• Bshs 361 Child Observation Paper2.Doc
    Felicia Roberts Child Observation May 23, 2012 BSHS 361 Child Development Gerry McFarland University of Phoenix Observation of an Eleven Month Old Male Infant For the child observation assignment, the writer witness witnessed (past tense) an 11 month-infant. The , the writer of this a
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  • Bshs
    Advocacy and the Homeless Laura Robles BSHS/442 September 19, 2011 Jeri Arledge Advocacy and the Homeless “Human services workers advocate change. They are trained as generalists, learning how to identify client needs and develop connections with the appropriate human ser
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  • Bshs 373
    BSHS 373 In my opinion there are a number of differences involving for profit and not for profit organizations. The primary difference is concerning the ownership of businesses. A for profit business has, regular accounting practices, partnership associations, but for a non profit organizatio
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  • Bshs Uop Homework
    Proposal Goals and Objectives BSHS/452 August 13, 2012 Early Childhood Education The United Way’s reading initiative program wants to promote early childhood education and learning opportunities for children age six and their parents. The organization wants paren
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  • Bshs
    |[pic] |Course Design Guide | | |College of Social Sciences |
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  • Bshs 402
    ------------------------------------------------- Course Syllabus BSHS/402 CASE MANAGEMENT Course Start Date: 10/30/2012 Course End Date: 12/3/2012       Please print a copy of this syllabus for handy reference. Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due, please
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  • Bshs/302 What Is Human Services?
    What is Human Services? Name BSHS/302 June 27, 2011 University of Phoenix What is Human Services? This paper will examine the nature and purpose of human services professional and their practices. It will include the history of the human services field, the goal of human service professiona
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  • Bshs
    Vulnerable Population BSHS 301 April 19 2012 Paula Chenoweth Vulnerable Population WEAVE was established in 1978 to help women of domestic violence. Since then the program has grown and more services have had to be provided to help women. This program has grown because the needs for these
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  • Bshs/352 - Technology in Human Services Online Therapy
    Online Therapy Monty Picklesimer BSHS/352 - Technology in Human Services January 21, 2013 Sharon Cross, LISW Online Therapy The majority of Americans consider talking to someone who cares about him or her to be helpful in dealing with common daily stress; such as when a daughter who is away
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  • Bshs/422 - Cultural Diversity and Special Populations Final Exam
    Final Exam Monty Picklesimer BSHS/422 - Cultural Diversity and Special Populations January 28, 2013 Shana D. Lewis, LPC, NCC Final Exam 1. What do you need to find out about Esmeralda and her family in order to create the most comprehensive treatment plan? Consider all-important areas that e
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  • Bshs 382 Week 3
    December 3rd,2013 BSHS 382 Christine Hustedde Correlation According to the textbook there are four forms of conduct manner. The first one is Pearson r it consist of two continuous variables, an example is the SAT or even a grade point average of a college of high school. Spearman rho is two
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  • Technique for Behavior Change Bshs/322
    RUNNING HEAD: TECHNIQUE FOR BEHAVIOR CHANGE Technique for Creating Behavior Change BSHS/322 October 7, 2012 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a common type of mental health counseling that with the help of the therapist allows the client to become aware of inaccu
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  • Technology Solutions for Human Services Bshs/352
    Technology Solutions for Human Services Nicole Halliwill BSHS/352 April 29, 2013 Yvonne Milionis There are numerous barriers in every aspect of human service; they vary as much as the clients themselves. These barriers can come in many areas of human service like services, planning, fun
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  • Mgt 401
    Final Exam MGT/401 May 20, 2013 David Rubenstein Final Exam For any entrepreneur, marketing is an important component for the success of all businesses. Marketing can be identified as the process in which any business informs, satisfy and keep possessions of its customers. It is the main ingr
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  • Acc 401 Week 5
    401 Week 5 Assignment ACC401/Federal Income Taxes Instructor: Jacob Burdick February 16, 2013 Ch.14 48. A partner contributes property to a partnership; the basis of the property carries over to the partnership (outside basis). This concept is known as basis –in, basis –out. So, Den
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  • Bus 401 Final Exam Questions
    BUSINESS LAW 401 – FINAL EXAM 1. Name three ways to finance a new business. 2. What is the primary purpose of federal bankruptcy law? a. To protect creditors b. To treat all creditors equally c. To preserve business relationships d. To discha
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  • Bshs 332 Ethical Dilemma in the Workplace
    Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace Michele Wallace BSHS/332 July 10, 2013 Sean Jones Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace There are many different types of ethical dilemmas in the workplace. Fo
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  • Bshs 335 Maintaining Ethical Standards
    BSHS/335 This week’s assignment is about case studies in concern with family and couple issues. Identifying the issues and how they are to be resolved while maintaining ethical standards are the basis of this paper. The paper will describe the ethical issue that a case worker is faced with a
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  • Bshs/322 Weekly Journal
    BSHS/322 Stephanie Kaman Week 1. Exercise Questions 1.1-My Husband has helped me in the past. They are easy going, honest and positive. I find that I am positive in most areas of my life but need to work on the honesty and finding ways to relieve stress to be more care free and not worry so much.
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  • Ada Bshs 422
    Critique of ADA and Affirmative Action BSHS/422 October 29, 2012 Critique of ADA and Affirmative Action The American Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed in 1990 by President George Bush. His intended purpose was to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination and promote equalit
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