• The Blue Bouquet
    The Blue Bouquet Millions of people around the word have been in a situation that has transitioned them from innocence to experience. In this story a boy wakes up to go for a walk outside, after not listening to the boardinghouse owner, and ended up going through a horrible experience. He transit
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  • blue bouquet
    The Blue Bouquet Have you even been in a situation when you have gone from total innocence to experience in a short period of time? In the short story “The Blue Bouquet” written by Octavio Paz, the main character starts off by waking up from a nap and going on a walk even after being...
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  • The Blue Bouquet
    The Blue Bouquet I woke covered with sweat. Hot steam rose from the newly sprayed, redbrick pavement.  A gray-winged butterfly, dazzled, circled the yellow light.  I jumped from my hammock and crossed the room barefoot, careful not to step on some scorpion leaving his hideout for a bit...
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  • How Do Octavio Paz and Albert Camus Convey Their Respective Views on Death?
    How do Octavio Paz and Albert Camus convey their respective views on death? World Literature 1 22/08/2010 Many aspects of death are pondered and questioned throughout Octavio Paz's poems, the two I have chosen to particularly focus on are Plain and Near Cape Comorin. Albert Camus has also consi
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  • "The Blue Boquet" Analysis by Scholars
    Emmanuel Gamboa Mrs. Lynch Short Fiction Period IV September 17, 2012 “The Blue Bouquet” and its Critics Short-short stories have been critiqued by countless writers and every single critic has a different mentality about what needs to be in a short-short story to make it a memorable one.
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