• Value Neurality
    Value Neutrality Yes a counselor can remain value neutral about issues such as abortion, suicide, adultery, drug use, domestic violence, or child abuse. We are obligated to remain neutral and not pass judgment. A counselor must always be self-aware and remember that the client's principles are the
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  • Law Law Related Issues
    FUNDAMENTALISM conservative movement in American Protestantism arising outof the millenarian movement of the19th century and emphasizing as fundamental to Christianity the literal interpretation and absolute inerrancy of the Scriptures, the imminent and physical Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the
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  • Drug Laws
    This page intentionally left blank The Bedford Handbook For Bedford / St. Martin’s Executive Editor: Michelle M. Clark Senior Development Editor: Barbara G. Flanagan Development Editor: Mara Weible Senior Production Editor: Anne Noonan Senior Production Supervisor: Dennis Conroy Executiv
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  • Domestic Violence
    Domestic Violence Counseling Training Manual Developed by Cornerstone Foundation, June, 2003 Liana Epstein, Women’s Program Coordinator 0-56 TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION TOPIC PAGE 1 Introduction 2 2 The Nature of Domestic Violence 9 3 Belizean Factors an
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  • Abortion
    Abortion: Parental Consent Abortion: Parental Consent Attempts to obtain an abortion are much more difficult for minors than for their adult counterparts due in part to laws and restrictions that regulate the consent and notification of a minor's parents. Thirty-four states require some...
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  • Domestic Violence
    Licensed to: iChapters User Licensed to: iChapters User A Concise Introduction to Logic, Eleventh Edition Patrick J. Hurley Publisher: Clark Baxter Senior Sponsoring Editor: Joann Kozyrev Development Editor: Florence Kilgo Assistant Editor: Nathan Gamache Editorial Assistant:...
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