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Being Open Minded And Share Ideas

Learning to be More Open Minded Head Start is a government funded pre-school program. This program is available to low-income families, foster children, and children who have a parent in jail or prison. Our goal is to help these children be prepared for kindergartens; as well as helping their families make better choices for their futures. We offer services to help them succeed in life and become more involved in their community. A few services we offer are GED classes, monthly classes on...

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My Idea of Being Indian

identity, but instead seamlessly integrates itself into their personality, and while a young Indian today is just as fashion forward, technology savvy and up to date as anyone in the west, we have the added benefit of never being able to lose sight of where we really come from. Being a privileged Indian, one always remains humble in the midst of millions who are not nearly as lucky. A certain spirit of basic humanity is something that every Indian, like us, is born with. In a country of a billion, when...

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The Advantages of Open Source Software

The Advantages of Open Source Software "Open Source Software is primarily defined as software which is freely redistributable and includes the source code" (Varner, 1999). Open-source software may be seen as the opposite of proprietary software in which the end product is binary only. The idea of open source is not a new one. "The progress of science over half a millennium has been founded upon the notion of "open source"--a model in which the brightest minds contribute their work to the community...

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Idea and Creativity

created such as an idea, painting, musical composition, joke, invention, solution, and literary work. It is also said to be associated with intelligence and cognition because it consists in a lot of thinking, crafting, drawing, and more thinking to achieve it. Intelligence is key as well as cognitive thinking; there has been a debate whether intelligence and creativity are part of the same process (conjoint hypothesis) or are two separate things (disjoint hypothesis). Open-minded and brainstorming...

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The Essence of a Human Being

reflects the whole human race and what it means to be a human being. What it means to be a human being is not just having a face, eyes, heart, or being able to drive a car, or to own a house. Being a human being is much more than that, deeper and more passionate. Being a human being is to have the ability to know what is right and wrong, having rational thought and to think deeply beyond the tangible things in the world, and being a human being is to find love. Yet as I think deeply into this more and...

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Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" and the Illusory Idea of Extraordinary Men

By the end of Dostoyesky's Crime and Punishment, the reader is no longer under the illusion of the possible existence of "extraordinary" men. For an open-minded reader, and even perhaps the closed-minded ones too, the book is a journey through Raskolnikov's proposed theory on crime. It is a theory based on the ideas that had "been printed and read a thousand times"(313) by both Hegel and Nietzsche. Hegel, a German philosopher, influenced Dostoyesky with his utilitarian emphasis on the ends rather...

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Acquisition of Spice Communication by Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular Buys 40.8% Stake in Spice Communication By: PTI | Jun 26, 2008 {draw:a} Email this {draw:a} Comments {draw:a} RSS {draw:a} Digg this {draw:a} Del.icio.us Idea Cellular has announced acquisition of rival mobile operator Spice Communications in a deal entailing purchase of a 40.8 per cent stake for over Rs. 2,700 crore in shares and cash. Besides, Idea will also make an open offer, along with Telekom Malaysia, to acquire a further 20 per cent stake in Spice for over Rs...

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Below are the different types of share capital of a company:- Preference Shares, Ordinary Shares, Deferred Shares, Redeemable Shares and Share Warrants to Bearer. Preference Shares are shares which normally entitle the shareholders a priority to receive a fixed rate of dividend out of the profits of the Company (current year only) per annum. Different classes of preference shares may exist. Preference shares are usually cumulative and non-participating. They cannot participate to further...

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the share

The prevailing trend of share/capital market has a direct impact on banking stability – evaluate the statement This paper explains the workings of a stock market as well as its effects on a country’s economy. The main point of this paper of to prove that the volatility of a country’s capital market can have a negative effect on banking stability of a country. The fall of a country’s capital market could mean the demise of the country’s banking sector as well. Basic Explanation of the Stock Market ...

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Open Boat

 The Open Boat What can Man do when faced with a Universe that has no concern for him? Begin to contemplate the belief that man has a role in the universe, that existence should mean something. A feeling of loneliness is conveyed from the understanding that man is alone in the universe and insignificant to the workings of the universe. In “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane, Crane exemplifies mans insignificance to the universe and nature because ultimately fate decides and fate is an indifferent...

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Equity Shares

2 ,4. A share or stock is also known as an equity share as well. The equity share basically represents ownership in the company. When a company needs capital or money to operate, it generates the required funds by selling ownership in the company. This means that the company issues equity shares for a price and these shares represent ownership in the company for the one who purchases the shares. These shares are an ownership in the company and give the owner the right to have a share in the profits...

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Heideggers Being

Heidegger believes that’s the role and ultimate goal of philosophy is to achieve an understanding and awareness of one’s being. Heidegger rejects the modern idea of progress which plans a projected future of society. Heidegger wants to block this revolution, which is constant revolutionizing of modern ideas becoming, and therefore rejects the basic belief of modernism, the belief in progress is not the belief in becoming. Strauss believes that progress has become a problem and...

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Being There

Chance became a public figure days later as the President mentions his name and idea in a public speech. Different newspapers, TV-channels wanted to interview Chauncey Gardiner. After all that a kind of distrust comes up, the President and other high positioned men want background information on Chance’s life, past till present. However they were unable to find information about Chance’s former life. The movie “Being There” was made based on the success of the book. There are many differences...

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Minda Are Open Only When Hearts Are Open

view all Minds Are Open Only When Hearts Are Open Quotes Sorted by: Relevance Total: 85517 Quotes Like 3 Like 3 Like 4 Like 4 Like 5 Like 4 Like 7 Like 1 Like 2 Like 2 Showing search results for Minds Are Open Only When Hearts Are Open Quotes. Related topics: Incompetence quotes Open Mindedness quotes Think Before You Speak quotes Judgement quotes Open Mindedness quotes Solution quotes Life quotes Happiness quotes Joy quotes Advice quotes Emotions quotes Feelings quotes ...

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Homosexual Marriage: Try Being Open Minded and Tolerant of Others

Ravichandran ENG2D1 Ms.Nichol 23 October, 2013 Homosexual marriage Can you imagine the love of your life fighting tooth and nail to marry you without any success? Or can you imagine other couples exploiting their marital opportunities, but you never being given a single opportunity to choose your life partner? Marriage has been universally acknowledged throughout history as a legal contract between a man and a woman in which there is emotional and sexual fidelity, along with childrearing (Slick1). But...

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Open vs. Closed Adoption

best practice because most women want to know what happens to the child and the child wants to know family history” (Koch, 2009). Even though the adoptive parents may not create a strong bond with the child, an open adoption is better than one that is closed because children respond well to open adoptions and the birth parents cope better. Adoption is a legal process, practiced in front of a judge, which brings together a child or children with new parents. When a child is adopted the adoptive parents...

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Ideas Behind the Complexity of Reading

requires an open mind, the independence of the reader to ignore the critiques of others, while having the ability to make his or her own. Far too often is it that people go into a novel with preconceived notions about its author, or the novel in particular. This is a huge mistake because “If you hang back, and reserve and criticize at first, you are preventing yourself from getting the fullest possible value from what you read.” (Woolf) The problem with going into a novel close-minded is that it...

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Open Innovation and Strategic Leadership

Models Open Innovation Networks The open innovation model is a model the uses internal and external ideas, internal and external paths to business as organizations look to advance in their technology. “Ultimately, it a model that innovates with its partners to share both risks and rewards. The limitations between the organization and its environment have become more absorptive, meaning that innovations can be transferred inward and outward. (Kaplan & Winby)” The main concept behind the open innovation...

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Idea Cellular

IDEA Cellular IDEA Cellular is an Aditya Birla Group Company, India’s first truly multinational corporation. The group operates in 33 countries, and is anchored by more than 132,000 employees belonging to 42 nationalities.Idea Cellular now has more than 110 million GSM customers with a 16.8% market share. It operates in 22 circles and provides an array of services to the customers. It is India's fourth largest telecom service provider and 3rd largest GSM service provider. With traffic in excess...

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Explore how Oscar Wilde opens Act 2 of 'The Importance of Being Earnest'

Explore how Oscar Wilde Opens Act 2: Upon the opening of Act 2 in The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde sets out a rather peaceful looking scene, transporting his audience to Jack’s country estate in Hertfordshire. The act takes off in the Garden at the Manor House, described in the stage directions as ‘an old fashion one, full of roses’ with baskets and chairs set under a large yew tree. With the time of year being July, this all makes up for a somewhat simple Victorian summer setting...

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The idea of being a nerd

 The idea of being a nerd, versus being popular has plenty of analytic depth. Studies have shown that nerds get teased and bullied by their peers. The kids that appear to do the bulk of the teasing are those who are unsure about their status quo and or the popular kids who have bad days. Usually popular kids don’t bother nerds because they’re already secure about themselves, they don’t really need validation. Nerds are an easy target for ridicule because somewhere down the line someone decided that...

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being gay

will be incorporating five different concepts from the chapters one through four of our book them being attitude in both its cognitive layer and affective layer, fostering global (self) interpersonal peace, deepen self-awareness, and intercultural relationships. Next, I’ll expand on my personal experiences in order to help you come to a better understanding as to the points I’m trying get across being: pride in ones own self, how it gives a sense of belonging, and deservingly accepting equality, all...

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Multiculturalism vs. Melting Pot : This essay comapares multiculturalism to the melting pot. It includes strengths and weaknesses of the two ideas, as well as descriptions and concepts.

prejudice, an open minded group of people who are able to step beyond themselves and explore each others interests while keeping their own interests and lastly allowing oneself and others the flexibility to be able to express one's thoughts and definition of culture that is free from ridicule. The term multiculturalism is usually used in reference to Canada more than it is to the U.S. However if we take a closer look, America is also multicultural, but they believe in the melting pot idea. Multiculturalism...

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Arthur Birling Says: “If We Were All Responsible for Everything That Happened to Everybody We’d Had Anything to Do with, It Would Be Very Awkward Wouldn’t It?” How Does Priestley Present Ideas About Responsibility in an Inspector Calls?

Arthur Birling says: “If we were all responsible for everything that happened to everybody we’d had anything to do with, it would be very awkward wouldn’t it?” How does Priestley present ideas about responsibility in An Inspector Calls? In An Inspector Calls, one of the main themes is responsibility. Priestley is interested in our personal responsibility for our own actions and our collective responsibility to society. The play explores the effect of class, age and sex on people's attitudes to...

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On being...

 On Being a Musician I enjoy my Sunday nights, not because it's football season or my favorite show, Once Upon a Time is on, but because it's the one day out of the week I enjoy being called a musician. This summer I went to Mo Ranch for our Youth Orchestra of San Antonio retreat and it was very interesting for a number of reasons. Going into the retreat I only knew two people but now, I know my whole orchestra. This was all possible through our skit of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which...

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Aristotle's Ideas in the Modern Work Environment

Aristotle in the Modern Work Environment In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, every point, every major idea, and every argument made, is all connected back to the concept that every action seeks an ultimate good. Aristotle felt that there is an intrinsic good that humans aim for and that there is this "good life" we all mean to have. However, what does it mean to be good? That means something different to everyone; we all inhabit many different roles in our day to day lives, whether we strive to...

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Breakfast Club and Perks of being a wallflower

Breakfast Club vs. Perks of Being a Wallflower COMPARE THE WAY IN WHICH THE AUTHORS OF 2 TEXTS EXPLORE THE IMPORTANCE OF INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY. John Hughes’ famous classic Breakfast Club (1985) illustrates the storyline of life as a teenager and the struggles faced growing up and fitting in, similar to Stephen Chbosky’s Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012). Both texts find characters discovering themselves as they face the hallowed halls of high school and end up realising they do not have to change...

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Compare and contrast the ideas expressed

 Compare and contrast the ideas expressed in two texts. To what extend do these texts show that national and cultural stereotypes are no longer a useful way of examining the human condition and economic activity? Choose an element in the texts which you find interesting and explain your reaction to it by giving examples from your own experience. People working around the world often meet different kinds of cultures. They frequently feel in contradictory with paradoxical stereotypes that...

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Where Good Ideas Come From

TED Program Analysis #3 Where Good Ideas Come From  People love to believe in that eureka moment, where a good idea unexpectedly comes out of nowhere. In reality, ideas are born in very different situations. In “Where Good Ideas Come From”, Steve Johnson explores the history of innovation to discover specific surprising patterns that explain the root of good ideas, and what we can do to increase the ingenuity of society. Johnson brings up a photo of the Grand Café in Oxford to show that...

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Listening with an Open Mind

opinion, we must listen with open minds. While this may be a seemingly trivial and obvious position to take, the implications of it carry great weight. Listening with an open mind is essential in fully benefitting and learning from those around us, as well as maintaining relationships that will allow us to voice our opinions. Before we can even begin to explore the “open-mind”, it is necessary to understand the responsibility we have to listen to others with an open mind. As humans, we all carry...

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Open Source Software Reasearch Paper

Assignment Week 6 Free and Open Source Software has been around for quite some time. Free software has always been a controversy. This time someone is trying to take a stance against it. More than just someone but a major software company namely Microsoft. The whole issue is coming against software patents. Patents are there to protect the make, use, and selling of an invention but in this case would deal with software. Microsoft is not keen on the idea of software being readily available especially...

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What is Think, Pair, Share?Think-Pair-Share is a strategy designed to provide students with "food for thought" on a given topics enabling them to formulate individual ideas and share these ideas with another student. It is a learning strategy developed by Lyman and associates to encourage student classroom participation. Rather than using a basic recitation method in which a teacher poses a question and one student offers a response, Think-Pair-Share encourages a high degree of pupil response and...

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Being A Nanny

COM312 Being a Nanny Children are full of tricks when it comes to negotiating wether it be with candy, what they want to wear, where they want to go for the day, or how they think they should be punished. A nanny is job in which one cares for children in the comfort of their own home. That being said there are several situations where the nanny needs to quickly think about how to resolve a situation and usually this ends in compromising with the child to make sure that both the rules are being followed...

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summary of "Open heart, open mind"

SUMMARY OPEN HEART, OPEN MIND Awakening the Power of Essence Love Tsoknyi Rinpoche with Eric Swanson InOpen Heart, Open Mind: Awakening the Power of Essence Love”, Tsoknyi Rinpoche- the Tibetan teacher of Buddhist meditation-mentions the Buddhist path aims at encouraging people to “live more openly, wisely, generously toward themselves and others”. To meet that target we need both understanding about our basic nature, the patterns that prevent us from our basic nature and the methods to...

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The Men of the Open Spaces - Focuses on the the Australian bush culture.

THE MEN OF THE OPEN SPACES Identity is a very important part of being Australian; it is a feeling of being associated with a national group, defined by a common heritage, which may be based on many attributes, including race, territory, language and history. "The Men of the Open Spaces", written be Will H. Ogilvie addresses these issues of Australian identity, constructing a powerful representation of the Australian 'bush' culture. The text uses past views of popular culture that are still ubiquitous...

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Open Innovation

Open Innovation Case: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc Introduction In light of the trend towards open innovation, inter-organizational technology transfer by means of alliances and licensing has become a key component of the open innovation processes. In this assignment we will discuss how open innovation can be the key of success and open up different opportunities, describe innovation in terms of what managerial consequences it can have on a company and try to find out what can be the driving...

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Big Idea

Lean Thinking: Step 1 Value: In an extremely competitive toy industry; Michael Collins came up with the BIG Idea group (BIG). The purpose of this group is to find a way to exist in this industry, while making profits and achieving objectives. The objective is to process the idea as a resource and transform a valuable product into a highly profitable business (Economies of scales). According to Collins, “The basic concept (company Policy) was to create a company that would tap into the incredible...

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Systems Open and Closed

author near the end of her essay titled, “Systems, Open or Closed”. A system as described by the author is present all through human life and is developed by three or more persons who are in contact and share a common purpose; a system has a goal (growth), has parts (people), and an order to the parts (dynamics of people and interactions in the family). Satir’s essay is aimed at describing the continuum that interpersonal systems exist within as either open or closed using details relevant to each from...

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Open/Closed Source

Open/Closed Source” Steven Arbizo University of Phoenix POS/355 INTRODUCTION TO OPERATING SYSTEMS THOMAS KRAWCZYK 03/23/2013 Over the past twenty or so years, there has been a never ending debate within the computing social realms, on whether software operating systems should be developed as open source or whether private companies should keep their source code closed from users of the software. This paper will define open source and closed source software models. In addition, a comparison...

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Open M Open Heart, Open Mind and Open Door

Open Heart, Open Mind, and Open Door “Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors” is the United Methodist’s trademark phrase expression its mission for evangelism. It is a wonderful catch phrase. And its essence contains the Christian message as well as the Methodist Social Affirmation to the world. To whom and how should we open these three doors: with our hearts, minds and opportunities? I see three doors in this catch phrase. Jesus said, “I am the gate for the sheep: whoever enters through me...

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Human Cloning: Is It Dangerous to Human Beings?

researched for more than ten years with vegetables and animals. The first success with living thing was a sheep named Dolly and that was one of the experiments that show how far human can get to the high stage of scientific technologies. Since then, the idea of human cloning was conceived. Some people think that human cloning should be permitted because it can brings great benefits to mankind. Still, some people think that human cloning should be banned since it is like a double-edged sword which can cause...

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open innovation

Open innovation is a term promoted by Henry Chesbrough, a professor and executive director at the Center for Open Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley. The concept is related to user innovation, cumulative innovation, know-how trading, mass innovation and distributed innovation. “Open innovation is a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology”...

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An Approach to Basho’s Haiku: Principle and Western Ideas

202-004 24 November 2008 An Approach To Basho’s Haiku: Principle and Western Ideas Ordinarily, it is mostly common for readers new to haiku, particularly Basho’s haiku, to find it immensely difficult to understand. Substantially, it is for good reasons to find difficulty with Basho‘s haiku. For one, it forms a mental images in the readers mind arousing… An Approach to Basho’s Haiku: Principles and Western Ideas Ordinarily, it is mostly common for readers new to haiku, particularly Basho’s...

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Women Being Influenced by the Portrayal of Their Roles in Film

Women being influenced by the portrayal of their roles in film Assignment 2A By Hoe Shuhui Joanne (S9132359A) Group No. 25 Academic Writing WRIT001/Term 2 – 2010/2011 I declare that this Assignment is my original work and all information obtained from other sources has been cited accordingly. Joanne Hoe 17/02/2010 Turnitin _______________________ Similarity Signature and Date Index % Course Instructor: Katherine Barg As the definition of being a woman...

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Open vs Closed Systems

Running head: Open Vs. Closed Source OS Open Vs. Closed Source Operating Systems Ignacio Gachuzo POS355 Mr. Robblee Open Vs. Closed Source Operating Systems The state of Kansas defines OSS (Open Sourced Software) as software for which the source code is freely and publicly available, though the specific licensing agreements vary as to what one is allowed to do with that code. The book defines open source operating systems as those made available in source-code format rather than binary...

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Traveling Mind Set vs Home Mind Set

Home Mindset Does having a closed mind set benefit more than a open mind set? Being open minded is having a mind embarks on new ideas, exploring and arguments. Being close minded is not open to new ideas and exploring. What does open minded and close minded have to do with having a traveling mind set and home mind set? Having a traveling mind set, we carry with us no rigid ideas about what is interesting. A home mind set is being settled in expectations, and assured that we have discovered everything...

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Open/Closed Source Systems

Open and Closed Source Systems POS/355 January 12, 2013 Jeffrey Hobday M.S. The General Public License also referred to as (GNU or GPL is one of the most widely used software license among individual, organizations and companies. The reason behind this is this product guarantees its users the freedom to make changes to the software, study and share the software, and if needed the software may be copied. 3 versions of the GNU have been released. Operating System is the core software of any...

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Capital Ideas- A book review

The Evolution of Finance: A Review of Peter Bernstein's Capital Ideas The world of finance is ever-changing. Over the last century, the modern form of economic and financial theory as we see today has been developed and shaped by the minds of many. What we have come to know and accept as fact today were seemingly unheard of nearly fifty years ago. It is with the endless efforts of these like-minded scholars that gives us the opportunity to appreciate the tools and fundamentals we used today to...

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Being Successful by being healthy

 Being Successful by Being Healthy By: English 101. For most young adults, college is the four-year period that they have been looking forward to since junior high. It’s the time to get out there and meet lifelong friends, experience new things, get involved with different activities, and develop the skills and knowledge that will be necessary for future career paths. Though, with all the fun of college comes...

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Science Fiction: Evoking Emotions through Ideas

Nazifa Munia Pre-IB English Per: 08 Mrs. Lidh Literature in a New Way Literature is an essential medium for gaining knowledge and being entertained. The expression of human intuition, imagination, beauty, and concrete thinking is literature. Science Fiction is no different than literature. Literature engages people to launch themselves into the realm of the unknown, and it establishes peoples’ thinking. Science fiction is literature, because it has the potential to alter people emotionally...

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Being Gay

Being Gay: What the Filipino Parents Should Understand About the LGBT About 3 days ago, I have read an article in the Philippine Star advising parents on what to do when they have a gay child. It was written by a local journalist, Tintin Bersola-Babao according to her interview with a “noted psychologist.” The article details how parents should stop all the effeminate ways of their children and how to tell them that they are what “God” made them and they must live a family with only the opposite...

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Case Study Open View

                        Case Study: Open Views, Warm Breezes, And Client Delight    IB B&M HL    2­4    Danah Agustin  Cindy Chao  Johnny Zhou  Daniel Zhou                                 1.​  Discuss why Joseph Obeng believe the best growth strategy for Open views is  organic growth, rather than going public or merging with other companies? [4  marks]              Joseph Obeng believes that the best strategy for ​ Open Views​  to grow is through  organic growth. He also sees that strategic alliances and joint ventures can also benefit ...

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Shares and Dividends

shareholders of the company. For each share owned, a declared amount of money is distributed. Thus, if a person owns 100 shares and the cash dividend is USD $0.50 per share, the holder of the stock will be paid USD $50. Stock or scrip dividends are those paid out in the form of additional stock shares of the issuing corporation, or another corporation (such as its subsidiary corporation). They are usually issued in proportion to shares owned (for example, for every 100 shares of stock owned, a 5% stock dividend...

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A Critique of Share Jesus Without Fear

Liberty Theological Seminary A Critique of Share Jesus Without Fear A Paper Submitted to Dr. Ashton Smith In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course Contemporary Evangelism EVAN565 By Robert D. Bragan 25 May 2012 Bibliographical Entry Shepherd, William Fay with Linda Evans. Share Jesus Without Fear. Nashville, Tenn.: B&H Books, 1999. Author Information William Fay was a business man trapped in a Godless...

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Open Economy

An open economy is the opposite of a managed economy. It is one that is characteristically market-oriented, with free market policies rather than government-imposed price controls. In an open economy industries tend to be privately owned rather than owned by the government. In the area of international trade an open economy is one whose policies promote free trade over protectionism. On the other hand, a managed or closed economy is characterized by protective tariffs, state-run or nationalized...

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The Importance of Being Earnest essay

aristocrats believe they are models of comportment and correct behavior. Nobles comfort themselves in the upper-class society with manipulative and idle attitudes. Victorian Times’ culture such as literature, universities and religious traditions are also being intentionally mocked in the play. Wilde mainly exposes the leisure, empty, trivial lives of the aristocracy through Algernon as he stand-in for Wilde himself who has a playful, irreverent nature. Algernon is a hedonist who makes cynical comments...

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 BOOK REVIEW: ACT AND BEING: TOWARDS A THEOLOGY OF THE DIVINE ATTRIBUTES Introduction Colin E. Gunton was a British systematic theologian born in England. He is one of the many theologians who have had meaningful influences in the field of doctrine concerning the Creation and Trinity. He spent years as the Professor of Christian Doctrine at King's College London and he is the co-founder of the Research Institute for Systematic Theology at this same college. Though his untimely death in May...

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Analysis "On Being Human"

Poetry analysis: On Being Human, by C. S. Lewis C.S. Lewis gets straight to the point in his first lines, particularly with the first two words 'angelic minds.' Readers will discern immediately that Lewis is going to discuss the concept of experience from the viewpoint of supernatural non-human beings such as angels. Readers may also guess, by comparing this idea to the poems title 'On Being Human,' that he intends to go on to compare this idea with our experience of the world from the implied...

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Evolution and Human Beings

transcendent in His essence, was intimately connected to human beings through His amr.  For Iqbal amr stood for the creative power and will of God. He gave the concept of ‘egos’. At the lowest level egos are unconscious, in the higher order of being, they become conscious. Egos achieve utmost consciousness and finally become self-consciousness in human beings, the highest being in nature and the vicegerent of God. Man is the only being awarded with moral freedom and responsibility. Using his freedom...

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The Koran to the Bible, Both in Terms of Its Ideas and in Terms of Its Literary Style.

A comparrioson between the Koran to the Bible, both in terms of its ideas and in terms of its literary style. The Koran and the Bible share many differences as well as similarities. The differences are what divide these two religions, while the similarities show us how Christians and Muslims share somewhat of the same beliefs. First, I will compare the differences between Jehovah of the Bible, and Allah of the Koran. In the bible it clearly states that God loves everyone, even sinners...

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