"Bambino Sporting Goods Makes Baseball Gloves That Are Very Popular In The Spring And Early Summer Season Units Sold Are Anticipated As Follows" Essays and Research Papers

Bambino Sporting Goods Makes Baseball Gloves That Are Very Popular In The Spring And Early Summer Season Units Sold Are Anticipated As Follows

Baseball Glove 4/30/13 Thesis: I. Introduction II. Who made the first baseball glove? A. Doug Allison B. The first players to use the glove III. How gloves improved from back then to now? A. Price changes B. Materials used to make the glove C. The different brand names of the glove IV. How has the baseball glove impacted our social lives today? A. Protection of your hand B. How it makes baseball much easier for playing V. Conclusion Baseball...

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Final Paper Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer 1 How I Compare and Contrast Andrea Young Ashford University of Iowa ABC1102E January 24, 2011 2 I picked these two seasons, spring and summer because the both of these seasons are items I can compare and contrast, it seems much easier than the two items I picked before the two...

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Aluminum V. Wooden Baseball Bats

NCAA Crack! That was the sound of our nation's pastime in the early days of baseball. For nearly 125, years the wooden bat was used in every level of baseball. In Tom's River, New Jersey, the little league World Series is held every summer. Ping! This is the only sound that a spectator will hear during one of those baseball games. What happened to the old-fashioned crack of the bat? The wooden bat has been used in professional baseball since the game's establishment in 1864. An aluminum bat is more...

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Borkenstick Makes a Very Popular Undyed

Borkenstick makes a very popular undyed cloth sandal in one style, but in Regular and Deluxe. The Regular sandals have cloth soles and the Deluxe sandals have cloth covered wooden soles. Borkenstick is preparing its budget for June 2012, and has estimated sales based on past experience. Other information for the month of June follows: Borkenstick uses a FIFO cost flow assumption for finished goods inventory. All the sandals are made in batches of 50 pairs of sandals. Borkenstick incurs manufacturing...

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Spring Autumn

------------------------------------------------- Spring (season) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Spring festival" redirects here. For the Chinese celebration, see Spring Festival. For other uses, see Spring. Spring is one of the four conventional temperate seasons following winter and precedingsummer. The specific definition of the exact timing of "spring" varies according to local climate, cultures and customs. At the spring equinox, days are close to 12 hours long with day length increasing as the season progresses. Spring and...

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How is baseball America's favorite pastime

Kainoa Higa English 12 Ms. Grimble 10 April 2014 How Is Baseball Americans Favorite Past-Time Imagine you going up to the plate and hitting a base hit to score the winning run in the last inning. I will be talking to you about baseball, Americans favorite pastime. When I first played the game of baseball, I thought that baseball was so boring but when I got older, it got very interesting. The connection I can make is that baseball is America’s past time and has deep traditional values in many...

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steroids in baseball

Ethical for Athletes to use Steroids? Is it ethical for Athletes to use steroids? That question can be answered multiple ways depending on how you look at it and who it is coming from in my eyes and experiences with sports is becoming more and more popular pushing the average athlete to have to do such a thing to compete with the “competitor”. “These days the temptation to use steroids in sports has become too great for many young athletes.” This quote from Jim Sensennbremmer explains it well, explaining...

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Baseball: Home Run and World Series

Baseball is said to be America’s favorite pastime, and for me that is true. The definition of baseball is a game played with a bat and ball by two teams of nine players each, the object being to score runs by advancing runners around four bases. (The McGraw-Hill Children’s Dictionary). Baseball is usually played in the summer. St. Louis Cardinals is my favorite team. Last time they won the World Series was in 2011. Which was a happy time for me because that meant they were the best? They are...

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Winter and Season

After the snow subsides, I continue through the sea of white. I brush against a cedar tree, and the snow falls to the ground like powdered sugar, revealing the green needles underneath. I begin walking down the trail to the pond. The dogs jump up and follow me eagerly, prancing down the trail behind me. The forest is quiet. The only sounds are my breath and the snow crunching under my feet, as well as a few birds chirping in the branches above me. I see the pond beyond the next row of trees. The normally...

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Baseball and Famous Softball Players

world. People are always competing for the better jobs, and benefits that will help themselves, a constant race. Softball could be considered one of America’s greatest sports, and in today’s world not only for females, but it is one of the most popular female sports in America. My high schools softball coach always argued that hitting a softball is the hardest thing to accomplish among any sport. I never agreed; I always debated that stopping a hockey goal would be harder. Then when I began to...

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Baseball vs Football

Baseball vs. Football Jonathan Smith ENG120 Mrs. Tomas February 2 2011 Baseball is a sport that we as American have played since the early 1800s. This is why I thank we call it the American favorite pastime. Here is a look at why I thank baseball should be played by every red blooded American. Throughout this paper I will give you some comparisons to baseball and football. Hopefully I can influence you to play baseball instead of football. Here are some of them; baseball is played in the...

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Baseball Memoir

Baseball “GET HOME!!! GET HOME!!!” Those were the words my dad would yell from the third base coach’s box as I passed him rounding third! Baseball to me is more than just a game! Baseball is a passion, fueled by the desire to succeed, the passion to overcome, and the dedication to be great. A baseball field to me is like a stage is to a dancer or an open road for a biker; I just love every aspect of this amazing sport. It’s the field with its seemingly unfair depth, its soft green grass and the...

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Football Red Baseball Green

thing that all Americans find enjoyable: sporting events. Not only are these events enjoyable, but also an important part of our society. Murray Ross explains the importance of sports in his essay “Football Red and Baseball Green” in order to explain why these two sports are such a large part of the American way of life. Ross explains the appeals of two different national pastimes by using the overall structure and style and thru comparing and contrasting baseball, the tranquil appeal, and football, the...

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Personal Narrative-Baseball Glove

held at Garfield Elementary School. While I was a diminutive fellow compared to my classmates, I could run fairly fast and possessed the thickest eyeglasses by far. I had no prowess at any sport, least of all baseball, but during the temperate months of Boise’s spring and summer, baseball was pretty much all that was going on. I went to the tryouts with a certain foreboding that my inexperience would manifest itself in stark contrast to the skills of the athletic boys. I speculated that it would...

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The Evolution of Baseball Equipment

Evolution of Baseball Equipment Baseball is a sport that our nation has loved and enjoyed since the early nineteenth century. I have played baseball for as long as I can remember, and the game has become a passion of mine. As I am passionate about the sport, I have begun to wonder where the equipment we have today has come from. How did we get to pristine gloves and flawless bats? There a five main pieces of equipment used by a baseball player, and all of which today have been modified to...

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Hong Kong Popular Music

Da Yuan Instructor: Nicholaus Meyers MUSC 100: Music Appreciation 11th November, 2012 The Popular Music in Hong Kong When talk about the popular music we know the 1960s was the golden age of world's popular music, and also the rock and roll. Hong Kong also followed the world’s step. The Hong Kong music was full of happy and freedom atmosphere since Hong Kong economic started to fly at that time. Young people began to contact the western trend. Radio became the main channel of music. The...

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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter,...and Spring

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, . . .and Spring After weeks of studying and learning about the Buddhist religion, it is easy to see the Buddhist ideals in the movie Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, . . . and Spring. One of the main points that was stressed in the movie was some of the Buddhist precepts. One of the Buddhist precepts specifically says “To Refrain From Causing Harm To Other Living Beings” (Pauling 21). Another point that the movie focused on with the Buddhist precept involved “To...

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Selecting Cattle, Calving Seasons, and Weaning Dates for Efficient Range Beef Production Systems in the Northern Great Plains

Selecting cattle, calving seasons, and weaning dates for efficient range beef production systems in the Northern Great Plains Wade Anderson Chadron State College Chadron, Nebraska Abstract The prevalence of late spring/early summer calving (May-June) and the use of early weaning with environmentally adapted cows is not a new concept, however it is not a common occurrence in Northwest Nebraska nor the Northern Great Plains. Over time smaller framed cows with less milk production have...

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Steroids and Baseball

Why are steroids bad in baseball? Baseball has been a passionate and historical game for America. A lot of memories have been made by the true players of baseball. Many of these players are well known by everyone. Many players like Babe Ruth, who was the home run king for a long time with 714 home runs is well know. Roger Maris was another true player of baseball, who hit 61 home runs in one season and Hank Aaron who broke Babe Ruths old record with 755 home runs. All of these players all had...

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Spring Season

| |Use picture cues to identify words related to the booklet. | |Introduction of new vocabulary – spring, nest, bud, snow. | |Rhymes and songs. ...

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Early Modern Europe

Which was the most influential economic group in early modern society and why? The 16th century otherwise known as early modern Europe is a historical period of time defining the end of the dark ages and the beginning of the first industrial revolution. It was a time of great change, for Europe and its economy. Europe was recovering from the Black Death and the end of the 100 year war, which had seriously damaged its economy at the time, population growth had started to stabilise (the European...

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Baseball: Then and Now This is an essay that contrasts the game of baseball today to the game at its origin in the 1800s.

Baseball: Then and Now "The game of baseball has now become beyond question the leading feature of the outdoor sports of the United States...It is a game which is peculiarly suited to the American temperament and disposition:... in short, the pastime suits the people, and the people suit the pastime"(Charles Peverelly, 1866). Although baseball is still America's favorite pastime, the way it is played has changed greatly since it's founding in the 1800's. Baseball was originally created so there...

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Baseball and Nike

10 | 5/2/2013 5/2/2013 REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. If a sporting good can be used in sporting event, and especially if that event can be televised, Nike has likely made such a product and added a swoosh to it. But in this day and age, are there anymore sporting products that Nike would do better not to produce? Explain your reasoning. In the present day there are some products that Nike would not have to do and at the same time do very well. One of their brands is Air Jordan, and in my opinion...

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Research Paper Lsu Baseball

Stevenson dreamed of becoming a baseball star from the time he put on his first tee-ball uniform to the time he took off his high school jersey for the last time. Stevenson knew he wanted to play baseball for the LSU Tigers from when he was 7 years old. “When I went to my first baseball game in the old Alex Box Stadium, I knew that was where I wanted to play when I grew up,” Stevenson said. Approximately 5 percent of high school baseball players go on to play college baseball. Stevenson joined that 5...

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SUMMER (Descriptive Essay)      Everyone has a comfortable place to escape to for relaxation.  They go there when they need to be alone and not with people to disturb them.  My place is nature in the summer.  The summer time relaxes me like no exact place could.  Nature, in the summer, relaxes me with its naturedness.      I love sitting in the grass and listening to the nature sounds around  me while it's summer.  One of the sounds I tune to first is the sound of the birds singing and chirping...

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Baseball today has been consider to be known as America national sport. This game has a long history with the country and had many cultural impacts that changed the sport and also help changed the American social view. Baseball has deal with issues from sex, race, war, globalization, depression, and more. To understand how baseball effect the social culture in American we will be focusing around the 1940-50s. During this time period, Americans were having to adjust to the huge changes from World...

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Baseball Literature Essay

Literary Tradition and Culture As American culture has evolved through time, the game of baseball has remained a largely unchanged staple in our society. It is a game so culturally revered, so quintessentially American, that it has been forever dubbed our national pastime. Baseball also has an illustrious literary tradition that surpasses simply writing about a sport. The stories told on and off the field by some very distinguished twentieth-century American writers have undoubtedly carved out their own...

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Cost of Goods Sold

A figure of cost of goods sold reflecting the cost of the product or good that a company sells to generate revenue, appearing on the income statement, as an expense. Also, referred to as "cost of sales". It is essentially a cost of doing business, such as the amount paid to purchase raw materials in order to manufacture them into finished goods. For example, if a $10 widget costs $6 to make, then the cost of goods sold is $6 per widget. That is, the cost of goods sold is equal to the beginning...

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Baseball and American Popular

Baseball and American Popular Culture Baseball is an integral part of American pop culture. Many Americans grow up with baseball, playing it before they can even count all the bases. It is glorified, taught, and fed to us. When we play baseball, we find a respect for the game. The respect we gain from playing it has turned the game into a tradition of American culture. It has formed itself into the business of professional baseball, namely major league baseball. Professional players have become...

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The American Dream - Latinos and Baseball

want to come here to have what Americans can earn. This dream is now something that other people who are not American can have, and we are able to share our dream with others. One way is through the American pastime of baseball. Jane Juffer wrote, “Latino and Latin American baseball players have expanded the boundaries of the "American pastime," asserting their ethnic and national identities even while being accepted as representatives of the sport most closely aligned with a white United States...

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Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park A Brief History of Hot Springs National Park The area we now know as Hot Springs National Park, was first a territory of the United States in 1803. It was part of the Louisiana Purchase. In 1807, settlers came and soon realized it was an area that had potential to be used as a health resort. A short time after, in the 1830s, log cabins and a store was built to meet the needs of visitors. Today, thousands of people go to the springs every year. ...

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Advertising in Baseball Stadiums

Introduction Baseball is considered to be America's favorite pastime and has become popular all over the world. This sport is watched by millions of people every time there is a game played. People will go to the stadiums to watch and a lot of fans will watch the game on television. Since there are so many people watching these games, advertising has become more and more apart of every baseball stadium due to the amount of exposure a company can receive by using the many types of ads found in...

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Product Types of Dick's Sporting Goods

Report 2: Dick’s Sporting Goods Timothy Judy The Ohio State University February 2, 2012 National Brands With its deep assortment as well as deep varieties of sporting goods, Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) has maintained a generous lead in the sporting goods retailing arena. They have been able to do this by offering large varieties of name brand items in every category in the store. Some of the more notable names include Nike, Under Armour, The Northface, and Adidas, and are prominently...

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About Summer

Summer is the Best Season (possible topic sentences with suggestions for details) o The four seasons of the year all have their appeal, but summer is by far my favorite. [Give examples of wrong is wrong with the other seasons and what they don’t offer that summer does.] o One aspect of summer that makes it so attractive involves clothing. [Give examples of why doing laundry is easier, what kinds of summer clothing you enjoy wearing, and why clothing in other seasons is less...

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The Season I Like the Most

In our country, we are supposed to have six seasonsSummer, Rains, Early Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter and Spring. Actually there are summer, Rains and winter. But we can feel the delicate shades of difference between Early and Late Autumn, or between spring and summer. Of all these seasons, I like summer the most. This may seem Stanger, but it is a fact for me. Let me first narrate the good and the bad sides of the seasons clearly. In summer, the heat becomes oppressive. It causes physical hardship...

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Baseball Culture

Burgandy English 2 June 2012 Baseball Culture Baseball is a game played everywhere: in parks, playgrounds, in back alleys and farmers’ fields, by small children and old men, raw amateurs and millionaire professionals, and also all over the world. It is a leisurely game that demands blinding speed. It is the only game in which the defense has the ball. Americans have played baseball for more than 200 years, and is still one the most popular sports in the whole world. Baseball hasn’t always been the loving...

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Negro League Baseball Research Paper

League Baseball When the topic of baseball comes up in a conversation, what do you think of? The field, a bat, the ball, or amazing plays, crucial games, and game winning performances. What about American history? Does World War II come to mind; most likely not. According to an article called “Food for Thought: Baseball and American History,” John P. Rossi quotes Jacques Barzun saying, “Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball.” Negro League Baseball can be used...

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Sociology of Sports - Baseball

athletes always act in a different manner when they are either watching the sport or playing it, which is usually in an aggressive manner. When they are not watching the sport or discussing it they are usually completely different people. The last good reason is that it does help to maintain a person’s physical appearance, whether it is athletes staying in shape so they can be in top condition to compete or people that are ran by the idea of sports and want to stay in shape just like the athletes...

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Vivaldi and "The Four Seasons"

Dr. Gaarden Antonio Vivaldi and “The Four Seasons” Antonio Vivaldi is widely known as one of the greatest composers of the Baroque Era. Vivaldi was considered a musical genius in Venice and all over Italy. He and his music quickly spread around the world. His achievements are remarkable and inspiring to any musician or composer. His unique techniques and musical elements he used made his music stand out. Vivaldi’s famous concerto, The Four Seasons, is perhaps his most famous work. This concerto...

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Roger Angell: The New Yorker's Best Baseball Writer

tenure at The New Yorker, Roger Angell has received the reputation as one of the best baseball writers ever, though his contributions to the magazine do not stop there. His family likely influenced his decision to join the magazine as both his mother and step-father worked for The New Yorker. This Harvard graduate began his work at the newspaper in 1962 as an editor, but now mostly writes about his passion: baseball. (Weich) Roger Angell grew up in a less-than-perfect household. His father was unfaithful...

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Basketball vs Baseball

Basketball and baseball are among the most popular sports in the United States. Baseball has been around the longest, but it’s definitely not the best sport to watch or play. Basketball is a much more exciting sport to watch, be a fan of, and play than baseball because players are more athletic, it’s easier to play, and more fun to follow. Basketball players are some of the most athletic people in the world. The average basketball player can run faster and jump higher than the average baseball player....

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The Similarities and Differences Between Autumn and Spring

between Autumn and Spring There is exquisite beauty in the seasons of autumn and spring. There are also distinctions which allow each season to stand out on its own. During spring everyday something new is born from a beautiful flower to a buzzing bee. The plants and trees begin to wither in autumn as the days grow longer and cooler. Though, autumn and spring are similar seasons, they have many drastic differences such as climate, holidays, and changes in appearance. Spring is the giver of...

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Dicks Sporting Goods Mission Statement

 Dicks Sporting Goods Mission Statement Dicks Sporting Goods, “Dicks,” is a great in store and online retailer that carries a very extensive assortment of name brand products. They specialize in products which range from sports equipment like footwear and apparel to equipment for outdoors activities like hunting, fishing and hiking. With a superstore format, Dicks offers a wide variety of merchandise from large vendors such as Nike, Calloway, Columbia Sportswear, and Adidas. The company was...

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steroids in baseball

become more and more popular amongst baseball players. We now find our baseball players in the "Steroids Era". Steroids help athletes become stronger and more muscular, which is clearly necessary when trying to make a home run. Many people believe that using steroids is considered cheating and nothing is more "Un-American" as cheating. Steroids didn't make it to baseballs banned substance list until 1991, and testing for major league players did not begin until the 2003 season. But, the MLB has decided...

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Is Baseball Still America's Favorite Pastime?

Bill Edson Compare/Contrast Essay 10/5/09 Is Baseball Still America’s Favorite Pastime? It has been tradition in American sports that baseball is accepted as the nation’s favorite pastime. Recent historical trends now point to football as the new favorite of American sports fans. Comparing each sport as represented at the professional level, the National Football League (NFL) has grown in popularity over Major League Baseball (MLB). This notion can be supported with the analysis...

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Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods

Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods Devry University BUSN 379 Exhibit 1 WATSON LEISURE TIME SPORTING GOODS | Income Statement | | 200X | | 200Z | Sales (all on credit) | $1,500,000 | | $2,160,000 | Cost of goods sold | 950,000 | | 1,300,000 | Gross profit | 550,000 | | 860,000 | Selling and administrative expense* | 380,000 | | 590,000 | Operating profit | 170,000 | | 270,000 | Interest expense | 30,000 | | 85,000 | ...

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The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring – Can It Avoid Death? A high degree of pessimism continues to hold a strong grip over the enthusiasts of democracy in the Arab world. In the last one year or so, the popular uprisings for social and political change have stalled in Bahrain, Syria and Yemen. In Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, where the populace succeeded in toppling the authoritarian rulers, things did not change that much. Violence, conflicts, and killings of political opponents disturbingly characterize all the Arab countries...

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A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending

A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending It`s always interesting to begin something new. And if the beginning is good, the end may also be good. If we think of such a problem as “choosing a profession”, we must know everything about this or that profession. This may be done by going to the library and by reading widely; also by talking to adults who know much about this profession. I also need to think about how well I can do what I would like to do. Perhaps the best way to prepare for any job is to...

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Summer Roll

Summer Roll (Gỏi cuốn) A summer roll or fresh roll (gỏi cuốn) is a Vietnamese dish consisting of pork, shrimp, herbs, bún (rice vermicelli), and other ingredients wrapped in rice paper. They are served at room temperature, and are not deep fried. Summer roll has gradually gained popularity among Vietnam's neighboring countries and in the West.   Gỏi cuốn are called by several different English names, including "salad roll," "fresh roll," "fresh spring roll," and "summer roll." Sometimes the...

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Season and Different Kinds

running about happily. We quickly bought some magazines, mints and chocolates. The train finally arrived and we scrambled into our coach to get to our seats. I was lucky to get a good seat near the window. At last, the guard blew the whistle and the train moved slowly and pulled out of the station. I felt thrilled at that very moment and I enjoyed the jerky movement and the new experience. There were friendly passengers all around and soon we started talking and joking among ourselves. The scenery outside...

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The Evolution of Baseball Technology: 1884-Present

The Evolution of Baseball Technology: 1884-Present I. Introduction From the United States to Japan, every athlete who has ever played the game of baseball has used the basic “tools of the trade”: a baseball, a bat, a glove, protective equipment, and a uniform. Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, and Sammy Sosa have made a living out of using these tools to play baseball, but there are also a great number of people who play baseball as a source of enjoyment. The crack of the bat connecting with...

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Summer Heights High T.V. Analysis

Good Morning my name is Sam Wockner and today I will be analysing and expressing my thoughts on the show Summer Heights High. INTRODUCTION: Summer Heights High is a show based on a public school education using both the positives and negatives in all forms of comedy. The show is based around three individual and extremely unique characters: Jonah Takalua, an early developed Year 8 student with very little intelligence or consideration due to the way he has been raised. He uses the fact that...

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popular culture

Popular culture In our civilization today, people seem to obsess over certain values that our society proceeds to the people that they need to consume by using advertisements through television, radio, magazines etc. These promotions of the latest trends such as fashion and technology, installs to the people’s head that we need to obtain these values to “fit in”. Also, the worlds “super stars” are heavily looked up to in our society. They create and image for himself or herself that the people...

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coursein 1932at the University of Texas. Arnold Romberg was the teacher. Early in the course,he explained the .theory of the horizontal pendulum and showed that theoretically it has an infinite period when its axis of rotation is vertical. It behaves like a sphere on a perfectly horizontal table - i.e., the sphere stays wherever it is put. Romberg also told us that no verticalseismographhad ever been designed with equally good characteristics. A few days later he sent his entire class to the blackboard...

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Fantasy Baseball, a New Way to Enjoy the Game

Fantasy Baseball Everyone loves baseball. They like to play it, coach it, and watch it. Some people don’t really have the time to be involved in the game as much as they would like, because it is time consuming. A baseball game averages about three and a half hours. Not too many people have that kind of time to sit and watch a game that lasts that long. I’m going to tell you how you can still be involved with Major League Baseball, without playing, coaching, or being...

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Baseball Memoir

  Ever since I could remember, I have always had a great interest and love for the game of baseball. As a kid, I would spend countless hours in the backyard with my grandfather, or even by myself, tossing, hitting and fielding a baseball. When I wasn't in the yard pretending to be Nomar Garciaparra I would watch the Boston Red Sox games on TV with my Grandfather.  Even in my early adolescence, as impatient as most are, I had the patience to sit there and watch the Sox.With my eyes glued to the screen...

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Sport Good for Us

Is sport really good for us? Sport has become our communal activity, our environment of mutual support. Sportsmen focus on challenging themselves. They liberate themselves from the presence of external competition. Humanity has always been fascinated by physical beauty. The aerobics revolution has been replaced by ashtanga and other forms of yoga that combine physical fitness with spirituality. The rise of interest in yoga is a turn to the combination of physical and spiritual health. Sport is...

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Steriods in Baseball

Steroids in Baseball Over the past three decades use of steroids in baseball has been brought to light and has been the forefront of much discussion and controversy. Newspapers, Magazines, Sports works, and all types of mainstream media have been covering stories and rumors of players using performance enhancing substances. Steroid use in baseball has become so prevalent that even the United States government has had to step in and help with ongoing investigations to help control the epidemic...

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Palm Springs Tourism

A Desert Oasis Palm Springs is a desert city about 95 square miles located 111 miles east of Los Angeles with a population of 44,552. Its history dates back thousands of years to the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians who lived in the Coachella Valley. The modern history of Palm Springs was glamorized by Hollywood movie stars in the 1920s because of the great weather and seclusion. Palm Springs was incorporated in 1938 and World War II brought rapid growth to businesses and housing development...

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History of Baseball

History Of Baseball History of Baseball Baseball seems always to have lived more in myth that in history. Children in England and the United States had been playing variants of the game for years such as rounders, one o' cat, and base. In 1845, some young men in Manhattan organized themselves into the Knickerbockers BaseBall Club and wrote down the rules of the game they were playing. Twenty years later dozens of baseball clubs in New York and Brooklyn, and their journalist brethren, had made...

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