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Background Of The Study On Internet Cafe

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING INTRODUCTION An Internet café or cybercafé is a place which provides internet access to the public, usually for a fee. These businesses usually provide snacks and drinks, hence the café in the name. The fee for using a computer is usually charged as a time-based rate. Internet cafés are a natural evolution of the traditional cafe. Cafés started as places for information exchange, and have always been used as places to read the paper, send postcards...

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Introduction for Internet Cafe Marketability

STUDY OF MARKETABILITY OF INTERNET CAFÉ BUSINESS IN SELECTED AREAS OF GENERAL TRIAS, CAVITE Undergraduate Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Cavite State University Cavite Viejo Campus In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Management Major in Marketing JELLO C. AREVALO APRIL 2012 STUDY OF MARKETABILITY OF INTERNET CAFÉ BUSINESS IN SELECTED AREAS OF GENERAL TRIAS, CAVITE AREVALO, JELLO C. A thesis present to the faculty...

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Research on Internet Cafe

An internet café or cybercafé is a place where one can use a computer with Internet access, most for a fee, usually per hour or minute; sometimes one can have unmetered access with a pass for a day or month, etc. It may serve as a regular café as well, with food and drinks being served. | | [pic] Cyberia: one of the world's first Internet cafés, London, 1994 The internet cafe phenomenon was started in July 1991 by Wayne Gregori in San Francisco when he began SFnet Coffeehouse Network. Gregori...

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Internet Cafe Ban in manilenos minor

I. Title: THE EFFECTS OF “INTERNET CAFE ORDINANCE” TO THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF MINOR STUDENTS IN RAMON MAGSAYSAY MANILA. II. Definition of Terms: 1. Internet Cafe=  is a place which provides internet access to the public 2. Academic Performance= Refers on how well the students perform to their studies. 3. Minors= those person which is below 18 years old. Person at minority age. 4. Computer addiction= the excessive use of computers to the extent that it interferes with daily life. ...

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Feasibility Study on Internet Cafe

Feasibility Study on Internet Cafe Chapter 1 CHAPTER 1 Introduction In the Philippines, several individuals and institutions have pioneered in providing Internet services to people who have natural inclination to computers by the use of low-speed mode of transmission in the late ‘80s. It is after when the leading telecommunication and broadcasting companies step into the Internet Service Provider (ISP) business that Filipinos finally got the hand of getting wired in the world through the...

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Report on Carrebean Internet Cafe Case

REPORT ON CARRIBEAN INTERNET CAFÉ CASE Assignment - 1 CASE SUMMARY David grant is an MBA student hoping to open Caribbean Internet Cafe in his hometown Kingstons, Jamaica upon his graduation as he always wanted to be his own “boss”. Due to low accessibility and usage of internet in Jamaica, David thought of it as a good timing to pursue this business opportunity. He has gathered data on all the relevant costs: equipment, rent, labor, etc. He has also found a partner in the local telephone...

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internet cafe system

TOPIC: CAFE SUITE INTERNET CAFE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INTRODUCTION The software is the solution for an Internet cafe. The software provides you with a means to control the workstations, manage customer database, sell products and generate detailed reports and statistics. This is a powerful Cyber Cafe management software that helps with managing customers and employees, controlling computers and printers, securing systems, accounting and billing. It simplifies and automates running your...

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Caribbean Internet Cafe

before starting the CIC? Before starting the CIC David should consider the following managerial issues: 1. He has minimal training in business ownership. He has the background of a computer programmer, and is getting his MBA but he is still in the process of learning and doesn’t have the knowledge to start an internet café. 2. David is also planning to hire a manager with Jamaican restaurant experience to help him with the majority of his business activities; this could be an issue as he...

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80009111 Internet Cafe

Diskettes, Printer Cartridges, Pens) 5,000.00 Telephone 1,500.00 Internet Service Provider (ISP)/DSL 4,500.00 Total 11,000.00 * Monthly cost assumption Indirect Costs Particulars Cost Labor Cost (P382.00/day min. wage x 30 days x 2 staff) 22,920.00 Water and Electricity (P250.00/day x 30 days) 7,500.00 Contingency Cost (10% of direct costs) 1,100.00 Total 31,520.00 II. Estimated Income for One Month Operation Services Amount Internet (Surf, Chat, Email, SMS) (P20.00 /hr x 7 hrs x 30 days x 10...

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Background Of The Study

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the study MARK THOMAS CAR SERVICES CENTER, INC. was organized in the 3rd quarter of 2002 to strengthen its financial capability as a result of growing lists of its clientele. Originally established by husband and wife team of Arnold Bautista and Estrella Bautista bearing the same name and business acronym of TOM’S in early 2001 from borrowed capital, the company started from repair of mechanical engine parts and assemblies. Hiring of foreign-trained mechanic...

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Background - Internet Addiction

Chapter 1 Brief Background of the Study The Internet has become a worldwide phenomenon used by children and adults for a variety of reasons. It is a convenient way of retrieving information and connecting with others. Unfortunately, some individuals, like students, develop an addiction to the Internet, which can be difficult to overcome. Addiction to the internet can be caused by: depression, compulsion, loneliness, or social disorder...

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History of Internet Cafe

HISTORY OF INTERNET CAFE (COMPUTER SHOP) The online café phenomenon was started in July 1991 by Wayne Gregori in San Francisco when he beganSFnet Coffeehouse Network. Gregori designed, built and installed 25 coin operated computer terminals incoffeehouses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The café terminals dialed into a 32 line Bulletin Board System that offered an array of electronic services including FIDOnet mail and, in 1992, Internet mail.[1] The concept of a café with full Internet access...

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Cafe Coffee Day – Brand Strategy in India     Case Study Contents 1. Introduction 2. CCD – an established brand image in India 3. CCD’s wide network – the anytime, anywhere cafe 4. Exhibit 1: Total number of stores/cafes of Café Coffee Day and its competitors 5. 1996 – 2008, CCD’s first store launch to building a strong competitive advantage 6. Innovative formats to woo new customers 7. Reinforcing brand image with the cluster approach strategy 8. Company-owned...

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Caribbean Internet Cafe

Case Summary of: Carribean Internet Café 1. What managerial issues should David consider before starting Caribbean Internet Café? Managerial Issues: Broadly defined as all issues which have an impact on a business manager’s decision. In this case, David should consider: - Political, Economic, Social, Technological (PEST) issues analysis: (i) Political: Bureaucracy and corruption may potentially slow down the pace of enhancing the necessary infrastructure for internet accessibility and usage...

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A Feasibility Study on Photocopying, Printing and General Merchandise in San Pedro, Laguna OBJECTIVE The main objective of the study is the establishment of a commercial center offering copy, print, binding and other related services to students and professors, who are the target clients along with general merchandise. The objective will be reached by locating the commercial center in the vicinity of two Colleges in San Pedro, Laguna. The researchers would want to fulfill some other intermediate...

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enhancement of internet cafe in Cabadbaran City: Basis for Marketing Improvement

 CHAPTER I Introduction Internet café, often called cyber café, is a place that offers customers hi-speed internet access, other computer services and variety of PC games. It deals with internet time that a customer buys and it can be sold per hour or minute and sometimes longer. Internet café is the most popular in the world of business people, travelers and tourists, but it also finds good and frequent customers in teenagers and adults who spend a lot of the playing computer games. ...

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Swot Analysis: Javanet Internet Café

JavaNet Internet Café is a newly opened coffee shop with an elite, advance, and unique Internet access. JavaNet Internet Café business creator and owner is Cale Bruckner. The business was created based on the Cale Bruckner opportunity of wanting to profit through what the public wants are; the ability to have Internet access and at affordable prices. His business plan is well laid out with good strengths and opportunity for profiting from his business. However, Cale plan did contain some weaknesses...

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Feasibility Study on Internet Cafe Chapter 1

Feasibility Study of Establishing Cindy’s Fast Food Branch Along Plaza of Balanga, Bataan 1. General Objectives 1.1. Description of the Business Project The proposed business will need a two-storey building in a 2,000 square-meter lot with a parking space at the rear. The customer will drive in the left entrance greeted by the water-sprinkled Indian trees partly shielding the establishment from the fumes coming from the busy street. Embraced by the multi-colored lights, the trees will set the...

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Feasibility Study of Internet Cafe

Marketing Aspect Name of the Product The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers. More than 100 countries are linked into exchanges of data, news and opinions. According to Internet World Stats, as of December 31, 2011 there was an estimated 2,267,233,742 Internet users worldwide. This represents 32.7% of the world's population. Singko (5) Net is the name of our business. For only P5.00, the customer can surf the internet. We choose this business to help students of University...

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Spider Web Internet Cafe

SPIDER'S WEB INTERNET CAFE Sustaining Positively your Initial Demand for an Economical Rate as We Endeavour Blessing Target Budget P 300,000.00 Cost of Operation Estimated: Space Rental (2 months advance + 1 month deposit) P 21,000.00 Furniture (Computer Tables & Chairs) 25,000.00 10 sets of PCs @ P 17,500.00 each 175,000.00 Air Condition (second hand including installation) 15,000.00 Printer/Scanner 5,000.00 Xerox Machine (rental/franchise...

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Comparative Study on Internet and Books

1 RESEARCH PROBLEM I. HISTORICAL AND CONCEPTUAL BACKGROUD OF THE STUDY I.A HISTORICAL BACKGROUD Internet and books are two very comparable terms as both provide valuable information, but vastly differ when we compare the time taken to provide the information by the two. The internet began with the development of electronic computers in the 1950s. The public was first introduced to the concepts that would lead to the internet when a message was sent over the ARPANet from computer science Professor...

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Swot Analysis: Javanet Internet Cafe

Analysis: JavaNet Internet Cafe Business Overview JavaNet Internet Cafe is to be the first high tech internet cafe in Eugene, Oregon. The cafe will provide computer equipment, as well as high speed internet access as well as coffee and bakery items. The appeal of this company is to provide advanced internet services to the public that may not be affordable in home use. Also, the business plan includes a training staff to assist new internet users in learning the basics of the internet. The goal of...

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Business Feasibility Study— Seventh Heaven Café

Business Feasibility Study— Seventh Heaven Café Executive summary Seventh Heaven Café is not only a coffee shop, or rather a place for relaxation. It sells different kinds of coffee, desserts, books and flowers. Customers bring them back or just enjoy them in my shop. Besides, I am good at dealing with problems of Organizational Behavior. I also have great expertise in human psychology and marketing. Therefore, I have the abilities to operate this shop. Seventh Heaven Café targets at white collar...

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Hard Rock Cafe Case study

CASE: HARD ROCK CAFÉ MGT 215 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES AND SCOPE The activity provides different objectives; one of the main objectives is to be able to work within a group. This may seem like something easy, but different complications may also arise along the road. That is why it was very important for us to choose the right groupmates to ensure efficient results. But the more specific objective of the activity is to learn what it takes...

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Carribean Internet Cafe

Assignment #1: Caribbean Intern Café Date: November 14, 2012 1. There are many issues that Mr. Grant should consider before proceeding with the CIC. There are several things that Mr. Grant should examine before even looking at the projections given to him. Total capital is $2,250,000, $1,000,000 in investments and $1,250,000 in the form of a long-term loan. $1,573,000 is immediately spent leaving $677,000. If he has no customers, he can afford to remain open for 3 months. As well, they...

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Cafe Cadbury Brand Study

Café Cadbury A Cadbury Schweppes Case Study Introduction Cadbury Schweppes has a very extensive history that could date back to the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries when the independent businesses of Schweppes and Cadbury were originated. However, it wasn’t until their merger in 1969 that they started on the road to becoming one of the world’s largest supplies of non alcoholic beverages, and chocolate and sugar confectionery. Over the last 34 years, Cadbury Schweppes has acquired...

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Case Study About Internet Cafe

Chapter I Introduction Nowadays, internet cafes are really in demand because of the fast changing technology that the people embraced. Some have their own laptops and bring it to coffee shops so that they could relax and at the same time prepare their assignments and paper works. The people today are very busy and would want to do their jobs in a beautiful and innovative environment that could satisfy their needs and lessen their stress due to busy schedule. In the Philippines, several individuals...

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Purpose and Background Study

CHAPTER 1: THE PROBLEM 1.1 PURPOSE AND BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Kendra’s Driving School is one of the driving schools established in Muntinlupa City. It is owned and operated by Ms. Kendra Baliling. The school is located near the Land Transportation Office (LTO), Muntinlupa City. It was established in 2003 when the owner was given a car by her father which car she actually used in starting up the school. Despite its location, being near the LTO, it remains not popular to would-be clients...

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Cafe Claudeen Case Study

CAFÉ CLAUDEEN CASE STUDY Café Claudeen is a local café, coffee shop, and catering business based in Monroe, Wisconsin. Monroe is a small town (with a population of about 11,000) about 45 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin. The café is located on the historic “square” of Monroe, right in the center of downtown. In 2004, Ryan, Claudia, and Kareesa Wilson (a father, mother, and their daughter, respectively) set out to fulfill their dream of owning and managing a café and coffee shop when the location...

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Internet Cafe or Cyber Cafe

CHAPTER 1 : INTRODUCTION : BRIEF DESCRIPTION : An internet café or cybercafé is a place which provides internet access to the public, usually for a fee. These businesses usually provide snacks and drinks, hence the café in the name. The fee for using a computer is usually charged as a time-based rate. Cyberia: one of the world's first Internet cafés, London, 1994 The internet cafe phenomenon was started in July 1991 by Wayne Gregori in San Francisco when he began SFnet Coffeehouse Network...

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Feasibility Study on Internet Cafe Chapter 1

Philippines, several individuals and institutions have pioneered in providing Internet services to people who have natural inclination to computers by the use of low-speed mode of transmission in the late ‘80s. It is after when the leading telecommunication and broadcasting companies step into the Internet Service Provider (ISP) business that Filipinos finally got the hand of getting wired in the world through the use of Internet. The technology of ISP succeeded in keeping and pushing the boundaries that...

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study of internet addiction

A Study of Internet Addiction: Status and Causes Introduction: A passion adds value to one's life, an addiction takes away value. When the line between these two is crossed, the addict is often the last to know, due to their denial. A family and social history will reveal that the subject is being evaluated by close friends as actually suffering a great loss from their activity. While time spent online can be hugely productive, compulsive Internet use can interfere...

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Internet Cafe Time Monitoring System

PAMANTASAN NG LUNGSOD NG MUNTINLUPA INTERNET CAFÉ MANAGEMENT SYSTEM by In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Subject I.T. Research CHAPTER I Background of the Study Information technology at the present time is vast and progressive. It is being integrated to almost most of our daily activities. It is so progressive that one must always be informed and skilled to keep pace of the changing technology. With this reality, many ideas and improvements are...

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Internet Cafe Business Plan

technology that is not immediately commercially available on a system; foreseeing functional capabilities of systems on the technical horizon; and identifying whether the requirement is beyond the capabilities of systems on the technical horizon. Study Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) system is simply the manipulation of computers in manufacturing products or other activities where final products or other activities are the main concern of this system. CIM has a big role regarding to the...

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Case Study - Rick's Cafe Americaine

GEMBA 2011 – TEAM 2 CASE STUDY: RICK’S CAFÉ AMERICAINE GENERAL ASSUMPTION: 1) Period considered: 01/06/2001 - 31/05/2006 (as to include period of no invoicing during permit inquiry – on the contrary if he go back to work he will be full-cashing from the first day) 2) No NPV calculated 3) Initial stock of RM is not considered in the initial investment 4) Depreciation period for investment = 5 years 5) Spanish VAT = 16% 6) Spanish Corporate Tax =35% 7) Spanish Public...

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Internet Cafe Time Monitoring System

PAMANTASAN NG LUNGSOD NG MUNTINLUPA INTERNET CAFÉ MANAGEMENT SYSTEM by In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Subject I.T. Research CHAPTER I Background of the Study Information technology at the present time is vast and progressive. It is being integrated to almost most of our daily activities. It is so progressive that one must always be informed and skilled to keep pace of the changing technology. With this reality, many ideas and improvements are designed...

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Hard Rock Cafe Case Study

Case Study: Hard Rock Café’s Global Strategy Discussion Questions: 1. Identify the strategy changes that have taken place at Hard Rock Café since its founding in 1971. Hard Rock Café is one of the most recognized brands globally. Since its founding in 1971, Hard Rock Café has been continuously upgrading itself to bring the brand to where it is now - adapting to the times and changing when change demands. Hard Rock started as a London Café serving classic American food. It became a “theme”...

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Background of Study(Tuberculosis)

Background of the study Drugs, treatment and services are rendered to prevent and cure different diseases that are fatal like cancer, stroke and tuberculosis. The interventions of health care are needed in order to decrease the mortality and morbidity rate. Greater effort in maintaining health must be practiced to live a healthier and longer life. Tuberculosis is still a great challenge to humankind, because since then, there have been many drugs that are available at an affordable price...

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The Satisfaction Gets from Internet Café

Background of the Study Nowadays, many people spend much of their time in front of the computer. Students, professionals, and many other people basically rely their time on computer activities such as research typing, internet gaming, social networking and many more. Most of our activities outside and inside the university require the use of computers. As year passed by computer services are greatly in demand in use but not every individual afford to have it. That’s why the alternative way that...

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Internet Cafe Monitoring

could benefit not only students in their academic world but also all folks from the various sectors of our society. Everyone should be innovative where information about different software in particular are rigidly taught and incorporated in their studies which are indeed beneficial to all students, professionals and even the less skilled workers. In the light of all these changes, we must accept the reality that what is beneficial before may not be beneficial anymore today. Changes come and they...

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Levendary cafe case study

MEMORANDUM TO: Mrs. Mia Foster, CEO Levendary Café FROM: Dominic Da Silva DATE: (Date) RE: Advice and Analysis on your meetings regarding future of Levendary Café China ______________________________________________________________________________ Your advice memo should have four clearly labeled sections and address the following topics: 1. Statement of Problem: What are the problems being faced and the most important 3-4 decisions the company needs to make regarding the situation...

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Cafe X Case Study

Café-X In Search of Strategy: Nestlé’s New Espresso Maker 1 In 1986, the Swiss giant Nestlé introduced a new type of espresso machine in the Swiss market. It represented one of the most innovative new products developed by its R&D department. Through the use of coffee capsules, the patented system combined the taste of real espresso coffee with convenience and ease of use. However, despite an enthusiastic reception from connoisseur coffee drinkers and very promising market research, the first few...

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Easy Internet Café – Case Study

Executive Summary It is a fact that the company didn’t achieved the best results in last years, reason way a radically revamp of our operations is required. In order to implement the new strategy regarding the franchise for easy internet cafe we qualified 4 offers from UPS, Excel Globalserve and Ingram for 3rd party logistics. My analysis took in consideration the following factors: total cost per store, ownership of goods, experience and expertise in supply chain for all 4 competitors...

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Study Case Internet Crime

STUDY CASE (INTERNET CRIMES) 1 Open Source Licensing Open source licensing is resorted to by many sites. However this has certain legal issues. Basically there can be an issue of copyright. Other relevant issues are questions of enforceability on account of clash of local legislation and international agreement. The rights of a programmer warranties and software pattents also needs to detailed study. 2 Cyber Jurisdiction Internet creates virtual world. There are no demarcated boundaries between...

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Beano’s Cafe

COMPANY BACKGROUND Beano's Cafe, one of the most successful and popular cafe chains in Egypt, has branches throughout the country including locations in Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza. At Beano's, customers can enjoy excellent quality coffees, soft drinks, shakes, and infusion drinks, as well as a wide variety of sandwiches, hot meals, and desserts. Beano’s Cafes aim is to offer its customers a convenient, relaxing place where they can purchase food and beverages of a high quality at an affordable...

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Video Game and Internet Cafes

PROBLEM & SETTING INTRODUCTION Over the years, there had been a growing concern in the effect of study habits of the college students where they get addicted and drown themselves into the game itself. The youth of today no longer seem to spend their leisure activities like in the olden days; outdoor games or playing sports, instead, they spend their free time in their homes, internet cafes or computer shops simply to satisfy their hunger; and that hunger is Online Gaming. Online gaming has such...

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1.0 Background of NasionCom Holdings Berhad NasionCom Holdings Berhad (NHB) is an investment holding company. The company is organized into two main business segments: Telecommunication and multimedia services segment, which is engaged in the provision of voice and data services broadband Internet access and related services, and Wholesale services segment, which is involved in wholesale of telecommunication prepaid cards. The company was formerly known as High-Tech Electronics Sdn Bhd. Other operations...

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Computer Cafe Feasibility Study

CHAPTER I THE BUSINESS IDEA I.I DESCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS Our Ideal business is Internet café. Internet café business is indeed a very popular business. It is one of the establishments made indispensable in an increasingly interconnected world. An Internet center or cybercafé is a place which provides internet access to the public, usually for a fee. These businesses usually offer snacks a, hence the café in the name, but then we provide them proper location for their snacks and beverage. It...

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Internet Access

Chapter I Introduction Problem and its background: The topic that the researcher had chosen was all about internet access. Our lfe has become drastically smooth and easy over the internet, while in the previous years some of these changes were difficult to cope with. In the future, these changes will happen faster, with less time to prepare. The communication media virtually dominate every major activity of children and youth today from play to leisure,family relations to...

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Internet Cafe

All the hardware or devices need to be connected each other to the Local Area Networking (LAN), to enable them share one internet line to get connected to the Internet. This is a basic idea on how to connect all your hardware to the LAN. Connecting the Computers All PCs have to connect to the switch/hub, which are merge as a LAN. A local area network (LAN) is a group of computers and associated devices that share a common communications line and typically share the resources of a single processor...

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Sustainability of Internet Cafe

INTRODUCTION The internet has served as the universal language of the virtual world since the beginning of the digital era. Some of the great benefits of the internet over other communication network are its global presence, easy accessibility and wide scale communications. (The Importance of the Internet, 2009) Internet use has exploded in recent years, providing a constant, ever-changing source of information and entertainment. New headlines are updated by the minute, not just daily. You...

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Thesis for Internet Cafe

Feasibility Study presented to ASIAN INSTITUTE OF COMPUTER STUDIES GUADALUPE “PeaSea Internet Café” IN FULLFILLMENT FOR THE COURSE OF 1st Year COMPUTER SCIENCE CISCO – AE2EA Hazil Cardiño Elena De Leon Joemar Durol Mylene Mapalad Alvin Moya Rodge Madaiton Allan Subaan SY March 2010 Acknowledgement We would like to acknowledge the following people who helped in making this study possible. For sharing their wisdom and knowledge in attaining the desired...

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Background of Study on the LGBT Community

Chapter I Introduction Background of Study This study tackles about the awareness of the Ninth Grade Students, School Year 2014 – 2015 of the Philippine Women’s University – Jose Abad Santos Memorial School Quezon City, on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community, or the LGBT Community. The first recorded instance of same-sex love and sexuality dates back to the ancient civilizations. *countries* In Africa, in the north of Congo, there were records of male Azande warriors who routinely...

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Project Proposal on an Internet Cafe

1. Executive Summary Cheetahs’ Internet café With fast appreciation of technology amongst the people of Zimbabwe, an insatiable need for access to internet has spread out across all societies in Zimbabwe. This has seen mushrooming of internet cafes in different parts of the nation. It is this mismatch between vast demand for internet services and few players in the market that has attracted me into seeking lines of credit in order to fill in the gap. Researches have arrived at a conclusion that...

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Internet Communication Case Study

Internet Communication Case Study Communication is mediated on the Internet thru social networking, email, texting, and online dating. According to Wikipedia.org,”computer-mediated communication (CMC) is defined as any communication that occurs through the use of two or more electronic devices.” While on vacation, I wanted to see how many of my behaviors of CMC I could identify, based on my readings and learning in COM 316. Before I left for Florida, I texted the neighbor and told him we were leaving...

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Internet Cafes

WITHIN a few months China will overtake America as the country with the world's largest number of internet users. Even when you factor in (include s/t as a relevant element when making a decision) China's size and its astonishing rate of GDP growth, this will be a remarkable achievement for what remains a poor economy. For the past three years China has also been the world's largest exporter of information and communications technology (ICT). It already has the same number of mobile-phone users...

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Ucc Vienna Cafe

CASE STUDY (HRMTRENT) *UCC Vienna Café – SM North, the Block 1. BACKGROUND DESCRIPTION * Founded in 1933 in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, UCC has taken over all aspects of its coffee business. It has since expanded to several countries and it has several branches in the Philippines alone. 2. AREAS OF CONCERN * Patronizations of its products are low due to its expensive price. * Quick Service Restaurants are its competencies. * More female attendants than male attendants...

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Background Study of 2 Peter

Jessica Amtower BEGE 1720 – Section 1 Fall 2010 Background Study of 2 Peter Biography of the Author The author of this book is identified as Peter. There are four different forms of Peter’s name in the New Testament: the Hebrew translated into Greek, “Simeon” to “Simon,” and the Aramaic translated into Greek, “Cephas” to “Petros” (meaning “rock”). His given name was Simeon bar-Jonah (Mt 16:17; cf. Jn 1:42), “Simon the son of John.” The home of Peter and Simon is said to be in Bethsaida...

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Factors Affecting Juvenile Tendency of Going to Internet Cafe

Factors Affecting Secondary School Or Juvenile Tendency of Going to Internet Café A Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Department of Computer Science in Partial fulfillment of the Requirements in Computer Networks II Brian Cristofer S. Rodriguez Department of Computer Science Palawan Polytechnic College, Incorporated March 2012 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This research study would have not have been possible without the guidance and help of several individuals who are in one way or another...

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The Internet and the Library: A Comparative Study

The internet and the library , both are the considered to be a big depository of information .Library can be defined as [1]“A collection of literary documents or records kept for reference or borrowing” While Internet is defined as [2]“An electronic network providing access to millions of resources worldwide. University Libraries provide access to many periodical indexes through the Internet. Internet access is available on all floors of the Libraries.” Internet and the library both seems to be...

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