• Bouncy Ball
    Investigating the Ratio Between Poly-Vinyl Alcohol and Sodium Borate to form a Bouncing Ball Timothy English Gen. Chem. 1 Lab Section: 009 Introduction: Poly-Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) is a water-soluble synthetic polymer that will be used as one element to form the well know bouncing ball,
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  • Bouncy Ball Experiment
    Bouncy Ball Experiment Aim: The aim of this experiment is to investigate the efficiency of a bouncing ball, and the factors which affect its efficiency. Prediction I predict that the higher I drop the ball from the higher it will rebound up, because it will have more gravitational potential
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  • An Experiment to investigate how the Initial Height of which a Ball is dropped affects its Fractional Loss of Kinetic Energy
    An Experiment to investigate how the Initial Height of which a Ball is dropped affects its Fractional Loss of Kinetic Energy Research Question: What is the relationship between initial height of a drop and the fractional loss of kinetic energy in a bouncing ball? Introduction:...
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  • Bending Moment Experiment
    Objective The objective of this experiment is to compare the theoretical internal moment with the measured bending moment for a beam under various loads. Introduction and Background Theory Definition of a Beam Members that are slender and support loadings that are applied perpendicular to
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  • Ball Toss Lab
    Nikki Champney Mr. DiMicco March 3, 2008 Ball Toss Lab Data: Time(s) Velocity(m/s) 0.602 0.314 0.688 1.491 0.774 3.476 0.860 3.272 0.946 2.326 1.032 1.548 1.118 0.704 1.204 -0.094 1.290 -0.862 1.376 -1.628 1.462 -2.367 1.548 -3.106 1.634 -3.692 1.720 -0.828 1.806 -1.237 G
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  • Gravity Experiment
    Brandy Miller Task 1 Gravity is a strong force in nature and in fact it involves a force of attraction between any 2 massive bodies that is directly proportional to the product of their mass as well as the inverse square of the distance separating them. Gravity is observed as a force upon objects
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  • How Does Temperature Affect the Ability to Bounce of a Ping-Pong Ball?
    How Does Temperature affect the Ability to Bounce of a Ping-Pong ball? Physics Design Practical Research Question How is the bounce-height of a ping pong ball affected by it’s temperature? This research questions aims to find out how the temperature of a ping pong ball affects the vertic
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  • Experiment to Find the Viscosity of Oil
    Division of Engineering Assessed In-depth Report 2 EH0SCA: Foundation Science A Experiment to find the Viscosity of Oil To be submitted one week from the date of the laboratory session To be completed by student | Student Name | | | Student ID | | | Date of experim
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  • Biology Osmosis Experiment
    Osmosis Experiment Diana Arrowood Grand Canyon University BIO-100L Biology Concepts September 16, 2011 Osmosis Experiment Directions Use the information below to complete the Osmosis Experiment. Materials 1 fresh baking potato Water Salt Four small containers (i.e., drinking cups or
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  • Experiment 1: Calorimetry
    Experiment 1: Calorimetry Nadya Patrica E. Sauza, Jelica D. Estacio Institute of Chemistry, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City 1101 Philippines Results and Discussion Eight Styrofoam ball calorimeters were calibrated. Five milliliters of 1M hydrochloric acid (HCl) was reacted
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  • Shielding a Ball Techniques
    SHIELDING A BALL TECHNIQUES 1 Soccer Tips: Shield the Ball from the Defender Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7CEM5G0FPU 2 How to Shield the Soccer Ball Watch the video: http://www.ehow.com/video_2360377_shield-soccer-ball.html Video Transcript Hi! I'm Mark Wilson w
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  • Viscosity Experiment
    The aim of my investigation will be to analyse the relationship between several variables, which are defined by stokes law, and conclusively to apply these in order, to calculate the viscosity of the fluid from my results. To see how successful my experiment was, I will be comparing my results with
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  • Coefficient of Restitution of a Golf Ball
    COEFFICIENT OF RESTITUTION The coefficient of restitution (e or COR) is defined as a number that serves as an index of elasticity for colliding bodies (Hall, 2012). Essentially, it measures the rebound of a ball after a collision with another object, like a golf club striking a stationary golf ba
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  • Dynamic Trolley Experiment
    Lab Report Experiment Aim: To determine the acceleration of an object down an incline plane using various methods. Research Question: Is there a relationship between the angle θ of the incline and the acceleration down the plane? Equipment: * Ticker Timer (AC 5
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  • Xingbang New Cement Mill System Mill Experiment Results Analysis
    Xingbang new cement mill system mill experiment results analysis Company, Zhengzhou City, Xingbang advantage of the machine Machine Co., Ltd. products are conveyors, long-term production conveyor.Well-known company conveyor high-quality product quality, reasonable price, the public praise, con
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  • Phys 201l Experiment 1
    Experiment 1: Errors, Uncertainties and Measurements Laboratory Report Michael Aldea, Alexandra Atienza, Julius Bakuteza, Christa Bañaga College of Rehabilitation Science University of Santo Tomas España, Manila Philippines Abstract This experiment makes use of three measuring devices(foot rule,
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  • Dynamics of a Bouncing Ball
    Physics Internal Assessment Research Question: Of plywood, glass, stainless steel, and a ceramic tile, which least affects the dynamics of a bouncing table tennis ball? Background Information: Table tennis is a ball game that can be played on any reasonably sized, flat, elevated surface. As is t
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  • Photosynthesis Experiment
    Distance from light/mm | Colorimeter reading/arbitrary units | | Algal balls solution | Hydrogen carbonate solution | | 1 | 2 | mean | 1 | 2 | mean | 0 | 0.52 | 0.52 | 0.52 | 0.50 | 0.50 | 0.50 | 250 | 0.52 | 0.45 | 0.49 | 0.59 | 0.63 | 0.61 | 500 | 0.50 | 0.49 | 0.50 | 0.52 | 0.55 | 0.5
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  • Hand in Basket Ball
    COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY 17, 295-314 (1985) The Hot Hand in Basketball: On the Misperception of Random Sequences THOMAS GILOVICH Cornell Universiiy AND ROBERT~ALLONE ANDAMOSTVERSKY Stanford Uni\sersity We investigate the origin and the validity of common beliefs regarding “the
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  • Projectile Experiment
    Flow Experiment I. Aim: This laboratory experiment was conducted by allowing a projectile to move down a ramp to find the measured and predicted value of the horizontal distance from the end of the ramp to the point of impact of the projectile with the ground. Introduction: Mechanical
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