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Barangay Problems

Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction Information Systems (IS) have become crucial for organizations to survive in today’s technology-focused environment. Increasing amounts of resources are invested in IS infrastructures in organizations to give better services and to produce better value products. (Tokdemir, Gül, 2009). It stores, processes and delivers information relevant to an organization. Barangay Information Systems (BIS), a system with database, which is capable of handling...

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Barangay Budget

Barangay Kalangaman Municipality of Bato BARANGAY PROFILE I. Barangay Council 2010 – 2013 Brgy. Captain Hon. Michael Angel Polinar Brgy. Kagawad Hon. Henedina Elarcosa Hon. Frumencio Tabinas Hon. Andres Bohol Jr. Hon. Irenea Layam Hon. Jaime Mejala Hon. Wilberto Salvino Jr. Hon. Emmanuel Mercader SK Chairman Hon. Mark Salvatierra II. Brief History During the spanish regime the town of Bato is little bit like a sitio between the boundaries...

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Barangay information system proposal

INFORMATION SYSTEM of BARANGAY 17-KALAPATI in CAVITE CITY, CAVITE A System Proposal Submitted to Mr. Jan T. Samartino Department of Information Technology Cavite State University Cavite City Campus In patial fulfillment of the requirements for the subject ITEC 55 (System Analysis and Design) ERWIN S. BASBAS ANGILO A. BELLON MA. JOLINA L. SESIMA KRYSTLE MAYE R. TAKAHASHI KIMNU T. VERDIDA September 2014 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction Barangay is the small administrative...

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Profiling System For Barangays

Profiling System for Barangays Submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirement of a Software Engineering Course Project November 21, 2014 Project Overview 1.1 Purpose, Scope and Objectives 1.1.1 Purpose The purpose of having the Profiling System for Barangays (PSB) is to maneuver barangay from manual process to a computerized one. Recording of information, preparation of documents and even in conducting census will just be a click away with the use of this system. 1.1.2 Scope This system...

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performance of Punong Barangay in Poblacion, Valencia City, Bukidnon

Barangay Official’s Duties and Responsibilities A barangay is the simplest unit of Local Government Unit. They handle a small community like purok or sitios. All places in the Philippines consist of this small LGU unit and barangay officials. In this article, you will have a brief idea about the duties and responsibilities of every barangay official that had been elected by their constituents. The Punong Barangay or the Barangay Chairman is the executive head of the smallest unit of the government...

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The Development of Centralized Record System for the Issuance of Sedula for Barangay Sta. Monica Hagonoy Bulacan


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Barangay Assenbly Minutes

SANGGUNIANG BARANGAY Barangay 2, Bacolod City Minutes of the 2nd Semester Barangay Assembly of the Barangay Council of Barangay 2, Bacolod City, dated November 9, 2012, held at Barangay Hall, 3:00 p.m. Present: Hon. Emelda J. Banguanga ……………………………Punong Barangay Hon. Ramon E. Jamelo…………………………………Barangay Kagawad Hon. Ben Jake C. Barilla …………………………….. Barangay Kagawad Hon. Victor D. Aliguin…….…………………………...Barangay Kagawad Hon. Noe M. Romero Sr…..……………………………Barangay Kagawad ...

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The Impact of Sangguniang Kabataan to the Development of the Youth in Selected Barangays of Gumaca, Quezon Fiscal Year 2007 – 2013

The Impact of Sangguniang Kabataan to the Development of the Youth in Selected Barangays of Gumaca, Quezon Fiscal Year 2007 – 2013 Introduction “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”, a famous line from the Dr. Jose Rizal’s A la Juventud Filipinas (To the Filipino Youth). Throughout the decades, the youth of our country has fared well in taking up that challenge. Youth concerns matter to everyone. And why not, the continuity of what we have founded in our time and age fully rests on the youth...

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Barangay System Unfinished

I. INTRODUCTION Barangay is the small administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village or district. Barangay are further subdivided into smaller areas called Puroks . A barangay is led and governed by its barangay officials. It is composed of a Punong Barangay or Barangay Captain/Chairman, seven Barangay Councilors or  Barangay Kagawad  and sangguniaang Kabataan Chairman. Together with this is the Barangay Secretary and a residing midwife or a doctor...

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Barangay Record System

Background of the study Barangay is the small administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village or district. Barangay are further subdivided into smaller areas called Puroks (English: Zone). A barangay is led and governed by its barangay officials. It is composed of a Punong Barangay or Barangay Captain/Chairman, seven (7) Barangay Councilors or Barangay Kagawad and a Sangguniaang Kabataan Chairman. Together with this is the Barangay Secretary and a residing...

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Project Citizenry Is A Coordination Of

Project Citizenry is a coordination of students to identify a specific problem of a community, surveying and coming up with a good solution. This project helps me to understand what the real world is all about and what is going on with it. I first thought that I lived in a luxurious place with all of God’s creations, but we are not aware of how we destroy our own treasures. Just like the problem in Brgy. Diego Silang, Butuan City which is improper waste disposal. It made me think, why do people...

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Automated Mapping and Recording System

Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Now a days, computer is one of the technologies that most people use in their everyday lives.For instance ,instead of waiting by a telephone for a call or snail mail to appear, a person can receive a document or dispatch with lightning speed using email or mobile phones also the use of projectors and video conferences help in important amount in the process of learning; by using these approaches, different kinds of students' intelligence...

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Automated Record System of Barangay 38 a Thesis Proposal

the study Barangay P.N.P Compound is located in the heart of Davao City particularly situated in the center of San Pedro , Bolton , Rizal and Quimpo Boulevard Sts. Even in the older times it is the center of trade and religious activities. Barangay P.N.P Compound in the late 1940`s used to be a swampy area with barely 20 houses ( more or less ) built from light materials was situated. Since our barangay is located near barangay bucana ...

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Ethnographic Study on Giant Lantern Festival

Issue or ProblemBarangay San Jose and its Illuminating Giant Star” Ethnographic study is a systematic process of observing, describing, detailing, documenting and analyzing the cultural beliefs, practices, customs and rituals of a cultural group in order to obtain information about their culture in their particular environment. That is why for our Ethnography, we have decided to feature Barangay San Jose and its well- known Giant Lantern. II. Objectives We want to explore Barangay San Jose...

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KATARUNGANG PAMBARANGAY * What is Katarungang Pambarangay and its significance? - The Katarungang Pambarangay or the Barangay justice System is an extra governmental mechanism aimed at perpetuating the time honored tradition of amicably settling interpersonal disputes in a community without recourse to the formal legal system of confrontational social behavior. The central feature of the system is the Lupong Tagapamayapa, a community-based conflict resolution effort that is highly supportive...

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Water billing

Student JENNIFER E. SABUGAA Professor OCTOBER 2014 INTRODUCTION Background Information Sibagat Water District is a GOCC……. It is situated at Purok 3, Barangay Poblacion, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur. It has only 8 personnel which consist of 1 general manager, 2 office staffs, and 5 technical crews. It offers services only within the puroks in the barangay poblacion which has 13 puroks. For almost blahblah years, Sibagat Water District is still using manual water billing system. The water bill is produced...

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Community Profile

Republic of the Philippines University of Rizal System Rodriguez, Rizal Sitio Harangan Community Profile [Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal] Prepared by: BSCD III I. Introduction The name “Harangan” was derived from the residents themselves who used to block garbage truck in order to get the junk. The place was a rice field and heath before. It was also known before as a disposal place for dead people who was being kidnapped or victim...

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barangay churvaness

Profile Barangay Sevilla got its name from sevilla, spain. Its people are mixture of prominent natives of the barangay like the Gutizas and Quinzons, the Sotos the Villareals and the Sanglays and migrants to the place like the Federicos, the peraltas, and the Fernandezes. Barangay Sevilla is located 2.5Kilometers away from the city proper with a total land area of 274.70 Hectares. Barangay Hall, Barangay Health Center and Barangay Health Center are found in Purok 4 of the Barangay. Problem Definition ...

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Water Billing System

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE RATIONALE Today, business and establishment shift from manual to computerization primarily because of the advantages growth by the use of computers. Through the advancement of the technology, the computers exist. Because of this, computers are great help of any form of establishment to make work more accurate and fast on retrieval storage of information. Water works systems is an integral part of the community. It handles volumes of data that needs processing...

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barangay info

social and economic problems. And identifying national solutions demographers are engaged in social planning, market research (insurance forecasting labor) economic development and so on. They work for private firms and public agencies at local, regional, national and international levels. The study describes the current population density and rate of growth, the age distribution of the population, and average size of households in the local Market Area (Lollymish, 2005).  Barangay is the small administrative...

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Socio Economic Profile of Quezon City

invigorating climate. Silang is politically subdivided into 64 barangays such as Adlas, Balite I, Balite II, Balubad, Batas, Biga I, Biluso, Buho, Bucal, Bulihan, Cabangaan, Carmen, Hukay, Iba, Inchican, Kalubkob, Kaong, Lalaan I, Lalaan II, Litlit, Lucsuhin, Lumil, Maguyam, Malabag, Mataas Na Burol, Munting Ilog, Paligawan, Pasong Langka, Barangay I (Pob.), Barangay II (Pob.), Barangay III (Pob.), Barangay IV (Pob.), Barangay V (Pob.), Pooc I, Pooc II, Pulong Bunga, Pulong Saging, Puting Kahoy...

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Water Billing System

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE RATIONALE Today, business and establishment shift from manual to computerization primarily because of the advantages growth by the use of computers. Through the advancement of the technology, the computers exist. Because of this, computers are great help of any form of establishment to make work more accurate and fast on retrieval storage of information. Water works systems is an integral part of the community. It handles volumes of data that needs processing...

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“Ang Pataas Ng Bilang Ng Mga Kabataan Na Nalululong Sa Alak”, Isang Pag-Aaral.

Republic of the Philippines Province of Ilocos Sur Municipality of Santa BARANGAY BUCALAG OFFICE OF THE SANGGUNIANG KABATAAN MESSAGE The development, of the community wouldn’t be possible without the help of the whole Sangguniang Kabataan members and with the guidance of experience one. It is everyone ultimate goal to realized the dream of improving the community that is conducive for living and worth the value. It is then my responsibility to lead the trust you gave on very...

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City Ordinance on minors from 9:00 PM to 4:00 AM Daily within the jurisdiction of Barangay Abra, Santiago City. 3. Resolution No. 2014-006, Authorizing the Punong Barangay, Honorable Benzi T. Chai, to enter into and sign usufruct agreement for and in behalf of the Barangay Government of Dubinan West, City of Santiago, as usufructuary, with Ms. Olivia T. Chai as owner, involving the parcel of land located at Barangay Dubinan West, City of Santiago, with area of Four Hundred Twenty Nine (429) Square...

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Barangay Elections in the Philippines

Introduction The barangay was the Filipino's earliest form of government. It was an independent settlement consisting of thirty to one hundred families usually situated along a river bank or at the mouth of a river spilling out to the sea. The term barangay was derived from the Malay word barangay or balangay, which means sailboat. The barangays were used to transport the early Filipinos and their cargoes to the various sections of the Philippine archipelago. Each barangay was ruled by a datu or...

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Chapter 1 Introduction A Barangay also known as barrio in its former name is the smallest local government unit in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village or district. Municipalities and cities are composed of barangays. The word barangay is sometimes abbreviated as "Brgy" or "Bgy. Historically, a barangay is a relatively small community of around 50 to 100 families. Most villages have only thirty to one hundred houses and the population varies from one hundred to five...

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Survey Questionnaire for baranggay Case Study

provided. Name: _______________________________ (optional) Barangay: _________________________________ Gender: ( ) Male ( ) Female Educational Attainment: ( ) First Year ( ) College level ( ) Second Year ( ) College graduate ( ) Third Year ( ) Masteral Degree ( ) Fourth Year ( ) Doctoral Degree Others please specify: ________________________ Age: ( ) 25 years old Others please specify: ____ years old II. Barangay Policies Instruction: Kindly evaluate the Brgy. Policies...

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History of the Creation of Barangay

Republika ng Pilipinas N a t I o n a l C a p I t a l R e g I o n Barangay U.P. Campus Lungsod Quezon LAND AREA: 493 Hectares A BRIEF HISTORY ON THE CREATION OF THE BARANGAY The Barangay U.P. Campus was created on June 25, 1975 by Executive Order No. 24 of the then Quezon City Mayor Hon. Norberto S. Amoranto. Since its creation, the barangay operated as a duly recognized basic political unit in Area 23, Fourth District of Quezon City with boundaries...

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Sample of Resolution


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gathers vegetables as they are available, and lives off being given fruit and produce in exchange for healing the members of the tiny community she is part of. She has a line to the barangay captain, who sees her no matter what she needs; who encourages her to run for political office, which seems absurd given the barangay she is part of. What we see of Sitio Kasinggan is miles and miles of mountains and fields, dirt roads and lone bahay kubos. Mabuti seems to walk forever.   One might think Mabuti...

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History of valenzuela

Valenzuela is composed of 33 barangays, the smallest administrative unit in the city. A barangay is equivalent to American village and British ward, and is headed by the barangay captain (punong barangay) and his council (kagawad) duly elected by the residents. In legislative level, Valenzuela is divided into two congressional districts. Legislative district one contains 24 barangays in the northern half of the city, while legislative district two groups the 9 barangays in the southern portion of the...

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Fixing Society

food pack. Then we headed back to the home base. The New Bataan Parish. However, with the growing curiosity about Barangay Andap, we decided to take the route headed for ANDAP, the place where 7 barangays were wiped out by the typhoon in 7 hours. As we arrived, I saw huge mountain rocks in different colors. I was told that these were sedimentary rocks came from the mountains. The 7 barangays was literally erased from the map of Compostela valley. Then I saw one tall tree standing in the midst of a desolated...

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Sinkholes in Cebu

The sinkhole, located in Sitio Carpo, Barangay Casay, was reported to the police on Thursday by concerned residents after the natural cavity was observed to have expanded to a diameter of 10 meters. Barangay captain Joseph Belamia said a cattle-raiser initially told him about the sinkhole on February 8, two days after the 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck the provinces of Negros Oriental and Cebu. Belamia said they could not determine the sinkhole’s present depth but claimed it had swallowed...

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Sk Debate

of presstime, the barangay and SK elections in October will push through, but Cornelio says DILG hopes to have its proposal on reducing the number of SK officials from eight (one chairman and seven kagawad), to only one youth representative, approved in time for the elections. PIONEERING The Philippines is so far, the only country in the world which has given its youth the opportunity to take a participative role in government through the SK. An offshoot of the Kabataang Barangay of the ‘70s, the...

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Malayan Heritage

Government/ Laws Barangay – refers to settlements and is considered independentkingdom - from “balangay” a sailboat used by Malays in going tothe Philippines - consisted of 100 families - Big barangays Sugbu (Cebu) , Maktan (Mactan), Bigan(Vigan), Maynila (Manila) – more than 2,000 families - Datu, hari, rajah – leader of barangay – obtainedposition by inheritance - Chief executive, legislator and judge- There was no national government, only independent barangays- There were oral and...

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An Overview of Lemery, Batangas

Most of the people in Lemery are Tagalogs. In recent years, there's been a noticeable increase of Visayans in some barrios or barangays. The main language spoken is Tagalog, and a significant number now speaks Cebuano. A small number of families speak Spanish. Many among the educated class can speak English. Barangays Lemery is politically subdivided into 46 barangays. In 1957, the sitio of Bagong Pook was separated from the barrio of Arumahan and constituted into an independent barrio, while...

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Calatrava, Negros Occidental

CALATRAVA, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL BACKGROUND Profile Distance from Bacolod: 129.9 kilometers Land Area: 43,960.00 hectares Classification: 1st Class No. of Barangays: 40 Barangays Population: 4,623 (May 1, 2000) – 78,936 (2005 Projection) Language: Cebuano/English is spoken and understood Points of Interest: Wild Monkey Sanctuary Palau Beach Resort Loly Beach Resort Pinocutan Cave Bagacay Caves Lat-ason Falls Tigbon Cave How to Get There Calatrava is a three-hour drive...

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Pre- Colonial Period

Traditional Filipino Community 1.1 Government and Law - The barangay was the Filipino's earliest form of government. It was an independent settlement consisting of thirty to one hundred families usually situated along a river bank or at the mouth of a river spilling out to the sea. - The term barangay was derived from the Malay word balangay, which means sailboat. The balangays were used to transport the early Filipinos and their cargoes to the various sections of the Philippine...

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My Journey

very wide sedimentary basin, as what people there said. Even though I’m far from the speaker (can’t hear much!), I’ve gained something. That Metro Iloilo Water Distribution extracts its supply from Tigum River through an intake dam constructed in Barangay Daja, Maasin. From the dam, raw water is conveyed by gravity through a pipeline to a sedimentation basin in barabgay Buntalan, Maasin. As soon sedimentation process takes places, clean surface water flows down to an overflowing channel connected...

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Crisostomo Ibarra: A Cynical Saboteur

at a pancitería while a spy for the friars witnesses the proceedings. Simoun, for his part, keeps in close contact with the bandit group of Kabesang Tales, a former cabeza de barangay who suffered misfortunes at the hands of the friars. Once a farmer owning a prosperous sugarcane plantation and a cabeza de barangay (barangay head), he was forced to give everything to the greedy and unscrupulous Spanish friars. His son, Tano, who became a civil guard was captured by bandits; his daughter Julî had to...

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Profile of Barangay Malapoc Norte, MaasinCity,Southern Leyte In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements of SW20B- Field Instruction2 (Community-Based) Junrie I. Apilar Candee Rose C. Aroy Deralyn S. Guinoo OCTOBER 2014 TRANSMITTAL The On-the-Job training report attached herewith for evaluating the experiences of student trainees, Junrie I. Apilar, Candee Rose C. Aroy and Deralyn S. Guinoo of the Diocesan Social Action Center of Maasin City, Southern Leyte (Barangay Malapoc Norte,...

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Essay on the Balangay

only trade was the main highlight of those times for even fishing as a main livelihood was existent. Travel and communication was also made possible, given that the Philippines was made up of thousand different islands and accessibility from barangay to barangay across the country was very difficult. Lastly, paramount to the knowledge of our ancestors was how they stayed together as a clan(group of families living as one unit). Our ancestors’ way of life, inevitably, thrived because of their maritime...

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The Culture of Ancient Filipinos

allowing them to use it for swords, arrows and other weapons. They also used it to fashion jewelry and other adornments. They were skilled boat (balangay) builders and excellent farmers. A group of settlements (30 to 100 families) was called a "barangay" and was headed by a "datu", "gat" or "lakan" (lord). The datu with his family and immediate relatives are the highest social class. Considered as nobilities they are the most influential. The middle class was the "mahadlika" or "maharlika" (free...

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Philippines and Mayor Vice Mayor

EARLY FILIPINO CIVILIZATION Antonio Pigafetta Magellan’s Italian expeditionary ethnographer, went ashore in 1521 to parley with the ruler of Limasawa, they sat together in a boat drawn up on shore which Pigafetta called a balangai Barangay/ Balangai Word for boat also being used for the smallest unit of Tagalog society Barrio Colonial term, a political unit loyal to a local boss Heroic Leadership This perks up their readiness to serve the people’s needs, whether prioritize as...

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Barangay Fiscal Management in Poblacion, Malasiqui, Pangasinan

 CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Rationale Section 304 of Title V (Fiscal Administration) of the Local Government Code of 1991 (RA No. 7160). Provide the basis for governance for the conduct and management of financial affairs, transactions, and operations of provinces, cities, municipalities, and barangays. Local fiscal administration refers to the rational, effective and efficient conduct of the fiscal functions and operations of local government unitswhich embrace the systems, structures...

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Barangay Hall Information System

CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Nowadays, it is very important to be one step ahead, to be able to cope up with the benefits of technology. Having a computerized system is a big use for the barangay halls for them to lessen the time for a certain operation that if done manually can consume so much time and effort. It can also decrease hassle in workplace and provide accurate and fast result that every barangay hall needs. The proponents have chosen information system entitled...

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History of Barangay

Republic of the Philippines Province of Cotabato Municipality of Midsayap Barangay Kimagango History of Barangay Kimagango KIMAGANGO became a regular barangay of Midsayap in 1948 with Mr. Apolonio Suganob as the first TENIENTE DEL BARRIO. It is used to be a Sitio of Barangay Katingawan. KIMAGANGO came from Manobo word “MAGANGO” meaning dry. According to the Manobo who frequently visited the areas of KIMAGANGO for hunting and other primitive agriculture activities the place Magango was known to...

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Barangay Participation in Public Administration

INTRODUCTION Pre-hispanization Before the Spaniards came, the Filipinos already have its own civilization, government, laws, language and culture. The barangay is the form of government, which came from the word “balangay”. It is a huge wooden water vessel used by ancient Filipinos as a mode of transportation during pre colonial era. In each vessel a clan or a family is assembled and they live inside the balangay as they journey from island to island. Upon settling in to the land people are...

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Participation of Barangay Residents in Local Governance

Contents Pages Certification Acknowledgement Dedication List of Tables List of Figures Abstract Chapter 1 The Problem Introduction Conceptual Framework Statement of the Problem Significance of the Study Delimitation of the Study Definition of Terms 2 3 4 Review of Related Literature Local Governance Activities Residents Participation Methodology Research Locale Participants Research Instrument Administration and Retrieval of the Instrument22 Scoring Procedure Statistical Treatment of Data Try-out...

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Effectiveness of Peace and Order Programs in a Barangay

February 1, 2012 Greetings by Peace, The Undersign is currently making a study on “The Effectiveness of Peace and Order Programs of Barangay 121, District 1, of Manila to the Safety and Protection of its Residents” As requirements for the subject of Criminology 6 (Statistical Research) With this regard may we request you to answer the following data listed below. Rest assured for the confidentiality of your response. Thanks and God Bless Respectfully Yours, Lapada...

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Barangay Information System

Even though we live in an era that relies on computers and the internet, and we found out that most of the Barangays here in Cebu are still doing manual process on their informations and data processing. The Barangay is a very essential place where it contains information about the people living there. Some people would seek some information they need that can only be found in the barangay. With only manual processing it would take time to search for information. But with the aid of computers it...

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A Local Government Unit Study Barangay North Poblacion, Valencia, Negros Oriental

Studies PA 4004 - LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION Second Semester School Year 2011 - 2012 A LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNIT STUDY Barangay North Poblacion, Valencia, Negros Oriental Submitted by: Maria Curpusa T. Maquilang Submitted to: Dr. Patricio G. Gabuya (Professor) A LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNIT STUDY Barangay North Poblacion, Valencia, Negros Oriental ACKNOWLEDGMENT This term paper would not have been possible without the guidance and the...

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Barangay Information System

action-research designed to come up with a model for enabling barangays to establish and maintain a Barangay Information System (BIS) for rural development planning and implementation. Specifically, the study aimed at: (a) providing a profile of LGU officials in the barangay, (b) determining the barangay leaders' knowledge of and perception about the barangay hall as a base for BIS; (c) finding out the existing information systems in the barangay; (d) documenting the process involved is establishing and...

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NSTP Project Silanga Jerome M

Mary Grace B. Bautista Community Study Outline A. Community Identification & Overview B. Ecological Framework C. Life Activities D. Common Problem of the People E. Goodness Life F. Other needs of the People G. Summary of Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations A. Community Identification & Overview its individual and Uniqueness - Barangay Potrero,from Spanish word Potrero meaning pasture land,is also the finest place in Malabon City not Valenzuela City. Also the highest part ,higher...

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Barangay Banga Profile

knowledge and wisdom. Without Him, we know that we can never attain the greatest achievements of life. INTRODUCTION The research about the roots and development of Barangay Banga is done solely to inform the readers about how Barangay Banga came to be and how it grew into an industrialized Barangay as of today. Barangay Banga before is a vast plantation of Banga Trees, which belongs to the monocot group as Palm Tree. The Banga tree is best known before as a good material for flooring that...

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INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR BARANGAY ANDAL ALIÑO, TALAVERA, NUEVA ECIJA A Thesis Presented to The Faculty Members of NUEVA ECIJA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Municipal Government of Talavera NEUST North Academic Extension Campus In Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirements for IT 16: Research 1 for Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology By King Edward M. Dizon Joyz Keith B. Ferrer Ronny M. Julian October 2014 Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND ...

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Barangay Maa

be “Barangay”. If defined, it means the smallest administrative division in the Philippines and in colloquial usage, the termbarangay” refers to an inner city neighbourhood. In this day and age, many teenagers do not care about their barangays and the communities they belong to. Some might not even know which barangay they belong to. They would not be able to identify their barangay officials, problems, activities, organizations, projects and events. For this study, the subject is Barangay Ma-a...

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 Computerized Blottering System for a Barangay Danica DB Gutierrez Christian L Rayo Mark Julius P Reyes Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Blotter is a temporary recording book, a record of daily events occurring within the territorial and jurisdiction of a given place that is usually used by a police to record arrests and charges pending then transferring it to a permanent record book or a police blotter. (www.thefreedictionary.com/blotter) Most of the Filipinos have limited...

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bounded on the North by Guinzadan Central, on the South by Barangay Tapapan, on the East by Barangay Guinzadan Norte and on the West by the Abit River, a tributary of the Abra River. Situated on a rolling terrain, the barangay is dissected by a provincial road effectively linking it to the national road leading to Baguio, to Cervantes, Ilocos Sur and to the capital town of Bontoc. GUINZADAN SUR INDUSTRY Agri-based Industry The barangay is engaged in vegetable farming as a major source of income...

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Baranggay Management System

study, objectives, scope and limitations and significance of the project. 1.1 Background of the Study Barangay Gun-ob is considered as an urban Barangay of Lapu-Lapu City, which has a total land area of 226.92 hectares. Recently, its land use has been categorized as residential and commercial; and is considered one of the five (5) biggest Barangay in the City of Lapu-Lapu. This Barangay have twenty (20) sitios/puroks namely; Kawayan, Kamansi, Balanghoy, Kamonggay, Ubi, Gabi, Kangkong, Kaimito...

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