"Biblography Perception Of Various Performance Criteria By Stakeholders In The Construction Sector In Hong Kong" Essays and Research Papers

Biblography Perception Of Various Performance Criteria By Stakeholders In The Construction Sector In Hong Kong

significance of perceived performance criteria and the related performance outcomes in a construction sector environment located in Hong Kong. The key participants to this study consisted of clients, designers, consultants and contractors. Using a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), the research established nine performance criteria namely profitability, care for environmental protection, timeliness of project delivery, quality of life, safety, effectiveness of the construction process, no claims or...

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Perception of Various Performance Criteria by Stakeholders in the Construction Sector in Hong Kong

Construction Management and Economics (April 2010) 28, 377–391 Perception of various performance criteria by stakeholders in the construction sector in Hong Kong IVAN K.W. LAI1* and FRANKIE K.S. LAM2 1 2 Faculty of Management and Administration, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau International Graduate School of Business, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia Taylor and Francis Received 8 March 2009; accepted 1 December 2009 10.1080/01446190903521515 ...

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Beyond the ‘Iron Triangle’: Stakeholder Perception of Key Performance Indikator (Kpis) in Large-Scale Public Sector Development Projects

triangle’: Stakeholder perception of key performance indikator (KPIs) in large-scale public sector development projects Objectives This research has objectives to investigate the perception of the key performance indicator (KPIs) in the context of large construction project in Thailand (Second Bangkok International Airport or Suvarna bhumi Airport). The research attempted to achieve the following objective: 1. The significance of key performance indicators in perspective of various construction...

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Self-esteem of teenagers on Hong Kong

2013-2014 English for Arts and Humanities Assignment 2: Research Paper Self-esteem of teenagers in Hong Kong Self-esteem, according to the Oxford dictionary, is the confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect. It has been one of the most significant issues discussed on about teenagers in Hong Kong as their behaviors are often influenced by the environs such as people around them and the society. Many of them have arrived...

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Politics of Health Finance Reform in Hong Kong Raymond K. H. Chan, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong ABSTRACT Since the late 1950s, Hong Kong’s public health services have increased. They are mainly funded by taxes, supplemented by minimal user fees. In the late 1980s, the government recognized the limitations of this financing model and subsequently proposed alternative methods of funding. Their proposals have been rejected by various stakeholders, who represented different, and even...

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Innovation Construction Work in Hong Kong

Innovation of Infrastructure Work by Hong Kong: Public Civil Engineering Project Author Note Chan Pak Chuen, The Open University of Hong Kong (January 2011) Abstract The innovation plan of the Hong Kong government has been enforced since 1999. However, the existing policies attach much importance to innovation of biochemistry and information and communications technology (ICT). The needs of infrastructure innovation have long been overlooked. As a consequence, in terms of...

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Using Balanced Scorecard for Subcontractor Performance Appraisal

Scorecard for Subcontractor Performance Appraisal S. Thomas NG, Hong Kong, China Key words: Subcontractor performance, performance appraisal, balanced scorecard SUMMARY Several influential industry reports have pointed out that a decline in construction quality and productivity could be attributed to the performance of subcontractors who are entrusted to complete the actual works, yet subcontractor performance appraisal is a much neglected subject in construction. To facilitate subcontractor...

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Does Hong Kong encounter a legitimacy problem?

problems in Hong Kong stemming from performance, procedural and socio-economic aspects since the transfer of its sovereignty from Britain to China in 1997, under the formula of ‘One Country, Two Systems’, has curtailed the effectiveness of governance. Some claims that democracy will bring the prosperous to Hong Kong, while some argues there are tremendous limitations hindering the democracy to alleviate the legitimacy crises. To a small extent, installation of democracy in Hong Kong will likely improve...

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event management in Hong Kong

 In Hong Kong, different groups in the society have different opinions on the Asian Games issue. For my opinion, I think Hong Kong should bidding for the right to host it in 2023. I will use the following feasibility issues to prove my ideas. Is the event a good idea? Bidding for the right to host a major international sports event is a high profile. Typically, the benefits fall into follow three main categories. Sports development It can raises public awareness of the benefits of sport...

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Whether the Construction Industry Is the ‘Pillar’ Industry in Hong Kong?

ECONOMICS FOR CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE Kwan Tsz Him (11168188D) Kwan Cheuk Pui (11055717D) Cheng Ming Xian (11704592D) Introduction Although Hong Kong has less land, there are always construction projects happening everywhere in Hong Kong, for example, West Kowloon Cultural District development, Kwun Tong redevelopment project, etc. However, workers and capital involved in the construction industry have been decreasing. In this report, we will discuss whether the construction industry is the...

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A Case Study of Zhuhai-Macau-Hong Kong Bridge

CCCH 9033 Sustainable Urban Development and Hong Kong Individual Essay Topic 2: Sustainability and Cross-boundary Mega Infrastructure Planning in Hong Kong: A Case Study of Zhuhai-Macau-Hong Kong Bridge. Accompanied with the higher level of globalization and increasingly saturated domestic market, modern cities and countries start gauging carefully the possible options to promote economic interaction with neighbor regions. This scenario, as a result, gives birth to many cross-boundary mega...

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Case Analysis of Hong Kong Disneyland

Case Analysis of Hong Kong Disneyland Table of Contents Overview 1 Service Concept 2 Current Issues 3 Analysis 5 Recommendation 7 Overview Hong Kong Disneyland was opened in September 2005 through a joint venture between the Walt Disney International and Hong Kong government. Disney has been on an international expansion since it first opened its park in 1980 in Japan and China being the most lucrative market, Disney decided to open the park in Hong Kong after selecting the city...

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Zero Charge Tour in Hong Kong

Introduction In the recent years, the tourism industry of Hong Kong has been suffering from a severe negative impact due to a scandal that occurred within the industry. The Zero Charge Tour literally indicates tour without payment of fee by the tourist, whereas, it is not precise to interpret the Zero Charge Tour in this way. The Zero Charge Tour means the kind of tour that requires the tourist to pay incredibly low fee. Distinguished from the traditional group tour, it appears to be more economic...

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Economies of Hong Kong and the Pan-PRD

Economies of Hong Kong and the Pan-PRD Why the Heritage Foundation ranked Hong Kong as the first “free economy” in the world? Hong Kong has been ranked the freest economy in the world by the Heritage Foundation for the 19th consecutive year since the index was first published in 1995. We will see the criteria of a free economy according to the Heritage foundation. Then we will explain why and how Hong Kong is ranked as the first free economy in the world. Criteria of “free economy” according...

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Innovation and Technology in Hong Kong

HONG KONG : THE FACTS Innovation and Technology Promotion of Innovation and Technology: Innovation and technology are drivers for economic growth and the key to enhance competitiveness of our industries. The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) was set up on July 1, 2000 with the mission to spearhead Hong Kong’s drive to become a world-class, knowledge-based economy. The ITC supports mainly applied research and development (R&D) and technology transfer and application; fosters an innovation...

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The Firm Performance of Telecom Industry in Hong Kong Is Related to the Csr Performance

market in Hong Kong in which the largest teleport in Asia (Boulton, 2001). Some newspaper report had shown that Hong Kong people who own the most mobile phones in the world. According to the Telecommunications Authority announced the latest telecommunications penetration figures, it showed that as of October last year, there were 9.32 million mobile phone users in Hong Kong out of 700 million people. It means that every 100 Hong Kong people will have 133 mobile phones. It seems that Hong Kong people...

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RichardsonBBTM7101 8 6

American Psychological Association (APA). Annotated Bibliography Lai, I., & Lam F. (2010). Perception of various performance criteria by stakeholders in the construction sector in Hong Kong. Construction Management & Economics, 28(4), 377-391. doi:10.1080/01446190903521515 The authors primary goal of this study was to test the improvement overall performance of the construction industry in Hong Kong. The technique incorporated was the use of surveys, which allowed the authors to measure...

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XRL Railways: Promoting Tourism in Hong Kong and China

|Programme | |(HD24032) | | | |Tourism in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta | |HTM 2114 | |Pair Assignment | |Tourism infrastructure in Guangdong Province...

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Landfill situation in Hong Kong

Landfill is a main way of waste management in Hong Kong, but it may not be a sustainable way to solve or relieve the garbage problem. Moreover, landfill also will eventually saturate. It’s an urgent problem to stakeholders. In fact, an annual average of more than one million tons of wastes are produced in Hong Kong. Landfill is not the only way the government can plan for waste disposal. Building an incinerator to relieve the refuse pressure is also viable. In fact, a lot of waste is dumped without...

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Assessment 2 Hong Kong As A Tourism Hub

beneficial to the economy and society in Hong Kong Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) is to allow mainland traveler to visit Hong Kong on a personal basis (Tsan, Pang & Chow, 2008). The reason of implementation of this plan is, in 2003, Hong Kong economy was suffered from the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). In order to recover the economy, central government proposed that the travelers from selected provinces are permitted to visit Hong Kong individually. Over the nine years, while...

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Swot of Hft in Hong Kong

Background Established in 1986,“Hung Fook Tong” is one of the famous manufacturers and retailers of traditional herbal tea in Hong Kong which has over 70 retail shops with more than 700 staff members, self-invested factories in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and a sales network with extensive coverage. Mainly it serves customers with various kinds of Herbal Tea, Herbal soups, other non-herbal beverages, and snack (like dim-sums and sausages) on a price range of $8-$250. HFT also set up point of sales...

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Hong Kong Disneyland Case Study

SUMMERY This paper will analyze Hong Kong Disneyland that was built y Disney in conjunction with the Hong Kong government. The local culture of the people of Hong Kong and how it is related to the operation of business especially the tourism industry, which Disneyland will fall under, will be closely examined. The author chose Hong Kong Disneyland, a theme park built and operated by a new-joint venture, between the Government of Hong Kong and the Walt Disney Company. In this report the...

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Hong Kong Today

Liberal Studies F4 Second term—Hong Kong Today  Indicators used to understand poverty in HK     Income Health Education    Living conditions Employment Community / family support Section 1—Poverty Disparity / discrepancy between rich and poor  Gini coefficient - Range from 0 to 1 0 = income distribution is absolute equal 1 = income distribution is absolute unequal  Challenges faced by poor people  Employment - usually contract staff, low income, lack labour protection   ...

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Sports In Hong Kong

Degree/Higher Diploma Program Second Semester 2013-2014 English for Arts and Humanities Assignment 2: Research Paper Sports in Hong Kong To: Warren Schwartz From: CHONG Man Yi, Mandy Student Number: 201228879 Course Code: CC-88-767-00 Submission Date: 11 April 2014 In 2013 Policy Address, it is mentioned that Hong Kong government will further promote sports in the community by building new sports facilities and fortifying elite sports. The dogged determination to...

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Discussion on price perception and service satisfaction would affect the development of Low Cost Carriers in Hong Kong airline industry

on price perception and service satisfaction would affect the development of Low Cost Carriers in Hong Kong airline industry Introduction There are four airlines in Hong Kong which are Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airline and Hong Kong Express. Cathay Pacific reveals merger-driven consolidation that Dragonair became a member of Cathay Pacific Group in 2006. On the other hand, HaiNan Airline acquired both Hong Kong Airline and Hong Kong Express. Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airline...

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Preparing an Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography Lai, I. K. W., & Lam, F. K. S. (2010). Perception of various performance criteria by stakeholders in the construction sector Hong Kong. Construction Management & Economics, 28, 377- 391. doi:10.1080/01446190903521515 Ivan Lai from Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau and Frankie Lam from University of South Australia, Adelaide used a research model based on nine performance benchmarks and their corresponding performances. The intent of this research is to analyze the participants...

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Hong Kong

the growth of Hong Kong as a ‘global city’, and the forces which will determine its future growth development. Word count: 1952 words Globalisation that is happening in the world today gives rise to the context of global cities. This global city is advanced culturally, socially, politically and especially economically. Hong Kong is considered as a major city in the world. In fact, it is regarded as the 5th global city in the world. According to Mr. Andrew Chen of Hong Kong company incorporation...

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Hong Kong Property Markets

market in Hong Kong Introduction Hong Kong has established its real estate markets since 1841, when it became a colony of the British Empire after the First Opium War. As a small city with only an area of 1,104 square km, but over 7 millions of people, Hong Kong has one of the most prosperous property markets and which has created a huge amount of wealth. According to Forbes list of Hong Kong billionaires 2012, the top 3 richest people and 8 out of top 11 richest people in Hong Kong are came...

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Marketing Mix- Price and the Hong Kong Hotel Market

objectives (Chan & Wong 2005). Research indicates that whilst a price reducing strategy, which is commonly used in response to strong competition, may see short term gains, rarely does it attract and retain new customers (Chan & Wong 2005). In Hong Kong many hotels have reduced their room rates to remain competitive, however the above implies that hoteliers would do better to understand how their services and facilities influence customer satisfaction rather than simply reducing their room rates...

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Hong Kong Taxation System

HONG KONG SHUE YAN UNIVERSITY BUS 405 TAX PLANNING Homework 2 Question 1 Mr. Herbert Lee, a Singaporean, is being offered a job from a U.S. based company, Gateway Corporation. According to the proposed employment contract, Mr. Lee will have to meet the management team in the US and sign the contract there. His job is to oversee and supervise the operations of the Corporation’s various affiliated companies in the Far East region, including Hong Kong. He is expected to travel extensively...

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Hong Kong Protest

Hong Kong Protest 1. Introduction ‘International relations’ is often short for IR, and it has various definitions by different people. Some people define it as the diplomatic- strategic relations of states and the characteristic focus of international relation is on issues of peace and war, cooperation and conflict. While some scholars see it as about cross-border transactions of all economic, kinds, social and political, and international relation is more likely to study the operation of non-state...

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Annotated Bibliography

seems that web based learning environment is an excellent medium for enhancing learning, due to its ability to adjust to individual student learning styles and preferences. The article investigates the impact of students learning style and their performance. Online degrees have increased since 2006. More learners are becoming more technologically savvy, and it is those learners that are technologically inept, who relies on instructional design from classroom settings and interaction with instructors...

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Inflation in Hong Kong

Inflation in Hong Kong In recent years, inflation has been a serious problem in Hong Kong. By definition, inflation refers to a persistent, sustained rise in the general level of prices and, consequently, resulting in a fall of the purchasing power of the currency (Dictionary.com, 2013). According to the Annual Report on the Consumer Price Index 2012, the yearly average of the Composite Consumer Price Index (CPI) has increases of 5.3% and 4.1% over 2010 and 2011 respectively (Census and Statistics...

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Reinsurance Market in Hong Kong, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018

Reinsurance in Hong Kong, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018 ©reportscue Synopsis: The report provides in-depth market analysis, information and insights into the Hong Kong reinsurance segment, including: • The Hong Kong reinsurance segment's growth prospects by reinsurance category • Key trends and drivers for the reinsurance segment • The Hong Kong reinsurance segment’s growth prospects by reinsurance ceded from direct insurance • The competitive landscape in the Hong Kong reinsurance segment...

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Love Hong Kong, Love Ocean Park Campaign – Turn Threats Into Opportunities

Guest Talk Summary on “Love Hong Kong, Love Ocean Park Campaign – Turn Threats into Opportunities” Speaker: Ms. Vivian LEE Position: Marketing Director – Sales & Marketing Division Name of Company: Ocean Park Corporation Date of Guest Talk: 5th February, 2013 The talk being delivered by Ms. Vivian LEE was indeed very rewarding for me, it’s as good as the one delivered by her boss, Dr Allan Zeman which I’ve attended not long ago. Background The Ocean Park (Park) unveiled a master...

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Enhancing Environmental Performance by Green Procurement: a Case of the Construction Industry in Kenya

ENHANCING ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE BY GREEN PROCUREMENT: A CASE OF THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IN KENYA Abstract In recent years, the general awareness of the environmental impacts that industrial production gives rise to has radically increased throughout the world. Finding ways to minimise these impacts has become a major concern of the authorities in many countries. In order to promote a more sustainable industrial production, different incentives can be used. Among these incentives, the consideration...

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Project Management for Construction and the Built Environment

DRAFT Assignment brief Qualification Unit number and title Start date Deadline Assessor name Mr. Dave Due HND in Construction and the Built Environment HND in Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering) Unit 17 Project Management for Construction and the Built Environment Assignment title The 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Project Management for Construction and the Built Environment purpose of this assignment is to: Understand the practice of project management Understand the competencies...

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tourism and hong kong

The various merits of the Individual Visit Scheme have been entirely debated. While some businessman welcome the scheme that likely enhance the economy in Hong Kong, normal citizens complain that mainland tourists handicap their daily lives and deteriorate the tension between Hong Kong and mainland. A number of economists advocate the economic strength of The Individual Visit Scheme. Tourism is of utmost importance in Hong Kong since Tourism is one of the four pillar industries in Hong Kong along...

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Disney in Hong Kong

Walt Disney Company. However, in evaluating the past 4 years of attendance and operating figures of their newest park – Hong Kong Disneyland, it goes to show that the park performance is far from ideal. Why does the Disney magic not work in the hub of Asia – Hong Kong? This paper will answer that question, and after consolidating the lessons learnt from Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland, we will recommend the items Disney should consider before investing in a theme park in mainland China. Following...

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Hong Kong Cinema

Hong Kong Cinema The Chinese art form I've chosen to write about is film, with an emphasis on Hong Kong Cinema. I enjoy movies, in particular action films. Hong Kong Cinema has produced some of the best action films I have ever seen. I will discuss three Hong Kong Action genres, Martial Arts films, the Kung Fu Comedies and the Triad films. My first experience with Hong Kong Cinema came in the 1970s with Martial Arts films. Martial arts, emphasizes self-strengthening, therapeutic exercise,...

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Ecotourism in Hong Kong

The image of Hong Kong is well known as “shopper’s paradise” and “Pearl of the Orient”. Further, according to the International Market Research Study, it shows that the lack of new appeals in Hong Kong is a significant reason for it not being considered as a vacation destination. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the appeals of Hong Kong. Why not use our existing natural resources as tourist attractions? To maintain the competitiveness, Hong Kong should build up its own unique and special character...

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Mcdonalds and Hong Kong

201KM GROUP PROJECT CASE STUDY 4 McDonalds and Hong Kong             McDonalds celebrated its 50th anniversary in April 15, 2005 and remained true to the statement "As far as I can tell, the only place you can't get a Big Mac is in outer space." (1990) The company operates as a global business through franchising. In 2004, the company reported to have established 30,000 local restaurants located in 115 countries across five continents. It is the biggest fast food retailer conquering markets...

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The Tourism Industry in Hong Kong

industry in Hong Kong. Inbound and outbound tourism is the major income of Hong Kong. According to the result from the Tourism Commission, in 2011, Hong Kong received a record-high of 42 million visitors from around the world, a remarkable increase of 16.4% over 2010. It is also the first time that the number of arrivals surpassed the 40 million mark. The appreciation of most major currencies against Hong Kong dollar and the improving travel sentiment have fueled the impressive performance. In 2011...

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Milestones in China and Hong Kong

Milestones in Hong Kong and China |Year | |Development | | | | | |1993 | |Officially incorporated in Hong Kong. Received nonprofit status from Hong Kong’s Internal Revenue Department. | | | | ...

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Air Quality in Hong Kong

Air pollution in Hong Kong is often so bad that it is impossible to see across Victoria Harbor due to all the haze and smog. The government did endeavor to modify the air quality but, sadly, it still deteriorates continually. Even worse, the Air Pollution Index recently hit a record high, which suggests that the air quality in Hong Kong is far lower than the international standard. It all shows that air pollution is just a growing problem and I’m writing to raise several concerns about air pollution...

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Gender Inequality in Hong Kong

INTRODUCTION There are various feminist critiques of the welfare state. They all exist to examine and develop their critiques on the individual welfare services ¡V health, housing, education, social security and the personal services. The aim of this paper is to examine the various feminist critiques and thus to decide which perspectives are effective in analyzing the gender inequality in Hong Kong. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part will discuss the different theoretical...

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Hong Kong Disneyland Case Study

Economic Conditions in Hong Kong Unemployment went from 2.5% in 1997 to over 6% in 1999 GDP fell to historic low of minus 5.1% in 1998, with slight improvement to 0.7% in 2nd qtr. of 1999. Property sector was dominant growth driver in Hong Kong, over 65% of stock market valuation and 50% of bank lending. Tourism was only 4% of economy activity in 1998 and 1999. Gov’t. hoped to diversify with a tourist attraction. $104B to territory from tourism in 1996, dropped to $55B in mid-1997. The Walt...

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Hong Kong

political, social and economic developments of Hong Kong in the second half of 20th century? Hong Kong and China developed rapidly in the second half of the 20th century. Hong Kong had a close relation with the mainland China whether in political, economic or social aspects. There were many cooperation and interaction between Hong Kong and mainland China. Therefore, the developments of China affect the political, social and economic developments of Hong Kong. On political aspect, the developments...

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Travel And Tourism In Hong Kong To 2018

The report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights, including: • Historic and forecast tourist volumes covering the entire travel and tourism sector in Hong Kong • Detailed analysis of tourist spending patterns in Hong Kong for various categories in the travel and tourism sector, such as accommodation, sightseeing and entertainment, foodservice, transportation, retail, travel intermediaries and others • Detailed market classification across each category, with analysis...

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Case Analysis of Hong Kong Disneyland

Case Analysis of Hong Kong Disneyland Analysis for Disney’s losing market share due to operational issues Hong Kong is a set of islands, which are outside the Mainland China. The culture in Hong Kong differs from the mainland due to its rule from the British. Hong Kong was a prime tourist destinations for a large number of people from the mainland, as a result Disney focused on people from mainland, the local residents and international tourists. The local residents were infamous for their low...

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Is Hong Kong Still a Shoppers’ Paradise?

Is Hong Kong still a shoppers’ paradise? In the past decade, Hong Kong has been well known for its duty free and wide range of goods, it allows people from the world have a fantastic shopping experience. However, more news reporting the negative images of Hong Kong tourism which adversely affects the image of “shoppers’ paradise”, are arisen. While numerous tourists can be seen in tourist spots in Hong Kong, some contend that they no longer choose Hong Kong as a travel destination. This paper...

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Hong Kong Popular Music

Da Yuan Instructor: Nicholaus Meyers MUSC 100: Music Appreciation 11th November, 2012 The Popular Music in Hong Kong When talk about the popular music we know the 1960s was the golden age of world's popular music, and also the rock and roll. Hong Kong also followed the world’s step. The Hong Kong music was full of happy and freedom atmosphere since Hong Kong economic started to fly at that time. Young people began to contact the western trend. Radio became the main channel of music. The...

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Hong Kong Disneyland Case Study

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Walt Disney Company and their expansion into Hong Kong with the theme park Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD). The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923 by Walt Disney. It was a company founded upon as an entertainment experience for people of all ages starting out with short films and then moving into full length motion pictures. Since its inception the Disney Company has grown into a worldwide organization and is made up of four major areas...

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consisting of the two articles listed as resources for this Activity. Length: 2 entries. Approximately 2-3 pages. Submit your document in the Course Work area below the Activity screen. Learning Outcome: 8 * Analyze research articles for construction of an Annotated Bibliography. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Your instructor will give you feedback using the form below and in margin comments on your work. Reading and...

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The Linked Exchange Rate System Between Us $ and Hong Kong $

Between US $ And Hong Kong $ Prepared by: Accepted by: Eridjola Davidhi Martin Serreqi Olsiana Fekaj Xhesika Xhuveli Contents 1.Introduction…………………………………………………………………………………..3 2. A brief history of Hong Kong dollar exchange rate arrangements………………………….....

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Disneyland Hong Kong

to open its third park outside the United States; Hong Kong Disneyland. The case outlines the experiences of Tokyo and Paris Disneylands. The case provides details of the ups and downs with the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland. including the finances of the deal, and how the operations, human resources management and marketing were incorporated to complement the Chinese cultural environment. The case also discusses the tourism industry in Hong Kong and some problems that were encountered during the...

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Hong Kong and Singapore

Hector Morales AIU Feb. 6, 2015 NIC’S Hong Kong and Singapore Hong Kong and Singapore economies went through rapid growth during the latter half of the 20th century, expressly in the industrial sector. Hong Kong has very little if any mineral resources and cannot be competitive and this area. Timber for commercial production is not probable and hydroelectric potential is practically nil. Water is in short supply; however Hong Kong has become a giant in the world of trade and...

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Tutorial culture in Hong Kong

13567620A Leung Kit Ho, Bosco 13564680A Lau Ka Po, BoBo Research Plan Research Area: What are the economic/business factors leading the booming growth of private tutorial centres in Hong Kong? Research Direction: - To investigate the factors leading to the booming growth of private tutorial centre in Hong Kong, including standard of living, promotion methods, and the reasons why students attending tutorial class. - To conduct questionnaires research to collect response from students who...

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Hong Kong

DEPARTMENT OF ASIAN & POLICY STUDIES Exploring Political and Social Issues in Hong Kong (COC1022) Guidelines for Self-exploratory study (I) Overview • The self-exploratory study is designed to provide students with unique opportunities to have an in-depth examination of major political and socioeconomic issues facing Hong Kong today. The self-exploratory study will be divided into two components, including the Group Presentation and the Individual Written Report. (II) Group Presentation ...

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Hong Kong Kids

phenomenon of Hong Kong Kids I The Phenomenon of Hong Kong Kids THE PHENOMENON OF HONG KONG KIDS II Abstract In recent years, children who born after 1990s are labeled “Hong Kong kids”. The comments towards “Hong Kong kids” are mostly negative. This paper is aimed to discover “Hong Kong kids” characteristic, and the cause of this phenomenon. Throughout examining “Hong Kong kids”, it can...

Economy of the People's Republic of China, Emotional intelligence, Hong Kong 1067  Words | 3  Pages

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