• Using technology to cheat
    Abstract Technology is growing at an exponential rate; this presents many challenges and advantages to online and campus students alike. The potential and ability to cheat is greatly increased. In the days before this "technology boom" answers were being written on hands, arms, and anything else t
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  • Organizational technology plan
    Human Factors in Technology-TEC 401 University of Phoenix Introduction Johnson and Johnson, the world's most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer of health care products is on the forefront of innovation in the health care supplier industry, consumer services, pharmaceutical, medica
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  • Technology today and yesterday
    A Computer Smarter Than Me? Growing up, I would frequently sit back and listen to my Great Grandma tell stories of her life. Several were of the adventures that she went on and things that she encountered throughout her years. To this day, I still sit back and ponder on how much different her growi
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  • New technology of world war one
    New Technology Of World War One World War I brought much technological advancement to the battlefield, such as pillboxes, flamethrowers, and mustard gas. But all this new technology brought the need for new tactics and there really were no new ideas on how to use them. Soldiers fought a traditio
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  • The economic impact of rising oil prices in automotive industry
    The Economic Impact of Rising Oil Prices in Automotive Industry The rise in the oil prices plays a major role in the automotive industry. “The world consumes over 82 million barrels of oil per day (BPD), with the united states taking roughly 20 million BPD” (McFarlane). Oil provides 97 percen
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  • German military technology in wwii
    In 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Poland essentially starting World War II. The German’s technological advancements before and during the war made them a fierce opponent for the Allied forces. Although many of Germany’s greatest weapons were developed too late to impact the war, they had tremendous i
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  • How technology affect our normal lives
    Throughout time mankind has strived to make his life easier. Whether it be through technology, science, or theories of social interaction every generation has made one contribution. From the idea of crop rotation to the cellular telephone mankind has advanced. It can be argued however, that not all
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  • Impact of climate change on automotive business
    IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS Climate change has been one of the most discussed issues in these modern days. It is prove on many researches that the increase in man-made green house gas emission can significantly affect the climate in the world, on every part of the globe. In th
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  • Space technology and its effect on america
    There have been many technological advances that have greatly affected America such as computers, cell phones and even satellite services. But, I think the most important of all technological advances would be the space program. Without the technology gained from our space program, all the other i
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  • Civil rights in education: universal design and technology
    Civil Rights in Education: Universal Design and Technology Teachers often ask their students to answer the five W’s when problem solving. The same question can be asked of the institution of American public education. Two critical questions to consider are: who education is for, and what shoul
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  • Technology and tradition
    Professional sports are a vital component to our society as we know it. Week in and week out, fans fill the stands to cheer on their favorite teams, just the same as they did 50 years ago. On the contrary, these professional sports have evolved with the introduction of new technologies that are er
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  • Ethics and technology
    Ethics and Technology Work environments require careful attention to both many aspects. Two of those aspects are technology and ethics. Although the two topics may not seem related, ethics is directly involved with technology. . In a study conducted by ICR (International Communications Research) on
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  • Information technology "going paperless" concept
    Information Technology and the ‘Going Paperless’ Concept The idea of a company’s business operations venturing into a paperless environment from a paper-filled filing cabinet clutter is not a new concept. The aspiration for a paperless environment was conceived in the minds of management
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  • Fuel cell technology
    "The global fuel cell industry is expected to generate more than $18.6 billion in 2013. Fuel cell sales will come from three main market applications: automotive, stationary, and portables. projected sales could generate nearly $35 billion if market conditions improved for automotive fuel cells."
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  • Can fingerprint detection technology benefit by use of micro-x-ray fluorescence techniques
    CAN FINGERPRINT DETECTION TECHNOLOGY BENEFIT BY USE OF MICRO-X-RAY FLUORESCENCE TECHNIQUES Introduction This report is the product of my investigation into the science of fingerprint identification methods. The proposal of January 24, 2007, allowed me to carry out research and evaluate a nov
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  • Main thems in technology development
    Main Themes in Technology Development Throughout the study of technology development two main themes recur, technology innovation and its diffusion. Though these concepts may seem particular, there are several facets to each. This discourse will detail the main concepts and the advantages and di
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  • Technology and cheating
    There was a story told of an individual who on one of the qualifying exams for a doctorate degree was caught cheating. This individual had cheated their way through their bachelors, masters, and almost through their doctorate using nothing more than their watch. It does not matter whether this sto
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  • Science and technology
    Science & Technology Technology has changed dramatically over the past years. We have gone from records to tapes to CD’s in entertainment technology, but also our medicine and transport technology has changed. It has brought people more wealth and others not so much wealth. It has given people
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  • Strategic plan to develop student interest in science, technology, engineering, and math related careers: a literature review
    Strategic Plan to Develop Student Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Related Careers Success in K-12 math and science classes has a direct effect on student’s decision to pursue careers in engineering and technology. In a recent International assessment conducted by the Or
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  • Effects of technology / gen 300
    You hear it in your car, you hear it at the movies, and you hear it just about everywhere. No matter where we go it’s there, the mobile phone. The mobile phone is not just a phone anymore; it’s a portable multi-function technological gadget. It is a phone, organizer, camera, video recorder, c
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