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Assignment 4 Case Problem Stateline Shipping And Transport Company

Assignment #4: Case ProblemStateline Shipping and Transport Company”   1) This transportation model problem consists of 18 decision variables, representing the number of barrels of wastes product transported from each of the 6 plants to each of the 3 waste disposal sites: [pic]= Number of Barrels transported per week from plant ‘i’ to the j-th waste disposal site, where i = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and j = A, B, C. The objective function is to minimize the total transportation cost for all shipments...

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Case Problem: Stateline Shipping and Transport Company

 Assignment #4 Case Problem: Stateline Shipping and Transport Company MAT540: Quantitative Methods Vargha Azad 09/08/13 In Excel, or other suitable program, develop a model for shipping the waste directly from the 6 plants to the 3 waste disposal sites. Solve the model you developed in #1 (above) and clearly describe the results. In Excel, or other suitable program. Develop a transshipment model in which each...

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stateline shipping

Stateline Shipping and Transport Company Stateline Shipping and Transport Company School of Business MAT 540 This paper was presented in submission for MAT 540 assignment four (Part 1 Only). Abstract This paper serves as a written response to the instructions and questions asked in assignment four. Assignment four instructed the writer to read the case problem Stateline Shipping and Transport Company from pages 273-274 in the text, Introduction to Management Science by Bernard W. Taylor....

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Stateline Shipping and Transport Company

1. Formulation of the Problem The Stateline Shipping and Transport Company wanted to transport industrial wastes from the 6 plants to the 3 waste disposable sites. The problem can be represented in as a Transportation table as shown below. Our problem is to find roots to disposable sites, such that the cost of transportation is minimized.. White water Los Canos Duras Availability (bbl) Kingsport $12.00 $15.00 $17.00 35 Danville $14.00 $9.00 $10.00 26 Macon $13.00 $20.00 $11.00 42 Selma...

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Stateline Shipping Assignment 4

Week 10 – Assignment # 4 06/16/13 Stateline Shipping & Transport Company Question #1 – Transportation Model Plant Waste Disposal | A. White Water | B. Los Canos | C. Duras | Supply | 1. Kingsport | 12 | 15 | 17 | 35 | 2. Danville | 14 | 9 | 10 | 26 | 3. Macon | 13 | 20 | 11 | 42 | 4. Selma | 17 | 16 | 19 | 53 | 5. Columbus | 7 | 14 | 12 | 29 | 6. Allentown | 22 | 16 | 18 | 38 | Demand | 65 | 80 | 105 | | Xij = Shipping from plant to...

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Stateline Shipping and Transport Company

Assignment #4: Case Problem "Stateline Shipping and Transport Company" Read the 'Stateline Shipping and Transport Company" Case Problem on pages 273-274 of the text. Analyze this case, as follows: In Excel, or other suitable program, develop a model for shipping the waste directly from the 6 plants to the 3 waste disposal sites. Solve the model you developed in #1 (above) and clearly describe the results. In Excel, or other suitable program, Develop a transshipment model in which each of the...

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Stateline Shipping and Transport Company”

Assignment #4: Case ProblemStateline Shipping and Transport Company” Courtney Boone June 10, 2012 MATH 540 Quantitative Methods Professor Gelonia Dent Rachel has estimated the cost of shipping a barrel of waste from each of the six plants to each of the three waste disposal sites as shown in the following table: Waste Disposal Site |   |   |   | Plant | Whitewater | Los Canos | Duras | Kingsport | $12 | $15 | $17 | Danville | 14 | 9 | 10 | Macon | 13 | 20 | 11 | Selma | 17...

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Stateline Shipping and Transport Company

Introduction The Stateline Shipping and Transport Company is negotiating a shipping contract with Polychem. Polychem would like Stateline to pick up and transport their waste products from their six plants to three waste disposal sites. There is a possibility that using the plants and waste disposal sites as intermediate shipping points could lower the overall shipping costs. A Stateline manager is trying to determine the shipping routes that will minimize Stateline’s total cost and if it would...

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Stateline Shipping Company

Business Assignment #4: Case ProblemStateline Shipping and Transport Company” 1. In Excel, or other suitable program, develop a model for shipping the waste directly from the 6 plants to the 3 waste disposal sites. White water Los Canos Duras Availability Kingsport $12.00 $15.00 $17.00 35 Danville $14.00 $9.00 $10.00 26 Macon $13.00 $20.00 $11.00 42 Selma $17.00 $16.00 $19.00 53 Columbus $7.00 $14.00 $12.00 29 Allentown $22.00 $16.00 $18.00 38 Capacity 65 80 105 223 The objective of...

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Stateline Shipping and Transportation Company

Strayer university | Stateline shipping and Transportation Company | [Type the document subtitle] | | | 9/3/2012 | | 1. Objective function: Min Z= 12Xkw + 15Xkl + 17Xkd + 14Xdw + 9Xdl + 10Xdd + 13Xmw + 20Xml + 11Xmd + 17Xsw + 16 Xsl + 19Xsd + 7Xcw + 14Xcl + 12Xcd + 22Xaw + 16Xal + 18Xad Supply from 6 plants: 35,26,42,53,29,38 Demand from 3 waste sites: 65,80,105 2. Using POM QM to solve the problem, the cost for shipping the waste directly from the 6 plants to the 3...

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 You Can’t Fire Me! Check your policy How about a 900 Percent Raise? Mia Fernandez Keiser University HR Management Case Study # 2 - You Can’t Fire Me! Check Your Policy 1. What role, if any, should Mary’s past work record play in this case? Explain. As a general rule, in termination cases for absenteeism, the seniority and past work record of the employee have been factors influencing the decision of labor arbitrators to either uphold or modify the discharge penalty. It is believed that...

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Assignment 4: Southern Company Case Study

Assignment 4: Southern Company Case Study XXX XXXXX Professor XXXX XXXXX HRM 532 – Talent Management May 27, 2012 Abstract Southern Company is an electric utility company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The company owns electric utilities in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi and services roughly 4.4 million customers. Southern Company also provides fiber optics and wireless communications. Southern Company brands are known for excellent customer service, high reliability...

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Transportation Problems

Case Study on Transportation Problem 12/15/2010 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First and foremost, we would like to thank to our mentor, Dr. G.N. Patel for his valuable guidance and advice throughout the project. Without his support and guidance, this report would not have been possible. We would like to extend our sincere regards to the authorities of Birla Institute...

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p://www.home.ubalt.edu/ntsbarsh/stat-dat http://www.statisticalforecasting.com/finance http://www.statgraphics.com/time_series_analysis.htm Assignment #4: Case ProblemStateline Shipping and Transport Company” 1. In Excel, or other suitable program, develop a model for shipping the waste directly from the 6 plants to the 3 waste disposal sites. White water Los Canos Duras Availability Kingsport $12.00 $15.00 $17.00 35 Danville $14.00 $9.00 $10.00 26 Macon $13.00 $20.00 $11.00 42 Selma $17...

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Office Equipment Inc Case Problem

LP8 ASSIGNMENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM DESIGN By: Jeffrey L. Blake Course: MT4210 Quantitative Analysis Instructor: Paul Larson Distribution System Design 1. If the company does not change its current distribution strategy, what will its distribution costs be for the follow quarter? Original shipping plan model MIN 3.2x1+2.2x2+4.2x3+3.9x4+1.2x5+0.3x6+2.1x7+3.1x8+4.4x9+2.7x10+4.7x11+3.4x12+ 2.1x13+2.5x14 DISTRIBUTION CONSTRAINTS 1. x1+x2+x3≤30,000 2. x4+x5≤20,000 ...

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shipping case study

What’s the case mainly about?  The case is mainly about how Cathay Pacific to manage aviation spare part and optimal its  aviation spare part management process, so as to reduce the huge cost by on this. Cathay Pacific  is one of the leading companies in the airline industry, however, it also suffer from the high cost  in managing spare part inventory. Cathay Pacific was founded in 1946, which provide only a few  route with a small passenger plane at that time. It is a company that is innovative on using new ...

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Assignment: The Darby Company Manufactures and Distributors

BA561 –winter 2006 LP Case Notes: 1. This is an individual assignment. As stated in the syllabus you must do your own work or you will fail the class. 2. You can use any software you wish to perform the analysis, but the assignment was designed under the assumption that you would be using the LINDO software used for LP in BA555. 3. The project is due at the beginning of class in week four (February 1). The Case: The Darby Company manufactures and distributes meters used to...

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Case Study Central Transport, Inc

Assignment: Week 3 Case Study Central Transport, Inc Jason M Williams/3111448 23 March 13 TLMT441 Advanced Business Logistics American Military University Instructor: Roxanne Grosett Introduction Susan Weber, the new president and CEO of SAB Distributions has offered a new collaborated relationship to Jean Beierlein, president and CEO of Central Transport. Dramatic changes in the market have changed SAB, and it continues to get worse. SAB is losing the competitive advantage over...

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Week 4 Assignment Team Case AnalysisLES

 Week 4Assignment: Team Case Analysis L.E.S. Inc. Yenny Hardin, Christina Romano, Bubba Bartlett, & Joseph Nitchals University of Saint Mary Abstract Adithan, M. said about manufacturing process and planning, “an industrial undertaking, if it is to survive, must be of the latest developments brought about by continuous application of new technology and methods used in production. It must continuously strive for improvements in the efficiency of its production and must consistently aim at...

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assignment 4

NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Student: Gerard Petersen THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETELY FILLED IN Follow these procedures: If requested by your instructor, please include an assignment cover sheet. This will become the first page of your assignment. In addition, your assignment header should include your last name, first initial, course code, dash, and assignment number. This should be left justified, with the page number right...

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Assignment 1 Bottling Company Case Stu

 Assignment 1: Bottling Company Case Study Marquita Wright Dr. Jean Guo MAT 300 Statistics September 3, 2014 Abstract The following assignment will discuss the results of the study that was done to 30 bottles to figure out if what the customers are saying is true about the sodas that are being produced is less than what is advertised. Of the 30 bottles the mean, median, and standard deviation for the ounces in the bottles. A 95% confidence interval will be calculated as well. A hypothesis...

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Assignment 4 Nike Case Study

 Nike Case Study Shiffaun L. Alston Jack Welch Management Institute Professor R. Chua JWMI 550 Sunday, December 7, 2014 Executive Summary Nike’s business model was based in outsourcing its manufacturing, then using the money it saved on aggressive marketing campaigns. However, the process of outsourcing work internationally proved to be problematic for Nike in a variety of ways particularly in regards to low wages provided workers and poor working conditions and environment. This...

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Assignment Case Study Honda

Assignment Case study Honda Marketing [pic] Introduction: This individual assignment will be assessed by means of a 3,500 ± 10% word report. The assignment has been designed to allow you to develop and use your knowledge and skills in understanding key strategic issues relating to the Global Automobile Industry. You will be required to apply the strategic concepts and analytical techniques studied in this module. All the learning...

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Apollo Shoe Case Assignment

Apollo Shoes Case Assignment Apollo Shoes Inc., Anderson, Olds, and Watershed has enjoyed working with your company this year, and look forward for more to come. Enclosed are the item that your company has requested of us, while there are some improvements to be made, your staff has done a fantastic job in assisting us with our audit. We hope that we have assisted your company and answered any questions about improvements to be made. Team C Sales Internal Control Questionnaire for Apollo...

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Assignment 4

Assignment 4 (32 points) Assignment 4: Saving and Investing Instructions Save this file in your course folder, and name it with Assignment, the section number, and your first initial and last name. For example, Jessie Robinson's assignment for Section 1 would be named Assignment1JRobinson. Type the answers to the assignment questions below. Use complete sentences unless the question says otherwise. You will have more than one day to complete an assignment. At the end of each day, be sure to save...

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Week 5 Assignment IKEA Case Study

Week 5 Assignment Deliver the Value: IKEA Case Study IKEA is a Swedish-owned global business founded in 1943. The business generates annual revenues of 27 billion euros and employs 139,000 people in 298 stores and 26 countries. The values and design philosophy of the founder continue to underpin the brand. These values might be summed up as frugal, democratic, environmentally aware, and design oriented. IKEA has become synonymous with Swedish lifestyle. The stores are virtually identical across...

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Assignment 1: Jet Copies Case Problem

Assignment 1: JET Copies Case Problem Rose Leahy Strayer University Quantitative Methods-MAT540 Dr. Patricia DeJarnett July 21, 2013 Assignment 1: JET Copies Case Problem Read the “JET Copies” Case Problem on pages 678-679 of the text. Using simulation estimate the loss of revenue due to copier breakdown for one year, as follows: In Excel, use a suitable method for generating the number of days needed to repair the copier, when it is out of service, according to the discrete distribution...

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Operations Research Assignment

 1. The Ace Manufacturing Company has orders for three similar products: _____________________________________ Orders Product (units) A 2000 B 500 C 1200 Three machines are available for the manufacturing operations. All three machines can produce all the products at the same production rate. However, due to varying defect percentages of each product on each machine, the unit costs of the products vary depending on the machine used. Machine capacities for the next week, and the unit...

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Donner Company Case

Case: Donner Company EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Donner Company is a manufacturer of printed circuit boards. They need to address several issues in their supply chain operations to improve their service level because net income in the month of September has drastically decreased. Before September, growth was steadily increasing every month. They found that the major problems include unpredictable bottlenecks in manufacturing, lower than expected productivity and lower than expected quality...

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Case # 4 Chapter 2.

Case # 4 Chapter 2. Issue: There are two parties involved in the case dispute the one is called plaintiff, according to Kubasek. , Browne, , Herron, , Giampetro-Meyer, , Barkacs, , Dhooge, , & Williamson, (2012) the definition of plaintiff is, “ the person or party who initiates a lawsuit (an action) before a court by filing a complaint with the clerk of the court against the defendant(s). Also known as claimant or complainant,” (page, G22). In this case Jarold Daniel Friedman is plaintiff;...

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Seoul National University Supply Chain Management May 11 – May 22, 2015 Homework Assignment Completed assignment is due at the start of Session 7 on Tuesday, May 19. This assignment is to be completed in a group of 2 or 3 students. Submit a hard copy, not an electronic copy (typed answers are preferred). Show your work clearly and explain your reasoning in detail. You will not receive a credit if the instructor cannot understand what you have done because of insufficient explanation. (Q1-Q2)...

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 Trident University Doryce Garcia Module 4 Case Assignment MGT501: Management and Organizational Behavior Dr. Peter Haried 8 December 2014 How would you characterize George's leadership style? In this assignment, I will discuss the leadership style used by the main character of the story, George, the manager. Secondly, I will explain and analyze why this was not an appropriate style to use on his employee, Shelly. I will discuss the characteristics...

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Transportion Problem

Real Life Application of Transportation Problem Submitted to: Prof. Hitesh Arora Submitted by: Abhay Sawhney (201055) Executive Summary Transportation Problem involves distribution of a certain commodity from several origins to a number of destinations. The aim in the whole process is to minimize the costs involved. A necessary condition for the solving of the transportation problem is that the problem must be balanced, i.e the demand for the product at the destinations must equal the...

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Assignment 4

Economics 1101 -- Assignment 4 Problem 1. a. (1 point) What is the total fixed cost for the DeBeers Diamonds? The total fixed cost for the DeBeers Diamonds is zero. b. (2 points) Complete the table above, providing total revenue, marginal revenue and marginal cost, as well as Total Cost when Q = 0. (Remember to put marginal items in between units.) COSTS REVENUES Quantity Produced Total Cost ($) Marginal Cost Quantity Demanded Price ($/unit) Total Revenue Marginal Revenue 0...

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Transport and Innovation

THE THREAT OF GLOBAL GRIDLOCK A Case Analysis GLOBAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT September 25, 2012 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The case “The Threat of Global Gridlock” by George Stalk highlights that the world is about to face a major crisis in transportation because of not meeting the demand of the global economy. The author believes that currently the threat has been masked away but it's imminent and if the prerecession trend reappears it would be a serious problem with the lack of infrastructure and the...

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Hai Xing Shipping Company Ipo Case Study

FINA 6040E Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Case Study Shanghai Hai Xing Shipping Company Andrew Fung (1009010180) Yiu Tsz Yan Brenda (1155009775) Gavin Niu Lam Yung Wai Matthew (1155009776) “H” Shares in 1993-1994 In the 1990’s, there was around 100,000 state owned enterprises (SOE) in China and over half of them were losing money. Since 1992, most of the SOEs were given freedom to reform and extensive new investment was required for the action...

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Comm 488 Assignment 4

COMM/BUSI 453 Assignment 1 Spring 2013 Due: January 9, 2013 Question 1 (25 marks) Posthorn Corporation acquired 20,000 of the 100,000 outstanding common shares of Stamp Company on January 1, 2010, for a cash consideration of $200,000 at a time when its shareholders’ equity amounted to $1,000,000. The shares of both companies were traded on the national stock exchange. During 2010, Stamp Company had net income of $120,000 and paid dividends of $80,000...

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Transportation Problem and Solution in Case of Bangladesh

Transportation Problem and Solution in Case of Bangladesh An adequate and efficient transport system is a pre-requisite for both initiating and sustaining economic development. Investment in improving transport efficiency is the key to expansion and integration of markets - sub-national, national and international. It also helps the generation of economies of scale, increased competition, reduced cost, systematic urbanization, export-led faster growth and a larger share of international...

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Case Study of Business Ethics

Individual assignment 2 2.1 Content of assignment Individual assignment 2: (hand in week 4) Phase 1,2,3 of the ethical cycle: Moral problem statement Problem analysis Options for action Phase 4 of the ethical cycle: Intuition Utilitarianism Bentham Mill 2.2 Case: “Fire Detectors” Residential fires cause many deaths each year. Several companies manufacture fire detectors in a highly competitive market. Jim is a senior manager at one of these companies. He has been invited to...

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Audit and Case Assignments

for substantive tests 4. To be able to write audit programs for various audit areas 5. To understand audit procedures that should be performed at the end of the audit. 6. To be able to draft an independent auditor’s report. REQUIRED TEXTS AND MATERIALS: • Modern Auditing, William C. Boynton, Raymond N. Johnson, and Walter G. Kell (2000), 7rd Edition. GRADING PROCEDURES AND CRITERIA: Grades. Your grade will be based on the following point system: Cases, Best 4 of 5 at 50 points each...

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M&A case 4

their applications. Cases: The following cases will be used for classroom discussions 1. Farhoomand, A. and M. Huang, Does IT Payoff? Strategies of Two Banking Giants, (HKU753-HCB-ENG), March 1, 2009. 2. McAfee, Andrew, and Alison Berkley Wagonfeld, Business Intelligence Software at SYSCO, (HBS case 9-604-080), September 11, 2006. 3. Hoyt, D., H. Lee, and M.M. Tseng, “Unsafe for Children: Mattel’s Toy Recalls and Supply Chain Management,” (Stanford Case GS-63), Sept. 2008 4. Applegate L.M., Amazon...

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Module 1 Assignment – Boeing Case

Module 1 Assignment – Boeing Case (1) Summary of the Case 1) Company Intro Boeing Company is biggest aviation and aerospace company in the world. Its predecessor was Pacific aviation products company which set in 1916 by William Boeing, and he set Boeing Plane Company at 1934, then changed to Boeing Company at 1961. Its headquarters located in Seattle before September 2001, then moved to Chicago, Illinois. The aircraft plant concentrated in Washington state and Kansas. In 1996, Boeing bought...

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Donner Company (Case Analysis)

Donner Company started its operations in 1985 and developed specialized capability in manufacturing circuit boards for experimental devices and for pilot production runs. The company uses “Solder mask over Bare Copper” (SMOBC) technology which is a popular technology for denser circuit patterns and more reliable final product. Automated processes as well as manual processes are used to perform medium-duty, short-cycle, repetitive tasks. They promise a delivery within three weeks for orders less than...

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Assignment 4

contingency factor also is related to the time frame of plans. The commitment concept says that plans should extend far enough to meet those commitments made when plans were developed. Planning for too long or too short a time is inefficient and ineffective. 4. If planning is so crucial, why do some managers choose not to do it? What would you tell these managers? I am not sure why some managers do not plan. I was under the impression that all managers were required to plan because it is one of the managerial...

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Case Study Assignment

Class Room: NAC 506 Section: 1 Instructor Information Instructor: Kanchan Das, Ph. D. Campus Address: NAC 644 Phone: Campus : Extension 1771, Cell phone #01753335095 E-mail: kkumardas@gmail.com Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays: 4:00 to 5:00 PM or by appointment. Course Descriptions: The course covers business process concepts of Supply Chain Management including its strategic importance in improving effectiveness of the organization in facing competitive global market. ...

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Dhl Case International Marketing

Case Assignment Questions DHL Worldwide Express 1. How do customers purchase air express services? Are there differences between documents and parcels? Yes, there are differences. There are two principal types of customers. First, there are the people who base their decisions depending on the level of satisfaction that the shipment company’s current customer base have. They are not price sensitive and because it is easy to anticipate their purchase volume and shipment, it is easier for DHL...

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Decision Tree Case Study

useful for merchant navy company to understand in what direction their chance events are and what their values in terms of profits and losses are for each of the two tooling alternatives, also visualize the outcomes of different prospects in order make better decision under uncertainty Strengths of decision tree analysis Decision tree analysis will show all the alternatives, probabilities, costs and the possible outcomes that are not even consider by the company. The company can add the possible scenario...

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ACC 349 Week 4 Team Ethics Case BYP 1 7

349 Week 4 Team Ethics Case BYP 1 7 has the review of the Chapter 14 Ethic Case Prepare written responses to the following assignments from Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making Business - General Business ACC 349 Week 1 Individual Assignment Ch. 1 Ethics Case BYP 1-7 and Exercise E1-7 ACC 349 Week 2 Individual Assignments Ch. 2 3 ACC 349 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Problems Ch. 2 3 ACC 349 Week 2 Learning Team Case Study Ch...

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Ups Assignment

Case Study Questions: 1) What are the input, processing, and outputs of a package tracking system? The inputs of a package tracking system include package information, customer signature, pickup, delivery, time-card data, current location and billing and customer clearance documentation. The processing is the customer service representatives with the desktop computers that linked to the central computers. Data are also reorganized so that they can be tracked by customer account, date, driver...

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Case Study on Tucker Company

A Case Study on Tucker Company Prepared by: Almario, Mark Louie Bertol, Treesha Beatrice de Leon, Jonna Mayela Madrilejos, Jamie Fiel Matundan, June Marlo Quiatchon, Gladys Wong, Kim Glaiza Date Submitted: February 24, 2012 I. POINT OF VIEW In the analysis of the case, the point of view of the Mr. Harnett, the president of the company was used. Since he has the highest position and he was involved in the reorganization of the company. II. ANALYSIS OF THE CASE SITUATION ...

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Case Study 2: Facquier Gas Company

Case Study 2: Facquier Gas Company TLMT313: Supply Chain Management XXXX xxxx The case study link is provided below for the Case Study 2 Facquier Gas Company. Read and study the case and complete the questions at the end of the study. Use the case study outline below to assist you with your analysis. Questions should be answered using case study format. Ensure that you adequately explain the problem, describe alternative solutions and justify your recommendation. This exercise...

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Case 4

Corporation (A) CASE 4 Group 3: Antonio Carlos Teles Caleia #1028 Federica Carcani #2258 Edoardo Covicchio #2259 Leandro José Pereira Domingues #1023 Francesca Romana Gambini #2260 Mergers, Acquisition and Restructuring (TB) Prof. Josè Neves de Almeida Q1. The rationale behind the intention of CSX to buy Conrail is mainly to anticipate a proposal from the other big player in the market Norfolk Southern. Both CSX and Norfolk Southern have basically the same routes and the latter company holds an advantage...

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Case 4

its price first and others will follow this guy to maintain their competency.  The increased expenses meant there would eventually leave only one player in the long run. The following explains why this battle is a money-loosing game. First, both companies generated sunken costs by competing over the film rights and programming, which led them paying 3 times the average premium rates for the exclusive rights. Second, the promotion and advertising levels were above the optimal to compete against each...

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Tui Mod 4 Case

1) Based on the readings of the Module, and upon reviewing total debt/equity ratios, company betas, profitability ratios, company revenue, assets, and liabilities, and the nature of the operations of the companies including the nature of their customers and products, what would you recommend should the capital structure (total liabilities or debt and equity proportions) be for each of the three companies? I don’t know how to even answer this question and it makes me frustrated. 2) In your report...

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FIN 515 Week 2 Homework Assignment Problems

In this document of FIN 515 Week 2 Homework Assignment Problems you will find the next information: Prob 3-1 Prob 3-2 Prob 3-3 Prob 3-4 Prob 3-5 Prob 3-6 Prob 3-7 Prob 4-1 Prob 4-2 Prob 4-6 Prob 4-13a Prob 4-14 Business - Finance FIN-515 Managerial Finance - Weekly Assignments - All 7 Weeks, got A+ Week 1 Homework Assignment Complete the following  graded  homework assignment in a Word document named “ FIN515_Homework1_yourname...

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Silicachem Corporation: Outbound Freight Transport Report

Supply Chain Management 2011/12 Freight Transport Assessment SilicaChem Corporation: Outbound Freight Transport Report Jia GUO, Bethie 09/01/12 1. Introduction This short report recommends the best options of serving the Spanish distributor and the North America customer based on information given. Although cost is the main consideration in the analysis, various other criteria such as service level and transport modal features are also examined. In order to deliver...

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Solutions Plus Case Problem

Case Study Analysis: Abstract This analysis examines freight cost and cleaning fluid supplies at two locations; Cincinnati and Oakland, to determine the optimal distribution network to supply the cleaning fluid to Great North American at minimal cost to Solutions Plus. Based on projected cost a bid recommendation is made and decision factors related to the analysis are discussed. Keywords: Solutions Plus, Cost minimization, Breakeven, Bid, Shipping Cost Background Solutions Plus is an...

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case 4

manufacturing company situated in Monaragala with 350 total workforces. It provides artificial flowers for local and international markets. This has five functional departments namely Purchasing, Sales and Marketing, Production, Accounting and HR. They got a decision to increase production in 14% by last year onwards and an incentive program also implemented. When the carder produces more than the original target, company granted 10%-15% additional incentive. After 6 months company had evaluate...

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Economy Shipping Co. Solution Case

Economy Shipping Company It is recommended that Economy Shipping Company (ESC) replace the steamboat, Cynthia, with a new diesel powered boat. The analysis assumed no operating cost in 1950. Although ESC was presumably still in service during this analysis, the costs associated with the project evaluation were not accounted for until 1951. It was also implicit in the NPV calculations that any upgrade required subsequent to 1950 could be performed without any interruption to the daily...

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ACC 455 Week 4 Individual Assignment Problem Set

paperwork ACC 455 Week 4 Individual Assignment Problem Set includes solution of these exercises: 1. C:6-8 2. C:4-34 3. C:4-36 Business - Accounting ACC 455 Week 1 Individual Assignment Tax Return Position Paper ACC 455 Week 2 Individual Assignment Week Two Problem Set ACC 455 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Week Three Problem Set ACC 455 Week 4 Individual Assignment Week Four Problem Set ACC 455 Week 4 Team Assignment Week Four Tax Return...

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