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Attachment Reports

Students Industrial Attachment Report Format Part 1 The above heading ‘PART 1’ is just a guide. You must not label this preliminary section ‘part 1’ in the actual report. Cover page [2] [This will contain title of the report, the name of the entity for which it was prepared, the name of the person who prepared it, the date the report is to be presented. This page should not be numbered]. Abstract [10] [This should contain a summary of the main body of the report. It should be about one...

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Trial Report Writing for Industrial Attachment

SHORT REPORTS PURPOSE: When a brief written communication is necessary and can do the job for the reader.  For example, a weekly or monthly financial or production report can be handled by a Short Report.  Or, a proposal for a simple project or improvement on a process can be written up in a Short Report. WHAT IS THE FORM? Can be written as a Letter or as a Memo.  Memo when it is written within your department or company. (Sometimes a letter is OK here.)  Letter when...

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Attachment Report

ENGINEERING STUDENTS EXTERNAL ATTACHMENT LOG-BOOK DURATION: 8 WEEKS THE LOG BOOK 1. INTRODUCTION This log book is to assist the student to keep a record of the training. It will show the departments and sections in which the student has worked and the periods of time spent in each. 2. DAILY REPORT The daily work carried out during the periods of training is to be recorded clearly with sketches and diagrams where applicable. 3. WEEKLY REPORT This is a summary of work...

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short report

 Short Reports Style Guide for the development of short reports Short reports can be presented as: formal short reports or memorandums. Short reports are usually less formal and less complex in structure than long reports. Use a memorandum format when the report provides information, rather than analyses information. Clarify the required format with the person who requested the report. Formal short report Format a formal short report as follows: The title page should show the...

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an explanation of attachment Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another across time and space (Ainsworth, 1973; Bowlby, 1969). Attachment does not have to be mutual.  One person may have an attachment with an individual which is not shared.  Attachment is characterized by specific behaviors in children, such as seeking proximity with the attachment figure when upset or threatened (Bowlby, 1969). Bowlby’s theory states that attachment is adaptive and innate...

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Short Report

Report title: Importance and use of attachments in reports Author: Robyn Horsman Position: Manager Work team: Business Operations Date of submission: 21 April 2004 Introduction This report was commissioned in March 2004 by the Manager of the Australian Book Store Practice Firm. It is to be presented in hard copy for publication as an eBook. The findings and recommendations will also be delivered to a full staff meeting in an oral presentation. 1. Purpose ...

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Sample of a Report

| | |Progress Report # | | | | |Reporting Period: | |to | | | | |Submittal Date | | |Grant Agreement No: ...

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Internship Report

Internship Reports Objective Writing reports is one of the most formal ways of presenting the results of a project. Reports can be written about any professional activity including experimental or test results, design proposals, economic or technical feasibility studies and project summaries. They usually follow a major effort on a single topic and are written for review by people involved in decision making or affected by their work. Internship students are asked to write an Internship Report for a...

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Internship Report Format

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore Department of Management Sciences Internship Report Format Report should be composed and written in M.S. OFFICE (Microsoft word, Excel etc) Report writing instructions: Page size: A4 Font size: 12 Font name: Arial Font color: Black Line spacing: 1.5 Margins: 0.75” (Left & Right) Header & Footer: 0.75” Gutter: 0.5” Footnotes: Where ever applicable Index: Must include copy of the original forms used in the organization...

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Project Status Report

Project Status Report Project Name: Department: Focus Area: Product/Process: Prepared By: Document Owner(s) | Project/Organization Role | | | | | | | Project Status Report Version Control Version | Date | Author | Change Description | 1.0 | | | Document created | | | | * * * | | | | | TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 PROJECT STATUS REPORT PURPOSE 3 2 PROJECT STATUS REPORT TEMPLATE 3 2.1 Project Status Report Details 3 2.2 Project...

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Impormal Report

Informal report Learning objectives * Identify seven kinds of informal reports and four report formats. * Define a report project and gather data. * Organize report data using effective headings. * Present data objectively to gain credibility. * Write information and recommendation reports. * Write justification and progress reports. * Write formal and informal minutes of meetings. * Write summaries and to-file reports. Seven Kinds of Informal Reports * Information...

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Recommendation Report

A Written Report Presented to MR. MARK GIL GABE Department of Social Sciences and Humanities College of Education and Social Sciences Mindanao State University at Naawan Misamis Oriental In partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course English 8 (Technical Writing) Elmer Alcano Progress Report DATE : MAY 20 2013 TO : Mr. Mark Gil M. Gabe FROM : Elmer Alcano SUBJECT:...

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Report Writing

LONG REPORT FORMAT A typical lab report should include the following sections: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Title Page Table of Contents List of Figures Abstract Introduction Apparatus Procedure Safety Results Recommendations and Conclusion Appendix References Follow the detailed instructions in the CHE writing guide. Make sure to include page numbers. 1. Title Page Follow the sample on page 15 of this document. Although counted in the pagination, this page is not numbered. (A...

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Proposals and Report

Skills Part 12 Reports and Proposals Reports Reports are prepared after some task is given and it is completed. Report includes all the details of how the work was done and it is also a declaration that the work is done. A report can be as small as one sentence and it can be as big as several hundred pages. When a staff tells his boss, ‘the job is done.’ This is also an example of report. In every organization hundreds of reports are prepared and submitted. A sales performance report, financial performance...

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Business Report

Format for a Business Report There are few standard rules for writing business reports that dictate what information should come in which section of the report. This format is followed in most of the business report examples, that one may refer to. The most widely used format consists of the following standard sections: Title Section: In a short report, this could be the first page bearing the title of the report, author name and date. The reason of making such a report could also be included...

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Incident Reports, Logs, and Narrative Reports

 Incident Reports, Logs, and Narrative Reports Differences Introduction The use of incidents reports, logs and narrative-only reports is commonplace in a number of public and private sectors, including law enforcement and health care where they are used to codify different types of events for different purposes. Irrespective of the setting and purpose, though, these types of written records can play a vital role in keeping track of important events and establishing accountability...

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Siwes Report

Daily Diary: The students will have to prepare a daily diary, which will be checked during seminar & viva in the college. 5. Mid-Term Report: After 3 months of the date of joining the training, mid-term report (Detailed report of projects done by that time) is to be sent to the Training & Placement Officer. The format for Mid-Term Training Report is given on page no. 4-5. 6. Evaluation Performa: The Performa for Evaluation of students by industrial tutor is given on page no. 6. Students...

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Format of Report

Internship Final Report Format Overview The internship final report should be a formal document written in prose that summarizes the internship experience. First-person (e.g., I observed fluoroscopy…) style of writing is preferred over the third-person (Fluoroscopy was observed…) because the first-person voice is generally more succinct, has gained acceptance in scientific writing, and is generally more interesting for the reader. Overall document length is not as important as the content of...

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Internship Report

HOD-MS (UGS) Ext: 233 Subject: INTERNSHIP REPORT FORMAT All the students of BBA programme currently doing their internships at various organizations are directed to strictly follow the revised internship report format. A copy of the format is also posted on the university website. NAME: Md. Abdul Kader Sumon Signature: _______________ Appointment: Head, Department of Marketing Internship Report (BBA Students) The document has been designed to guide...

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Attachment in Children with Asd

The main purpose of a scholarly journal is to report on original research or experimentation in order to make it available to the rest of the academic world (Kaplan University Library Resource Guide, (n.d.). The article that I chose is “Parental Sensitivity and Attachment in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Comparison With Children With Mental Retardation, With Language Delays, and With Typical Development”. I am certain that the article I chose is scholarly for several reasons. ...

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incident report

 STONEBRIDGE RESIDENTIAL CARE HOME ACCIDENT/INCIDENT REPORT FORM Date of Accident: 2nd may 2013 Date Reported: 2nd may 2013 Time of Accident: between 9:45am – 10am Time Reported: 10:30am Specific Location: the location of the accident happened in Stonebridge Residential Care Home, in the garden at the front of the care home. Reporter Name: Sadie Goody Phone Number(s): 01728456321 Position: Care assistant Witness Name: There was no person present to witness...

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HIstory of Attachment Theory

relationships in adulthood. The theory of attachment in based solely around this very principle. The patterns a child displays towards primary caregivers and how those caregivers respond to the needs of that child will predict how that child will respond to relationship and change as an adult. Attachment Theory The forces that drive relationships between individuals and the affects those forces have on them, define the theory of attachment. It is said to have become the “dominant...

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Mary Ainsworth Attachment Theory

November 2012 Mary Ainsworth Attachment Theory Mary Ainsworth the psychologists who provide the most detailed analyst research on an individual attachment offering explanations. Like for instants we has adults teenagers know enough how we feel when the person leaves or apart from us and we are able to explain in it words. That does not go so well for young babies such has infants. In doing so Mary Ainsworth devised an experiment to discover and identify attachment styles. She called the technique...

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Attachment Theory and Child

EXAMINE ATTACHMENT IN CHILDHOOD AND its ROLE IN THE SUBSEQUENT FORMATION OF RELATIONSHIPS An attachment is a two-way emotional bond in which people depend on each other for their sense of security. Although we forma attachments through out our lives, psychologists are particualry interested in the attachments formed between a child and his/her primary caregiver.1 This essay will examine the role of attachment in childhood and it’s subsequent formation of relationships. Most babies...

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Essay and Report Writing

QuickRef 6 What is a report? This is an introductory guide to report writing. It gives some general advice on the content and structure of a report. It is very important for you to consult your Departmental Guidelines or Unit Guide for advice on the required report format for the units in which you are enrolled. Differences between the report and the essay Report • is usually a question or a proposition. • is based on reading and sometimes field work. is to investigate, present...

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Bowlbys Theory of Attachment

Evaluating Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment Bowlby (1969) proposed that millions of years of evolution had produced a behaviour that is essential to the survival chances of human infants. He believed that human babies are born helpless and totally independent on the primary caregiver producing the baby with food, warmth, shelter, for their well-being and survival – this helplessness and total independence on the primary caregiver acts as a social releaser making the caregiver have a caregiving reaction...

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Annotated Bibliography for Child Attachment

Annotated Bibliography Elizabeth E. Thrall, C. W. (2009). screening measures for Children and adolescents with reactive attachment Disorder . Behavioral Development Bulletin , XVI, 4-10. This article evaluated two screening measures designed to aid in diagnosing reactive attachment disorder (RAD): the Relationships Problem Questionnaire (RPQ) and Reactive Attachment Disorder – Checklist (RAD-C). Fifty-three parents/guardians completed both rating scales. Thirteen were adoptive/foster parents...

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Lab Report Analysis

6 November 2012 SUBJECT: Lab Report Analysis This memo proposes the observations and claims I collected from reviewing three different lab reports. Three fields of study are composed within this memo that includes Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering. “Electrical Filters,” (Electrical), written by Joe Schmoe, is a lab report made by a student at a university. The College Board produced an environmental lab report named, “Monitoring Air Quality,” (Air)...

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Attachment Theory

Attachment Theory The Attachment theory is focused on the relationships and bonds between people, particularly long-term relationships including those between a parent and child and between romantic partners. Attachment is an emotional bond to another person. Psychologist John Bowlby (1969, 1988) was the first attachment theorist, describing attachment as a "lasting psychological connectedness between human beings." Bowlby believed that the earliest bonds formed by children with their caregivers...

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Memo Report Writing

MEMO    TO: | Recipient’s Name   |    FROM: | Sender’s Name   |    DATE: | Current Date   |    SUBJECT: | Writing Memo Reports | A memo report is an informal report format often used to reply to a request for information. Memo reports are intended for internal use. Formatting To begin a memo report, key the heading words and information to print about one inch from the top of the page, as you would for any memo. Use the default side margins for your word processor. Leave one blank...

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Adolescent Depression and Attachment

Adolescent Depression and Attachment Hypothesis Will attached females will have a strong positive identification with their mother, higher self-esteem ratings and lower depression scores? Will ambivalent and avoidant females will have a more negative identification with their mother, lower self-esteem ratings, and higher depressions scores? Depression affects over 20% of adolescents. It is a disorder that disturbs their mood, causes a loss of interest or pleasure in activities they should enjoy...

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Effective Report Writing

http://www.businessballs.com/writing.htm  Link This article summarizes effective writing techniques for reports. I. The typical structure is as follows: II. Title, author, date. III. Contents. IV. Introduction and Terms of Reference (plan for report). V. Executive Summary (containing main points of evidence, recommendations and outcomes.) VI. (1-2 pages maximum) VII. Background/history/situation. VIII. Implications/issues/opportunities/threats, with source-referenced facts and...

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What Constitutes a Good Report

What Constitutes A Good Report At the beginning Before writing a report we need to clear up the target subject and what will be included in this report in order to let your readers easily understand what you want them to get from your report. For example, we all once had the experience of looking for something in a messy drawer. The result is that it is so difficult to find what you want under this condition. In the meantime, you also need to spend lots of time on it. Similarly, presenting...

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Attachment Theory

Attachment Theory John Bowlby was a psychoanalyst and has developed his knowledge and understanding into the theory of Attachment. Bowlby believed that children have been born programmed to form attachments which will help them survive; this is known as evolutionary attachments. Bowlby believed that all attachments are instinctive, he said that attachments are shown when the child is under conditions of feeling threatened, such as: separation, fear and insecurity. In 1969 and 1988 Bowlby suggested...

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Training and Narrative Report

related to narrative report for ojt Hotel Hotels: Booking.com - Book Without Commission  www.booking.com/Hotels Book at over 275,000 hotels online booking.com is rated  (1,432 reviews) Hotels in London Hotels in Edinburgh Hotels in Manchester Hotels in Glasgow Cornerstone software - camLine launches Cornerstone 5.1  www.camline.com/ DoE, 6 sigma, EDA – read more… Hotel Reports - webcrawler.com  www.webcrawler.com/ Search multiple engines for hotel reports Explore Answers...

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A Guide to Writing a Reflective Report

a Reflective Report The purpose of the Reflective Report is to foster an ability to reflect on their experience and consider ways in which their developing understanding of the theory, which underpins practice, can help them to develop an attitude of critical awareness of their own actions, values, motives etc, and also to the actions, values and motivations of others that they work with. Students complete a weekly reflective report during level 1, and a fortnightly reflective report during levels...

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Types of Technical Report

OF TECHNICAL REPORT I. BASES OF REPORT CLASSIFICATION A. Subject Matter – based on subject field such as accounting, business, medicine, economics, marketing, engineering and the like B. 1. Time-interval – based on frequency of occurrence: daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Examples include 1. Routine weekly and monthly reports made by salesmen 2. Periodic progress reports in big corporations 3. The corporation’s annual report of operations C. Function – based on what reports do. 1. 2....

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Neurobiology and Attachment

Understanding complex trauma and attachment disruption in the classroom (2010), write that it is interpersonal attachments that both spur and make healthy development possible, and the authors cite assertions that the heart of attachment relationships is to provide the function of self-regulation -- the ability to manage, organize, and sooth internal experience (O’Neill, Guenette, & Kitchenham, 2010, p. 192). Further cementing the idea of the supreme importance of a secure attachment and outlining what contributes...

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Attachment Theory

known, as the mother and father of attachment theory both became key figures in contributing to child development, with their ideas of personality development, together they changed the views of childcare practice and how mothers, reared their children, his views greatly influenced society, by identifying that a child first relationship was very important as this would effect them for the rest of their lives. Bowlby (1969) and Ainsworth (19740 described "Attachment as a deep, and enduring bond that...

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Social Environmental Report

Critically evaluate the extent to which social and environmental reports provide useful information to stakeholders. During the period of recent twenty years, majority of the companies are increasingly publishing Social and Environmental Report (SER) to represent their concerns among society and environment (Deegan and Unerman, 2011). SER is a concept adopted by corporations to integrate social and environmental aspects in the business and to interact with the stakeholders on a voluntary basis...

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Yeast Lab Report

Yeast Lab Report Guidelines 1. Lab reports are to be computer-generated and double-spaced. All sections of the report must be written in paragraph form. 2. Do not use encyclopedias (Internet or otherwise), dictionaries ((Internet or otherwise), or personal web pages as sources for the report, this includes Wikipedia. You may use a textbook, lab manual, and/or article(s) in a published journal. You can find journal articles by going to the library website: http://www.lib.clemson.edu/ and selecting...

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How to Write Survey Report?

HOW TO WRITE A SURVEY REPORT A survey report is a formal piece of writing based on research. I Structure: Introduction State the purpose/aim of the report, when and how the information was gathered. Main Body All the information collected and analysed is presented clearly and in detail (break down the respondents into groups according to sex, age and place of residence, state the main differences between groups). Subheadings, numbers or letters can be used to separate each...

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Project Status Report

[PROJECT STATUS REPORT] Rev. 1.0, 25/10/2013 Company here Bi-weekly Project Status Report GENERAL INFORMATION Project Name Project Manager Project ID Number Prepared by Project Sponsor Reporting Period Ending Date [DD/MM/YYYY] Report Number Section I TASKS/MILESTONES COMPLETED This section only includes tasks/milestones that are completed since last reporting period (Report Number CT-BWR-09, dated 23/05/2012). [Insert rows as needed] Description of Task/Milestone ...

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Attachment and Reactive Attachment Disorders

200 February 10, 2014 “Attachment and Reactive Attachment Disorders” According to Smith, Saison, and Segal the word attachment is defined as the deep connection established between a child and caregiver that profoundly affects that child’s development and their ability to express emotions and develop relationships (Help.org). Whereas attachment is easily defined it isn’t so easy to define attachment disorders. Experts have not agreed on a definition for the term “attachment disorder,” but Newman...

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Culinary Arts Report

115 & HM225 HTC 296 & HTC 301 INDUSTRIAL TRAINIG REPORT WRITING FORMAT 2 INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT 1) The industrial report is a written document where student is asked to write on the work activities/task, what they have observed and learned during their internship. 2) The industrial report must be wholly the student’s work. 3) The report should reflect the student’s abilities to learn, observe, analyze, comment and recommend. 4) The report is to show the application of student theoretical...

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Detailed GSM Module Market Forecast and Trend Analysis by a Report on Reports and Intelligence

Reports and Intelligence adds a report titled “2014 Market Research Report on Global GSM Module Industry.” The report is an excellent piece of work from the industry experts on the global GSM module industry. Starting from the definition, classification and applications the report explains the product specification, cost structure, plans &policies and an overview of the global GSM module industry. The report also sheds light on the concepts such as profit, product price, capacity utilization, production...

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Attachment Theory: Children's Attachment to a Caregivers

responsive to their needs. Image by Jeff Osborne What is Attachment? Attachment is an emotional bond to another person. Psychologist John Bowlby was the first attachment theorist, describing attachment as a "lasting psychological connectedness between human beings" (Bowlby, 1969, p. 194). Bowlby believed that the earliest bonds formed by children with their caregivers have a tremendous impact that continues throughout life. According to Bowlby, attachment also serves to keep the infant close to the mother...

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Development of Secure and Insecure Attachments in Children

Disscussion on research associated with the development of secure and insecure attachments in children THE INTRODUCTION During the past fifty years much research has been carried out on the secure and insecure attachments for children. Many reaserchers have been particularly interested in the relationship between secure and insecure attachments in the child`s development , and what bearings it has on the child`s emotional , social and psychophysical well being ( Erikson, 1963; Bowlby...

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Attachment styles

 Attachment Style and Relationships Psy/220 November 10, 2013 Attachment Style and Relationships Part 1 According to the Robert Sternberg triangular theory of love the three dimensions passion, intimacy and commitment all play essential roles in forming relationships. Passion mean strong emotion, excitement, and physiological arousal, often tied to sexual desire and attraction Baumgardner & Crothers (2009). These emotions can become overpowering and create feelings of love...

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Attachment Styles

Are we born with a certain attachment and does it reflect in our romantic relationships? A psychologist, Phillip Shaver, uses models of attachment that he studied from childhood and applied to the differences of attachment in adult relationships (Freidman & Schustack, 2012). He discusses the 3 styles of attachment, which are secure, avoidant, and anxious-ambivalent lovers. Although, Shaver founded these attachment styles, they are very similar to Karen Horney’s basic anxiety theory. He describes...

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Attachment Theory

Chris Livoti 3/5/13 IB Psychology Mrs. Urso John Bowlby is the pioneer of the attachment theory and worked with children who had been separated from their parents during World War 2. He observed that many of these children developed emotional problems, and he made the connection that the emotional problems stemmed from the separation from the mother. Bowlby was born in London to an upper class family, and would rarely see, and interact with his...

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Serious Incident Report

INCIDENT REPORT To: The Proprietor cc: Social Services Inspector cc: Health Authority Inspector Introduction The purpose of this report is to analyse the causes of the incidents which lead up to, and resulted in, the death of a resident at your home, Mrs X. The report will further draw conclusions from the incident, and will make several recommendations to assist in the prevention of such an incident occurring again in the future. Account of the incident Mrs X was an elderly resident...

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Disruption in Attachment

Attachments can often be disrupted between an infant and its primary caregiver and these particular children can find themselves growing up and developing outside the traditional family environment. Thus not forming attachments can have serious impacts on the development of the infant. Disruptions to attachments can take place due to the lack of physical and emotional attachment (Privation) and separation from the primary caregiver. In disruption of attachments there are long-term and short-term...

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Talent Identification Report

Talent Identification Assignment 1- Scientific report Introduction The sporting industry is highly thought of and the big question is how to crack the code for making champions. Research into talent identification will considerably help on this quest to achieve the best. Talent Identification (TID) is both an Art and Science involving a complex blend of scientific knowledge and assessment, alongside coaching art. It is designed to proactively seek out those that possess the raw material...

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Bonding and Attachment

communicate needs. * Attachment – is defined as a person-specific relationship that is dominated by affectionate interchanges. Attachment initially grows out of many instances of a young infant experiencing her parent as reflecting her emotional state. As a child grows, other mutually satisfying interactions add to the parent-child attachment. 2. Why is the quality of an infant's initial attachment important? The quality of an infant’s initial attachment is enormously important...

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How do I write a report

How do I write a report? Report writing differs from essay writing because it has a different purpose. Reports are common communication tools as they assist in the decision-making process. Written for a particular purpose, they usually outline a problem, provide the relevant facts and ideas related to the situation, and then recommend a course of action. Reports are highly structured so that information they contain can be easily understood. Headings within the report allow the reader to select...

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Attachment Theory

 Attachment Theory (AT) is essential when determining the relationship between a caregiver and an infant and frequently drawn upon when assessing the “quality” of a relationship (Norton, 2003). Attachment to a caregiver is multifaceted and various factors play a role in the assessment of a relationship, therefore as a social workers it is critical we understand these factors and also recognize that all theories have their limitations. AT was a term developed by John Bowlby (1988) and was developed...

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Attachment Theory

References Agrawal, H., Gunderson, J., Holmes, B., Lyons-Ruth, K. (2004) ‘Attachment Studies with Borderline Patients: A Review’ Harvard Review of Psychiatry, Volume 12, No. 2   Ainsworth, M. & Bell, S. (1970) ‘Attachment, exploration, and separation: Illustrated by the behaviour of one-year-olds in a strange situation’. Child Development, 41, 49-67. Ainsworth, M. D. S. (1973). ‘The development of infant-mother attachment’, in B. Cardwell & H. Ricciuti (Eds.). Review of child development research...

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Positive Attachment

of infancy the influence of a positive attachment can enrich an infant’s behavioural development (Peterson 2010, pp.140-150). Erikson (cited in Peterson 2010, p.51) theorises that to mould a positive attachment an infant must achieve a balance of the psychosocial stage of ‘trust versus mistrust’. The achievement of this stage combined with the infant’s environment, social arena, and how infants see themselves as individuals is dependant on a positive attachment. With an understanding of Erikson’s theory...

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