• Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Youth in India
    PROMOTING ENTREPRENEURSHIP AMONG YOUTH IN INDIA The dimension of the entrepreneurship is changing not from its perceptive form today environment but also from its origin. The lusts of entrepreneurship in rural and urban areas are different. The think tank has to continuously surrogate the aim of
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  • Entrepreneurship
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  • Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.
    Entrepreneurship and Economic Development A Commentary on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (ed. Wim Naudé) Robert J. Strom Interest in the study of entrepreneurship has flourished among scholars in recent years. This research has brought to light, among other things, the important role
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  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
                            Academic Year   2012‐2013                                          CEMS BLOCK SEMINAR:  Take‐home examination  Corporate Entrepreneurship            Pauline GELDOF – CEMS Master 2  Introduction   
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  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    CHAPTEER ONE ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND ENTREPRENEUR: MEANING, FORMS, AND IMPORTANCE 1.1. Introduction Entrepreneurship or the entrepreneurial function in the business development process is widely considered to be a critical factor (or a key variable) in the economic growth of nations, particula
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  • Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
    Research Paper On: “ENTREPRENEURSHIP & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT” Submitted To: Mr. Niaz Patwary (NzP) Faculty, North South University Submission Date: 3th April, 2013 Course Name: MGT 368 (Entrepreneurship) Section: 09 Submitted by: Kazi Jubair Radin-
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  • A Relational Study on Customer Satisfaction, Trust , Switching Barriers and over All Customer Retention in the Context of Unitrend Ltd.
    Acknowledgement In the preparation and finish this internship report, I acknowledge the encouragement and assistance given by a number of people and institution. I am most grateful to the Unitrend management to give me the opportunity to complete my internship in their organization. I
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  • Entrepreneurship Goes Global
    Critical Analysis of ‘Entrepreneurship goes Global’ The article “Entrepreneurship goes global” by Neri Karra and Nelson Phillips presents a new type of company emerging in the 21st century, namely entrepreneurships, which have at least 25 percent of their sales in foreign markets and d
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  • Entrepreneurship
    Introduction Entrepreneurship is the ‘creation of organisations (Gartner 1989)’. To date no one has been able to completely define what entrepreneurship is. Two main schools of thought divide the term as either a functional approach or the trait approach. The functional approach focu
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  • Minority and Entrepreneurship
     Minority and Entrepreneurship Abstract Do minority entrepreneurs have business success? This question leads to does minorities and entrepreneurship goes in a sentence together. The purpose of this study is to see the how minorities owned businesses have increase throughout the United Sta
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  • Entrepreneurship
    1 Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Networks of South Asia c Arthur Helweg, Ph.D. Western Michigan University 1 Introduction: Entrepreneurs1 and their associated networks have played a significant but changing role in the history of South Asia. Much of what we know about ancient Indian entre
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  • Entrepreneurship
    1. INTRODUCTION Today, with the information technology and internet, entrepreneurs have become one of the most dynamic forces in the economy. Entrepreneurs are now driving the technology high, which is itself driving much of the world's economic growth. This makes entreprene
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  • Women Entrepreneurship
    INTRODUCTION The emergence of women entrepreneur & their contribution to the national economy is quite visible in India. Women have become aware of their existence, their rights & their work situations. The number of women entrepreneur has grown over a period especially in the 1990s. Women hav
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  • Barriers of Shg
    Barriers of SHG women and the role of SHG in eradicating poverty Abstract: Microfinance (SHG) leads to decrease in vulnerability. Main component of vulnerability is from poverty. In 2007, the microfinance market served more than 33 million borrowers and 48 million savers. Statistics provided
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  • Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship
    EMERGING TRENDS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP Introduction We all know that entrepreneurship is about attempting to assemble resources including innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods. This may result in new organizations or may be part of revi
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  • Entrepreneurship Process and Principles
    Entrepreneurship process and principles Chapter: Introduction to Entrepreneurship process and principles Definition of entrepreneur -According to American Heritage Dictionary, “Entrepreneur is a person who organizes, operates and assumes the risk for business venture” -According to Skinn
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  • Entrepreneurship
    CHAPTER1 What is Entrepreneurship?: An entrepreneur is an individual who owns a firm, business, or venture, and is responsible for its development. Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting a new business or reviving an existing business, in order to capitalize on new found opportunities. Gene
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  • Theories of Entrepreneurship
    Introduction Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that is driving the world economy today and aptly so because entrepreneurship is the process of creating economic and social value by means of taking risks, creating and exploiting opportunity and generating new ideas. Entrepreneurship is all pervasive
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  • Entrepreneurship Development
    Chapter 5 ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT Entrepreneurship is not an inborn skill; it is a product of environment. It involves a complex of economic and social behavior. To be successful, an entrepreneur has to remain dynamic and responsible to the whole environment. Entrepreneurship
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  • The Importance of Lifestyle Entrepreneurship: a Conceptual Study of the Tourism Industry
    Vol. 7 Nº2 págs. 393-405. 2009 www.pasosonline.org The importance of lifestyle entrepreneurship: A conceptual study of the tourism industry Mike Peters ii University of Innsbruck (Austria) Joerg Frehse iii University of Innsbruck (Austria) Dimitrios Buhalis iv Bournemouth Universit
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