• Filipino Soldiers
    I was really moved and touched by that one specific incident that Prof. Michael Norman shared in his lecture, which was about some Japanese soldiers, who were secretly giving medicines to some of the Filipino soldiers, who fell ill while inside the work camp. As Prof. Norman had mentioned, it was
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  • The Search for Filipino Philosophy
    The search for Filipino Philosophy Is there a Filipino Philosophy? I read an essay titled “Doing Philosophy in the Philippines” by Dr. Afredo P. Co and his answer to this question can be summarized this way: Since the Philippines is a melting pot of cultures brought about by invasions, missiona
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  • Filipino Superstitious Beliefs
    Filipino Superstitious Beliefs Related to Death 1. If a black butterfly lingers around a person, it means that one of his relatives has just died. 2. No one should go out before the utensils used in eating have been washed and put away; otherwise a member of the family will die. 3. One must no
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  • The Filipino Values
    The Filipino Philosophy of Values Durin the past years, many anthropologist, and psychologist have written books and articles about Filipino values. These works call a development of a Filipino philosophy of values so that its ultimate causes and principle to be manifisted. Today, the need
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  • The Philosophy of Filipino Culture
    Philosophy of Filipino Culture May 20, 2010 Crossing Cultures: A Philosophical Reflection on Filipino Culture and Cultural Transition Experienced by Third Culture Kids Oh it's a mystery to me. We have a greed, with which we have agreed... and you think you have to want more than you need.
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  • Wikang Filipino
    Ang Papel ng Wikang Pambansang Filipino sa gitna ng iba’t-ibang dyalekto sa bansang Pilipinas Sa Asya o maging sa ibang kontinente tulad ng Amerika, Australia, Aprika, Europa, bawat bansa ay may isang natatanging wikang ginagamit lamang. Kung may pagkakaiba man sa kanilang pagsasalita, yun ay a
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  • Filipino or English?
    elf-worth, and “results in inferiority complex among lower-class children who are stigmatized for using the native tongue.” Well-known educators, writers and national artists signed a petition (pdf) asking the Philippine Supreme Court to block Executive Order No. 210, which requires the use o
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  • Filipino Beliefs and Traditions
    College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature ------------------------------------------------- Department of English What the Filipino is Like: Beliefs and Traditions in Selected Philippine Plays Folk beliefs, otherwise known as "superstitious beliefs", form part of a people's value syst
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  • Wikang Filipino
    Malnutrition in the Philippines. Ravenholt A. PIP: In the Philippines poverty and pervasive malnutrition are not limited to families of deprived seasonal workers. Undernourishment is endemic and increasing throughout most of this archipelago of some 7100 islands, and is compounded by the prevalenc
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  • Filipino American
    Filipino Americans The 2000 Census reported 2,364,815 Filipinos in the United States. -- The Asian Population: 2000 (Census 2000 Brief), February 2002. Long Beach, CA is 48.9% white and largest Asian/Pacific population is Filipino (4%). In San Diego County, Filipino Americans are the largest Asian
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  • The Birth of Heroes and the Rise of Filipino Nationalism
    The Birth of Heroes and the Rise of Filipino Nationalism By Richard Rivera The middle 18th century in the Philippines was a period of perpetual destabilization. The islands are slowly being reconfigured—both physically and in socio-economic terms. On the surface, geophysical forces are
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  • The Sisa Syndrome and the Filipino Colonial Mentality
    The Sisa Syndrome and the Antidote to Our Depression by Ricky Rivera Dr. Jose Rizal in his novel Noli me Tangere tells of Sisa, a woman who fell into a very deep depression when she lost her two sons. Sisa went around town looking for them. She knows that a priest killed her two sons but she ne
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  • The Filipino Is Worth Dying
    A tumble of violet, blue, orange and green…the blazing lights of the neon signs, the hazy colors of the disco scene. There I was, a typical colegiala out to enjoy the world, a part of the “let’s make tusok-tusok the fishballs” syndrome. Youth with all its petty follies and foibles. Life
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  • I Am a Filipino
    I am a Filipino By Carlos P. Romulo I am a Filipino, inheritor of a glorious past, hostage to the uncertain future. As such, I must prove equal to a two-fold task -- the task of meeting my responsibility to the past, and the task of performing my obligation to the future. I am sprung from a hard
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  • Development of a Mobile-Based Filipino to Japanese Translation System
    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Information exists in different languages, hence, language becomes the source of misunderstanding. The variety of languages may hinder people from one culture to freely converse with another from a different culture. This idea inspired of having a means of translating text
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  • Filipino
    University of San Carlos Basic Education Department- South Campus J. Alcantara St. Cebu City Panitikan sa Pilipinas sa Iba’t ibang panahon Pananaliksik Na ipinapasa kay Gng. Erlinda Lisondra Filipino IV Katrina Mae B. Giango Aimee A. Quijano IV-Pula 2010-2011 I. Mga akdang pampa
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  • Thesis in Filipino
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  • Japanese and Filipino
    “Japanese and Filipino Cultures” Charlani M. Lim ANT 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Instructor: Gretchen Henderson June 7, 2010 Japanese and Filipino Cultures The two different cultures that the author will examine are the Japanese and Filipinos. This includes the various l
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  • Filipino Culture
    A Review of the Literature Earnestean Williams COUNS 504 Dr. Thomas, Jimletta Vareene May 14, 2010 Abstract The paper discusses Philippine and Filipino brief history of the life and times of the Filipino people in the Philippines. The values of Filipino culture have changed th
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  • Waiting to Exhale: Filipino Nationalism in the Age of Globalization
    At the end of the Cold War, a new phenomenon arose characterized by massive intensification of economic, political, social and cultural linkages across borders and continents. People call it many different names to the confusion of the common men and women. Some spoke of liberalization, while others
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