"Can A Person Be Skeptical About Everything Or Are There Limits Is It Possible To Doubt Everything Or Almost Everything Are There Beliefs You Possess That Cannot Be Challenged Or Shown To Be False" Essays and Research Papers

Can A Person Be Skeptical About Everything Or Are There Limits Is It Possible To Doubt Everything Or Almost Everything Are There Beliefs You Possess That Cannot Be Challenged Or Shown To Be False

Can a person be skeptical about everything, or are there limits?  Is it possible to doubt everything, or almost everything? Are there beliefs you possess that cannot be challenged or shown to be false? How might the skeptic respond to your claim that such a belief cannot be doubted? Identify one such specific belief and present your response to the skeptic. Skeptic people distrust and question all accepted judgments. If your journey is toward touching reality, then skepticism is a constructive...

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------------------------------------------------- Everything From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Everything (disambiguation). Everything (or every thing), is all that exists; the opposite of nothing, or its complement. The totality of things relevant to some subject matter. Without expressed or implied limits, it may refer to anything. The Universe is often defined as everything that exists. It may refer to an anthropocentric worldview,[1] or the sum of human experience...

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might need special biomedical training Might want to have a master’s degree Can take courses in biology, Physiology, medical instrumentation, biochemistry or biophysics They might want to get an advance degree in biomedical engineering or related sciences Need to have a broad background Continue studying through the career to keep up with new developments You might also need to be licensed by the state in witch you work Responsibilities and Daily Activities: Solve health related and medical...

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Everything Is Possible

page.4 5. References page.5 Answer for question 1 Everything is possible when we put effort on it. By having a good partner, we can reach our goal more easily. Maybe we will meet some problem when starting our business but if we don’t give up and try our best to get pass the problem we facing, we will be able to get a good result in our business. Example, Ryan and Aaron only get sales of about $17,000 in the first year but they put more effort on their business and start...

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" and many can be prevented. Accidental injuries become more frequent and serious in later life. Thus, attention to safety is especially important for older persons. Several factors make people in this age group prone to accidents. Poor eyesight and hearing can decrease awareness of hazards. Arthritis, neurological diseases, and impaired coordination and balance can make older people unsteady. Various diseases and medications, alcohol, and preoccupation with personal problems can result in...

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forget " - "Here near you near him There should iron grinding on metal " -Eat remember who planted trees Name expectation remember him when old. -Com shirt parent letters teachers To work that day completed on -O continent humbled not bear words the teacher -From the monk, the sell themselves monk. -Thin a plaited father, thin three plaited teacher 1. Học thầy không tày học bạn: We learn not at school but in life. 2. Không thầy đố mày làm nên: Nothing can succeed without the help...

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Can Science Explain Everything?

Can Science Explain Everything? There are many facts today that are known to be true that science hasn’t been able to account for. Scientists are still very active in their search to prove some of the puzzling questions that remain unanswered. In Elliot Sober’s work, Can Science Explain Everything, he addresses that controversial question. Sober thesis claims to prove that when science attempts to explain events, and does so by describing its causes, it will never find answers to global why-questions...

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Everything to Know About Journeys

between two places. If you journey from one place to another, you travel there. A journey can be physical, mental, psychological or even spiritual. In a journey you can face challenges, hardships and obstacles but it’s your task to face the challenges, push away the hardship and overcome any obstacle that falls before you. Of course there are always two sides to a story. Journeys aren’t always full of hardship and sorrow; they can be full of joy and happiness. In a journey you can experience new things...

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When Everything Changes, Change Everything

When Everything Changes- Change Everything? How do you deal with change? Are you a change-agent or a mere resistance to change? Are you intimidated with the possibility, and have the pessimistic ‘what-if’ personality? Do you change the change itself by physical or clout power? Or are you strong and welcome the possibility of something new? How do you take change? How should you take change? I guess I just flustered you with my mountain of enigmas. Sorry! I would still like you to answer those...

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Discourse on Descartes Skeptical Method

Sebastian Gumina Paper Topic #1 Descartes’ Skeptical Method Descartes’ method offers definitive conclusions on certain topics, (his existence, the existence of God)but his reasoning is not without error. He uses three arguments to prove existence (His and God’s) that attempt to solidify his conclusions. For his method to function seamlessly, Descartes needs to be consistent in his use of the method, that is, he must continue to doubt and challenge thoughts that originate in his own mind...

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Everything Bad Is Good for You (Essay)

Educational Tools Playing video games and watching TV shows are beneficial types of popular culture. Conventional wisdom would argue that new media is a bad influence and that the only way to be intelligent is by reading. In the book Everything Bad is Good For You, author Steven Johnson, argues that even though our popular culture seems to get dumber, it is actually getting smarter. Johnson proves his arguments by comparing and explaining the benefits of the complexity of modern video games, television...

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Attitude Is Everything


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attitude toward the things he knows or thinks he knows. This is one of the attitudes of a man to doubt. Doubt is that state of the mind in which a suspended judgment ensues, due to the mind's inability to decide whether the judgment is true or false. If the mind can discover no reasons, or practically no reasons, which enable it to come to a decision regarding the truth or error of its judgment, then the doubt is negative. If it has discovered reasons, but if they are of practically equal weight for and...

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Universal Methodic Doubt

Universal Methodic Doubt All opinions and beliefs must be doubted As we doubt, we cannot doubt that are doubting To doubt that we are doubting by itself proves that we are indeed doubting. Unless we are doubting, we can never attempt to doubt that we are doubting. The fact that we doubt is to affirm a truth. We doubt, therefore we exist. Unless we exist. Unless we exist, we cannot doubt. “I think, therefore, I exist.” “I doubt, therefore, I am.” COGITO ERGO SUM Since we doubt, we are not perfect...

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Philosophy. Theories of Knowledge. What Is Wrong the Claim That Knowledge Is True Judgment (or Belief)?

that knowledge is true judgment (or belief)? What is knowledge? What is truth? How can we really know for sure if one judgment holds more truth than another? My theory of knowledge is information passed on from one person to the next. Before I am able to answer the above questions I have asked, the question of this idea that is true knowledge must be defined first. Knowledge can be any new piece of information that I come across daily. The coin phrase “you learn something new everyday” came...

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You Were My Everything - Aviation

YOU WERE MY EVERYTHING This goes out to someone that was Once the most important person in my life I didn't realize it at the time I can't forgive myself for the way I treated you so I don't really expect you to either It's just... I don't even know Just listen… You're the one that I want, the one that I need The one that I gotta have just to succeed When I first saw you, I knew it was real I'm sorry about the pain I made you feel That wasn't me; let me show you the way...

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West of Everything

becoming a part of his own imagined place. In Jane Tompkins’ West of Everything, the west is “an environment inimical to human beings—no shelter, no water no rest, no comfort. Be brave, be strong enough to endure this, it says, and you will become hard, austere, sublime,” (Tompkins 71). These physical attributes also accompany the emotional ones—hard with cold, austere with solitary, sublime with larger than life—dichotomies that cannot be found in the East. Chris McCandless was raised an Easterner, and...

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My Life: Everything Is Possible

cry-babyness syndrome. Whenever I cry, they would get pissed because they would get blame since I am the only girl. After they got scolded, they would pick on me again, and I would just sulk and continue playing unnoticing them. The unusual thing about me when I was a child was I never had a barbie. Other little girls would beg their parents to buy them one, but I on the other hand, wanted a remote control car. I think, the only friends that I have excluding my cousins was our next-door...

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Descartes Method of Doubt

Descartes method of doubt is his personal quest for certainty in knowledge, a system that allows us to find a way to be assured that what we feel we “know” is not just a figment of his imagination but an infallible truth. The motivation for his method of doubts begins as a question of the possibility that all his thoughts could be false on the basis that he has had many false beliefs before and could possibly have formed more false beliefs with a fabricated base, and that in order to have stable...

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The Objective Basis of Morality Challenged

Objective Basis of Morality Challenged The origins of morality and what is defined as "good" or "bad", "unethical" or "moral" can easily boggle the mind. It is a topic that can be debated almost endlessly. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration to provide valid philosophies; yet there will still always be debatable elements. Two concepts of morality that are in direct opposition of each other are moral objectivism and moral relativism. Moral relativism can be subjective, in which...

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Everything for Sale

Everything for Sale by Robert Kuttner: A Summary [Insert full name here] [Insert institutional information here] Everything for Sale by Robert Kuttner: A Summary In his book, Robert Kuttner (1999) tries to shake the dominant orthodoxy of laissez-faire economics, which he sees as the “natural form of capitalism,” by attempting to “reclaim a defensible middle ground” between when the market is “best left alone” and when it “needs help” (p. 5). Kuttner’s...

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Every Person Is an Architect of His Own Future

Every person is an architect of his future. Discuss. First draft Batyrkhan Saniya, ID 20122886 Academic Reading and Writing Course GEN 1120 Turgan Zhanadilov 12 February 2013 Outline I. Introduction. Thesis statement: Although some people believe that it is quite hard to manage the future because of inevitable fate, there seem to be no doubt that the person and only person is a creator of the future. II. Body. A. First, the future depends on person’s attitude to life. 1....

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Everything about clothes.

proverb says: there is no bad weather, there are bad clothes. Another proverb says: everything is good in its season. When you think what to wear, choose the right dress. Think what is good at the sports ground and what is good at the party and why a long dress looks beautiful on a woman but is funny on a little girl. When you buy clothes, try them on, make sure that they are your size, that they suit you well and that you like their colour. Fashion is something we deal with everyday. Even people...

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Doubt Is the Key to Knowledge

Doubt is the key to knowledge” (Persian Proverb). To what extent is this true in two areas of knowledge? Firstly, to understand fully the proverb, definitions should be given. Doubt is the psychological status of being stuck between believing and disbelieving, involving uncertainty and distrust in a particular situation or issue or when there is lack of hard evidence and facts to support the alleged information, action, motive or decision. When you question a notion or you are open to inquisition...

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Everything Is Possible

Everything is possible. Charles F. Kettering said that “Nothing ever built to touch the skies unless some man dreamed that it should, some man believed that it could, and some man willed that it must.” Everything is possible in each of our lives; we simply have to sense it, see it and act upon it. After all, where would we be without men like Thomas Edison who believed there could be light, saw the vision in his mind and acted upon everything that was possible for him? Emily Dickinson phrased it...

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God's Existence Can Be Proven a Priori

“God’s existence can be proved a priori” Discuss Trying to prove that God exists is a difficult argument and many people have tried many different ways. The Ontological argument is one argument; at the centre of the argument is the concept of existence. The Ontological argument has been argued from a group of philosophers for the existence of God. "Ontological" means talking about being and so that being is the existence of God. The ontological argument differs from other arguments in favour...

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Everything Is Illuminated

years, and some people just forget the past. No matter what the situations are, people all have different ways to cope. In the novel Everything is Illuminated, Jonathan Safran Foer utilizes this theme and applies it to each of his main characters. His characters all have different atrocities, some more so than others. For instance Alex has an abusive father and can only solve his problems threw his newfound love for writing. Grandpa betrayed his best friend, and we learn from his stories and his...

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Everything Bad Is Good for You Review

in his work Everything Bad is Good for You. Possibly the best thing about this book is how upfront Johnson is with his message. His aims at convincing his audience of a simple yet novel idea: popular culture has become more complex and mentally stimulating over the past thirty years. One of Johnson’s greatest strengths in his writing is how often he circulates to that point, making it certain his point shines throughout the book. Johnson is treading thin ice with his statements about the “dumbed...

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Everything Is Illuminated

hands of German fascism in World War II. This is all that is Left. They destroyed everything.” This quote came from the film, Everything is Illuminated (2005), directed by Leiv Scheiber which contains various types of discrimination during World War II. Discrimination took place in Alex’s home, when getting directions from the country workers, and at the Trachimbrod. At The beginning of the film, Alex talks about how his Grandfather started a business for aiding rich Jewish people to search for...

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The Concept of the Internet of Everything

of the Internet of Everything Introduction In the last three decades, technology has evolved in tremendous ways. The world has gone trough changes; from Cathode ray tube (CRT) computers to portable and smart devices such as tablets and digital frames .The Internet of Everything (IoE) formerly known as the Internet of Things (IoT) [as proposed by Kevin Ashton during 1999], is the term used to describe how in the next few decades almost everything will be connected to everything. To understand this...

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Everything Bad Is Good for You

You hear throughout developed culture that popular media has a tendency to “dumb” down societies. Whether you believe this idea is solely based on your discretion, but there is one man who took the time to analyze this collective supposition deeply. Steven Johnson and his written work Everything Bad Is Good For You looked at the effects from popular media from an alternative perspective. Looking past the arguments of morality, Johnson calls attention to the progressive complexity in cultures...

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False Beliefs

Some false beliefs answered To think according to principle, to possess true faith and believe and accept the true Commands of Islam is known as “Aqeeda”. If one‟s Aqeeda is corrupt, then one‟s Imaan is improper and if one‟s Imaan is not proper, then his Amaal (actions) are useless. In other words, Aqeeda is the soul, Imaan is the body and Amal is the garb.To have good and strong Imaan, one must have the proper Aqeeda. It is for this reason that we quote a few un-Islamic beliefs together with the...

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Rene Descartes and a discription of his dream and evil demon conjectures, method of doubt, and clear and distinct testing. Also, the bad and good of his theory (opinion).

skepticism as a means of finding the truth of all. His idea was to doubt everything, and in doubting everything, anything that couldn't be doubted was definite. "I will doubt everything that can possibly be doubted, he reasons, and if anything is left, then it will be absolutely certain." (Moore/Bruder 93) This, Descartes felt was the only way to obtain truth and knowledge. This method was to take away all the confidence in everything that was taught to us, what we sense and believe, and the things...

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Explain some of the philosophical issues outlined in the film, The Matrix / We cannot be certain of anything. Discuss and evaluate.

of epistemology is explored. One aspect of this philosophical issue that is tackles is whether we can trust our senses. In the film Morpheus says: ‘real is simply electrical impulses interpreted by your brain’. Everything we see is just light waves being reflected off objects into our eyes, everything we touch stimulates electrical impulses in our nervous system that travel to our brain and everything we hear is just sound waves being interpreted by mechanisms in our ears. Does this mean we can’t...

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Do Children Always Believe Everything They’re Told?

always believe everything they’re told? From a very young age children absorb information about their surroundings as well as learning about themselves. Being that they are unable to question and explore as adults do, due to physical or cognitive restrictions, we see that much of what a child learns is through imitation. Meltzoff and Moore (1977) showed that infants from as young as 12 days can imitate both manual and facial gestures. Further on in a child's development we can see evidence that...

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Let Everything Go And Relax

Let Everything Go And Relax Rumi states, “Travel brings power and love back into your life.” I completely agree with Rumi. Travelling is the most favorite thing that I would like to do. I am a friendly person, and I can listen to people whenever they have problem or are upset. However, it is very difficult for me to express my opinions and emotions when I feel stressful and sad. At that time, I want to travel to bring my emotions back. Nowadays, we are living in the most modern and convenient...

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Summary on Everything Good Will Come

Everything Good Will Come heralds the full-length debut of a powerful new voice in feminist fiction - Sefi Atta, whose short stories have garnered acclaim from Red Hen Press and Zoetrope, among others. Told in the voice of Enitan Taiwo, a young woman living in Lagos, Nigeria, in the aftermath of that country's independence, Everything Good Will Come's narrative covers nearly thirty years and is framed by the lifelong friendship between Enitan and Sheri, a half-caste neighbor girl with a sharp tongue...

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How Is Certainty Possible?

How Is Certainty Possible? Certainty is defined as being free of doubt. In philosophy is there such a thing that we know without any doubt? Do we know anything with absolute certainty? Although we may believe to have genuine knowledge in some cases, there are other cases in which we do not know, but only think we know. Now therein lies the problem, how do we distinguish what is absolutely certain and what is not? This is why the idea of knowledge and certainty is so important. Both empiricists...

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Question Everything - Mock Tok Essay

Question everything. Who do you trust for answers, and why do you trust them? It's said that science seek the truth, but we can never be a hundred percent sure that something is true or false. The last decade, the production of new knowledge has increased significantly, at the same time scientific knowledge has become considerably more available and there is a lot of different scientific theories out there. This gives us the possibility to take informed choices and to have the power to make sure...

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A Time and Place for Everything

Time and Place for Everything Appearances are often deceiving, and at first glance, things are not always which they seem. The same can be said for James Joyce’s work of fiction, “The Dead.” In this short story, which revolves around the Misses Morkan’s annual dance, readers are given insight into the relationship between Gabriel Conroy and his wife Gretta. While the title may suggest it may have to do with the dead, the meaning goes beyond just death, as Joyce develops a story about loss and love....

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Everything That Rises Must Converge

Generations of people always grow up learning different beliefs from their parents, who usually still hold on to old fashioned beliefs and ideas. “Everything That Rises Must Converge”, by Flannery O’ Connor, is considered a humorous but enthralling tale of a college graduate named Julian who lives with his prejudiced mother. The story takes place a couple years after segregation ended in the South, and African Americans and Caucasians can share public transit. Throughout the story, O’Connor impresses...

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Belief has been defined by dictionary as “An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.” or it is a “psychological state in which an individual holds a conjecture or premise to be true”. However, this is just the basic definition of belief, and if we think beyond the meanings of this word, we would probably realized that these do NOT make sense. There is a scale for belief, from -10 to 10, from impossible to certain. People believed that after they die, they will go to hell...

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Knowledge and Belief

made between belief and knowledge in the given dialogue. Then explain what the importance of this distinction is. In Gorgias, Plato uses a conversation between two men to lay the groundwork for knowledge and belief, suggesting that everything is subjective when it comes to these words, and their definitions are open for much interpretation past their most simplest of meanings. Gorgias is meant as a guideline in which we can decide whether or not an object, idea, or event is belief or knowledge...

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Everything You Need to Know About Kenya

country in the continent of Africa, on the Indian Ocean coast of East Africa. This country has land on both sides of the equator. This report is going to tell you all about this fascinating country. Jambo (Hello), and we can begin our safari (journey). "Jambo" and "safari" are Kiswahili words, one of the languages of Kenya. Kenya is about two times the size of Nevada. It's slightly smaller than Texas and slightly larger than California, our 2nd and 3rd largest states respectively. The countries...

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Belief Has Been Described as “Certainty About What Cannot Be Seen”. Does This Statement Hold True Any, Some or All Areas of Knowledge?

Tan Belief has been described as “certainty about what cannot be seen”. Does this statement hold true any, some or all areas of knowledge? Over the years, philosophers have tried to grapple with the concepts of belief, certainty and knowledge. Despite numerous controversial claims and arguments that come from both sides, we have yet to come upon a general consensus. However, the contention here is that belief can contribute to all areas of knowledge. Even though belief can be associated...

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Descartes methods of doubt

all of his beliefs. I will begin with Descartes’ first meditation, showing how he argues his reasons of doubt. Followed with Descartes’ second meditation, presenting the one piece of knowledge that Descartes finds irrefutable and explaining why he believes it to be so. Descartes formulates three different skepticisms while reflecting on a number of falsehoods he was led to believe throughout his life. Upon reflection, Descartes decides that he must establish a new foundation of beliefs, he declares...

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Should Everything Be For Sale?

Should Everything Be For Sale? Should everything be for sale? A very thought inciting question that inspires great debate on moral standings. Morality, is concerned with social practices defining right and wrong (Beauchamp, Bowie, & Arnold, 2008). What is just, what is fair, what is the right thing to do in a situation? What is wrong? What is ethical, what is moral? “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world” (Camus, 2014). We find ourselves facing three moral dilemmas...

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Marketing Is Everything Reading Notes

Alexis Tapia BUS 103 Sec 022 April 17, 2015 Marketing is Everything Reading Notes Mckenna, R. (1991). Marketing is everything. Harvard Business Review,1-10 Main Idea: This article discusses the transformations of strategic marketing. Marketing is not what one initially assumes it is, and with the technological changes and innovations coming about, marketing has faced several barriers and future impact. Choice is being influenced by the transformation of technology and business is being transformed...

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The Internet Changed Everything

The Internet Changed Everything The internet is a worldwide way to exchange information and communicate with others through a series of interconnected computers. Day by day we see ourselves changing due to new technological advances. The internet makes our technology more exciting and more interesting. With the use of the internet now available on mobile and home phones, tablets, gaming consoles, digital televisions, laptops, notebooks and pcs we are turning to the internet more than ever. Many...

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Point of View in "Everything that Rises Must Converge"

Taahirah O’Neal Professor Ruane English 1302 13 April 2015 Point of View in ‘Everything That Rises Must Converge’ In Flannery O’Connor’sEverything That Rises Must Converge”, Julian Chestny, a young white man struggles to accept the ignorant beliefs and actions of his elderly mother in a post-civil rights era. The point of view plays an important role in this story and how readers interpret it. A point of view is the vantage point of which the story's told. O’Connor uses point of view to help...

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Anything and everything

people in the United States watch some sort of reality TV. It has become so popular that most of the channels that are flipped through involve some sort of reality. A new reality hit show just started airing on CMT called “Party Down South” and fans cannot get enough of it. The show hasn’t been on too long and the eight main characters, four guys and four girls, are already a huge hit. This is one reason it is addicting to watch is because the viewers’ imagine themselves being on TV just like the people...

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1. What Does Clifford Consider to Be the Appropriate Ethical Norm Governing Belief Formation and Maintenance

In The Ethics of Belief by W.K Clifford this philosopher states that it is wrong in every situation ever to believe anything based on insufficient evidence, as it is wrong for someone to simply believe something to be true based solely on the sincerity of their convictions or by stifling their doubts. He states that if the origin of the belief is not founded on proven fact then the believer is guilty of an untrue/false belief as a result of not taking the time or having the patience to investigate...

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The Day Everything Went Wrong

and without regret, he bet it all and braved the fall". For me, that is the day everything went wrong. Ray and Jerilynn, My parents and my daughter, Alexa live in Costa Mesa, California. My Mothers sister Aunt Carole and Uncle Lenny, Karen, Joe and Johnny my cousins live about a block away. I, myself had been living in Newport Beach, California, about 5 miles away. Regardless I saw them all, most every day. I can still feel the humidity on my skin and in my hair on that very dark day. It was...

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You Can't Have Everything, Where Would You Put It? Hoarders

You can't have everything, where would you put it? Hoarders Imagine you wake to find that your house is on fire. Most people can name the few possessions that are near and dear to their hearts that they would grab immediately before exiting their burning home. Imagine feeling that strongly about each and every single thing you possess, and now imagine that your home is so full of possessions that all that stuff actually prohibits you exiting in a safe and timely manner...

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“in the Modern World, Image Is Everything.” Discuss.

GP Essay: “In the modern world, image is everything.” Discuss. It only takes about seven seconds for a stranger to form a first impression of you. Especially in our modern world, the image we project of ourselves is becoming even more crucial since the increasing openness and inter-connectedness of the world makes it much easier for people to do ‘research’ on who you are. An image is paramount to all levels of society from the individual, to the corporate, to the national. Therefore, image does...

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Descartes' Skeptical Argument and Reponses by Bouwsma and Malcolm

Descartes' Skeptical Argument and Reponses by Bouwsma and Malcolm In this essay, I will examine Rene Descartes' skeptical argument and responses by O.K. Bouwsma and Norman Malcolm. I intend to prove that while both Bouwsma and Malcolm make points that refute specific parts of Descartes' argument in their criticisms, neither is sufficient in itself to refute the whole. In order to understand Descartes' argument and its sometimes radical ideas, one must have at least a general idea of...

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Everything Wrong with Capitalism: A History

During the latter part of the 19th Century, industrial growth was allowed to proceed at an almost unregulated pace. With recent advancements in technology to spur industrial growth, the government had no rulings on how far in big business is too far. The four main business leaders of the time: Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, and Andrew Carnegie. These men were at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution in America and the ways that they reached their levels of wealth were...

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Everything That Rises Must Converge\

"True culture is in the mind, the mind," he said and tapped his head, "the mind." "It's in the heart," she said, "and in how you do things is because of who you are." The webboard postings referencing the Flannery O'Connor short story "Everything That Rises Must Converge" bear a strong relationship to the above mentioned mini-debate between the characters Julian and his mother. Utilizing the devices of setting, point of view, and round characterization to propel her plot forward, O'Connor elicits...

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Hamlet Essay - Timing is Everything

Timing is everything In order for one to act, the timing must be perfect. This can result in someone getting what they want, or never being able to achieve what they truly want. Indecisiveness, hesitation, and delay, are three major reasons why the play Hamlet is a tragedy. Hamlet has lost his father because his power hungry uncle Claudius murdered him. Hamlet being enraged wants to desperately seek revenge. In William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Hamlet delayed in killing Claudius because...

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Money Isn't Everything

In my opinion, money isn't everything. What are your feelings towards money? To me it's alot of things, but not everything. I learned money wasn't everything the hard way last year. It was beat into me by seven other people. I also learn alot of other lessons as well. Like, never wear a work uniform in an area where they're looking to attack anyone who has money, and don't ever try to hold onto anything that can be replace because it's not worth losing your life over it. All of these three lessons...

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