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Article On Teenagers Hooked To New Gadgets

New Ideas. New Gadgets For Business. Business gadgets are technological devices that allow people to conduct business more efficiently away from a formal office setting. These gadgets are generally smaller, mobile versions of business electronics found in an office. Different types of business gadgets include mobile phones, laptop computers, projectors, scanners, global positioning systems (GPS) and software designed specifically for these devices. Laptop computers are the most...

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Gadget Addiction

“All these gadgets, the phone and the computer, they expose the inside of your brain in a way that’s bad.” Michel Gondry Advancement in technology and communication has resulted in numerous gadgets. Every secon,d a new gadget is being introduced in the consumer market. People have come to a point where they cannot live without these gadgets. As a result, gadget addiction has become a serious problem in the world especially among the youth. Gadget addiction is enjoying a particular activity...

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Mobile Phone and Electronic Gadgets


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Problems that Teenagers Face Today Teenagers and Body image At the very outset they are struggling to come to terms with their body image. The cherubic appearance of childhood gone, they are looking at strangers in the mirror, gawky, disproportionate limbs, facial features, facial hair and acne to mention a few. They don’t know what to do with their hands and legs and are often termed ‘fidgety’ Search for Identity - the troubled teenager I see teenagers as those struggling to find a place in...

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Plastic Surgery on Teenagers

be. [1] ”We’ve made a decision about what beauty looks like in this country, and everybody – teens in particular – wants to fit the mold,” says Diana Zuckerman. Many teenagers see these beauty icons in magazines and posters and therefore they get a very low self-esteem. 1. Outline about various views on plastic surgery for teenagers: The first text, Plastic surgery for teens The Modern society with all the beauty icons from TV, magazines, posters on the streets and with all the texts about...

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The Social Networking Effect on Teenagers

The Social Networking Effect on Teenagers The social networks are to people today what the TV was to people 20-30 something years ago. Human dependence on computers and the internet has come to the point that if the social networks ceased to work, relations and social connections would falter more so in teens than in adults. Teenagers have taken to social networking to do their everyday tasks and activities like interacting with friends and family, socializing and entertainment. While this sounds...

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Impact of High-Tech Gadgets on the Self-Esteem

modernization nowadays, using gadget is very chronic in use. People were able to do their job much better, easier and dependent to it. Technology is more accessible in some of the aspect just like in gathering information, easier way of communication and as well as entertainment. It is convenient that even an individual can use these gadgets wherever they are, at home, in their work place, school and public places. But there are some consequences in using these gadgets and being a technology dependent...

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The Impact of Too Much Watching Television Shows on Teenagers

The Impact of too much Watching Television Shows on Teenagers “Media's the most powerful entity on earth" (Malcolm X). Media is capable to control facts. It influences anyone's point of view. There are different types of media like print media, new age media and electronic media etc. electronic and new age mediums are famously used by teens these days. Tablets, iPods, laptops, iPhones are some latest gadgets that teenagers use but television is one medium that teens cannot eradicate on their...

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As The New Communications Manager For International Gadgets

As the new communications manager for International Gadgets, a goal has been set forthto most effectively and efficiently communicate information about a new product that theResearch and Development team believes will revolutionize the industry. The importance andrelevance of this product must be properly communicated to all employees and teams withinInternational Gadgets. The type of communication that should be used in a business environment should bebased on the objective that is trying to be...

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Effects of Gadgets


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Modern Gadgets

sources such as, Internet, articles, blogs, theses, books and other researches in relation to the study. These sources helped the researchers gather relevant information for their study. Literature to be discussed includes usual functions of modern gadgets, how much do students use the gadgets and most essential function of gadgets. Modern Gadgets. According to a dictionary definition, “A gadget is a small tool or device that has a specific useful purpose and function. Gadgets tend to be more unusual...

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ARTICLE 1 EXTENDED COURSE FOR POOR TRAINEES. The article is discussing about poor trainees or in the other means, a teacher who does not have skills in teaching students, must take extend courses to improve their teaching skills. Deputy of Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that if trainees fail to make the grade after four years of training of the institutes or the people who fail to achieve the minimum qualifying standard in teaching of the English language, will have their course...

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Essay News Article

so much skepticism and debate over this topic. However, there is a lot to understand and look into, if we are to come to any form of conclusion regarding this argument. There are a overabundance of articles out there discussing, arguing, and debating over the pros and cons of technology. Each article sheds a different light and a different perspective on how this contemporary technological era is affecting our brains’ functioning systems and patterns, our lives and the way we think and live in general...

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Biology news article

Biology in the News FDA approves Plan B One-Step for girls 15 and older without prescription By JoNel Aleccia, Senior Writer, NBC News U.S. regulators on Tuesday lowered the age limit for Plan B One-Step emergency contraception, approving it for sale to girls as young as 15 and agreeing it will be available without a prescription and on store shelves instead of behind pharmacy counters, Food and Drug Administration officials announced.  The move, which grants an amended application by drugmaker...

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Effects of Online Games to Teenagers

games have associated online communities, making online games a form of social activity beyond single player games. The rising popularity of Flash and Java led to an Internet revolution where websites could utilize streaming video, audio, and a whole new set of user interactivity. When Microsoft began packaging Flash as a pre-installed component of IE, the Internet began to shift from a data/information spectrum to also offer on-demand entertainment. This revolution paved the way for sites to offer...

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Mobile Phone and Gadgets

Introduction Background of the Study Academics across the pond are warning of a growing and increasingly serious trend for folks to get addicted to gadgets such as a Blackberry or iPhone. In this case, the definition of "addiction" seems to have a lower threshold for damaging one’s life than other, more popular roads to ruination. Signs of gadget holism, according to Professor Nada Kakabadse of Northampton University, include waking up at night to check your messages, neglecting friends and family...

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Negative Effect of Technology on Teenager

Effects of Technolog y on Teenag er s | eHow.com Print Article Discover the expert in you. Negative Effects of Technology on Teenagers By James Stuart, eHow Contributor T echnology can be a useful tool for educating teenagers. When used in moderation, it can help students with their studies. However, overuse of technology such as cell phones, computers and television can be harmful in a number of ways. Monitoring your teenager' s use of technology will ensure that he stays safe and...

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Impact of Gadgets to Students

computers were in almost every house. (Wiley, 1985) The history of gadgets spans as far back as humanity itself - since hominids began creating tools to make their lives easier. Humans have always created devices and appliances with specific practical purposes that were initially thought of as novelties, due to unfamiliarity with and initial unwillingness to accept the technology. Today, industry has augmented the creation of new gadgets, while certain retailers, including Brookstone and Richard Thalheimer's...

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Mobile Phone and High-tech Gadgets

http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2011-06-07/news/fl-technology-effect-learning-20110607_1_ipads-students-grade-point Technology: Do electronic gadgets make students smarter or more distracted? For many, they bring as. articles.sun-sentinel.com On just about any college campus, students walk with their heads down and fingers on their phones — staying connected and learning, they say.Their iPhones and Droids help them to do research,... this article entitled 'does technology make student smarter...

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behaviors. As the vast amount of drug use, violence and depression in teenagers constantly arises in our society, it is clear that all three problem areas connect with to one another. The causes of these unfortunate problems amongst young adolescence are a mixture of influences through media, music/lyrics, technology and capitalism. In all fairness, these social norms are difficult to ignore and escape within the new generation of teenagers. Underage drinking, violence and depression each have a connection...

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Gadget Addiction

First it was 'texter's thumb'. Now gadget addicts are coming down with 'text neck'. Today, many patients are suffering neck pain from spending too much time hunched over phones and computers. The rise of smartphones and tablet computers has fuelled the problem. The extra capability for playing games and browsing the Internet on smartphones means they tend to be used for longer periods. And unlike laptops, tablet computers are often placed flat on the lap, meaning you crane your neck over to view...

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THC interferes with learning and memory—that is because the hippocampus—a part of the brain with a funny name and a big job—plays a critical role in certain types of learning. Disrupting its normal functioning can lead to problems studying, learning new things, and recalling recent events. The difficulty can be a lot more serious than forgetting if you took out the trash this morning, which happens to everyone once in a while. Do these effects persist? We don’t know for sure, but as adolescents...

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Machines: Sociology and Modern Gadgets

shvoong.comThe Global Source for Summaries & Reviews * Sign up   * Sign In   * Use f   * Write & earn   * Category   Languages Search Shvoong Home>Books>Children & Youth>Modern Gadgets have made us slaves to machines Review Modern Gadgets have made us slaves to machines Book Review   by:dhawanbm     Original Author: Dhawanbm  * Summary rating: 3 stars (337 Ratings)  * Visits : 13907  * words:600   * Comments : 5        Ads by GoogleLaundry...

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New Gadget

PBUS 04 Candy Final Project 2013/7/10 The Key to Never Forgetting Your iPhone’s Charging Cable Since nowadays almost everyone at least have one apple product, such as iPhone and iPad, I decided to choose this new gadget called Kii, which relates with apple product as my topic for the final project. This kind of charging cable is key shape, so that you can keep it with your house key or car key, as long as you remember to lock your home, as well as make sure you don’t lock your car key...

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New Gadgets

Wristband Charger Can’t stand being away from your gadgets? Hate it when your gadget’s battery life exhausts and you can’t find an outlet?  Get this uncanny feeling that your gadgets take forever to get re-charged? If you hate the waiting, the standing, the circling and re-visiting the room in which your gadget is being recharged, then TSir Wristband Charger can come to your rescue! With this unique wristband, you now have the ability to charge your gadgets while on the go. Now your cell phones, music...

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The Influence of Electronic Gadgets in Student Life

DEFINITION ELECTRONIC GADGETS: 1. Definition of electronics. “Electronics is branch of engineering which deals with the study of transport of information through the magnetic waves.” Most of the electronic gadgets are built on the basis of this definition. As they work through or on magnetic waves. Following is the definition of electronic gadgets. 2. Definition of electronic gadgets. “Electronic gadgets are the instruments which can perform many activities at a time with vast speed...

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Social Networks Hooked Teens

Social Networks Hooked Teens (Why Teenagers have Extreme Fondness to Social Networking Sites.) Introduction Today’s teens and tweens are connected to one another, and to the world, via digital technology  more than any previous generation. Recent data suggests that social media venues like Facebook and Twitter have surpassed e-mail as the preferred method of communication in all age groups. While today’s tweens and teens may be more digitally savvy than their parents, their lack of maturity...

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Modern Gadgets Implications to Teenagers

Dealing With the Impact of Modern Gadgets on our Lives Whether we like it or not, electric appliances and gadgets have occupied a major position in our day to day lives. Though they were invented to make life better for us in the first place, it is an undeniable fact that many of the gadgets have a negative influence upon the quality of our lives in some ways. As we cannot live without them in this modern world and they are a necessary evil, we have to find ways to reduce the negative impact of...

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park in the middle of the night." Those people picked the wrong kind of park to visit. Not that there was anything wrong with the park: The hikers camped next to them loved the wild isolation of it. But it just wasn't the kind of place the couple from New Jersey had in mind when they decided to camp out on this trip through Florida." Here is an example of a student model answer of an Expository Essay from The Write Source:"Did you know that 7 out of 10 students have cheated at least once in the past...

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Are Teenagers Apathetic to the Less Fortunate?

agree to a large extent that teenagers today are apathetic towards the less-fortunate. To be apathetic means to not care about something and to show no interest in that matter. Likewise, I feel that teenagers do not care and show no interest at all towards the less-fortunate and have an ignorant mind-set and attitude towards that matter. Most teenagers are self-centred, causing them to be apathetic towards the less-fortunate. In this materialistic world, teenagers have developed a very self-centred...

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Summaries of New York Times Articles

anywhere else, he wanted to create and introduce them to the public so people can create their own cocktails. I choose this article because it reflects the materials in Chapter ten, and I also think the founder is very interesting, I feel like there are many people are experiencing and observing things but they never bring them up into an actual business idea, in the article, Mr. Hemeyer does which lead him toward successful. Relate to the text, Mr. Hemeyer did marketing research on the liquid....

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Importance of Gadgets

Electronic Gadgets In Our Life God has given us everything like plants, trees, flowers, beautiful creatures and of course a very intelligent brain, through which man can do anything. As we all know that India has developed itself in technology and has invented many new electronic gadgets, which have many advantages and disadvantages. Man has become so intelligent that he has invented aeroplanes and spacecraft to fly in, trains, cars, ships and boats for every other mode of travel from one place...

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Internet's Adverse Effects on Teenagers

Adverse Effects of Internet on Teenagers: Introduction: The use of internet has grown tremendously among the teenagers over the last few decades. This has largely been caused by a variety of reasons such as education and the need for entertainment. The internet provides a variety of free information and resources that can either build or destroy the life of a teenager. As a result, many teenagers have ended destroyed morally and psychologically due to excessive use of the internet for the wrong...

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Teenagers Today Complete

Class: 3 Watson / 3 Bestari 1 IC No: 961229-07-5100 What is the meaning of ‘Teenagers Today’? Teenager refers to young people between the ages of 15 to 20. Now, I am going to talk about the teenagers today. First of all, I would like to talk about teenage love. Let’s start from this angle - an artist. Justin Bieber is the artist that most teenagers fallen in love with. He is a famous artist and he is young and handsome. Teenagers like to spend their money to buy their favorite artist’s album. Don’t you...

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Effects of Gadget

Introduction Dealing with the impact of modern gadgets on our lives weather we like it now, electric appliances and gadgets have occupied a major position in our daily lives. Though they were invented to make life better for us the first place it is an undeniable fact that many of the gadgets have negative effects and influence upon the quality of our lives in some ways. As we cannot live without them in this modern world and they are a necessarily evil, we have to find ways to reduce the negative...

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Teenagers and Drugs

Teenagers should not be using drugs at all. The drugs like alcohol, cigarette, and many more are consuming everyday are slowly killing them, it destroys their life, drugs’ laws criminalise teenagers, and teens that use drugs will create negative effects on their children. Drugs might be everywhere in our world, but we teenagers need to think about our health and our future before accepting the devil’s offers. Drugs destroy teenager’s life; drugs damage the brain’s functions and create hallucinations...

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Texting in Teenager Life

Thanh Nguyen Texting in Teenagers Lives As technology has grown, the ways to get in touch with someone instantly have as well. With the advent of cell phone and the Internet, we’ve become accustomed to being able to find out what someone is doing, right now, at all hours. Especially, for America's teens, cell phones have become a vital social tool and texting the preferred mode of communication. Texting provides an opportunity for a quick, concise, effective means of communication. However, texting...

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Effects of Gadgets

the latest gadgets & gizmos. Since these inventions are useful & can give a lot of entertainment such as games, texting, calls, media & many other more, the technology now rages among humans in no exception. Mostly affected are teens. In connection, they give more attention to their gadgets than their studies & academic performance. This research study is to determine the effects of gadgets among high school students in their academic performance. It is also to monitor the use of gadgets among them...

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Effects of New Communications Technologies on Youth Culture in UK: Feature Article Draft

Unlike news stories which are dictated by strict style guidelines and time and space considerations a feature article is more flexibile. Having an increased number of options makes a draft plan essential to the creative process. Features may inform, entertain, persuade or amuse. A feature article goes beyond the factual brief of news and broadens the scope of the subject – features “offer an opportunity to tell the story behind the story.” This places responsibility on the writer to determine what...

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Articles on Cyber Activism and Protest Participation in New Media

Political Science POLS 1400 Essay Review: Articles on Cyberactivism and Protest Participation in New Media Student: | M.H.S. | Student ID: | ****550 | Submitted: | November 12, 2012 | TA: | | Tutorial: | | Word Count: | 1234 | With the emergence of new forms of media and the continued technological advancement of these outlets, it follows naturally that there will be an affect on aggregate and holistic communication...

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Teenagers and Tattoos

Teenagers and Tattoos - Misunderstood Youth It seems like everyone has a tattoo or piercing these days. In the past, this type of permanent artwork or body ornaments were reserved for outlaws, sailors and biker gangs. Now these body decorations can be found on teenagers. In Dr. Andres Martin's article "On Teenagers and Tattoos" he explains the significance and function of tattoos and piercings for teenagers. Dr. Martin explains the reasons that teenagers are so...

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board games” essentially they both stimulate the same part of the brain allowing an improvement in children’s cognitive abilities. “Study on the effects of video gaming in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder” are also mentioned in the article. Again our games can really allow people to release stress even more effective than video games by incorporating physical activity. A personas I thought of could involve very stressed out teen to university students around the age where stress tends...

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Gadget Addiction

Gadget addicts: There has been much debate between psychiatrists and psychologists whether there is such a thing as internet addiction.    When I got home from holiday, I mentioned technology addiction to one of my friends. She said she was increasingly worried about her husband's obsession with his handheld computer.  'When he comes home from work, he's lucky if he manages 15 minutes talking to the kids before he switches it on,' she said. 'And he's glued to it for the rest of the night. Even...

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The Impact of Mobile Phones on Teenagers

Howard, Prime Minster of Australia, to hear the concerns of Australia, a conclusive survey was conducted and revealed that children and teenagers are not aware of the major issues regarding mobile phones. Consequently, these issues need to be recognized by youth and society in order to prevent the harmful effects regarding addiction, health and debt amongst teenagers. These findings will be discussed in great detail in regard to health effects, addiction and debt along with recommendations to alleviate...

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New Media

to my schoolwork and to inform myself of the latest news story. Despite the positive relationship I personally have with media, the new technology of today’s age has everlasting effects on the teenage youth in both good and bad ways. Teenagers are more exposed to the dangers of the world, from “pervs” to bullying and addiction as well as more vulnerable to the conflicting emotions behind the screen. However, teenagers are also enlightened with new ideas and people of different cultures; they are encouraged...

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Whether the Internet Negatively Effect on Teenagers

Whether the Internet negatively effect on teenagers Eric, my 12-year-old nephew, turns on the internet on his computer as soon as he comes back home every day. He checks his homework by computer, clicks on Facbook to connect with his classmates, watches TV on You Tube, and reads books on Ipad. Teenagers have grown up with the Internet developing so that they are used to doing almost everything by means of the Internet. They can make friends from different countries, such as French, Australia, on...

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The Teenager Emerges

The Teenager Emerges: Canada in the 1950’s Abstract In the 1950’s after WWII an age group emerged. Who did this age group consist of? Well the age group consisted of teenagers. The teenagers started a demographic change, not for the bad but for the better. They were the “Baby Boomers” they added and changed so many things in the world, in society. They were the ones that brought out new styles, music, behaviours, and more independence than ever, for a new age...

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baby dumping among the teenagers

This a part of my group survey and report about Baby Dumping Among Teenagers in Kuala Lumpur for our English Language subject. The part I do by my self is under title Factors influence of baby dumping and Seven main causes of baby dumping among teenagers in Kuala Lumpur. But before doing presentation and submit our report, I give to my lecturer checking my grammar first. Well... you know me... my English is not very well... Have a nice reading :) Reason to Dump Babies Figure 1 The...

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Relations Between Teenagers And Adults

Relations between Teenagers and Adults A common phrase that adults can testify to hearing from any given teenager is, “You don’t understand!” This proves a struggle between the youth and the adults that quite possibly is never-ending. Adults make assumptions about kids, based on the way they dress, which pushes kids further and further away. In the essay, “Goths in Tomorrowland” by Thomas Hine (2001), he emphasizes the beliefs that adults began the idea of youth alienation from older societies...

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How New Technology Has Changed Our Lives

What do new technologies have changed our daily lives? In recent years, new technologies like smart phones, the Internet, the iPod, and online communities have become part of our daily lives, especially with the new generation who can’t live without their gadgets. In fact, new technologies have improved our quality of life; for example, we have new ways to make friends through Facebook, twitter and MySpace. New technologies also change the way we communicate with others. Although new technologies...

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substitution effect away from this firm. All firms (industry participants and new entrants) are assumed to have equal access to resources (technology, other factor inputs) and improvements in production technologies achieved by one firm can spill-over to all the other suppliers in the market. There are assumed to be no barriers to entry & exit of firms in long run – which means that the market is open to competition from new suppliers – this affects the long run profits made by each firm in the industry...

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Outline of Article Arabs and the West (Failure of West to understand Arabs) - Main focus is the bad perceptions gained by Europeans on Arabs Perception of Western Attitude on Arabs - Ideas developed from past - Divided into 3 strands 1. Battle between Christian Europe and Islam - 7th century - 18 century - Fears, animosities and suspicions reflected in European Education - Normally Western deny but subconscious is another story (prejudice) - Oriental is defined with adjectives:...

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Coping with Teenagers

Coping with teenagers The teenage time bomb Parents often bemoan the transformation that takes place in their children during the teenage years, but for teachers coping with a whole class full of adolescents, things can be especially challenging. Research is now uncovering some interesting facts about the physical and emotional changes plaguing the young during adolescence, and there are many websites offering sound advice. Teachers trying to understand the problems facing young people in their...

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5 Article Summaries Uniqua Lyttle MKG 366-02 November 26, 2013 Crossover Dreams: Consumer Responses to Ethnic- Oriented Products In this article the author evaluates an investigation on the understanding of ethnic product crossover. That is when the product has a target market however; another group of individuals purchase the product. For example, 60% of hip-hop and rap traditionally black music is purchased primarily by white youths. This article...

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apparently wrote about the embarrassment VK KrishnaMenon, India’s first high commissioner to the Court of St. James, had become.Pamela Mountbatten, daughter of Lord Mountbatten and Edwina, in an interview to Karan Thapar on Devil’s Advocate on CNN-IBN news channel, said that the Edwina-Nehru relationship was also of use to her father. And that Lord Mountbatten often appealed to Panditji given the influence Edwina had; this was particularly useful while handling tricky situations like Kashmir. In a letter...

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Effects of gadgets on students

 A STUDY ABOUT HOW GADGETS AFFECTS THE STUDIES OF 4TH YEAR HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS OF LITTLE JESUS LEARNING CENTER CHAPTER I INTODUCTION PROBLEM AND ITS BACKROUND For centuries, men have unceasingly searched for new discoveries and with those new discoveries come forth new technology. Today, the search is long from over despite the fact that there is a wide and fascinating array of gadgets available in the market. Some of these gadgets are portable music players. The evolution of which...

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The Impact of Reality Tv on the Teenagers

The Impact Of Reality TV on the Teenagers in Mumbai Nimish Satpute St. Andrews College Instructors : Prof. Meenakshi Kamat : Prof. Jenny Benoy Abstract Reality-based television programming has become a dominant force in television over the past seven years and a staple of most networks’ primetime lineups. This relatively quick change in the television landscape and the sudden increase in viewers’ consumption of reality...

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Does Drinking Beer in Moderation Improve the Learning of New Information in Teenagers

Drinking Beer in Moderation Improve the Learning of New Information in Teenagers? During many years, researchers around the world have found nutrients – proteins, vitamins and minerals - in different foods that help teenagers with their learning ability and memory, in other words, something to improve and accelerate their learning process. Different foods such as vegetables and fruits have been using to make several products which increase teenager’s intellect, for example: RIQALL and GINGKO...

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Gadgets Today and Yesterday Report

| Fariha Ibnath Khan | GaDgEtS tOdAy AnD yEsTeRdAy | Contents: History of battery What is a battery? Different types of battery How do gadgets function? Comparing gadgets of today and yesterday How are gadgets powered by battery? Examples of gadgets used to make battery? Conclusion Classic video game icons that could be played on phones. History of Battery Society's need of energy has resulted technological development. This world is in need of power supply more than ever. Despite the advances...

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The Cyber Revolution of News

The Cyber Revolution of News By: Kabir Handa 100298475 Kabir Handa English 1100 Sec 27 Tara Fleming Monday, 2 December, 2013 The Cyber Revolution of News In the modern day, conventional news systems have continued to prosper. Television and newspaper media provide daily, hourly, and even on the minute updates on issues that matter. Information can take a giant leap from one side of the globe to the other instantly in the form of words, images, and...

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