• Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Focus Groups as a Research Tool
    This essay is going to analyse the use of focus groups as a research method in modern day social sciences. The disadvantages and the advantages will be discussed, and furthermore the use of focus groups as a research method against using other research methods will be evaluated. A case study will al
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  • Interviewing
    [pic] Management and Technology Faculty MBA Program Organizational Staffing HROB 702 Candidates’ Interviewing Process Presented to : Professor Dr. Ahmed Amin Submitted by : Dina Fouad Attia Winter 2007-2008 Table of Contents I. Introduction 4 II. Introduction to Interv
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  • Asses the Strengths and Limitations of Unstructured Interviews for the Study of Boys Underachievement at School
    Sociology Asses the strengths and limitations of unstructured interviews for the study of boys underachievement at school Unstructured interviews have advantages and disadvantages and as a qualitative method they are expressed through words and relay people’s thoughts, feelings and motivation
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