• Teacher
    importance that the teacher who is an interpreter of curriculum and a developer of learning programmes, acknowledge that his or her interpretation of curriculum whether it be narrow or broad will have a direct result on his or her development of a learning programme or programmes. It will also have a...
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  • Student
    EXPLANATION/DEFINITIONS OF TERMS: Outcomes Are the results of learning. Can be classified as critical outcomes, learning outcomes, developmental outcomes and specific outcomes. Critical outcomes: Critical outcomes are generic, cross-curricular, broad outcomes that form the basis of learning on all...
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  • Continuous Assessment as a Tool for a Quality Curriculum
    University College Dublin School of Education and Lifelong Learning A Formative Evaluation of the Implementation of the Continuous Assessment Pilot Programme (CAPP) at the Basic School Level in Zambia. William M. Kapambwe Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters...
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  • Student
    CHAPTER 3 MANAGING THE CURRICULUM 3.1 Introduction The new curriculum (cf. with its multi-faceted nature is a theoretical substructure within the OBE approach and its implementation requires particular management skills. This chapter (cf. 1.3.2) examines aspects of the management ...
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  • Curricurum Development
    CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION (CT: 102) Lecture One Curriculum Concepts and their Relationships 1.0 Introduction/ Background In the history of educational theory and practice, different scholars have differently defined curriculum. The main...
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  • Education
    Course Code Course Title EDU 111 Foundations of Education Dr. F. Umar (Developer/Writer) – BUK Dr. M.E. Aina (Programme Leader) – NOUN Course Team NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA 1 National Open University of Nigeria Headquarters 14/16 Ahmadu Bello Way Victoria Island Lagos Abuja Office No....
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  • A Thesis Paper Abt Curriculum
    Curriculum design and development Author: Judy McKimm MBA, MA (Ed), BA (Hons), Cert Ed, ILTM Head of Curriculum Development, School of Medicine Imperial College Centre for Educational Development This paper was first written in 2003 as part of a project led by the London Deanery to provide...
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  • Assessment in Schools
    Description Unit Content Reason and purpose for assessment, Baseline and benchmarking, Target setting, Assessment for learning, Assessment as learning, Assessment of learning, Marking, recording and reporting, Assessment and improving quality of pupils work. Unit objectives The learner will:- ...
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  • Child Centered Curriculum
    Curriculum Development:  An Overview Read the following curriculum development overview. This one is long.  You might find that if you print it in draft mode on your printer it is less straining on the eyes.  Curriculum Development: An Overview INTRODUCTION Ever since the term curriculum was added...
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  • Paper
    Module 1: What is Curriculum? NEWSP APER HEADLINES ………… You would have probably come across these headlines in newspapers and magazines. These headlines are an indication of society’s concern with what is going on in schools and in particular...
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  • Curriculum Theory
    General Education Modules for Upper Primary and Junior Secondary School Teachers of Science, Technology and Mathematics by Distance in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Developed by The Southern African Development Community Ministries of Education in: • • • • • • • • Botswana Malawi...
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  • National policy on education
    of Religion Education 14 Learning Religion Education 17 Materials for Religion Education 18 Contents and Assessment of Religion Education Programmes 19 Religious Instruction 20 Religious Observances 21 CONCLUSION 23 DEFINITIONS 26 APPENDIX 28 No...
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  • concept and determinant on curriculum
    INTRODUCTION The concept of curriculum is as dynamic as the changes that occur in society. In its narrow sense, curriculum is viewed merely as a listing of subjects to be taught in school. In a broader sense, it refers to the total learning experiences of individuals not only in schools but in society...
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  • Philosophical Foundations
    CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT The identification and organization of a set of activities scheduled to ensure the achievement of the goals and aspiration of a system of education based on an existing design or model. It is defined as the process of selecting, organizing, executing, and evaluating learning...
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  • Guitar
    Curriculum Integration: Eroding the High Ground of Science as a School Subject? Grady J. Venville, John Wallace, Léonie J. Rennie and John A. Malone Science and Mathematics Education Centre Curtin University of Technology GPO Box U1987 Perth 6845 WA Australia Contact email: L.Rennie@smec.curtin...
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  • Curriculum
    Module 5: Curriculum development process [Source: adaptation of www.freeclipart.com] In Module 2, 3 and 4, we discussed how philosophy, psychology, society and history events influence curriculum...
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  • dsdsds
    he new concerns of school curriculum and the expected transactional modalities have been emphasized in designing this Framework for all stages of school education. Issues related to inclusive education, perspectives for equitable and sustainable development, gender perspectives, role of community...
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  • Arinze Nwagwu
    & 2 Curriculum Development for Inclusive Practice ARINZE NWAGWU Content Pages The contexts in which education and training are provided 3 - 6 In the lifelong learning sector Theories, Principles and Models of Curriculum Design on Inclusive learning and...
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  • Values in Language
6. Classroom management
7. School management

The approaches take the following model.

Integration of peace education into school total curriculum

*Subject content
*Subject perspectives
*Teaching methods
*Total Curricululm
*1-b Co-curricular activities
*Classroom management
*School management
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  • Drfd
    EDUCATION Secondary Education Modernization Programme SECONDARY SCHOOL CURRICULUM Forms 1–3 Integrated Science Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education September 2008 © Ministry of Education Published in 2008 by the Curriculum Planning and Development Division Ministry...
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