. They emphasize that the Internet can help people interact to each other beyond the barrier of distance, so books are somehow not necessary in human lives. However, in my opinion, this idea cannot be more ridiculous. Books are irreplaceable for people to read, to learn and to think, whereas web pages and...

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Can Technology Replace Class Teacher

The teacher who learns to incorporate ordinary computer technology into her high school classroom will be more successful. Technology is changing the way people learn. Today’s students are accustomed to using technology in nearly every aspect of their lives, and there are many ways that high school teachers can integrate ordinary computer technology easily into their classrooms to take advantage of students needs, interests, and learning styles. The role of the teacher is to present information...

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Education by Computers – a Better Way? This study examines the role of computers in education in order to show their importance in it and accordingly the reasons. The aim of the researcher is to show an irrefutable irreplaceability of computers in the educational industry, inclosing some notable facts and investigations. The researcher also provides some key advantages of the education by computers, comparing a traditional method of study with a study via computers. Computers are the future...

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Can Computers replace Teachers?...NO.

I don't believe it can be true! I will now justify my reasons. Teacher is the best guide of a child.One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men. But no machine can do the work of one extra-ordinary man.and teachers are extraordinary It would be easier for a computer to build informative children but to repair a broken one a teacher is needed.. These days there is an onslaught of technology on the modern classroom. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students alike are being told that technology...

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E-Books vs. Paperback Books

E-BOOKS VS. PAPERBACK BOOKS Recently, e-book came out and developed rapidly. In 2012, Amazon released news that it sold more e-books than paperback books in the global market in 2011. Interestingly, it was the first time more e-books than paperbacks were sold on Amazon. Some people have predicted that one day e-books will completely replace paperback books. They saw the rapid increase of e-books’ selling and potential. Undeniably, today’s society has a tendency to prefer e-books. But this preference...

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The Computer and Internet, While Being Useful, Can Never Replace the Classroom and the Teacher.’ Discuss.

The Computer and Internet, while being useful, can never replace the classroom and the teacher.’ Discuss. Yes, I would agree with that view. While the computer and Internet provide a wealth of information and a source of entertainment, it is not the ideal environment for teaching and learning. The computer and the Internet are like our textbooks and encyclopedias. However, all-encompassing they are, they are still not replacements for the classroom and the teacher. One does not gain all the knowledge...

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Computer: Word Processor and People

com/2012/09/26/argumentative-essay-are-we-too-dependent-on-computer/ ArgumentativeEssay Are we too dependent on computer? Skip to content Argumentative Essay “Are we too dependent on computer?” Posted on September 26, 2012 by sharmainerodelas             Computers are good means of education because it helps student practice writing, learning and reading. It helps us find out and analyze any kind of information. It makes us think, thus, evolve. With the help of computers and the Internet, we can talk to people from different...

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Nothing Can Replace a Tree

spring? Imagine walking on the sidewalk in your city’s downtown area. As you’re window shopping, you notice a tall, thin rectangular post implanted into the concrete substituting a tree. On the side of the post, there’s a slogan that reads nothing can replace a tree written in capital white letters with a black background. You pay closer attention to the sidewalk and realize that a silhouette of a palm tree is reflecting off of the rectangular post. The author of the advertisement is an environmentalist...

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Computers Taking over Books Response to Anne Prolux

Visal Gallapaththi Ms. Gray ENG3U1 March 7th 2008 Flipping The Screen Half a century ago, people used books for everything related to education. In fact, the human’s best source of knowledge and education was the book. If you wanted to look up a recipe, you opened a book. If you wanted to learn how to fix the radio on your car you opened a book called the manual. If you wanted to know Black beard’s real name you will have to visit the library and go through hundreds ...

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Computer Literacy

The computer technology became a very important aspect in human lives that is greatly relied upon. Nowadays personal computers are made quite affordable and allow for easy and fast way to access information and solve problems in daily life. Life is a continuous information interchange and technological progress helps accelerate this exchange. However, people are so dependable on computers that they do not realize the impact it has on literacy. Computer literacy is essential in our modern society...

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Do you think that e-books will replace printed books? Please discuss the pros and cons of each.

subject of e-books. I have many many thousands of them and I have a huge interest in them. Coupled with this there is nothing I like better than to sit down with a cup of coffee and get stuck in to a good old read. I chose this subject because I wanted to see where I myself stood in the realm of the pros and cons of e-books. Do you think that e-books will replace printed books? Please discuss the pros and cons of each. E-books or Electronic...

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Should students’ textbooks be replaced by notebook computers?

replaced by notebook computers? Are you tired of carrying heavy notebooks and textbooks on a daily basis, losing your papers and reading obsolete books? Many students in high school would agree that using notebook computers would be easier, functional and efficient instead of using textbooks and notebooks. If schools would replace textbooks and notebooks with notebook computers, schools would not have to waste a lot of paper, which causes deforestation. Notebook computers would help the environment...

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last term’s work 2 Description of a computer and the monitor. 3 Features of a computer 4 Importance of a computer as a tool for processing data 5 The System Unit 6 The keyboard and its sections 7 Word Processing 8 Data Processing 9 Stages of Data Processing 10 Information Evolution 11 Revision 12 Examination JS 2 WKS TOPICS 1 ICT as a transformation tool 2 Benefits and disadvantages of ICT 3 ICT Gadgets 4 Computer Programming language 5 Computer Programming Language 6 BASIC Programming...

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“Disadvantages and Advantages of Computer” A Research Paper Presented to Prof. Hans Uy In partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in English IV By: Junaira R. Jamal First Year College March 2013 ACKNOWLEGDMENT I express my deepest gratitude to my family especially my mother who helps me with the grammar, invaluable guidance and blessings. I am very grateful to my English teacher Sir Han Uy for providing us with an environment to complete this project. I would like to thank my...

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Computer Will Soon Replace Books.Doc

Computers have gained popularity over the years and everyone at least has one somewhere stashed around their house. We have the need to use computers for everything. Computers have become sort of like a useful household staple that can manipulate any data we want according to a set of instructions. That's how it is, all we have to do is give the computer instructions and it does all the hard work for us. Books on the other hand, have been around for many centuries- around 1800 BC, while the...

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It Carriers That Can Be Categorised as Computer

IT CARRIERS THAT CAN BE CATEGORISED AS COMPUTER ENGINEER Definition of a Computer Engineer: Computer engineers are combine experts in both electronic engineering and computer science who are required to develop hardware and software of a computer system. Their duties: * Analyze, design, & evaluate computer system for both hardware and software. * Planning, development, testing & supervision of manufacturing of computer hardware including everything from chips to device...

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Will Modern Technology Such as the Internet Ever Replace the Book or the Written Word as the Main Source of Information?

Presently, reading is no longer confined to the print reading. The scope of reading sources has changed drastically in the Internet revolution to include web sites, web pages, e-books, e-journals, e-papers, e-mail, discussion boards, chat rooms, instant messaging, blogs, wikis, and other multimedia documents. Now the potential reader can access and browse the online information from the whole web while using his/her terminal at home. The hypertext and hypermedia technologies allow the e-readers to go from...

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Function of digital computer A typical digital computer system has four basic functional elements:  (1) input-output equipment. (2) main memory. (3) control unit. (4) arithmetic-logic unit.  Any of a number of devices is used to enter data and program instructions into a computer and to gain access to the results of the processing operation. Common input devices include keyboards and optical scanners; output devices include printers and cathode-ray tube and liquid-crystal display monitors...

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Computer as a 20th century tool

 Computers The Most helpful 20th Century Invention “I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most useful empowering too; we’ve every created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user”. – Bill Gates Who can live without a personal computer in the 21th century? The computer as the most wondrous technological invention of the 20th century since the beginning of human era we have always tried to obtain machines...

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Computers and Education

Computers and Education As the days go by, things change. For now, technology is slowly replacing those labored hands that has controlled th8ings for many years. In the two essays, "From Learning as Torture to Learning as Fun" by Don Tapscott and "Makes Learning Fun" by Clifford Stoll, the two authors discuss the use of computers in education. Both authors discuss the positive and negative points that new age generation technology has had on today's society. One author leans toward the good...

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Speech On Computers And Education

motion that computers are good for school children’s education. What is education? It is wholesome development of children’s mind and body. I feel and firmly believe that Computer is intelligent tool for speedy development. Let us talk how advantageous it is …. Computers with help of internet are huge store houses … you can have access to any and all information ….. Any material, idea, even thoughts are easily accessed in another word whole world is now click away. You know due to computers process...

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The Evolution of Computers

As computers have become less expensive, they have been purchased by more and more families for their homes. As a result, more youths and children have started to use computers at earlier ages. Even if there is not a computer available at home, it’s guaranteed that the youth will come into contact with a computer somewhere else, such as school. This may have not been the case a couple decades ago and with that said, computers have been evolving (and still are). The evolution of computers is all possible...

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 What is the most important difference between a computer and a calculator? [RQ, no. 2] How are computers today similar to those from World War II? How are they different? [RQ, no. 3] The way people use the Internet has changed since the early days. How? [RQ, no. 4] Is a smart phone a computer? Explain your answer. [RQ, no. 7] What types of applications are particularly well suited for handheld devices? What common applications are particularly well suited for PCs? [RQ, no. 8] Describe some...

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Computers and children

worshipping only one of those powers. Finally, a single god arises, the computer with the internet. If worshipping means showing respect, appreciation, independence, and submission to the dominance of a certain power on people’s lives, that will be exactly what the computer represents to people nowadays. Unlike other inventions, the computer could successfully penetrate all aspects of people’s lives. Actually, people interact with computers daily, much more than they do with their own families and friends...

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Impact of Computers on Society

The Impact of Computers in Society Everyone knows that this is the age of computer and vast majority of people are using computer. Development of science and technology has direct effect on our daily life as well as in our social life. Computer technology has made communication possible from one part of the world to the other in seconds. They can see the transactions in one part of the world while staying in the other part. Computer development is one of the greatest scientific achievements of...

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Computers in Medical Field

things in history that have influenced our lives more than a computer. Today, there cannot be any field that is absent of the influence of computer applications. From farming to rocket science, computers have a huge role to play. The use of the computer has been on the increase for some time in many fields. Medicine is one of the many fields that have made tremendous strides in the twentieth century due to the advent of computers. Computers are used in medicine in almost all areas. Whether it is...

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Pointers for Why Books Are Important

more books children read, the faster their vocabulary is expanded. Books help them to learn new words and new ways of using the words that they already know. This accelerates preschool child development, and also improves their soft skills in the long run. 2. Reading books to children at bedtime is a wonderful bonding experience that nourishes emotional development. Parents can also help the child relate the incidents in the story to real events in their lives. 3. Encouraging a love of books in...

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Computers in Daily Life

Computers In Daily Life There is a need for more computers in everyday life, in homes, schools and on the job. The advancement of computer technology today in all facets of the world, and life are growing to the point that everyone will need a computer to carry out their everyday life. Computer technology today is at the threshold of making life easier for everyone in the world. Computers are helping students get better grades in school, from help with homework over the internet to doing research...

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Now Is the Time to Be Computer Literate

Now Is The Time To Be Computer Literate Now is the time to become computer literate. Now is the time to become familiar and comfortable with the computer because in the future we will become virtually a paperless society and many daily activities will be linked to the computer. Mail delivery to the home and business will be almost entirely phased out and e-mail will replace it. Bills will come via the computer and paid the same way. Pay checks will be electronically deposited to your bank...

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History of Computers

What is a computer? Well, the english dictionary states that it is “Also called [a] processor. An electronic device designed to accept data, perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed, and display the results of these operations” (dictionary, 2011). But, computers are much more than that. Computers are not just pieces of equipment, they are tools that make up our everyday lives and greatly help and facilitate them; they make our lives faster, easier, simpler, and more efficient...

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Morality and Ethics and Computers

Morality and Ethics and Computers There are many different sides to the discussion on moral and ethical uses of computers. In many situations, the morality of a particular use of a computer is up to the individual to decide. For this reason, absolute laws about ethical computer usage is almost, but not entirely, impossible to define. The introduction of computers into the workplace has introduced many questions as well: Should employers make sure the workplace is designed to minimize health...

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Computers Computers have made life easier for the human race. Americans today take for granted the great impact the computer has on their lives, making things easier, faster, and more convenient for them. Computers helped the world a lot and helped us take a large step into the future. Almost anything you know is run or made by computers, industry, cars, jets, and ect. Computers are the most important innovations in history, without computers the world would not be able to function in the...

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Types and Components of Computer Systems

and components of computer systems Hardware Memory There are two types of memory: • RAM (random access memory) • ROM (read only memory). Random access memory RAM is the computer’s ‘working memory’. RAM temporarily stores programs and data that are being used at a given time. The contents of RAM can be changed and are lost when the computer is turned off. This is known as ‘volatile memory’. Read only memory The main use of ROM is to store the program that runs when the computer is turned on which...

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Computer Systems Used in Surgeries and How This Technology Is Going to Replace Doctors

------------------------------------------------- Computer Systems used In Surgeries and how this technology is going to replace doctors in Saudi Arabia ------------------------------------------------- Outlines II How does CAS perform ? A What is CAS? 1. Definition 2. Theory a. Algorithm B What does it consist of? 1. The operation system 2. Software for analyzing a. How to create 3D model b. Path planning file C stages of...

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Virus ProtectionThis can improve a computers

Virus Protection This can improve a computers performance because it means when you go on the internet you don’t download any viruses off the internet and that means your computer doesn’t become slow because of these viruses so it speeds it up. Recommend virus protection because it can save your computer from viruses and that is a massive benefit because it means you can keep your work and any personal details that you have on your computer so it saves your computer and plus saves you from losing...

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Importance on Computer in Education

information taken from books, online newspaper and online articles. A. Foreign Literature History The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 allocated money to bring new technology into schools, including computers. In 1975, Apple Computer first donated computers to schools, and by 1981 educational "drill and practice" programs were developed. By 1996, many schools were rewired for Internet access. Importance of Computer in Primary Schools The use of computer education in both public...

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Books And Computers

12, 2014 In what Ways Books are Similar to Computers? In what Ways are Different? Where are the sources of information and knowledge for us? Books and computers are our information and knowledge, but they have some differences and similarities. We need to know what ways books are different from computers, and what ways books are similar to computers. It is very helpful when we use books and computers. Books and computers have some ways that they are different. Computers have a big source of knowledge...

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Computer Addiction

COMPUTER ADDICTION Addiction - "a habit so strong that one cannot give it up." We are all aware that people form addictions to many things, from cocaine to gambling. References to alcoholism, workaholism, even chocoholism, are commonplace throughout our society. The idea that people can form addictions to computing is a relatively new one, but quickly gaining ground. Perhaps some day the word "netaholism" will be as widely-used as the others; being a "user" may have more connotation than we realize...

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Computer in Todays World

The Place of Computer in Today’s World Introduction: Today, we are living in a computer age. The awareness of computer is more than at any other time. It has dominated almost all the fields. There is hardly an industry, which does not use computers. It is not anymore thought of as a mere calculating machine. Computers are used in banks, factories, in Government offices, education institutions, for research and development and even supermarkets. The Computer plays a very vital role in the following...

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Computer & Engineering

How Individual information systems can improve personal productivity ( My Own Practice) Reading, writing, arithmetic, speaking, and listening are all considered basic skills. These skills are useful over a wide range of problems that people encounter. Now use of computer-based personal productivity tools is emerging as a new standard in education. My own skills improved and still growing with that strange hit and pick the keys of keyboard and the big different way to writing and do our thing without...

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computer effect on happiness

Chapter 3, reading #1 Computers and the Pursuit of Happiness Summary: In the essay “Computers and the Pursuit of Happiness,” David Gelernter explains the influence of new technology, especially Internet and Computers on people’s life and society. David Gelernter divides his essay in three part, in the first part he speaks of information age. He believes that we are not in the information age, therefore he considers the necessity of coal, steel and concrete unchanged, even though we are not...

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E-books E-books open up all kinds of new opportunities, especially in the areas of education, entertainment, and business. Schools around the country take advantage of E-books and other online materials. In most cases, the price to access the electronic material is much lower than buying an actual hard copy of the book. I have personally seen this model used in my courses at Penn State. Many of my classes require reading assignments that are in an electronic format. E-books have also revolutionized...

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Books or Internet?

A, T/F 4:30-6:00pm, Juan Jaime Nolasco,October 05, 2012 Effectiveness of Learning between Books and Internet Estrada, Ralftinn Diorowie P., Logic, CAS-02 501 A, T/F 4:30-6:00pm, Juan Jaime Nolasco,October 05, 2012 21st centuty the age of moderm technology, the time were artificial intelligence exixts through the use of computer. Computer is a programmable device, a flexible machine thet can manipulate data and turn into a information. It aids more importantly in education.Book is a set...

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What Can I Do with a Computer

Section 3 6 Section 4 7 Documentation of Prices 9 Section 1 (What Can I Do With A Computer): Due to the fact that I am an Accounting and Finance double major there are many needs that this computer I am buying for the University of Delaware and after must contain. To start off, I will start with talking about what this computer needs for both aspects of college and post college. First and most obviously, this computer needs to be able to connect with the Internet quickly and efficiently while...

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[ Research Paper ] The Effects of Computer to Humans Daniel V. Garcia IV – Earth Mrs. Bernas Part I : The Inroduction One of the answer in addressing the poor state of the Philippines is by producing a bigger workforce and putting more investment. Science and technology is necessary to answer the problem. Science, as a field of study of most professionals, is rapidly revolving. In fact, by means of Science and Technology, tools and modern machine are invented due to the creative mind...

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A computer is not an acronym and is sometimes abbreviated as comp or 'puter. The term "computer" was originally given to humans who performed numerical calculations using mechanical calculators such as the abacus and slide rule. The term was later given to a mechanical device as they began replacing the human computers. Today's computers are electronic devices that accept data (input), process that data, produces output, and then store (storage) the results. The first computer was called the ENIAC...

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Computer related jobs in business

Computers in Business Almost every business uses computers to complete daily tasks. From making contact with clients to inputting data for reports, computers allow businesses a more efficient way to manage affairs when compared to traditional paper and manila folders. Businesses use a variety of different types of computers such as desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones and tablets, depending on their needs. With computers, employees are able to work anytime, anywhere. Communication Communication...

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