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Black Peace Stone Nation Creed

F.O.L.K.S. Followand Obey the Laws the Kings Set Black Gangster Disciple In the 1960's another group was being formed to rival the Black P-Stone Nation. The Black Gangster Disciple Nation was started by a man named David Barksdale. The Black Gangster Disciple Nation {BGDN} fought bloody wars ont he Chicago south side over turf and drug sales. King David Barksdale was assassinated in 1974. As a symbol of honor and remembrance the six-pointed Jewish star {Star of David} was adopted by the BGDN...

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Yesu Kalishia Creed Introduction: ‘ He [Jesus] told them, “This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning in Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things. I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high”’ (Luke 24.46-49). ‘But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes...

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United Nations Role in Peace and Security

replaced by the League of Nations some 63 years back in October 24,1945 in San Francisco, California, shortly after World War -II. No doubt the tragedy, bloodshed, massacre, hunger and nuclear atrocities by the USA gave alarming feelings to the nations to freeing the world from the possibility of wars in future. However, its successes and failures in achieving this objective are still debatable. The UNO as stated above is a renewed precursor body of the League of Nations. So before reviewing the...

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black power movement

The movement for Black Power in the U.S. emerged from the civil rights movement in the early 1960s. Beginning in 1959, Robert F. Willams, president of the Monroe, North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, openly questioned the ideology of nonviolence and its domination of the movement's strategy. Williams was supported by prominent leaders such as Ella Baker and James Forman, and opposed by others, such as Roy Wilkins(the national NAACP chairman) and Martin Luther King.[10] In 1961, Maya Angelou,...

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How far did conditions improve for Black Americans between 1945-1955?

The decade following up to WW2 there was general hostility towards Black Americans, lynching’s and beatings were quite common in the Deep South. Due to the huge amount of volunteered/conscripted black Americans who joined to fight for ‘liberty and freedom’ in Europe, many also fought the war of liberty and freedom at home. When black soldiers returned majority were still met with the same segregation and racism that they had felt when they left. However you could see some improvements in political...

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Lipset's American Creed

Lipset's American Creed Liberty. Egalitarianism. Individualism. Populism. Laissez-faire. These five concepts embody the "American creed" as described by author Seymour Martin Lipset. Lipset feels that this "American creed" is representative of an ideology that all Americans share. Lipset's argument is on shaky ground, however, when scrutinized under the microscope of race. Racial relations in this country do much to undermine the validity of Lipset's argument, especially the concepts of...

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The League of Nations and It's Impact on World Peace

Through my studies and research I have come to the following conclusion about the League of Nations: despite all of President Woodrow Wilson's efforts, the League was doomed to fail. I feel this was so for many reasons, some of which I hope to convey in the following report. From the day when Congress voted on the Fourteen Points, it was obvious that the League had a very slim chance of being passed in Congress, and without all of the World powers, the League had little chance of surviving...

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Peace essay

! Peace is a word often said but not always practiced. Wanguri Maathai spent her life striving to make Kenya a better environment and initiating the planting of trees. Tenzin Gyatso also wanted to improve the environment as a spiritual leader to the absence of war, pain and torture. Aung San Suu Kyi wanted freedom and equal rights through non-violence. Wanagari Maathai, Tenzin Gyatso and Aung San Suu Kyi were all awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004, 1989 and 1991 for the GreenBelt Movement, spiritual...

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World Peace

All the world over people crave for peace. The leaders and politicians of the world are trying to achieve world peace. But many difficulties come in the way. There is fear and suspicion among nations. Russia suspects the motives of American. America likewise does not trust Russia. Pakistan says that it is afraid of India. That is way she is aiming herself with latest weapons. Some countries are very much advance in science. Their economic condition is far superior to that of others. Such countries...

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The Stone of Scone

THE STONE OF SCONE: OPPOSING VIEWS ON THE NATIONAL SCOTTISH ICON For hundreds of years, stories about the Stone of Scone have remained in the oral tradition of Scotland. “In the absence of written records, legends come to us in spoken and written form. Each of these accounts varies in detail and spellings change, but parts of the story and many names remain consistent.” Within history, the Stone of Scone becomes the stone “upon which the kings of Scotland used to be set at their coronation...

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Black Liberation: The Historical Development of Black Theology

Black Liberation The Historical Development of Black Theology Orriadnie A. Brown RELS 2137 Black theology is not bound to biblical liberalism, but is of a more pragmatic nature. Only the experience of black oppression is the authoritative standard. James Cone explains that at the core of black liberation theology is an effort in a white-dominated society, in which black has been defined as evil to make the gospel relevant to the life and struggles of American...

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Nobel Peace Prize (Mlk)

The Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech Martin Luther King was a powerful, memorable, eloquent and educated civil rights activist. He passionately promoted the drive and push for peaceful non-violent protesting. His speeches were inspirational, charismatic and effective and the passion and power in his delivery set the pacing of the emotional experience. He used many rhetorical devices along with his determination to get across the feeling and flavour of perpetuated slavery of black people in...

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Black Power Movement

Alex Flores Peggy Hardman History 102 February 28th, 2011 Black Power Movement and The Harlem Renaissance America has seen itself change over and over again. America is the home of the free and the brave. However, this beautiful nation has not always been like this. America has had to go through many ups and many downs to beautify. Racial discrimination has played a huge role in American society. Even today, there are still racial inequalities. These racial inequalities are not as bad as they...

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The United Nations and the League of Nations

THE UNITED NATIONS & The League of Nations Introduction: The United Nations is an international organization of independent states to promote international peace and security. Its stated aims are furthering cooperation in many international things using many different departments. On the other hand the league of Nations was an inter governmental organization in 1920. It was a cause from the Treaty of Versailles. Its main aims were the rights of man, women different colored, soldiers and avoiding...

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The Apostle's Creed

THESIS STATEMENT The Apostles’ Creed is a compilation of belief statements that embodies a widely accepted and terse summary of the fundamentals of Christianity, and although the Apostles’ Creed does not have the same authority as Scripture, this paper will seek to prove that if upheld to the apostolic tradition, or its orthodoxy, the creed’s summation of Christian doctrine is one that all believers should grasp, support, and consider. INTRODUCTION Throughout church history it has been necessary...

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black elk

In Black Elk Speaks, Studying Religion was showed in a lot of instances in his journey in life. Black Elk went through a lot of drama happened when he made the conversion to a Catholic Church. Black Elk stood with the analogy by turning the other cheek. In the following paragraphs I’m going to talk about the ten areas that are shown in Black Elk. Sacred power has many different forms of power being shown. Sacred power can be strong, active, and aggressive, creating and destroying whole universes...

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Black Disciple

Dorchester Ave. In the early 1960s this gang known as the Devils Disciples became the "Black Disciples" (see Explosion of Chicago's Black Street Gangs: 1900 to Present, 1990, by Useni Perkins). The three major players in the Devils Disciples were David Barksdale, Shorty Freeman, and Don Derky. Most accounts date the founding of the Black Disciples to the year 1966 as a southside gang. The founding leader of the Black Disciples was David Barksdale, referred to in gang materials as "King David." As a...

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The Black Panthers

The Black Panthers [also known as] (The Black Panther Party for Self Defense) was a Black Nationalist organization in the United States that formed in the late 1960s and became nationally renowned. (Wikipedia:The Free Encyclopedia, 1997). The Black Panther Party was founded in 1966 by party members Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in the city of Oakland, California. The party was established to help further the movement for African American liberation, which was growing rapidly throughout the sixties...

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Paris Peace Conference

period was the Paris Peace conference in 1919. The need for this conference was caused by World War I and the big three (Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd-George and Georges Clemencueau). The Paris Peace Conference had many outcomes such as the Treaty of Versailles, the formation of the League of Nations, L’ Organisation de la Paix (1921-27) and the Dawes plan. World War I commenced after the assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne, Franz Ferdinand in Serbia. The Black Hand Gang were Bosnian...

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Islam Is a Religion of Peace

ISLAM: A RELIGION OF PEACE AND TOLERANCE The thesis of my article is based on Iqbal’s statement that “Islam is essentially a religion of peace’’ He categorically rejected the objection forwarded by Western critics that Islam is a militant religion, and that it was spread on the point of sword. Iqbal said, “Defensive war is certainly permitted by the Quran; but the doctrine of aggressive war against unbelievers is wholly unauthorized by the Holy Book of Islam. I have in my article endeavoured...

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The black union Army

 Name Tutor Institution Course Date Benefits of the Black Union Army Introduction The black union army is a term commonly used to refer to the black men of African American origin who were mostly recruited into the American army as a consequence of the civil war between the northern and southern states. This war came to an end with the surrender of the non federal forces in the 1865 after a fierce battle that had started three years with the firing on Fort Sumter. As a result racial...

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Rolling Stones and Elvis

The Rolling Stones’ and Elvis Presley’s music defined a generation and greatly influenced the society for years to come. Long live the King, for there is no other artist that changed the face of pop culture like Elvis. Rock historians have debated for decades, when the rock genre first started. The Rolling Stone magazine concluded that it was the first time Elvis recorded “That’s all right,” in Memphis. Some of his first hits were blues style mixed with gospel. Later it was the Rock ‘n’ Roll and...

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Black History Paper

2014 Black History Assignment A. US Black History 1. To you, what is the importance of celebrating Black history (5 sentences) February represents much more than any other month of the year. As this month begins so does a celebration within the black community, with February being Black History Month it allows black Americans to reflect on how far their ancestors have come and how the black community has worked so hard to shape the nation. I feel that it is important to remember and honor the...

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Black Panther

Black Panther Party Take Away Points * Late 1960s counter culture and how the Black Panther Party reflected the change from nonviolence to violence of the culture * What was the Black Panther Party? * Be able to identify who the two founders were * Identify the aims of the Black Panther Party * What were some actions taken by the Black Panther Party? * Black Panther Party Then & Now * Were they successful? Civil Rights Movement/ Counter Culture * Aims ...

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Liberal Peace

Essay Topic: “The global reach of liberalism will inevitably lead to peace and security for all” what are the grounds for this argument? Answer: Liberalism is a theory of international relations with a view point that human is born good and free. In this question will require a discussion on the Democratic Peace Theory which was emphasised after the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union. The main argument was that democratic states tend not to fight other democratic states. This theory...

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Peace And Love

protest and riots. Society felt as if issues that were growing needed to be resolved. Soldiers suffered from the blood shed of the war and society wanted peace to focus on internal matters. The counterculture disagreed with what their parents supported. These issues prevented a multicultural unity. A combination of elusive drugs sweep the nation as youth began to use marijuana, alcohol, and amphetamines as a passage way into another world. The usage of LSD became popular for its powerful stimulation...

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United Nations

Working to Unite the Nations How much of your time do you dedicate to helping people in need? Do you often think of the numerous individuals suffering from disease, political corruption, and hunger? For the individuals who work within the United Nations, dedication for the betterment of those who face struggles, is not just a job, but a lifestyle. The basis of their efforts comes from the United Nations Human Rights Document. This document proves to be an effective guide for peace and justice, leading...

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Blacks and Reconstruction

accomplish any of the three goals, but it was especially lacking in its attempts to make Blacks and whites equal and was a time of intense discrimination toward Blacks. In 1865, at the end of the Civil War, the South was destroyed. Plantations were demolished, the economy was ruined, the labor system was shattered, and several million slaves were now free laborers. South Carolina looked like a "broad black streak of ruin and desolation" (Unger 414). In the Shenandoah Valley hardly any farm animals...

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Fight for Peace

Fight for Peace We live today in a society where we live each day with a sense of caution. We live in a society where violence is conspicuous on almost every street you turn onto. Despite the fact that we must constantly worry about how our lives will be affected by everything that is going on in the world, we have leaders who have risen against injustice and fought for what is truly right. These leaders have put their fight for good in front of their own lives just to see a better world for all...

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On Literacy and Peace

Theme: Literacy and Peace: The Role of Literary Societies and Academics Date: Thursday, September 8, 2011 Venue: PAS, 2 Broad Street, Lagos Time: 10:00 am Literacy and Peace: A Reflection by Remi Raji In order to address the predictable union between "literacy" and "peace", it is to Plato that I turn. In one of his books, the classical theoretician of ethics and morality in nation-building suggested that the transformation and advancement of the (Greek) nation devolve on the training...

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peace an elusive dream

Peace an Elusive Dream omen the violated, [i] the reality is far more nuanced. Peace, then, must be gendered too. Women and men experience war differently; gendered thinking considers the multiple experiences and perspectives of each. Gender mainstreaming is a process of inclusion, enabling sustained peace that considers the needs of all stakeholders, especially women who suffer disproportionately during and after war. [ii] Gender mainstreaming requires more than just talking...

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United Nations

Victoria Fern Mitchell July 17, 2014 The United Nations It's history, functions, successes, and failures The United Nations is well known as an organization which functions primarily for the promotion of peace and cooperation on an international level. Originating in 1919 as a group known as the League of Nations, the UN has evolved into what it is today, a proactive coalition of one hundred and ninety-three nations existing to make the enforcement of international law, security, economic...

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Global Peace

remember us as the creators of a peaceful world, the perfect world. This is my dream for the world and I plan to bring this dream to reality by playing my part as well as showing people what they can do to achieve the ultimate goal of global peace. Global Peace isn’t something that can be achieved by tweaking a policy here or there, it will take mass participation, work at the individual level, so that each one realizes the enormity of the problems we face today. My country, India is the largest...

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Youth & Peace

CONTRIBUTION OF YOUTH IN ENHANCEMENT OF PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT. A society is a group of people with common territory, interaction, and culture. People of the same society share aspects of their culture, such as language or beliefs. Multiculturalism relates to communities containing multiple cultures .It is the acceptance of multiple ethnic cultures at the organizational level. Interaction and communication between different cultures provide opportunities for the cultural differences to communicate...

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The League of Nations Was a Great Source for Peace in the 1920's

The League Of Nations Was A Great Force For Peace In The 1920’s In this essay, I am going to look at the successes and failures of the League of Nations (LofN) in its struggle for peace throughout the 1920’s. The LofN was the ‘brain child’ of American president Woodrow Wilson. The four other main powers (Britain, France, Japan and Italy) joined along with approximately 60 other countries from around the world. The U.S.A then abandoned its ‘child’ as to social and economic unrest led to a more...

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united nation

The League of Nations which was established after the First World War (1914-1918) failed to deliver the goods. It was wound up. After the Second World War the major nations of the world felt the need for a similar body to maintain peace in the world and the United Nations Organization came into being. The charter of the U.N.O. was signed on June 26, 1945 and it came into effect from October 24, 1945. The aims and objective of the U.N.O. are: 1. To maintain international peace and security, 2...

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Message to the Black Man In America

leader of the Nation Of Islaem from 1934 until he died in 1975. He ended his education in the fourth grade to help his family by working as a sharecropper until he left home at age 16 to work in factories. On March 17, 1917 he married Clara evans and like many blacks at the time migrated for the jim crow south to Hamtramack Michigan for better job opportunities. While living in Michigan Poole and his wife had 8 children. In 1931 Poole attended his first speech on Islam and black empowerment by Wallace...

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Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone In 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte and his army invaded Egypt, Napoleon's army was helping to repair a fort near the Egyptian town of Rosetta. In the process of dismantling the wall, a member of the expedition discovered a slab of stone with inscriptions from 196 B.C.E., of three languages; hieroglyphics which was the script used for important or religious documents, demotic a commonly used style of Egyptian writing, and Greek which was the language of the rulers of Egypt at that time...

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Sports for Peace

social differences. I am convinced that sport can be at the long-term service of peace” HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco In Ancient Greece, a series of competitions were held every four years between representatives of several city-states and kingdoms of Ancient Greece. The Olympics allowed the Greeks to set aside conflict and war, to celebrate friendship and unity, to experience peace through sports. This promise of peace is The Olympic Truce, an ancient tradition, believed to have started in 776...

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The United Nations was more successful than the League of Nations in maintaining world peace by comparing with the scale and powerfulness of members, structure and measures in solving conflicts.

The United Nations was more successful than the League of Nations in maintaining world peace by comparing with the scale and powerfulness of members, structure and measures in solving conflicts. The scale of members of UN was bigger than the LN. The League of Nations was created at the PPC (1919), suggested by the president of the USA, Wilson. It was designed to be universal and devoted to the settlement of disputes and the prevention of war. There were only 8 members of the Council, 4 permanent...

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Peace and Conflict

on relationships and organizations. Conflict among people, institutions, organizations, nations and in all relationships are a normal, natural and inevitable part of life. In itself, it is to a great extent a necessary tool that enhances development and can be regarded as normal and a prerequisite under certain conditions. In view if this, this paper will labor to clearly examine the conditions in which peace is said to be a normal phenomenon. The term conflict will exhaustively be defined from different...

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United Nations

The United Nations 1. As far as peace keeping methods go, the reputation of the United Nations is very pitiable. This is not only because they have not been doing their job to it's fullest extent, but also because the member states on the security council haven't given the UN the power it needs if it is to be a successful force in peace keeping methods. 2. The United Nation idea was first brought to head during World War II, when 26 nations of the world pledged to work together as one. The...

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A Separate Peace: The Meaning of Peace in Life

A Separate Peace Harmony does not exist without destruction. Out of war, approaches all that peace has to offer. In the novel, A Separate Peace, (the author, Knowles) uncovers the meaning of peace concerning the multiple branches of life. The setting takes place miles away from the battles during World War II. At an all boy high school named Devon, the two main characters Phineas and Gene become best friends. However, when Gene pushes Finny off the tree, peace takes on a different role, and continues...

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The Rolling Stones

THE ROLLING STONES The Rolling Stones, self-acclaimed and fan-supported, is “The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.” The Rolling Stones is well into its fifth decade performing together as a group. They are the longest lived, continuous performing band in the history of music. From the band’s early British beginnings through the present, The Rolling Stones has continued to adapt its music to the sounds and styles of the past five decades, to remain ever visible and popular in the eyes of...

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World Peace

that day as a day of peace. I think it is quite easy for people to look at places around the world where there is clearly hostility going on, whether it be the Middle East, Africa, or inner cities in the United States, and think why can’t there simply be peace.  To me peace is not about looking at places of hostility around the world and saying there must be peace there. Real peace around the world begins within you. Check inside and honestly answer the questions “Am I at peace within myself?”  “How...

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Black Revolution

The Black Revolution Malcolm X, edited by Imam Benjamin Karim You can listen to a sound clip [requires RealPlayer, approx. 46sec] from this speech from Malcolm X : A Research Site. June, 1963 note - this speech was delivered before Malcolm left the Nation of Islam and accepted true Islam -- so his views in this speech do not reflect his own or those he held near the end of his life. Dr. Powell, distinguished guests, brothers and sisters, friends, and even our enemies. As a follower and...

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Peace and Leadership

Discuss the role of business in promoting peace in post conflict societies. (25) As peace negotiations have resulted in the settlement of intrastate violence and wars over the last decade, several societies have been going through difficult phases of post-conflict reconstruction. Negotiated settlement of long-term conflict brings about new challenges as well as opportunities for social transformation. Peace building involves a process comprised of various functions and roles. It often entails...

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“There Ain’t No Black in the Union Jack: The Cultural Politics of Race and Nation”

“There Ain’t No Black in the Union Jack: The Cultural Politics of Race and Nation” By Paul Gilroy, (1987): HUTCHINSON. This book ranges among other things, over ethnocentrism and contemporary British culture, British legality, youth, music and anti-racism; and explores the relationship between race, class and nation. Paul Gilroy makes it clear that he’s not restricted to the idea of modernising class analysis, and examines the relation between racism and nationalism - arguing that racial prejudice...

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Black Nationalism

The Title: DuBois and Black Nationalism The Epigraph: "The colored people are coming to face the fact quite calmly that most white Americans do not like them, and are planning neither for their survival, nor their definite future" W.E.B. DuBois "A Negro Nation within the Nation" The Premise: Black Nationalism is a pragmatic solution for the success and survival of the oppressed African Americans. The Argument: Black Nationalism is defined by Karenga, as the political belief and practice...

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Life of Black

Life of Black “Liberating Christ” is a critique of Langston Hughes, “On the Road” by Carolyn P. Walker. Hughes uses barely over 1000 words to narrate his story. His great skills of using metaphor, symbolism and imagery are some of few techniques of his great work. Hughes uses nature to express Sargeant’s refusal to participate in life. In Liberating Christ, Walker’s says Hughes has done serious criticism of racial discrimination. There were few other points we will be looking into oppression...

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PEACE OUT “Peace”, or “Peace Man”, accompanied by V-fingers out or “Peace Out” with two closed fist pumps to your chest were slang used in the 1970ʻs that meant, chill or relax or good-bye, respectively. Although our nation has experienced wars that date back from the 18th century with the American Revolution, 19th century with the Civil War, 20th century with World War 1 and 2, to today with the War on Terror, it is only natural that the nation has taken comfort in a term like “Peace”, defined...

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Birth of a Nation

movie Birth of a Nation is considered one of the greatest films of all time, even with these themes. AMC’s Filmsite even has it listed within the 100 Greatest Films of All Time. Another movie with the some of the same themes is Blazing Saddles. Blazing Saddles does not have the same stature as Birth of a Nation, but it does deserve to be higher in the canon. I do believe that Blazing Saddles does not have the same stature because it is a comedy with crude humor and because it has a black sheriff as the...

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Creating Peace Through Non Violence

from Birmingham Jail” and Aung San Suu Kyi’s essay “Freedom from Fear”, they discuss the importance of non-violent action in order to end political conflicts. In the speech “A Just and Lasting Peace” Barack Obama explains the effects of war and the ways in which non-violence can create a just and lasting peace. According to King, in order to create opportunities for negotiating about unjust laws, non-violent action may be necessary. Violence is never the long term solution to any problem. This is why...

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Nation of Immigrants

Argument Essay: Nation of Immigrants America is sometimes referred to as a "nation of immigrants" because of the largely open-door policy toward accepting foreigners pursuing their vision of the American Dream. Recently, there has been a clamor by some politicians and citizens toward creating a predominantly closed-door policy on immigration, arguing that immigrants "threaten" American life by creating unemployment, by taking jobs from American workers, by using much-needed social...

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The Black Power Movement

The Black Power Movement of the 1960’s Andrew Fleming History 1700-021 Professor Hansen July 13, 2012 Andrew Fleming History 1700-021 Professor Hansen July 13, 2012 The Black Power Movement in the 1960’s I grew up in primarily an all African American neighborhood in northern California. I have heard all of the things that my friends have said: that the color of their skin makes life harder for them, and that white people see them differently...

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Peace Movement

World History II 03/27/2013 The Peace Movement in the 1920’s Peace movement can be defined as “an international [social] movement against war and militarism, whose members are willing to fight for a stable and indestructible peace, regardless of the differences in their nationality, political and religious beliefs (KRYLOV).” The United States in particular has experienced many movements of these kinds in recent years, but the 1920’s was an era where the nation had just gotten out of World War I...

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Black Leaders or Leading Blacks

Black Leaders or Leading Blacks” Michael Eric Dyson is an African American Georgetown University sociology professor and somebody has “bamboozled” – oops – I mean “convinced” Dr. Dyson that he has “juice” – clout – connections – influence that he doesn’t have. The American media reported that Michael Eric Dyson chided African American clergy members who refused to go for the okie-doke and back President Obama’s play when he [the president] came out in favor of same-gender marriage. Dyson...

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Peace & Order

PEACE AND ORDER Peace and order unites religions and culture, incorporating values of security and harmony together with justice and respect for the human dignity. While peace undoubtedly, is one of the most universal and significant of human ideals, it is describe as "one of the most positive symbols having meaning for the whole humanity", the ways that we think about peace and how to attain it are often diffuse and content-dependent. Peace is the dream of every generation, the goal of every...

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What Is Peace?

What is Peace? Peace is a noun and could be defined as freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. Although it is much more than just that; peace is what we all yearn for however most of us can never find. It is what we fight for. It is what we live for. Peace is a state of harmony characterized by the lack of violent conflict and the freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace also suggests the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or...

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Prize 1028  Words | 4  Pages

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Peace Sign

Has anyone seen the peace sign? Are you wondering what this question is all about? If you are then keep thinking on it? Have you seen the peace sign lately? Where? Well, that is the main point! Where have we seen the peace sign lately? I am sure you have seen it everywhere; it is hard not to see the peace sign these days. Just think about it, you probably own a bunch of stuff that contain the peace, who knows, maybe you are wearing your peace sing PJs while reading this article. Does it actually...

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Peace symbols 1262  Words | 3  Pages

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