• River Pang Coursework
    Fieldtrip focus 1. Introduction Hypothesis We know every river starts its journey from its source. In the upper course of the river, the channel is at a high above its base level i.e. its mouth. Thus the gradient is high. Due to the height, it has a lot of potential energy. So it uses this ene
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  • Edukasyon Para Sa Bayan
    [News Article] Edukasyon Para Sa Bayan by Ma. Patricia C. San Jose December 13, 2012 "Edukasyon, edukasyon, karapatan ng mamamayan!" This chant echoed earlier today, December 13, Thursday, throughout the UPLB campus as the theme and call for this year’s Oblation Run by members of the Al
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  • Edukasyon
    The people discussed in this article are those brave and heroic people who have achieved a lot of success in their lives despite of all the hindrances they faced being physically disabled. These valiant people have amazed the world with their courage, determination, strength and amazing will. Thes
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