• Bonsai
    I. Author’s Background Amador T. Daguio was a poet, novelist and teacher during the pre-war. He was best known for his fictions and poems. He had published two volumes of poetry, "Bataan Harvest" and "The Flaming Lyre". He served as chief editor for the Philippine House of Representatives before
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  • Bonsai
    Bonsai When love is great, when love is profound, it becomes more difficult to control. And in the hands of people who are unable to control it, love overwhelms the person. This is the destructive nature of love which is why the award-winning poet Edith Tiempo, in her poem Bonsai, scaled down love
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  • Lament for the Littlest Fellow by Edith L. Tiempo Pragmatic Approach
    Lament for the Littlest Fellow By Edith L. Tiempo Pragmatic Approach In the poem, there are intervals, incoherence, and even inconsistency that make the poem a little confusing and interesting. In the author’s point of view, everyone is a marmoset. A marmoset is monkey but in the story it wa
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  • The Bonsai
    Bonsai All that I love I fold over once And once again And keep in a box Or a slit in a hollow post Or in my shoe. All that I love? Why, yes, but for the moment --- And for all time, both. Something that folds and keeps easy, Son’s note or Dad’s one gaudy tie, A roto picture of a
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