• Baidu: beating google at its own gamebaidu
    Baidu: Beating Google at Its Own Game Competitive advantage and sustainability * 60% market share, double that of Google Inc. in China * First mover advantage- developed a search engine that provided information in local Chinese languages * Offers searches in Chinese * Focused
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  • Business strategy baidu
    Q1) For this question, we will take a deep dive internal analysis of Baidu. Firstly, let us take a look at tangible resources. Under this category, we have financial resources, organizational resources, physical resources and technological resources. Financial resources [Tangible] In 2007, B
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  • Google
    Table of Contents Title Page Copyright Page Dedication PREFACE PART ONE - Different Planets CHAPTER ONE - Messing with the Magic PART TWO - The Google Story CHAPTER TWO - Starting in a Garage CHAPTER THREE - Buzz but Few Dollars CHAPTER FOUR - Prepping the Google Rocket CHAPTER FIVE - Innocence
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