• Beer Lambert Law Lab
    Beer Lambert Law Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to prove the Beer Lambert Law experimentally. The various solutions used for this experiment are tap water mixed with food colouring, Introduction: The Beer Lambert Law shows the relation between absorbance of light of an object, the m
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  • Protien Lab Report
    QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF PROTEIN Purpose: To determine the concentration of an unknown protein solution using total protein reagent (TPR) and a Beer’s Law graph. Procedure & apparatus: As given in lab book. Data: Table of concentrations for known solutions. |Test Tube
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  • Lab Report Pchem
    Experiment 3 UV-VIS Spectroscopy/Steady State Enzyme Kinetics Pavel Voronko Completed October 1,2012 Submitted on 0ctober 19,2012 Bazinet Christine TA. Abstract Spectroscopic analysis is a technique which examines a solutions tendency to absorb light. Two experim
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  • Chem Lab Report
    | | Kinetics Author: Katie Wood Instructor: Donald Kavanagh Chem 106b, Section 001 Lab Performed 8th, 2012 Lab Report Submitted February 22nd, 2012 Abstract The purpose of the lab was to determine the order of reaction for the dye Red #40. By measuring the reaction rate between blea
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  • Spaghetti Hydration Lab Report
    Altering the Time in Which Spaghetti is Hydrated in Boiling Water and Observing the Mass Increase Introduction Mass is defined as a body with a particular amount of matter contained within it. The mass of a particular object is always stationary, but due to the gravitational pull on different su
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  • Chem Lab report
    Mustaqim Ahmed Period 4 September 18, 2013 Analysis of Food Dyes in Beverages Purpose: To determine the concentration of dye in a sports drink using spectroscopy and graphical analysis. We will be using beers law to find the unknown concentration of dye in a sports drink. Materials:...
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  • Lab Report
    Kinetics Lab Report Chemistry 152, Fall 2013 Kelli Forbes Susan Borowski Section: 5 September 2013 Abstract: For this experiment the main objectives were to determine the best wavelength to use for a Beer’s Law Analysis...
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  • Hess Law Lab Report
    LAB REPORT ON VERIFICATION OF HESS’S LAW Our purpose of doing this lab was to prove the Hess’s law correct. Hess’s law suggests that the enthalpy change of a reaction must be equal to the sum of the enthalpy changes of the related reactions which lead to the original reactions. The following
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  • Faraday's Law Lab Report
    Induction and Faraday’s Thursday, October 25, 2012 Lab Report 6 Introduction and Faraday’s Law Objective: In this experiment, Faraday’s law of induction will be investigated. Theory: Faraday’s law of induction states the induced emf or voltage in a coil is proportional to
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  • Charles Law Lab Report
    Charles’s Law – Lab Report Charles' Law: Assuming that pressure remains constant, the volume and absolute temperature of a certain quantity of a gas are directly proportional. Mathematically, this can be represented as: Temperature = Constant x Volume or Volume = Constant x Temperature
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  • air cond compressor lab report
    1.0 Learning outcome Upon completion of this course, student should be able to 1.1 Explain safety procedures according to the workshop safety regulation. 1.2 Perform maintenance of aircond compressor. 2.0 Tools/ Equipment 3.0 Safety Equipment 3.1 Face...
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  • Lab Report Help
    Created By: Andrew Weeldreyer Mrs. Wolf Period:3 AP Chem Lab Report: Determination of the Molar Volume of a Gas Objective: To react Mg and HCL and form hydrogen gas, then after collecting lab data, determine the hydrogen gas’s molar volume at ST
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  • Guidelines for Lab Report
    A Guide to Writing an Engineering Laboratory (Lab) Report Department of Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Science, University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) 1. Introduction Laboratory (Lab) reports are the most frequent document written by engineering student. These reports can contribute
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  • Lab Report
    [pic] Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Of SINGAPORE Chemical Engineering Process Laboratory I SEMESTER 4 Experiment F2 Flow Measurement in Closed Conduit and Centrifugal Pump Characteristics Name : Ang Sok Gek Chai Ch
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  • Newton Lab Report
    I. Introduction: The purpose of this lab report is to differentiate between of Newton’s Third Law and Newton’s Second Law. Newton’s Third Law states that all forces come in pairs and that the two forces in a pair act on different objects and are equal in strength and opposite in direction. Ne
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  • Lab Report
    This lab report will be detailing the steps taken and the results discovered when using spectrophotometry to determine the percentage of copper in a copper-clad penny and the thicknes of the copper layer on the copper-clad penny. After 1982, copper coating has been used in the creation of the penny
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  • Circuits Lab Report #1
    Lee 1 Kwan Woo Lee Lab Report#1 Measurements in resistive networks and circuit laws laboratory Abstract: The purpose of this lab is to verify the Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Voltage and Current Laws. As well as the introduction to the voltage division. The Ohm's Law states that the current throu
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  • Lab Report
    Lab Report 1  Introduction: Proper chemical formulas entitle many challenges such as the Law of Multiple proportions that states that there may be more than one plausible mole ratio for the elements in that compound. However if we determine the mass of each element in the compound we will be
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  • Design of Electronic Circuits Lab Report
    ZEIT 1206 DEC1 Lab Report 1 DC Circuits - Analysis and Design Alexander Glover, z3422512 Abstract DC circuit analysis and design, play a massive role in electrical engineering and without the correct application of theory and practise in unison, nothing can be achieved in a true engineering se
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  • Molar Mass of a Gas Lab Report
    ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
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