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Business Research Questions And Answers Exam Mba

Le PHIL 301 Professor Stieb Midterm Exam, May 2, 2013 1/ What is ethics? What are some common ethical types? Why do business people need it? Can ethics be taught to people? Ethics is a study of morality, stems from the ancient Greek “ethos” meaning custom or habit. It is a study of theories concerning what is good and evil in human conduct. There is no particular set of laws defining what is ethical and what is not, because there is no right or wrong answer. The second sense of ethics speak of...

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Exam 2 Questions & Answers

ALL FI515 Week 5 Exam Answers ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form QUESTION 1: Which of the following statements is CORRECT? 1. One of the disadvantages of a sole proprietorship is that the proprietor is exposed to unlimited liability. 2. It is generally easier to transfer one’s ownership interest in a partnership than in a corporation. 3. One of the advantages of the corporate form of organization is that it avoids double taxation. 4. One of the advantages of a...

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Week7Mock Exam Questions with answers

Mock Exam Questions Set 1 1. Identify and briefly describe the three forms of the efficient market hypothesis. The three forms of the efficient market hypothesis (EMH) are: The weak form. The weak form asserts that current stock prices fully reflect all available security market data The semi strong form. The semi strong form of the EMH asserts that public security prices fully reflect all information (including security market data). The strong form. The strong form of the EMH asserts that...

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mba/503 final exam questions

 MBA/503 Final Exam Name:__________________ 1. An item which may be converted to cash within one year or one operating cycle of the firm is classified as a A) current liability. B) long-term asset. (correct) C) current asset. D) long-term liability. 2. Which account represents the cumulative earnings of the firm since its formation, minus dividends paid? A) Paid-in capital B) Common stock C)...

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Mba Essay Questions

Admissions Essay Questions (Graduate): Please thoroughly answer the questions below in an essay with a minimum of 500 words. The admissions committee is looking for the following things: 2-3 paragraphs per question; examples to illustrate your points; correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. The admissions committee looks at these essay questions carefully when considering your application to our programs. If you have any questions about these questions or the application process, please...

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Business Law: Exam Questions

Exam for Business Law 84 questions Jurisdiction –the power to hear and decide a case. Has multiple dimensions. Appellate jurisdiction – the authority of a court to review a prior decision in the same case but made by another court Original jurisdiction – the authority of a court to hear and decide a dispute in the first instance Trial courts Supreme court of the US is in some instances an original jurisdiction court Treaties is an example of when supreme court Personal jurisdiction – inpersonam...

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MKW1120 exam practice question and answer

2012 Exam Question Answer Q1. Marketing can be defined as an organization function and a set of process foe creating, communicating and delivering value to the customer and for managing customer relationship in a way that it benefits the organization and its stakeholders. In order to understand the marketplace and customer needs and wants, marketers need to identify the needs of the consumer, which is defined as the state of felt deprivation, such as hunger and self-actualization needs...

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Exam Question and Answer

Parliament practise exam question – a) Explain the term life peers used in the extract (5 marks) * According to the extract, life peers sit in the House of Lords. They sit in the House of Lords for life and are appointed by the Prime Minister by recommendations from his/her party as well as the opposition. The Life peerages Act of 1958 set the conditions for Life peers to be appointed and examples include Lord Sugar and Lord Mandleson. Life peers make up the majority of the House of Lords...

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Research Questions For Business Students

Let’s put it to the test - Research questions for Business students 1. Business Source Complete (business (e-journals, US news, company information)   http://search.ebscohost.com Remote access: Username: ns111032main Password: main Locate these journals on Business Source Complete: a) Go to publications and search for journal: “Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management” b) Search for Tesco plc in - More – Company Profiles and in Company Information to locate the company profile on Tesco and...

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Business Communications Final Exam Questions & Answers

MGMT 102 Sample questions (1-10) 1. Briefly describe any one of the communication models discussed in the textbook and/or lecture Lasswell’s (1948) model describes communication as a one-way transmission of messages. The model shows the ‘who’ as the ‘source’, the ‘what’ as the message, the ‘how’ as the channel, the ‘whom’ as the destination and the ‘effect’ as the outcome. 2. Describe three of the of the tests you can use to enable ethical decision-making Are we rationalising: Identify...

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MGT 530 Final Exam Answers

MGT 530 Final Exam Answers-All possible Questions https://hwguiders.com/downloads/mgt-530-final-exam-answers-possible-questions MGT 530 Final Exam Answers-All possible Questions   1) In a survey of 50 associations, which of the going hand in hand with was assessed as leverage of key organization?   2) Research suggests that fundamental organization propels through four continuous stages in associations. The principle stage is   3) Strategic organization is that arranged of managerial decisions...

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Business Research

Business Research Name University of Phoenix Business Research, RES/351 November 9, 2014 Melinda Hess Business Research For this week’s assignment I was to find at least two business research peer-reviewed articles in the University Library and write a paper in which I identified the critical first stage of developing any research study. The research process itself has many steps, however before any of the steps are reached one must first decide on the aim or intent of the research. One...

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Business Research

about business research in week one. We learned how to recognize situations that need to be addressed. We learned how to determine the significance, magnitude, and feasibility of finding a solution to the situation, problem, issue or opportunity. We also learned much about ethical research. In week one as a team we learned about the different ways to recognize and find solutions for situations, problems, issues, and opportunities. We also identified ethical issues in business research and...

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Business Management questions and answers

Define business ethics. Who determines whether a business activity is ethical? Is unethical conduct always illegal?Business ethics is the principles that determine the acceptable conduct in the business workplace. Customers, competitors, government regulators, interest groups, and the public determine whether a business activity is ethical. No, not all conduct is always illegal. 2. Distinguish between ethics and social responsibility. Ethics is the conduct that is acceptable in the business area...

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Final Exam Questions & Answers

30. Approximately what % of prison and jail inmates have a mental health problem? More than half of all state, federal, and local jail inmate populations have a mental health problem​ n Female inmates had higher rates than males 31. Most research indicated that immigrants have (higher rates vs. lower rates of incarceration that native inmates) Ironically, concern about the criminal activity of immigrants is rampant despite growing evidence that they actually have very low crime rates ...

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Stresemann Exam Question Answers

state that they were in. Most of these people were unemployed citizens, as they were the most desperate. This later led to Hitler’s rise into power. Was inflation the worst problem that the Weimar Republic faced in the years 1919-1928? Explain your answers. You may use this information to help you (16 marks). * Weaknesses in the constitution. * Uprising against the Government. * Hyperinflation. * The effects of WW1. One problem the Weimar Republic faced was the high reparation payments...

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Business Management questions and answers

fundamental goal of business? Do all organizations share this goal?The fundamental goal of business is to earn a profit. Not all organizations share this goal because they are nonprofit organizations. 2. Name the forms a product may take and give some examples of each. The forms a product may take are tangible and intangible. Tangible goods are computers, clothing, automobiles, and food. Intangible goods are services or ideas made by people. 3. Who are the main participants of business? What are the...

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Duke's Mbas Cheating Scandal

Duke's MBAs Cheating Scandal While students are overwhelmed with handbooks on plagiarism, school honor codes when they entering a university, cheatings are rampantly detected in university environment. Admittedly, plagiarism and cheating should be seriously punished. However, there do exist controversial cases where some assert that the cases are not considered cheatings, the others argue that they should be considered cheatings. An article named "Duke MBAs Fail Ethics Test" by Alison Damast...

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Business Management questions and answers

Devaluation decreases the value of currency in relation to other currencies. Mexico is a country that has devalued their currency. The result of this is to make things less expensive. 4. How do political issues affect international business?Political issues affect international business by it helps to sell products overseas. 5. What is an import tariff? A quota? Dumping? How might a country use import tariffs and quotas to control its balance of trade and payments? Why can dumping result in the imposition...

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MM Exam questions

AMN442 Final Exam The final exam consist of 6 questions: PART A: 4 questions x 8’ ------200 words per question (20-30 lines) Allocate about 15 minutes for each of these. PART B: 2 questions x 14’------500 words per question Allocate about 30 minutes for each of these. Constructing an answer: showing you know the theory relating to the question, as outlined in the text and lecture notes, linking this to other relevant concepts in the overall discipline of marketing and even beyond showing...

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Business Research

Arnie Q. Mejia June 29, 2013 MLQU MBA-BR BUSINESS RESEARCH Professor: Dr. Fely C. Simon, Ph/D/DPA Session 2. Addressing Management Problems with Scientific Thinking Research and the Scientific Method Competent researchers and astute managers alike practice thinking habits that reflect sound reasoning – finding correct premises, testing the connections between their facts and assumptions, making claims based on adequate evidence. Empirical testing or empiricism is said to denote...

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MBA for engineers

time to time. The current trend is of people with technical degrees pursuing a degree in MBA. The trend started a few years back and picked up the pace in the last two years. What basically got this trend going is the main question. Being students of MBA and in a class where the majority of the students have engineering backgrounds prompted us to write the paper. The main questions addressed in this research are: 1) What caused the trend to emerge? 2) What major factors contribute to the trend?...

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Business Research Methods

Business Research Methods – BU2S01 2006/7 Academic Season Assignment 1 Cut off date: Friday, 15th December 2006 You are required to evaluate the in terms of purposes, audiences and general strengths and weaknesses. The essay will account for 40% of the overall mark. Indicative word count: 1500 words. Note that you will need to submit your coursework to the Business School reception by 12pm (noon). "Research – an investigation involving the process of enquiry and discovery...

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Feedback ORM Exam January 2015

Feedback ORM Exam January 2015 Overall, students' performance on the Term 1 ORM exam was quite good. The average mark was 56.11. While no marks above 80 were recorded, a sizeable number of students achieved a mark of 70 or above. Students that received a mark below 40 tended to have not meaningfully attempted one or more questions. Indeed, a number of students did not to adequately manage their time in the exam and failed to provide full answers to each question. Feedback from some students after...

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Mba - Research Methods Questions and Answers

MBA TAKE HOME ESSAY QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON RESEARCH METHODS 1. Identify the most appropriate study design for the research proposal you are Planning to develop. A study design is the procedure that guides a researcher on how to collect, analyze and interpret observations. It is a logical model that guides the investigator while he navigates through the various stages of the research. Study types can be classified severally depending on the research strategy employed. A study type can be non-interventional...

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Business Research

Business Research: Part One Business Research: Part One Team D has chosen McDonald’s as our organization. We believe that the biggest challenge currently facing McDonald’s is meeting the demand for healthier menu options.  Many health and educational organizations blame McDonalds for the obesity epidemic that plagues the young and old alike. The focus on health has increased dramatically in the last few years, and while McDonalds is a fast-food giant and kid favorite, the organization...

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Research Exam

Anne Zimnicki Exam 2 November 19, 2012 1. To determine if CARING, Inc. is effectively providing services to the community, I would use a quasi-experimental evaluation. This will allow me to assess the differences that result from CARING’s supported medication safety activity and the result that would have occurred without the intervention. For example, for a 2 hour medication safety program, the comparison may be between an intervention group that receives the benefits of a program and...

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Business Research

Assignment 2 BUS 642: Business Research Prof. Ruizhen Hardin September 17, 2012 • What are the most prudent decisions she can make about her responsibilities to herself and others? o One of the foremost concerns is the right of the participants to be safeguarded. Among the many concerns to be safeguarded is the right of privacy. In addition, the document was in draft form so the conclusions and data included in the document would not be accurate or reliable as the data or facts...

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MBA-101: Business Environment Answer any three questions. Each question carries 10 marks each: 1. Explain the internal and external elements of environment effecting business. OR What is technology? Explain the impact of technology on business 2. Explain the impact of Globalization, Privatization & Liberalization on Indian economy. OR What is Multi National Enterprises? Explain their role in India. 3. Explain the importance Small Scale Industries. Explain the problems...

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Exam Question and Answer on Market Segmentation

QUESTION AND ANSWER ON MARKET SEGMENTATION Salim Brommer is the Marketing Director of Ashkol Furniture Supplies, a medium-sized company which specializes in manufacturing office furniture. The company makes its products in India, so benefiting from relatively low labour costs. However, it has recently experienced intense competition from suppliers who have even lower cost bases. Salim has decided that his company will benefit if he focuses on those customers who can provide higher profit margins...

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Question 1.8 Business Research Methods

DB 1 – DB1 – Question 1.8 2014-09-20 BRM BUSI600 DB 1 – Question 1.8 – As area sales manager for a company manufacturing and marketing outboard engines, you have been assigned the responsibility of conducting a research study to estimate the sales potential of your products in the domestic (U.S. or Canadian) market. Discuss key issues and concerns arising from the fact that you, the manager, are also the researcher. As a sales manager for Acme Outboard Motor Manufacturing I’d be interested...

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Question and Backup Answer Sheet

FLIP Certification Guidelines Before the exam 1. Ensure you have completed the online training 2. Take all the Practice tests and the Diagnostic test 3. To clear your queries, a. attend the Doubt Clearing Sessions (Telephonic/ Webinar)or b. email your queries to support@learnwithflip.com (FLIP will respond within 2 working days) 4. Book your exam date soon. You must write the test between 6th Aug- 26th Sep. It is possible that FLIP is conducting the test in your campus. So before booking...

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Business Research: Questionnaire

Your Answer: a) The report of a pilot study. Correct Answer: d) The listing of all units in the population from which the sample will be selected. Feedback: It is important to identify a sampling frame so that a representative sample can then be taken from within a specified unit. Question 2 How will a researcher usually prevent a significant sampling error? Your Answer: b) Issue questionnaires to the entire sampling frame. Correct Answer: d) Use probability sampling. Feedback: ...

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Mba Tentative

ANDHRA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DISTANCE EDUCATION 3-YEAR MBA PROGRAMME II YEAR ASSIGNMENT QUESTION PAPERS 2012-2013 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Assignment No. 1 Answer all Questions : 1. 2. 3. 4. Discuss the challenges and changing role of HRM in the Globalised environment. Explain the process of Human Resource Planning. Discuss the role of Job Analysis in HRP. How do you identify training needs in an organisation ? How do you evaluate its effectiveness ? Describe the different schemes of Workers’ Participation...

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Exam: Scientific Method and Research

University of New Brunswick, Saint John Business Research Method BA 3129 Final exam By Eman Ib Instructor Gregory Fleet April 29, 2014 Chapter 4 After studying and extracting information from all the relevant work done previously, how does there searcher know which references, articles, and information should be given prominence in the literature survey? For this question, the answer is the researchers should start looking for the literature survey that straight as the information...

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short answer questions for Lecture Exam 4

Sample ‘short answerquestions for Lecture Exam 4 (Final Exam) (1) Briefly describe the meninges and spaces that surround the spinal cord. Meningeal Branch: Tiny, reenters vertebral canal, innervates meninges and blood vessels (2) Distinguish among exteroceptors, interoceptors and proprioceptors. Exteroceptors: Respond to stimuli arising outside body Receptors in the skin for touch, pressure, pain, and temperature Most special sense organs (vision, hearing, equilibrium, taste, smell) Interoceptors:...

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ACCT 346 Midterm Exam Answers

ACCT 346 Midterm Exam Answers http://www.homeworkwarehouse.com/downloads/acct-346-midterm-exam-answers/  ACCT 346 Midterm Exam Answers 1. Question :           (TCO 1) Managerial accounting stresses accounting concepts and procedures that are relevant to preparing reports for     2. Question :           (TCO 1) Which of the following costs does not change when the level of business activity changes?     3. Question :           (TCO 1) You own a car and are trying to decide whether or not to trade...

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Marketing Research Exam 2

Brendan Kuntz Take Home Exam #2 Chapters 5-8 18 March 2015 1. The pros of test marketing is the information provided by the testing offers the producer primary data feedback as to why the product succeeded or failed in the eyes of the consumer. It also can offer valuable insight into a potential unrealized market based off what the product is offering. The cons of test marketing is the sample size is too small to show the opportunity, or lack of with response to the product. The marketing mix...

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Question and Answer

firm will output 50. d. What is the total profit at the profit maximizing level of output? How does that compare to profit at other levels of output? You would have to look at the total profit resulting from producing 50 widgets to answer the question. In this case profit would be equal to 0. This is because when the total profit is 0 (as it should be) we are producing the optimal level without any dead weight losses. e. What is the lowest price that Winsome Widgets will accept and continue...

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Business Problems: Types and Solutions

 Course Outline – MBA (SEM I) Research Methodology (RM) Subject Code: 2810006 Faculty: Assistant Prof. Rahul Dwivedi Course Description: To familiarize the students with the types of business problems often faced by corporate entities and to help them develop insights about basic concepts of research designs and methodology aimed at solving business problems. Course Objective: The objective of the course is to enable the students to acquire an in-depth ...

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Business Research Methods

Business Research Methods Part I Team A QNT 561 July 16, 2012 Business Research Methods Part I Electronic books are becoming more popular because it offers portability, flexibility, larger capacity, and affordability. Barnes and Noble recognize the need to evaluate this change and therefore conduct a business research to determine the best approach to modify the business strategy. The learning team will determine an appropriate business research method to conduct a survey. The survey will...

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Final Exam

and have properly cited and referenced any external research that has been incorporated in my answers. I have fully complied with UMUC's Policy on Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism (Policy 150.25). Failure to properly credit your research sources is a violation of this policy. _____________________________________ (Typed signature represents actual signature) Instructions: Use the Case Study presented here to answer the questions below. Your responses should demonstrate your understanding...

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Business and Management Research

Book Reviews Business and Management Research: How to Complete Your Research Project Successfully Westburn Publishers: Helensburgh, Scotland (2003) Michael J. Baker What is the positioning of this book? Who is it for? The positioning of this book in its author’s words is: “While there is no shortage of textbooks and monographs dealing with all aspects of research…experience in preparing students for project research work has highlighted that few offer a comprehensive overview of the issues...

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Final Exam

Test | Final Exam | Started | 9/14/12 7:22 PM | Submitted | 9/14/12 8:45 PM | Status | Completed | Score | 260 out of 300 points | Time Elapsed | 1 hour, 22 minutes out of 2 hours. | Instructions | This final exam consist of 30 multiple choice questions and covers the material in chapters 8 through 17. There are three questions from each chapter and the questions are in chapter order. Be sure you are in the correct Chapter when you take the exam. | * Question 1 10 out of...

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Take Home Exam Answers

FACULTY OF ARTS SESSION 3 TAKE HOME EXAM 2010 SOC215 Gender, Family and Society (covering first four study weeks) INSTRUCTIONS: 1 This document has three parts: PART A the two page answer sheet for the multiple choice questions; PART B the short answer question paper; and PART C the multiple choice question paper. Please return this instruction cover sheet and PART A and PART B (with your answers recorded). You do not need to return PART C. 2 Enter your name and student number below...

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Business Research Methods and Tools

Assignment One BUS642 Business Research Methods and Tools August 27, 2012 What is business research? Why should there be any question about the definition of research? “Business research is a process of planning, acquiring, analyzing, and disseminating relevant data, information, and insights…in ways that mobilize the organization to take appropriate actions that in turn, maximize performance.” (Cooper, & Schindler, 2011, p.4) Research is a planned and systematic process of inquiry and...

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Final Exam Example Questions 2013

MGMT102 Business Communication    Autumn 2013  MGMT102 Business Communication    Final exam sample questions:    Briefly describe any one of the communication models discussed in the textbook and/or  lecture.  Describe three of the tests you can use to enable ethical decision‐making.  1  2  3  What is the role of ‘I’ statements in the communication process? Illustrate with an example.  4  Identify and explain the three techniques of persuasion as outlined in the textbook...

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research questions

approaches to financial management, security analysis, and portfolio management. Also involves the analytical study of money markets, options and futures, real estates, insurance and financial institution. Employment outlook and requirement: A major in Business Administration with an option in Finance is the more sought after academic backgrounds to enter the job market. But for some higher post like CEO and CFO requires higher Degree and experience. Studies from the Department of Labori indicate moderate...

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PA 571 Midterm Exam Answers

PA 571 Midterm Exam Answers  https://hwguiders.com/downloads/pa-571-midterm-exam-answers PA 571 Midterm Exam Answers Question 1: (TCO A) Which answer includes the three major categories of nonprofit organizations?    Question 2: (TCO A) Which statement is true?    Question 3: (TCO E) Generally, a nonprofit organization is not able to offer a salary comparable to what would be offered by a for-profit business for a similar position. What is a reason for this discrepancy?   Question 4: (TCO F) You...

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Marketing 3000 Exam 1

guide for exam one, which consists of 67 multiple choice questions. This guide is a general framework of questions that will be asked. Please read all textbook material frequently and repeatedly. Please study all presentation slides frequently and repeatedly. Please attend all lecture discussions and take good written and mental notes. The exam assesses the ability to synthesize knowledge and this comprehension requires significant and rigorous preparation. Assume the format for the exam is fill-in-the-blank...

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Research Questions

Assignment II Research Questions Written By: Raymond Lopez Miego #10332077 Table of Contents Cover Page 1 Table of Contents 2 Question 1. Organisations (or corporate) culture is often considered an important component of successful organisations. Examine how managers can develop a positive culture in their organisation. Give at least two (2) examples of what managers can do to create a positive culture that will increase the success of the organisation. 3 Question 2. Explain the...

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1 The Role of Business Research

LEARNING OUTCOMES THE ROLE OF BUSINESS RESEARCH Action Research in Organization (MRC 1033) Dr. Adriana Mohd. Rizal International Business School Universiti Teknologi Malaysia ©2013 Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved. May not be scanned, copied or duplicated, or posted to a publicly accessible website, in whole or in part. 1 Business Research Defined • Business research is the application of the scientific method in searching for the truth about business phenomena. • The process includes:...

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Business Research Process

Business Research Process According to Cooper & Schindler (2011), there are seven main steps to the research process, which are clarifying the research question, the research proposal, research design strategy, data collection and preparation; data analysis and interpretation; research reporting, and management decision. In this essay, each topic will include a brief description and scenario of each step (p. 11). Clarifying The Research Question Clarifying the research question is...

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Current Events in Business Research

Current Events in Business Research Nathan Haggard RES/351 9/30/14 Roxanna Johnson I had a hard time trying to figure out a function that I do at work or one that I would I’d like to in the future so I picked from Chapter 3 of our reading, The “Bringing Research to Life” of the Business Research Methods section which illustrates a scenario. Myra Wines is a woman that was hired by the U.S. Army to investigate and research with her team whether or not the testing area where the army uses its...

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Business Research Methods, Part. 1

Business Research Methods, Part I Mary Chang, Stephanee Dorsey, Lori Holden, Christopher Howarth, Lynn Le, Eric Witthohn QNT/HC 561 September 24, 2012 William Buck Business Research Methods As baby boomers age and the need for health care continues to grow, the nursing shortage in health care facilities seem to increase, as well. Many believe that “a shortage of registered nurses is projected to spread across the country between 2009 and 2030” (AJMQ, 2012). Dr. Peter Buerhaus...

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Busn319 Final Exam Study Guide

BUSN319 Final Exam Study Guide Format * Your final exam is comprehensive * It covers all TCOs and all assigned course work: Chapter readings, Lectures, etc. * The total points for the final exam is 300 * There are 33 multiple choice questions (18 @ 5 points each; 15 @ 8 points each) * There are 3 essay questions @ 30 points each * You have 3.5 hours to take the final exam * Reminder to SAVE frequently, because when the time limit is reached you will automatically be...

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Mba, Seminar in Marketing Final Exam.

MBA, Seminar in marketing final exam. Dear Student, Greetings Please answer all the following short essay questions, please read them carefully and follow instructions." Open book exam does not mean rewriting what is in the Book" Your understanding and your thoughts will be put together to make the best answers. I personally do believe in both your understanding and your thoughts. =========================================================== The following questions are short essay questions...

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Isas600 Mid-Term Exam

ISAS600 Mid-Term Exam: Due by 11:59 PM, Sunday, 3/4/2012 - Post your answers in the Assignments Section of the Classroom. Prepare your answers in a Microsoft Word document in APA Format which included the Title Page, Paragraph Formats, Cites and References.  Abstract and Table of Content are not required for Exans. • Be sure that your answers directly answer the questions asked and that they are "keyed" to the specific part of the question. • Your answers should be concise...

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Final Exam for International Business

Sukoharsono, SE, MCom-Hons, CSRS, Ph.D: International Business, PAGE 1 International Undergraduate Program Faculty of Economics and Business, the University of Brawijaya The Department of Accounting Course Exam Date Lecturer Exam Exam Status : International Business : January 2012 : Prof. Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, SE, MCom-Hons, CSRS, Ph.D : Final Exam : Take Home (Submit your answer as exam scheduled) Why Study International Business? International business affects the activities of every consumer, every...

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Common Law Exam

Question : Which of the following states has implemented a voluntary statewide certification program for paralegals? Student Answer: Arizona Michigan Texas New Jersey Points Received: 0 of 5 Comments: 2. Question : Which of the following organizations administers the CLA and the APC exams? Student Answer: State bar associations NFPA NALA PLA Points Received: 0 of 5 Comments:...

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