• Article Summary
    Article Summary The popularity of computer-to-telephone call services is expanding at a phenomenal rate, threatening traditional phone companies' profits. Skype, a European based telephony company that offers this service is amongst the leaders in the field and has formed a joint venture with a
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  • Article Summary - Intellectual Property
    Intellectual Property Article Summary The restaurant business can be extremely competitive, with so many to choose from. Many chefs learn the restaurant business by working at another restaurant and slowly work his or her way up, until one day he or she may decide to open a restaurant of his or he
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  • Advertising Article Summary
    Article Summary #1 Title of Article: Pizza Hut Cuts Prices Again to Counteract the Slow Recovery Author: Stuart Elliott Publication: The New York Times Date of publication: August 18, 2010 Page Number: B8 Summary: Pizza Hut is part of Yum Brands. “Every pizza price slashed,” is one o
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  • Article Summary 2
    Article Summary Antonio Rodriguez MGT/308 February 8, 2011 Jeffrey Mcllwain Article Summary The article I choose is “Redefining Diversity” by Roosevelt R. Thomas. This is a good article because the author explains that diversity is not just differences in age, race, gender, etc. but als
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  • The Relationship of High School Graduation Exams to Graduation Rates and Sat Scores: Article Summary
    Article summary by Pat Denney Research Article Number One Marchant, G.J., & Paulson, S.E. (2005). The relationship of high school graduation exams to graduation rates and SAT scores. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 13(6). Retrieved [date] from http://epaa.asu.edu/epaa/v13n6/. Dilemma
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  • Business Article Review
    UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY BUS4090- Strategic Management Presented to Kamaria, K. N By Dalton K Choge 626794 Business article Review 4 Spice World CEO takes firm to new heights with mergers This article is all about Entrepreneur Beju Shah, CEO of Spice World Limited (SWL) and his g
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  • Best Practice Article Summary
    Best Practice Article Summary Sometimes, but only in the very short term, considering US economic performance over the past 80 years. In fact, every ten-year rolling period but one since 1929 has seen increases in both US productivity and employment. Even on a rolling annual basis, 69 percent of pe
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  • The Why What Who When and How of Software Requirements (Article Summary):
    Dated: 24th February 2011 The_Why_What_Who_When_and_How_Of_Software_Requirements (Article summary): In order to build correct software, requirements must be complete and correct. This is only possible if we understand what, why, who, when, and how of software requirements for any software pro
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  • Article Summary: the Busines World
    Article Summary In the business world, people tend to have disagreements for various reasons. Disagreements arise between businesses, their customers, suppliers, partners, employees and competitors. Most of the time disagreements can be settled quickly and efficiently. Disputes will occur, where
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  • Article Summary of "From Scotch Whisky to Chinese Sneakers: International Commodity Flows and New Trade Networks in Oshikango, Namibia" by Gregor Dobler
    Session 6 Article Summary—From Scotch Whisky to Chinese Sneakers: International Commodity Flows and New Trade Networks in Oshikango, Namibia by Gregor Dobler Development of new trade networks feeding consumption have developed, influencing the way Africa integrates into the global economy. Dobl
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  • Consumer Behaviour Article Summary
    Title of article: “The relationship between customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.” Reference of article: John, T., Bowen, & Shiang, Lih., Chen. (2001). The relationship between customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
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  • Article Summary on Work to Life Conflict of Communication Technologies
    BUSADMIN 761: MANAGEMENT Work to life conflict of communication technologies Article Summary Over the last twenty years communication technologies have not only become a part of everyday social life, they are a third ar
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  • Article Summary: Strategic Cost Management: the Value Chain Perspective
    ACT – MBA 6203 Brenda Hogan October 23, 2012 Article Summary: Strategic Cost Management: The Value Chain Perspective Authors of this article do not believe the concept of “value chain” has been written about enough or clearly enough and therefore attempt to state the importance of t
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  • Business Article
    Business Article No. 1 Principles of Economics I - Macro Article Huffington Post Oil Prices Spike Exacerbated By Wall Street Speculation, Federal Reserve Study Finds Summary As we continue to pay double or triple at the gas pump compared to 20 years ago, the question often arises
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  • Article Summary "Strategy as Simple Rules"
    „Strategy as Simple Rules“ by Kathleen Eisenhardt and Donald Sull A) Article Summary Basically the article describes how and why companies like Yahoo, AOL or Enron use simple rules in rapidly moving markets. In the past companies were able to apply complex strategies due to a simple busi
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  • Article Summary Essay of "The Death of Cash" in the "Fortune" July 2012 Edition
    Article Summary Memo MEMO Topic: The Death of Cash I. Executive Summary Cash has long been the major method people used to pay. However, recent trend showed that cash is being replaced by other paying methods. Miguel Helft, the author of the article “The Death of Cash” in Fortune July 2
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  • Article Summary: Read-Only Participants: a Case for Student Communication in Online Classes
    Article Summary: Read-Only Participants: A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes As technology advances more and more, computers and internet have become more accessible, affordable, and ever so popular in recent times. With easy accessibility to internet, the online learning environmen
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  • Business Ethics Summary
    Business  Ethics  Summary  Chapter  1  -­‐  5         Chapter  1:  Introducing  Business  Ethics     Business  Ethics  is  the  study  of  business  situations,  activities,  and  decisions
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  • Aactivity Based Costing Article Summary
    3.     Article Analysis Summary Use the Internet or other credible resources to find an article relevant to activity-based costing (ABC), job costing, or process costing. Prepare a 125-word summary of the article. Briefly summarize the major topics of the article, and explain what you learned a
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  • Article Summary: “Google: the Search Party Is over”
    Summary–Google: The Search Party is Over Until recently, Google, the world’s largest search engine company, was experiencing tremendous growth—growth rates were anywhere between 30 to 40% per year. However, with projections that their growth is significantly decelerating to an estimated 18%
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