• Baby Dumping
    FULL ESSAY There are many problems happen around us such as dumping babies. Dumping baby means that the acts of throw away the babies at any places without take care the babies. We can know about this because of this case appears every day in newspapers, we can see that these cases are increasing
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  • Namibia: Baby Dumping a Growing Social Problem in Country
    IN April 2008, staff at Gammams Water Care Works in Windhoek estimated that they discover an average of 13 bodies of newborn babies each month in human waste flushed down toilets. These damning statistics were tabled in the report on the motion of baby dumping in Namibia in the National Assembly
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  • Baby Dumping
    Love of oneself remedy for unwed pregnancy, baby dumping Submitted by Najiah on Friday, June 11th, 2010 * baby dumps * Local * Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) * unwanted pregnancy Bernama Friday, June 11th, 2010 19:19:00 KUALA LUMPUR: Knowledge and education on self-respe
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  • Baby Dumping
    Young unwed mothers are as much victims as their unborn babies. LIKE many of her course mates, final-year accountancy student Mimi* cannot wait to graduate and start working. Yet, unlike them, her motivations are slightly different. “My parents have been looking after me and my baby girl. When I
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  • Baby Dumping
    NEWS FOCUS Two young lovers pleaded guilty in a Malacca magistrate's court to abandoning a baby girl at a factory in Ayer Keroh this week. That was just one of many such cases of baby dumping reported recently and it has raised concern among the authorities. Lately, there have been reports of ba
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  • Cause of Baby Dumping
    THE CAUSES OF BABY DUMPING In our society today, people of every age have problems that they need to deal with. Some problem for one age may differ from the problem of another age, or they may be just the same. High school students especially are facing so many problems. The five biggest
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  • Baby Dumping
    Instances of baby dumping in Malaysia has been going on indefinitely, more so of Malay ethnic babies who have been left in odd places like mosques, houses, etc. Here we are talking of an innocent, perhaps an underage girl, a drop out, wanting to be an adult, not too preoccupied with consequences or
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  • Baby Dumping
    I’m proud to be a Malaysian but what happened recently make me thinking….?? Our country, Malaysia has become the most favorite spot for dumping babies. The year 2010 is also known as Baby Dumping cases for Malaysia which brings a lot of questions and issues. Baby dumping is a social crisis and h
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  • Baby Dumping
    Students for the above course would have to fulfil the following requirements: Attendance 80% and above Completed their coursework -Individual Assignments – 20% -Presentation - 10% -Mid-term Test – 20% Final Examination – 50% Instructions for Individual Assignments
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  • Baby Dumping
    CHILD is a priceless gift from Allah SWT. However, baby dumping is a social crisis and has a chronic increase as many cases are occurring in Malaysian society. The baby dumping refers to discarding or leaving alone, for an extended period of time, a child younger than 12 months of age in a public or
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  • Baby Dumping Is Murder
    KL reclassifies fatal cases to tackle problem of baby dumping but NGOs oppose move By Carolyn Hong, Malaysia Bureau Chief KUALA LUMPUR - BABY dumping that causes the child's death will now be classified as murder, an offence which carries the death penalty in Malaysia. The Malaysian Cabinet mad
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  • Baby Dumping
    Recently we always see that baby dumping cases come out on the front page of the newspaper. Everyday there are several numbers of infants being found in rivers, dustbins, and even sometimes somewhere that we cannot imagine such as travelling bags.These babies are died in the situation that cannot be
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  • Cause and Effect of Baby Dumping
    BABY DUMPING COME MORE SERIOUS ISSUES NOWADAYS Nowadays the number of baby dumping cases has become serious issue and it has become one of the main topics to be discussed. This baby dumping issue always related to youth nowadays. This situation must be stopped by society, if not many life will be
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  • Effects of Baby Dumping
    Baby Dumping http://www.scribd.com/doc/37842406/Baby-Dumping Meaning-Dumping baby means that the acts of throw away the babies at any places without take care the babies. Star online-Anyone who dumps a baby causing the child to die can be tried for murder and sentenced to death, the Cabin
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  • Baby Dumping - 1
    BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY When we want to discuss about baby dumping, firstly we must know about the definition. The baby dumping refers to discarding or leaving alone, for an extended period of time, a child younger than 12 months of age in a public or private setting with the intent to dispose o
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  • On Baby Dumping
    KUANTAN, 29 May 2009: A female student of a religious secondary school, near here, was arrested after admitting that she had dumped her baby boy near a house in Balok Makmur yesterday. Kuantan police chief ACP Mohd Jasmani Yusoff said the 16-year-old’s mother had brought her daughter to the Kuant
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  • Baby Dumping Issue
    Outline Template I. Introduction Hook: Baby Dumping Issue in Malaysia Background Information: It has becoming more popular among youngsters and heartbreaking to see this issue increasing. What is the writher intends to do: Is
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  • Cause and Effects of Baby Dumping
    Causes of Baby Dumping One of the causes of baby dumping is teenagers are lack of sex education. Most of the parents failed to inject the knowledge of sex into the mind of their children when their children were small. They feel shy or uncomfortable when their children ask them about sex. Besides t
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  • Prevention Of Baby Dumping
    PREVENTION OF BABY DUMPING Child is a priceless gift from Allah SWT but some children are viewed as problems to be thrown away rather than gifts to be treasured. There are some steps that can prevent this problem from early stage and also how to solve the problem of baby dumping. * Sexuality E
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  • Baby Dumping in Malaysia Among Teenagers
    As much as we want to deny it, many young people in Malaysia are having sex, “Young people now are more open, they are not shy about sex any more – many have multiple partners and they think it is okay – so we have to accept that fact first before we can find ways to deal with the growing ph
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